Chapter 541


It was an unfamiliar word to Sua and the Red Phoenix members. As they were feeling puzzled, the fused armored needle howled.


The fused armored needle had taken many lives with overwhelming strength. Today its position was the opposite. Grid was the hunter. For him who was aiming to be at the top of two billion users, the fused armored needle was nothing more than a mass of experience.

"You’re weak.”

Grid laughed at the fused armored needle. The fact that he had been hit by the silver thread had long since disappeared from his memories.

Puk! Seokeok! Puk.

Grid’s Failure cut and stabbed at the armored needle. The increased 20% attack damage in the darkness caused the +9 Failure to be overwhelming.


The blood of the fused armored needle rose like a fountain. Grid couldn’t tolerate being hit by that much blood. He tried to avoid as much blood as possible while blocking the rest with the God Hands.


The blood that came into contact with the God Hands evaporated and disappeared.


The smile didn’t leave Grid’s face as he looked at the fused armored needle through the gap in the golden fingers.

‘This game is truly about items.’

The armored needle and silver thread. It was weaker than expected, but think about it. What if Grid didn’t have Lantier’s Cloak? Grid would’ve suffered several times the damage and he would be in a great crisis. The armored needle was very strong when handling dozens of silver threads. It was only helpless in front of Grid.


The two armored needles connected by the silver thread roared and inflated its muscles. Then the silver threads shot at Grid again. Exactly 27 threads tangled towards as one, turning into a drill that aimed at Grid’s heart.

'It’s a really flexible weapon.’

It could be used as a spider web to defend or a drill to attack. The more he looked, the crazier it was. Grid was filled with greed and counterattacked just before the silver thread pierced him.



The timing of using the counterattack was inevitable because Grid’s control abilities improved greatly after going against the top rankers in the National Competition.


The orbit of the silver thread was reversed by Failure and penetrated the head of the fused armored needle.  

[The double fused armored needle has been defeated.]

[259,504,141 experience has been acquired.]

[A silver thread has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[As someone with a second class, you will receive a level up bonus. 12 stat points have been acquired.]

[Six points have been forcibly invested into intelligence due to the influence of the second class, Legendary Great Magician.]


Grid checked his health status. During the battle, it was inevitable that he would allow some strikes from the silver thread. But this was largely neutralized by the increased defense and resistance of his items. But it still wasn’t an easy battle. In order to defeat six armored needles, Grid summoned Randy, Noe, and the God Hands, and used almost all of his skills. It was a matter of using all his effort.

Thanks to his level up, Grid’s stamina was fully recovered. However, his mental state was quite tired. He hoped he could relax while his skill cooldown times came back. He sat down and opened his inventory. It was to check the loot he acquired. There were rotten leather, rotten bones, etc. Nothing was of value except for two silver threads.

[Silver Thread]

Attack Power: 100~????

Durability: 1,000/1,000

Fragments of silver armor that have been shaped in the blood vessels of the armored needles for many years.

Unlike ordinary silver thread that only has a thin coating of silver, this is made of pure silver. It also contains the powerful magic power of the armored needle.

Depending on the skill level of the user, it can be used in various ways due to its different forms.

* It is classified as a secondary weapon.

Conditions of Use: Secondary Weapons Mastery Advanced Level 5. More than 2,000 dexterity.

* The silver thread can be shot quickly if you have more than 2,000 dexterity.

* If you have more than 2,500 dexterity, you can twist 5 or less strands of silver thread together to create the desired shape.

* If you have more than 3,000 dexterity, you can twist 10 or less strands of silver thread together to create the desired shape.

* If you have more than 4,000 dexterity, the speed at which you can control the silver thread is doubled.

*  If you have more than 4,000 dexterity, you can twist 20 or less...



* The silver thread can be used as a material for making items. However, a craftsman level blacksmithing skill is required.

Weight: 5

The minimum damage was very low while the maximum damage seemed to have no limit. A little while ago, he saw the attack of the fused armored needle that twisted together 27 strands of silver thread.

‘Amazing... However, it’s rare for people to learn Secondary Weapons Mastery and the advanced level probably hasn’t appeared yet.’

It was 10 meters long. At this point, it was a secondary weapon that probably only Grid could use.

'I need to raise my dexterity...’

Grid grasped the two strands of silver thread with his fingers. Irene would be delighted if he gained more dexterity... Sua approached him as he was seriously thinking.

"Are your wounds okay?”

Grid laughed at her worry.

"As you can see, I’m strong.”

The wounds caused by the silver thread were already healing. It was a tremendous recovery speed. Was it due to his high stamina stat? That was just the basics. The reason for Grid’s fast recovery speed was the God Hands. To be precise, it was the effect of Goddess Rebecca’s Blessing attached to the pavranium. The blessing of Goddess Rebecca increased Grid’s health recovery rate by 300%. This was a basic element that made up Grid’s strength.

‘This man...’

Sua’s gaze towards Grid became more favorable. He didn’t lose composure despite facing six armored needles and there was also his strong body. He was the blacksmith capable of restoring the Red Phoenix Bow and was virtuous enough to get the title of Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.

She couldn’t help feeling favorable towards him. Of course, it wasn’t a crush, but pure respect. Sua had a type of rational personality.

‘Indeed, he’s a daoist?’

Daoist. It was a state of a half-god that only those who cultivated daoism could reach. They were known to enjoy eternal life in Shangri-La and had mysterious powers.  It was likely that Grid was a daoist. 

“Hum hum.”

Grid suddenly coughed. His face was red due to the beautiful Sua gazing at him. He looked around the area in a desire to hide it. Sua was convinced when she saw it.

‘He isn’t a daoist.’

A daoist wouldn’t be like this. If Grid was a daoist, then he wouldn’t feel embarrassed about the opposite sex. In the first place, Grid’s force was overwhelming and beyond mysterious. It was a different existence from a daoist.

‘It’s different from the yangbans...’

Of course, Grid wasn’t a yangban. It was unimaginable to most people, but the yangbans were trash who treated ordinary humans as insignificant beings. If Grid was a yangban, he would’ve watched as Sua and the Red Phoenix members died.

‘In the first place, he wouldn’t have wanted the silver thread if he was a yangban.’

This meant that Grid was an ordinary person.

'A regular person... Ah.’

Sua was deep in thought and belatedly realized something. Grid was burdened by her gaze.

“I was rude. I’m sorry.”

Grid waved his hand at the bowing Sua.

"There’s no need to be sorry. Was the silver thread originally this hard to obtain?”

He killed six armored needles and only got two strands of silver thread. In order to use it directly as a weapon or as a material for items, Grid wanted to secure a large quantity. Sua belatedly noticed the silver thread in Grid’s hands and was shocked.

"You got silver thread...!?”

Originally, it was very hard to obtain the silver thread. It was because the moment the armored needles died, the silver thread in their blood vessels would disappear in an instant due to corrosion. In the four years since Han Seokbong organized the dungeon expedition team, only seven silver threads had been obtained.

"You must be really lucky to obtain two silver threads.”

Sua was delighted. Grid realized that the drop rate for the silver thread was the worst based on her reaction and stood up.

"What’s the size of this dungeon?”

"We haven’t been able to measure it. The Red Phoenix group hasn’t gone into the depths before.”

The Red Phoenix group wasn’t as strong as Grid. They went into the dungeon every day, but could only kill two or three armored needles at best.

"Our goal is to go to the end of the dungeon to investigate the cause behind the armored needles and destroy them. But unlike our hearts, we’re at a standstill every day."


"We still have pride. The residents of Pangea can enjoy a happy life because we’re able to stop the advance of the armored needles."

Beautiful. Sua was pretty inside and out. 

‘Although she’s a bit of a pervert...’

At that moment.

[A quest has been created.]

[Subjugate the Armored Needles (1)]

Difficulty: S

There are a large number of armored needles in the dungeon beneath Pangea Castle.

Bring peace to Pangea by repelling those who can threaten Pangea at any time.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill 10 armored needles.

Quest Reward: Affinity with the Red Phoenix group will rise. Five silver thread.

‘The armored needles are strong.’

Grid hadn’t known that a monster hunting quest could be classified with a S-grade difficulty. The armored needles were truly strong. They had over 6 million health and their defense was twice as high as ordinary monsters. In addition, their swordsmanship was excellent, they had the irregularity of the silver thread and also their hot blood as a weapon.

Grid expected that an ordinary level 300 player wouldn’t be able to go one on one with the armored needle. However, Grid was much stronger than the armored needles.

“Okay. Then I’ll clear away as many armored needles as possible.”

He had to gain the compensation of five silver threads. Grid’s motivation was burning as he started to move inside the cave. Then Sua cried out,

"Why are you putting yourself in danger by running forward? Why are you struggling for other people?”

Grid shrugged at her sincere worry.

"I just want the silver thread. And I like you because you’re pretty.”


Grid spoke bluntly but the result was huge. Sua’s face turned red. She was called the flower of Pangea. A person who wasn’t affected when handsome men whispered sweet words to her was blushing? Grid didn’t know what a big deal it was. Grid was focused on the footsteps of the armored needles that he heard.

‘I’m starting.’


Grid threw the silver thread in the direction that the armored needle was approaching. It was very difficult to shoot the silver thread quickly. However, it was a simple thing for Grid who had over 3,000 dexterity.



The armored needle screamed as it was pierced by the silver thread that Grid threw and sped up its approach. Grid recovered the silver thread and shot it again.

[You have dealt 930 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 370 damage to the target.]

The damage was terrible. The damage was minimal and in the hundreds, so the armored needle received little damage. But Grid wasn’t shaken. Throwing the silver thread didn’t consume resources, meaning it wasn’t a burden.

‘What if I twist them together?’


Grid moved his hands at a tremendous speed. The two strands of silver thread were joined together, becoming thicker with one pointed end.

'...Isn’t he good at this?’

That man, was there anything he couldn’t do?

'...Oh, he’s good at everything?’

Anything here was omitted.


As Sua’s imagination headed in a strange direction, the arrow shaped silver thread shot by Grid dealt over 2,000 damage to the armored needle.

‘Now I know.’

Grid was completely satisfied. He became more and more desperate to secure a large amount of silver thread and swung Failure at the armored needles.