Chapter 536

Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.

‘If someone doesn’t know about the title, they would think that’s Pan Deokin!’ (In Korean: it is three characters, like a Korean name.)

It wasn’t a problem to be misunderstood. The name Pan Deokin fit Grid’s taste. It wasn’t bad or good. The problem was the effect of the title.

‘There is a chance to spare monsters when hunting?’

Then what about the experience? The money? The items!

‘In particular, what if I’m hunting a boss?’

What if he poured dozens of minutes or a few hours into the raid and the moment he was about to succeed...

[The effect of the title Pangea’s Duke of Virtue has been activated!]

What if that notification window appeared?


He felt horrible just imagining it. His stomach was cramping. That’s right. Grid accepted the effect of the Pangea’s Person of Virtue title at face value. He didn’t guess things like saving a monster would build up a favorable relationship with it or perhaps give him a tamer class skill. It was natural from Grid’s position.

Why? Grid was already an all-rounder. He was a blacksmith, swordsman, magician, and skeleton summoner. It was hard to imagine that he would get a new class from this. He didn’t want it in the first place.

“Ah, shi...”

He handed over the Red Phoenix Bow and got an affinity score of 80. He was expecting a reward other than this garbage! Grid was feeling frustration from the title when Han Seokbong handed him a bead. It was a red bead. Yes, it was a beautiful red bead like Braham’s eyes. At first, Grid thought it was a round ruby, but then he made a sound of surprise.


The translucent red bead. A small flame was burning inside it. It was a small size, like the flames of a match, but the momentum from it seemed great. It was as if life was burning inside it. Grid examined it and asked, “A torch?”


A player in this place would appreciate Grid’s impression. But NPCs didn’t know what a torch was.

“What is a torch?”

White and Han Seokbong cocked their heads. Grid ignored the question.

“Then this torch... No, what is this bead?”

"The fire in the bead...”

White thought of a name when he saw that beautiful bead.

‘It’s like the picture...’

Then Han Seokbong explained.

“It’s the Red Phoenix’s Breath.”


"Yes, it is the breath that drops when the four divine guardians pass by to bless those who ascend to become a daoist immortal.”

'Divine guardians... Daoist immortal.’

It was a key setting for the East Continent. The Hwan Kingdom, national treasures, yangban, divine guardians. It was clearly greatly influenced by Korean and Chinese culture.

‘Then there will definitely be areas influenced by Japanese culture.’

Peak Sword would surely be angry if he was there. He would probably question while the Korean S.A. Group was spreading other cultures around the world.

Grid smiled as he thought about the friend he hadn’t seen for a while. A notification window appeared in Grid’s field of view.

[You have obtained the ‘Red Phoenix Breath’ as a reward for the quest ‘Win the Smithy Competition!’]

‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.’


[Red Phoenix’s Breath]

A blessing of the Red Phoenix.

It will increase fire resistance by 30%.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the Red Phoenix.

However, it can also be attached to items with a strong fire attribute.

Weight: 2


It turned out that the title of Pangea’s Person of Virtue wasn’t the only reward. This was the true compensation for the Red Phoenix Bow.

“If you use this, it will become the real Red Phoenix Bow?”

Han Seokbong nodded at Grid’s question.

“That’s right. It’s the energy of fire that won’t die forever. There is no stronger fire energy.”


It was truly amazing. He couldn’t imagine how powerful it would be when harmonized with the white phosphorus tree.

‘This is a reward worthy of making a legendary rated item!’

Wasn’t it possible to upgrade the Red Phoenix Bow to a myth rating if he combined with with the Red Phoenix Breath?  Grid was delighted and a smile appeared on Han Seokbong’s face. Pangea had a total of three Red Phoenix Breaths. One of them belonged to the original Red Phoenix Bow that was stolen, so there were only two left. It wasn’t something that should be given to Grid. If the Red Phoenix Bow was ever lost again, it might not be able to be restored.

However, Han Seokbong was a man who knew how to repay favors. The Red Phoenix Bow that Grid made was more valuable than the original, so it was right to reward him with the most precious thing.

‘I don’t have to repeat the same mistakes.’

He wouldn’t allow the Red Phoenix Bow to be lost again. 

Grid asked Han Seokbong, “By the way, where is the castle’s dungeon?”

Han Seokbong laughed at the question.

"You can enter it through a well in the west of the castle.”

“I see.”

Armored needles! Silver thread! A new hunting ground. Grid’s fantasy about the dungeon that only a specific number of people could enter was too big. He was so excited that he wanted to jump forward, but Han Seokbong stopped him.

"It’s true that you have the right to enter the castle’s dungeon. However, you can’t arbitrarily access the dungeon as before.”

"Eh? I have access rights, but I can’t freely access it?” 

“This is for your safety. You can enter if you have a complete guard escort.”


Han Seokbong looked at White with a bitter expression.

“Years ago, our Pangea suffered a terrible incident and lost a great blacksmith. Dawhite... He was Boss White’s father.”

Dawhite won the championship and gained entrance to the castle’s dungeon. He was murdered by an armored needle. Then the lord realized. The lord couldn’t completely protect the weak.

“Anyone who enters the castle’s dungeon must be fully equipped to protect themselves. You can only enter the dungeon if you have a minimum of six silver or gold class mercenaries to escort you.”


Mercenaries meant those who moved only for money. But Grid was Pagma’s Descendant, not an ordinary blacksmith. Since he was powerful, he didn’t want to spend money on hiring mercenaries. There was no reason to do so.

"I have enough strength to protect my body.”

"Everyone says that.”

"No, I’m serious.”


Han Seokbong looked Grid up and down. Grid was wearing worn-out clothing. He might give off an unknown dignity, but he seemed vulnerable when it came to defense.

"In your current state, you will die if you are just scratched by the armored needle or silver thread.”

“Then what about this?”


Clink clink!

As always, Grid was dressed in beginners’ clothing. Now he pulled out the Triple Layers from his inventory. His body was armed in an instant and Han Seokbong and White’s eyes widened.

‘A blacksmith can wear such heavy armor?’

‘Yes, a person of distinction... He has the strength and stamina of the greatest blacksmith.’

Due to the nature of the job, strength and stamina were important for blacksmithing. A top blacksmith might have as much strength and stamina as a knight. It wasn’t unrealistic for Grid to wear such heavy armor. Yes, he was convinced at this point. But it was still dangerous for Grid.

“Just because you can wear armor with your high strength and stamina, you don’t have the skills to deal with it. You can’t bring out the ability of the armor even if you’re wearing it.”

The absence of heavy armor mastery. In other words, the penalty was being pointed out. Those who wore heavy armor without a mastery couldn’t even apply half the power of the armor. Grid spoke to the concerned Han Seokbong with a confident expression.

“I will be fine.”

Pagma’s Descendant was technically classified as a non-combat profession. The passive effect of Pagma’s Swordsmanship was similar to that of Sword Mastery, but he didn’t have any armor mastery skills. It was a fatal drawback. However, he didn’t get penalized when wearing items. In other words, Grid couldn’t bring out 101% of the armour effect, but he could bring out 100%.

‘Most of the other people were too confident and took risks. That is the nature of distinguished people.’

Han Seokbong bitterly thought that Grid and Dawhite before he died were similar. He pulled out a trump card.

“Then prove it.”


"Yes, there’s a gatekeeper to the entrance of the dungeon. He has an attack power similar to the armored needle. Try to endure one of his blows.”  

Of course, he would instruct the gatekeeper to adjust his power. If the gatekeeper used his real force, then Grid would die.

‘I will command him to use 30% of his power... That’s enough to not kill him.’

Grid would just faint for a few days. Han Seokbong had this thought and guided Grid and White to the entrance of the castle’s dungeon.

White’s complexion was dark as he followed. Like Grid, White was in a position to access the dungeon.

‘I want to get revenge on my father and earn some silver thread...’

But it was impossible for him to even enter! He felt ashamed.

Grid placed a hand on White’s shoulder. “The mass production Grid set... It’s a good armor that you can wear with your level and strength. How about it? Do you want to borrow it?”

“Hah. C-Can I really?”

White trusted Grid completely. Grid smiled without any doubts.

“The hourly rental fee is 500 gold. Call?”

In fact, Grid wanted to charge a separate price.  However, it was hard to behave so cruelly to White.

“I will offer up everything I own if I can get past the gatekeeper’s trial.”

The deal was established. The satisfied Grid opened his inventory. Then he pulled out a mass production Grid set placed in a corner of the inventory. It was a Grid set with a unique rating that had been enhanced to +7. It was the one worn by Reidan’s young knight, Royman.

‘That woman... Is she growing well?’

He wasn’t talking about her breasts. He was referring to her skills as a knight. Royman was a talent picked and trained by Piaro. Grid’s expectations for her were high. 


“We've arrived."

A few minutes after Grid and White concluded the deal. The party finally reached the well in the west of the castle. It was the entrance to the dungeon. A two meter tall man stood beside it as a guard.

“The experience of being hit by this man who can crush rocks into powder. Do you have to go through it?”

Han Seokbong asked Grid one last time.

“Hit me. I will be okay.”

Ah, by the way.

"White, you might get hurt. This gatekeeper isn’t normal.”


White was pale, but believed in the armor that Grid lent him. On the other hand, a person was watching them with an unpleasant face. It was the daughter of Han Seokbong, a knight belonging to the castle dungeon exploration team.