Chapter 537

Rare treasures, herbs, and various battle gear could be obtained from the dungeon underneath Pangea’s castle. In particular, people coveted the silver thread produced by the armored needles and called Pangea’s dungeon a treasure house. It was a land of opportunity that everyone wanted access to.

Pangea’s knights and soldiers were exasperated by this. The castle’s dungeon was a treasure house? A land of opportunity? It was all crazy talk. The castle’s dungeon was hell. It was the worst place on this earth that was filled with powerful and atrocious monsters.

Today, and tomorrow as well. The knights and soldiers had to go on expeditions to stop the monsters in the dungeon from looking for trouble in Pangea. They risked their lives, and now those seeking riches demanded entrance to the dungeon. A volunteer with no combat skills was just a burden on them. For example, these blacksmiths.

‘These blacksmiths have no shame.’

Grid and White arrived with Han Seokbong. The blacksmiths who won this year’s competition were enemies in the eyes of the knights. They hated the blacksmiths for coming with such a light heart, while they shed blood in the dungeon. In this cold atmosphere, Han Seokbong’s daughter Sua came forward.


"Oh, Sua.”

Sua was a beautiful woman who could be called the first beauty of the kingdom. Moreover, she was gentle, intelligent, and excellent at martial arts. Han Seokbong always boasted about her achievements. She was the captain of the dungeon exploration team, the Red Phoenix Group.

She looked like an actress in a historical drama with her black hair tied up with a hairpin and her luxurious clothing.


Grid couldn’t help admiring Sua. It was very rare.

Who was Grid? He was the husband of Irene and surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world, Jishuka and Yua. He even had a pretty little sister. In other words, Grid was very familiar with beauty. He was a man who didn’t feel inspired when seeing beauty.

But he was overwhelmed the moment he saw Sua. The thick lips and glaring eyes captivated Grid’s mind.

‘There is something mysterious...’

Was it because they were both Asians? Grid compared Sua to Yura, not Jishuka and Irene. Due to her overwhelming beauty, Yura made the surrounding scenery black and white. If she was a blooming flower, Sua was the moonlight.  She gave off a cool feeling that made him feel a strange lust. Was it the curves of her white neck?

He couldn’t deny it, but there was something irritating him. There was a sense of disturbance despite her elegance.


Grid realized something. Sua was a similar age to Grid. She was more mature than Yura, who was a few years younger.

‘Won’t Yura change once she matures over the next few years?’

Although her chest was unknown.

‘It will be sad if she gets medical help.’

Grid was interrupted while thinking useless thoughts.

“Is the expedition prepared?”

"Yes, we do this every day.”

"I was told by Captain Horang that the speed that the monsters are expanding their area is becoming faster... I am very worried about how long the Red Phoenix Group can endure.”

“We all know that it’s over for Pangea if we fall. Don’t worry. We’re managing the schedule and taking care of our physical state.”

Han Seokbong and Sua were talking about a heavy matter. Based on the contents of the conversation, the monsters in the dungeon were constantly expanding their area and becoming a threat to Pangea.

‘They can’t ask for help because of the monster community in the north.’

Then he had a question.

‘What are the yangbans doing?’

They were people were powers that he estimated to be equivalent to legends. In addition, the Hwan Kingdom they belonged to were affiliated with the Cho Kingdom.  It was said that Pangea’s Red Phoenix Bow was given to them by the Hwan Kingdom. Based on this, it was interpreted that the yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom would help out Pangea. 

‘It would be easy for the yangbans to solve the monster community in the north or the problem of the castle’s dungeon.’

Then why did the yangbans leave Pangea alone?

'Well, it’s good for me.’

He could obtain this excellent hunting ground. A huge grin emerged on Grid’s face. He avoided Sua’s eyes. It was because his face would redden whenever he met her eyes. After the disappointment of his first love, Grid became very conscious of the opposite sex.

"Hmm hmm, I want to enter the castle’s dungeon.”

Rather than Han Seokbong, Sua was the one who responded to Grid’s words.

"Can I ask why you would like to enter the castle’s dungeon?”

Sua gave an oddly bewitching smile. Grid blushed the moment he met her eyes and tried to calmly reply.

“I want to get the silver thread.”

"Do you know how to obtain the silver thread? Oh, I was impolite. I’m Han Sua, and I’m the captain of the Red Phoenix Group that is in charge of the dungeon exploration. Please forgive me for the late introduction.”

Sua bowed slightly and reached out to shake Grid’s hand. But Grid couldn’t hold her hand. His ears were red and he avoided looking at her. At this moment, Sua’s black eyes shone strangely.

‘This man...’

It was obvious that he was someone who didn’t have experience with women. Sua thought he was funny. But that was it. She had no private interest.

"I’ve already heard that you have succeeded in restoring the Red Phoenix Bow. Congratulations. I represent the people of Pangea and will pay back this grace. For example, giving you the silver thread as a gift.”


Grid’s eyes shone as he heard he would be given the silver thread as a gift. It was a gift with tremendous value. But the two men had made up their minds.

"No, I will get the silver thread directly.”

Grid wanted to experience a new dungeon that would give him experience and raise his level. In addition, he wanted to help White get revenge for his father’s death by killing the armored needles. The two men were burning with fighting spirit.

“The only way to get the silver thread is to hunt down the armored needles. But the armored needles are very strong. There are countless people who have lost their lives to this monster. One of them was Dawhite.”


"It is impossible for you to hunt an armored needle when you aren’t a warrior. It’s dangerous even if you go with our expedition. Unfortunately, I can’t allow you access to the dungeon.”

"Didn’t the lord say I can enter if I resist one attack from the gatekeeper?”

Sua’s expression changed at Grid’s words.

“The gatekeeper isn’t an ordinary person, but a member of the Ung clan. He hasn’t learned martial arts, but his natural abilities surpass the imagination. Do you think you can endure the attack of the gatekeeper that is as powerful as the armored needle? Don’t hurt yourself and give up.”

‘Ung clan?’

The gatekeeper standing by the well. He was over 2 meters tall and had a large belly. However, he wasn’t obese. It was just that his species was larger than others.

‘Let’s do it.’

Grid shrugged.

“Don’t worry. I can withstand it.”

Grid tried to be as calm as possible. However, he was still uncomfortable and couldn’t meet Sua’s eyes. He was extremely conscious of Sua. 

Sua scoffed at Grid. ‘The pride of an immature man is useless.’

This futile pride could drive a person to their limits.

‘He can’t imagine it.’

Han Seokbong sighed and whispered to Sua.

“This is Pangea’s savior. Can’t you do it this once since your father is asking?”

"I am refusing because he’s our savior. What if his body gets hurt?”

"But look at the armor that he’s wearing.  Doesn’t it seem durable? He might not be able to use the armor properly, but at least survival is guaranteed. In addition, tell Ung to use only 30% of his power.”


Certainly, the armor looked really durable. It was armor made by stacking many iron plates sculpted to look like dragon scales. It was a beautiful masterpiece.

"10% is enough. Otherwise he might be unconscious for a few days.”

"Yes, you thought well. We will let him know not to be too greedy.”


Sua led Grid and White towards the gatekeeper. Gatekeeper Ung. He didn’t care about the lord coming with precious guests. He was yawning while looking at the distant mountain.


Sua whispered to Ung, who was scratching his head and looking confused.

“Hit one of them. Use 10% of your strength.”

“I understand.”

Ung snorted like a bull and moved his huge arms. At that moment.

"Prepare to move them to the infirmary.”

Sua commanded the members of the Red Phoenix Group.


Ung’s fist slammed into Grid’s belly. There was a sound wave as the sound of something hitting metal was heard.


Sua was stunned. Ung seemed to have used at least 50% of his strength.


Han Seokbong paled. The person who restored the Red Phoenix Bow was going to be killed in front of him because he made a mistake.

“What’s the fuss?”

It happened when the Red Phoenix members were making troubled expressions.

Shake shake.

The fist stuck in Grid’s belly started shaking.


Han Seokbong, Sua, and the Red Phoenix members were shocked.


'Ung is making a pained expression?’ 

That’s right. The big face of Ung was distorting. It turned red and sweat dripped down. On the other hand, Grid was fine. His expression was calm.

‘This is impossible!’

‘This can’t be.’

Han Seokbong and Sua were amazed. They were expecting his intestines to be ruptured and his bones smashed, but Grid was fine? How solid was his armor? Someone muttered while Han Seokbong and Sua were speechless.

“If he has this much defense, he will be able to save his life when attacked by an armored needle.”

Grid was permitted access to the castle’s dungeon. But Grid looked troubled. Why?

[You have suffered severe damage.]

[Triple Layers has reduced the physical damage by 30%.]

[You have suffered 2,303 damage.]

Ung’s swinging fist was judged not to be a cut or a stab. It was considerable damage when taking into account that Triple Layers’ 50% damage reduction wasn’t activated. But this was only 10% of Ung’s power. The attack of the armored needle would be several times more painful.

‘Armored needle... They are much stronger than I expected.’

They seemed more like boss monsters than ordinary monsters. If they appeared in large quantities, he would have to stop their attacks as much as possible.

‘It’s hard to operate the God Hands in the narrow dungeon.’

This was a battlefield where extreme control was needed. Grid became tense. But White was even more nervous. He was extremely shocked when he saw the wound on the man’s hand that struck Grid.

"That... I’ll give up today.”

White thought that he could pay back his father’s enemies in another way. He was a wise man.