Chapter 535

‘This is... Isn’t it outrageous?’

This was the Red Phoenix Bow that he made using his best effort. The Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation skill was used, and it contained the essence of Grid’s effort and skill...

‘I have to give it away?’

Grid doubted his ears and Han Seokbong demanded again.

“The restored Red Phoenix Bow will allow me to manage Pangea for the rest of my life. Now, please.”

"No, this is... Ah!”

Grid’s face turned red as he suddenly realized. Restoration! The word meant to recover something. The Red Phoenix Bow was the national treasure and Pangea wanted to restore it because it was lost.

‘Han Seokbong wants the restored Red Phoenix Bow...' 

It was natural.  He wanted the Red Phoenix Bow returned to its original place! Oh, why didn’t Grid think about this earlier?

‘How rotten...’


Grid grumbled and pulled his hair. He felt wronged. Was it the quest itself? No, he had no such complaints about the quest. This was a quest to become friendly with the lord and acquire access to the castle’s dungeon. It was a quest he would’ve accepted, even if he knew that he had to give up on the Red Phoenix Bow.

In the first place, the white phosphorus bow that was used for the Red Phoenix Bow was readily available. It wasn’t too much if he gave the Red Phoenix Bow to another.

‘At least, if it was the epic or unique rating!’

Then why?

‘Why did a legendary rating appear in this type of quest?’

In retrospect, this was also the case with the National Competition. He created a growth type item and it was taken away. Grid couldn’t help feeling like it was unfair.

‘Creating a good item, just to hand it to someone else...’

He had been proud like an idiot the moment that the legendary item was created.

"My damn luck...”

He was too unlucky. It was undeniable bad luck!

“Now, let's go."

Grid was sighing by himself. Han Seokbong personally raised him up. He brought White and Grid and headed to the lord’s castle.


Their great lord was holding the hand of a blacksmith? The excited crowd cheered excitedly at the unusual sight.

“He didn’t even treat me, last year’s winner, like this...”

Blue Flame's leader, Enoch, was frustrated. White, who he had ignored so much, had transcended himself in one morning. 


Pangea Castle.


On the way to the castle. Grid inwardly complained for an hour and finally shut his mouth. He was captivated by the beauty of Pangea Castle. Pangea Castle reminded him of the castle from the Goryeo period that he saw in the historical dramas. 

‘However, it’s much bigger and more colorful.’

He walked along the marble floor and crossed seven doors. Finally, he arrived at the innermost part of the castle. It was the most secret and important part of the castle where the lord and his family lived. White gulped. He clearly felt nervous. He was different from Grid. As an ordinary blacksmith, White never expected to be invited to the innermost palace.

"That... Lord. I don’t think this is a place for a lowly blacksmith like me to step into.”

It was Grid, not Han Seokbong, who responded to White.

"Why are you a lowly blacksmith?”

“Haha! He’s right! Blacksmiths are the base of national power! Furthermore, White is the best blacksmith in Pangea! It’s only when you treat yourself like dirt that the kingdom will be shaken!”


White felt like it was a dream. The person who had been ignored and despised by people just this morning was now recognized by the esteemed lord of this kingdom. The cheers of the people at the venue were still roaring in his ears.

'My life changed in a moment...’

All of this.

‘It’s thanks to Grid!’

White’s eyes shone as he gazed at Grid. It resembled Noe’s eyes when he was hungry. Grid felt burdened.

‘The love of all these uncles...’

It had been like this since the past. Grid was only loved by uncle or grandfather type NPCs. A prime example was Khan. Grid was a young man in his prime. He wanted to be loved by women more than men.

‘I heard there are a lot of female NPC blacksmiths.’

Why did he only have blacksmiths that were old men around him? Even the only elf he met was a male.

“It can’t be...”

Was this the aftermath of his bad luck? It gave him goosebumps. Grid’s shoulders sank as he felt depressed. 

Han Seokbong led him to one side of the innermost palace. It was a small room with calligraphy written on the wall.

"Wow, there are others in the world who can write as well as me.”

Grid couldn’t help admiring it. Han Seokbong coughed and removed the ‘rules’ stuck on the wall with a blush. No, it wasn’t ‘rules’ but the character for ‘fire.’ There was a small button hidden in the spot covered by it and once Han Seokbong pressed it, the flat wall split to the left and right. Then a stairway leading to the basement was revealed.

“Now, let's go."

Grid and the frightened White gazed at the dismal looking entrance. Han Seokbong smile benevolently and led them down the stairs.

After a while.

“A place like this is in the basement of the castle...”

It was an underground space illuminated by brilliant jade monuments. It was a small space that gave a warm feeling. The blue moss on the wall shone brilliantly.

“It’s too small to be a dungeon... What is this place?”

Han Seokbong answered Grid’s question as he pulled out the Red Phoenix Bow. He stared to explain as he placed the Red Phoenix Bow on the altar present.

“This place has good feng shui...”


'Waterway? What five elements? What is he saying?’

It was a long description that Grid couldn’t understand. Grid was feeling confused and all of Han Seokbong’s words entered one ear and out the other.

"In other words, this is the space where Grid’s great work will stay forever.”

“Ah... Yes."

One thing was clear. HIs legendary Red Phoenix Bow. He would never be able to get it back in his lifetime.

‘It isn’t hard to create a new Red Phoenix Bow because of all the white phosphorus trees on the East Continent, but...’

Could he create a legendary rated Red Phoenix Bow again? He had no confidence.

“Ah?” Grid trembled and suddenly doubted something. "But Seokbong ... No, Lord Seokbong. You must know that I have only restored the active function of the Red Phoenix Bow, not the aura of the Red Phoenix. Is this really the Red Phoenix Bow? Isn’t it useless?”

Grid was unable to let go of the Red Phoenix Bow. He wanted it back. But Han Seokbong misunderstood.

"Distinguished person... You are truly a brilliant person.”


"I am truly grateful that you restored the Red Phoenix Bow, but you are concerned that you didn’t help me enough?”


Grid was embarrassed by Han Seokbong’s interpretation.

"You are virtuous enough to be compared to the most respectable king of the Cho Kingdom. I feel admiration just looking at you. If it isn’t impolite, I would like to present a title to you.”

‘A title!’

Titles in Satisfy had a mysterious power. They raised certain stats, gave new skills, or new power. The more titles a person had, the better. There was no reason for Grid to refuse.

“Give it to me! A title!”

Han Seokbong nodded at Grid’s joyful shout. "You are a gentleman of virtue. In commemoration of Pangea, I will call you Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.”

"Pangea’s Duke...of Virtue.”

He had a very bad feeling. Braham’s voice rang in the mind of the disappointed Grid.

'Just as some of the direct vampires have the title of the wise duke, human beings also have the title of ‘duke.’ Sword Saint Muller had the title of ‘Duke of Pressure’ and Blacksmith Pagma had the title of ‘Duke of Fire.’ The title of a duke is a symbol of legends and gives great power to legends. In fact, after getting the title of Duke of Fire, Pagma was able to bring out flames with his hammering and swordsmanship.’


Grid’s disappointment disappeared. He was filled with new anticipation as he asked Braham.

'Then what ability will I get as a virtuous person?’

At the same time.

[The title Pangea’s Duke of Virtue has been acquired!]

[The passive skill ‘Incomplete Virtue of Mercy’ has been created!]

[Incomplete Virtue of Mercy]

Category: Passive

When hunting monsters, there is a chance that you will show mercy and not take their lives.

“Ah, XX.”

In the end. Grid couldn’t resist inwardly cursing. Braham consoled him.

‘Don’t be an idiot. A duke title wouldn’t be terrible. Don’t be too concerned. The original duke titles aren’t for a single person, but lots of people. You might get new titles later. Well, even if you have a lousy title for the rest of your life, it won’t be a big problem if I take care of you.’

"Ah, I don’t know. If this keeps happening I might fold the game.”

At this time, Grid couldn’t imagine. The power of the virtuous title!


S.A. Group’s headquarters. Lim Cheolho was doing his work when he heard a report from the supercomputer Morpheus.

[A duke title was acquired.]


Lim Cheolho was startled. A duke title was a symbolic power that could only be given to players who succeeded a legend or would grow to be a legend. It was very difficult to get because it was very powerful. The person had to build up myriad achievements and gain full recognition from the residents of Satisfy.

"Morpheus? Didn’t you say that these titles would only emerge in 1 year and 8 months?”

[It is one of the 5 miracle players. Grid once again broke my predictions.]

“Grid...! Haha! This time as well?”

Lim Cheolho had a great liking for Grid. A poor person grew steadily in the game that he made, so he felt happy watching Grid. Lim Cheolho asked with expectations.

“What new idea did he have to break your prediction this time?”

[It wasn’t a new idea. As always, he gave off a great impression by respecting and saving NPCs. Once this repetitive action reached the 79th time, the title was opened.]

“Um... That’s Grid’s specialty.”

Grid was an expert at gaining the favor of NPCs. It wasn’t always intended and sometimes it was caused by a misunderstanding. Lim Cheolho and Morpheus obviously didn’t know that.

"Then what title did he obtain?”

[Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.]

"Pangea’s...Duke of Virtue?”

The distinguishing word (Pangea) in front of it meant that Grid hadn’t yet become purely virtuous. Well, it was no wonder. It was too early for a perfect title to emerge. Lim Cheolho was embarrassed that the title Grid obtained was Duke of Virtue.

“Virtue... It doesn’t really fit with a blacksmith?”

It was a title designed to match the legends of other fields.

"No, why didn’t he get the Duke of Fire... Oh my, this is going to cause another uproar.”

He could see that Grid was going insane. Lim Cheolho clicked his tongue.

“Why did you have to treat NPCs so well every time...?”

This was the result of Grid’s good heart. Lim Cheolho felt both sorry and delighted for Grid.