Chapter 534


Grid cheered the moment that the Red Phoenix Bow was completed. He didn’t care about his dignity and honestly expressed his joy.

“Asa! Yes! A jackpot!”


He was as happy as a mating dog? White was confused. Grid had a dignified atmosphere when he was carefully making the item for eight hours. White couldn’t believe the man had transformed like this.

‘Can a person change 180 degrees? Did he accidentally hurt his head while hammering?’

It was a silly question. The Grid who tried his best and the honestly happy Grid were all the true Grid. Grid was happy because the result was good. The result of making the item!

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]

[There is a beneficial effect from producing the highest quality. The good luck stat has increased by 5.]

It was the moment when another legendary item was made, following the white phosphorus axe. Grid had never experienced such good luck. He looked at the 31 points in the good luck stat and his eyes reddened.

‘I once again overcame my bad luck!’

To be honest, the process of eating Idan’s food was very rough and the God's Command passive didn’t work well, so Grid had been having a hard time. But then he obtained the golden walnuts for free and made legendary items, balancing out the bad luck with good luck. It felt like the work he was doing was getting better and better.

‘Is it thanks to the good luck stat?’

There was no other explanation. Grid was thrilled by his good luck when the notification window updated.

[The completed item’s rating is too high. Item Upgrade isn’t applicable.]

Item Upgrade. It was the new skill Grid got from making the 20th legendary item. There were many constraints, but it was a powerful insurance for Grid.

[Item Upgrade]

* Your can increase the rating of your own item by one step.

* Can’t be used for items that are older than 5 minutes.

* An item can only be upgraded once.

* The amount of times it was possible to use Item Upgrade increases by three every time the skill level of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill increases.

Number of available uses: 24/24


In any case, it was very regrettable that this skill could only be used on items less than 5 minutes old.

‘It would be a huge bonus if I could use it on an existing item.’

What if he could use it to raise the level of the God Hands? As soon as the rating of the God Hands changed to a legendary rating, Grid’s attack power would skyrocket.

‘Should I melt them and recreate them?’

He could melt the God Hands to extract the ingredients and recreate it. The God Hands had a chance to be made into a legendary rating. Even if it was finished with a unique rating, he could use Item Upgrade to get a legendary rating. But it wasn’t easy to try again.

‘In any case, the God Hands are a growth-type item.’

He shouldn’t be too nervous. It was much more prudent to raise them like he was currently doing. There was a limit to the number of times Item Upgrade could be used, so he might regret it in the future.


Grid was filled with disappointment at something else.

‘It’s impossible to upgrade a legendary item to a higher rating.’

The Red Phoenix Bow was finished with a legendary rating. Grid had hoped he could upgrade the Red Phoenix Bow to a myth rating. However, Item Upgrade was limited to a legendary rating.

‘No, maybe it isn’t the skill, but a limit of the Red Phoenix Bow.’

Grid couldn’t rule out the possibility that the Red Phoenix Bow itself wasn’t qualified to be upgraded to a myth rating.

‘I thought the four guardians battle gear would be on the same level as the Rebecca Church’s divine artifacts, but it might be lower.’

Grid was locked in his thoughts.


Then the crowd cheered as the host announced the end of the competition. Finally, the details of the Red Phoenix Bow was confirmed.

[Red Phoenix Bow (Reproduction)]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 901/901 Attack Power: 2,360

* 60% increase in firing speed.

* Accuracy will increase by 20%.

* Contains penetrative damage that ignores the defense of the target’s armor.

* Every time an arrow is shot or every time the bow is raised, flames will be generated. The flames will deal a fixed 4,000 damage to the enemy and cause a ‘burned’ state.

* The skill ‘Fly Up!’ will be generated.

The Red Phoenix Bow interpreted by the legendary blacksmith Grid, whose techniques are blossoming.

It is made of the sturdy white phosphorus tree, but the addition of the minotaur horn and tendons has added elasticity.  It can shoot further, stronger, and faster, and also has a strong fire power. It has the ideal shape of a bow, so the performance is far superior to the original Red Phoenix Bow.

However, the disadvantage is that it is very difficult to use. In addition, because the power of the Red Phoenix guardian is excluded, the overall ability is lower than the original Red Phoenix Bow.

* This is a bow worthy of the power of the Red Phoenix guardian.

Conditions of Use: Master level Advanced Bow Mastery

Weight: 1,200


Typical ranged weapons and large weapons tended to rely on random damage. Unlike a one-handed sword with excellent stability, the attack power was applied as ???~???. The maximum attack power was high while the minimum attack power was low. It was possible to deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy if they were lucky. However, if they were unlucky, then less damage would be dealt.

This wasn’t a good system for someone with bad luck like Grid. Ordinary people tended to recognize the concept of random damage as drawing out the potential of ranged and large weapons, but Grid was afraid of it. Even so, he kept the greatsword as his main weapon.

But the damage of the Red Phoenix Bow was fixed like a one-handed sword. It was even higher! This bow was rare.

‘In addition to that, there’s compensation for highs speed and high accuracy rate.’

The arrows shot also had a powerful fire damage. The Red Phoenix Bow contained all the things that Grid thought was ideal for a perfect weapon.

‘More than anything else.’

It was much better than the original Red Phoenix Bow. It was a bow that desired the power of the Red Phoenix guardian. If Grid’s Red Phoenix Bow was given the power of the Red Phoenix, it would boast a power that far transcended the original.

‘This means the original four guardians battle gear is equivalent to the Rebecca Church’s divine artifacts.’

The Red Phoenix Bow was a legendary rating even before the power of the Red Phoenix. The Red Phoenix Bow might grow to the myth rating if it received the energy of the Red Phoenix.

‘But how do I get the energy of the Red Phoenix?’

Grid tilted his head to one side and grinned. He realized there was no need to worry about it.

“Red Phoenix...! Red Phoenix...Bow!”

A man jumped onto the stage. The lord of Pangea, Han Seokbong. He ignored all the bows made by the blacksmiths of the Blue Flames, Black Anvil, and Red Tongs smithy. He headed straight towards Grid.

"You are... No, who are you?”

There was a strong liking in Han Seokbong’s eyes as he looked at Grid. The quest was cleared. In order words, Grid was convinced he won the competition and answered politely.

“A blacksmith passing by. I stopped by here in Pangea and was impressed by White. I decided to help him for a moment.”

Grid thought carefully about how to answer to increase affinity with both Han Seokbong and White. The effect was big.

“Ohh...! White’s skills brought such a distinguished person to Pangea!”


The moment that Han Seokbong and White were feeling overjoyed.

“I can’t admit it!” Enoch, who was proud after building up a big friendship with Han Seokbong after winning last year’s competition, refused it. "Strictly speaking, this person isn’t a blacksmith of the White Hammer smithy! Therefore, this competition should be void!”

Enoch protested to the end. Grid and White bristled but there was no need to worry.

"My only desire was the restoration of the Red Phoenix Bow, and he has achieved it! In addition, this result was possible due to White’s skills and virtue. There’s no denying that the White Hammer smithy won!”

Lord Han Seokbong directly defended the White Hammer smithy. Enoch was forced to close his mouth while Grid and White sighed with relief. At the same time.

[The quest ‘Win the Smithy Competition!’ has been completed.]

[The affinity with White, the master of the White Hammer smithy, has reached the maximum! White will never cause you any trouble!]

[In the future, all items at the White Hammer smithy are available for purchase at cost price!]

[If you sell items at the White Hammer smithy, you can sell them at 20% higher than the market price!]

[All facilities in the White Hammer smithy will be freely available!]

[Due to the effect of the Blacksmith’s Affection skill, White’s blacksmithing skill level has risen by 3!]

[White’s blacksmithing skill has reached advanced level 8.]

[The affinity with Pangea’s lord, Han Seokbong, has increased by 80! Unless you make a big mistake, Han Seokbong will infinitely favor you!]

[You have gained access to Pangea Castle’s dungeon!]

[Your level has risen.]

[Follow Han Seokbong. You can get a reward.]

"Can I ask for the name of this distinguished person?”

If Han Seokbong couldn’t restore the lost Red Phoenix Bow, both him and the Cho Kingdom would’ve been in danger. Han Seokbong recognized Grid as the benefactor of the kingdom and Grid needed to maintain a good relationship with him, so Grid answered politely.



At this moment. A great name spread throughout the Cho Kingdom. Han Seokbong repeated Grid’s name several times before saying,

"Well, let’s go to my castle first. Ah, please hand over the Red Phoenix Bow.”


Curses almost emerged from his mouth. Grid felt like he had been hit in the back of his head.