Chapter 520

[Assimilation has been used.]

[You have become one with Braham’s soul. Control of your body has been given to Braham.]

[Your class will be changed from Pagma’s Descendant to Legendary Great Magician.]

[Braham is searching for intelligence related items.]

[Malacus’ Cloak has been equipped.]

[The Holy Light Crown has been equipped.]

[There are no wearable items.]


The moment that Grid used Assimilation. The angular jaw full of muscular beauty became thinner and the muscled shoulders and forearms changed.


White hair flowed down underneath the crown. The white skin contrasted with the ruby eyes, creating a mysterious atmosphere. It was the emergence of the legendary great magician Braham, who was once a vampire.

“I never thought this body would be used to get rid of rats. It’s refreshing.”

Braham laughed with an arrogant attitude. Grid prompted him three seconds after Assimilation started.

‘Come on, use magic! Don’t waste Assimilation again and be vigilant!’

"You’re a legend. Don’t feel worried like the other lowly people.”

Braham clicked his tongue and waved his hand. Then a master level Magic Missile (Enhanced) was created and circled around him. Grid was startled.

‘How are you doing that?’

Magic Missile was the type of magic that launched after specifying the target. It immediately flew to the target as soon as it was used. There was no way to stop it in place. That was common sense.



A ball of mana, which contained explosion power, was thrown up beside Braham. Braham gave an amazing answer to Grid.

"It’s Alarm.”

‘What? Alarm?’

“Alarm is something that rings with no limit and isn’t simply noise.”


"The Alarm spell is meant to ring in specified situations and times. Therefore, Alarm is inherently a timer magic. Then I strengthened that timer magic.”

‘I don’t understand what you’re saying. What does that have to do with stopping Magic Missile?’

“Before using the magic, I entered the command ‘act when the alarm rings.’ It is like the ticking time bomb that dwarves make."

‘Ticking time bomb?’

Braham’s clear example helped Grid understand. At that moment.

“Muong! Human! You dare invade the queen’s castle! Myong!” 

The intermediate boss of the monster community, the Strong Male Rat, shouted. He only targeted the white-haired Grid, Braham. Braham revolved mana around him and didn’t care. It was either bravery or ignorance. The big poisonous rats were a clever species, but they were a physical species and couldn’t use magic. The proof was that there were no magicians or shamans in the rat community.


The wild-eyed Strong Male Rat reached Braham and stabbed with his trident. Braham precisely matched the timing.


There was a beeping sound from the Magic Missile hanging around Braham.



The male rat was hit by the Magic Missile and fell back without even screaming.


A few steps away from the male rat, Braham cast a total of six Magic Missiles simultaneously. It was the multi-spellcasting that could be achieved as a result of combining the master level Magic Missile and the legendary great magician passive.


Paang! Pang! Papapapang!


Grid admired it. The white mana balls looked like moonlight around Braham. They were like illusions, but also beautiful. Grid had no artistic sense and even he could tell.  He switched to the observer’s viewpoint and captured the current scene with a screenshot.

‘I should set it as my phone wallpaper.’

He was the only one who had even seen the wallpaper for his phone.

“M-Muong...! Cowardly human!”

How could the Strong Male Hamster be humiliated by a human with the Queen Rat watching? The male rat was ashamed and angry, and once again rushed towards Braham. His speed wasn’t lacking compared to Grid and the trident overwhelmed Grid’s strength.

‘At least level 400?’

The intermediate boss was incredibly strong. It was unknown how strong the Queen Rat would be. A chill went down Grid’s spine.



The six Magic Missiles around Braham all sounded an alarm. And.




One pierced the male rat’s chest, two in the side, on in the elbow of both hands, and the last one in a vital spot. The Magic Missile accurately pierced between his eyes. The male rat once again couldn’t scream as he shed blood, while Braham made a ridiculing sound.

“This is one of the ways to use the Alarm spell. Predict when and how the enemy will move, set the time, and assign it to an attack spell. Then your attack spell will smash the enemy at the correct timing. With a minimum of magic, you can exert the same power as the God Hands.”


Grid understood what Braham was saying. But anticipating the opponent’s action in real time during a battle, setting the time for the Alarm spell, as well as the attack magic trajectory? Wasn’t it impossible unless it was Braham? Braham assured the embarrassed Grid.

"There is an easier way of using it.”


Braham kicked the male rat that was trying to rise and withdrew back. Then he summoned another six Magic Missiles. Four Magic Missiles flew simultaneously towards the charging male rat. 

"I won’t take it anymore! Myong!”

The male rat swung its trident in a line.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The powerful force struck the four Magic Missiles and destroyed them.


The male rat smiled with satisfaction. As soon as he swung the trident at the four Magic Missiles, the other two Magic Missiles and another six summoned by Braham had already hit him.



The male rat flew after he was beaten by eight Magic Missiles. Braham shrugged.

“It’s much easier to take advantage of attacks like this and the effect isn’t bad. Alarm magic will be a big help.”

The level of Grid’s Magic Missile was still low. The cooldown was slower than the master level Magic Missile, so it was impossible to use two or more at the same time. But what if he used the Alarm spell? Grid could summon multiple Magic Missiles in sequence.

‘Keep in mind that Alarm can only be attached to magic itself. The distance is also limited. In particular, the Lv.1 Alarm is much more restricted. Well, you will soon know if you use it.”

'Doesn’t the description say I can use it anywhere?’

“That is a description of the magic itself. Once learned, the level specific explanations will be more detailed.”


Could he really use it? Braham gave encouragement to Grid who wasn’t confident.

"In fact, it’s easy to take advantage of Alarm.”


The ragged male rat jumped up. Braham looked at the beaten up rat and raised a finger. Then he snapped it. And...



There was an annoying ringing sound from right next to the male rat’s ear. At that moment, the male rat’s eardrum burst and he sank down, his nose bleeding. It was the ‘forced balance loss’ state that couldn’t be resisted.

‘Making the alarm ring from his body...?’

Wasn’t this a complete scam? It was a perfect disruption. Even a legendary’s passive resistance couldn’t resist it. Braham spoke with consternation as Grid felt admiration.

"Well, to be honest, this can only be done at the master level for Alarm. Lv.1 Alarm should be like this.”


Braham snapped his finger again.


The alarm started to ring loudly beside the male rat’s ‘ear.’ Braham fired Magic Missile at the completely wide-open male rat and grinned, revealing his white teeth.

“Does this look good enough for you?”

Braham was filled with pride about the enhanced magic he created. Grid didn’t deny him.

‘Amazing... The best.’

It was huge. A legendary rated magic. A notification window popped up in front of the shaking Grid.

[You have destroyed the Strong Male Rat!]

[205,700,890 experience has been acquired.]

[The Strong Male Rat’s Gallbladder has been acquired.]

[The Strong Male Rat’s Heart has been acquired.]

[5 blessed weapon enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[4 blessed armor enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[Congratulations! You have learned Alarm (Enhanced)!]

[The duration of Assimilation is over.]

[You have regained control of your flesh.]

[Braham’s soul has temporarily dimmed.]


It was already three minutes? When he was in school, he used to fall asleep in less than a minute and only focused on class for three minutes. Grid was very upset as his black hair returned. But it was only for a moment. He suddenly realized reality and was overwhelmed with despair.

The Queen Rat. The real boss of the big poisonous rat community didn’t have a single scratch on her.

“Human. You killed my husband. Myang.”


Damn Braham. Couldn’t he have killed the queen rat first? Grid confirmed that his mana was depleted and summoned the God Hands to keep the queen rat in check. Then he ran away. First of all, he needed to buy enough time to take two mana potions.