Chapter 521

[You have taken a high grade mana potion.]


The alchemy facility in Reidan produced the superior mana potion. If he could take it, Grid would’ve filled up all his mana with only one potion. But the high grade potion only filled half his mana.

‘That Rabbit...’

Before going to the East Continent. When Grid had requested the potion, Rabbit couldn’t raise his head.

‘The potions we have built up over the last few months has been depleted because they were supplied to the Overgeared members who participated in the war. I’m sorry.’

Damn alchemy! He had questioned the value of the facility ever since the ‘coolness’ option was attached to Iyarugt. Reidan’s economy had recovered and was growing, but Rabbit still had an obsession with alchemy.

‘There is little effectiveness and it’s just wasting money.’

However, the higher the level of alchemy, the more types of options that could be attached to the item. It was also possible to produce enhancement stones themselves in the future. Grid had poured a huge amount of gold into the alchemy facility. He couldn’t stop supporting alchemy now. Therefore, he could only hope that it would become useful in the future.

“Myaang! My husband’s enemy is laughing!”

The outraged Queen Rat kept chasing him. Grid ran with all his strength, but the Queen Rat gradually narrowed the distance. Grid stopped thinking and summoned the God Hands.

“Buy me some time.”

The level difference between the hamster couples was generally around 20 levels. The female rats were always at least 20 levels higher than the male rats. Based on the assumption that the Queen Rat was at least level 420, Grid didn’t dare face the Queen Rat head on. He planned to use the newly acquired Alarm spell to create a favorable situation for himself.


Kung kung!

The ground shook every time the Queen Rat took a step. He didn’t know how she carried her weight despite her wrists and ankles being thinner than Grid’s.

‘This monster!’

There was the possibility that Grid could be overwhelmed and commanded the God Hands to attack. First of all, he had the God Hand swing the Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir at the Queen Rat. It was the precursor of infinite stiffness. The Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir boasted a 100% accuracy rate and struck the Queen Rat’s head hard.


[The Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir has caused the target to stiffen for 0.15 seconds.]


Originally, the Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir caused 0.3 seconds of stiffness. Then what was this 0.15 seconds?

‘Is it a 50% resistance to status conditions? Or is it due to the level difference?’

A chill went down Grid’s spine. The Queen Rat quickly recovered from the stiff and blocked the strikes of the other God Hands with her trident. Then her red eyes glowed as she hit the God Hands.

[God Hand (1) has received a strong shock and has become stiff.]


0.15 seconds was too short. It seemed impossible to cause infinite stiffness to the Queen Rat because she could recover before the other God Hands would link their attacks.


The Queen Rat caused all the God Hands to stiffen and threw her trident at Grid.


It was like a fighter jet was flying. The trident rushed through the atmosphere like a missile. Grid responded instantly.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

He had to run while waiting for the cooldown time of the potion to be over. How could he take advantage of Alarm to knock down that monster? He actively used his brain and coped with the thrown trident by using Revolve.


The rotated light and trident hit each other.


[You have dealt 190,300 damage to the target.]

The trident was turned around by Revolve and stabbed at the chest of the Queen Rat. The Queen Rat suffered 200,000 damage in one blow, but didn’t slow down at all.


She pulled the trident out and chased after Grid again with the trident. Grid was able to figure out one feature of the Queen Rat.

‘She will unconditionally use a throwing attack once we’re a certain distance apart?’

If he knew it in advance, it wasn’t difficult to cope with.


The trident made a loud sound like an animal’s roar. Grid confirmed that the cooldown time of the mana potion returned, drank it, and used Blackening and Quick Movements.


Grid disappeared just before the trident reached him. The only thing left in his place were the remains of demonic power.


The Queen Rat started to explore the area to find Grid. But he wasn’t easy to find. It was because Grid wore the Hooded Zip Up the moment he had escaped. It was only a matter of seconds before the Queen Rat could find Grid, so Grid needed to catch her during this time.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid appeared in the space where there was nothing. His position was above the Queen Rat’s head.


The Queen Rat grasped Grid’s position immediately using her excellent sense of hearing. She showed a ridiculous reaction rate. She avoided Grid’s Pinnacle and prepared to counterattack. However, the Queen Rat hesitated before attacking. It was due to the God Hands. The God Hands had recovered from the stiffness and aimed at the Queen Rat with Mjolnir.

'It’s the end if I kill that human! Myong!’

Then Queen Rat made a decision quickly. She hesitated for only a moment. She ignored the attacks of the God Hands and waved her tail at the enemy human who killed her husband. 


Like a bee’s stinger, the sharp tail hit Grid’s face. In return, the Queen Rat allowed a hit from the Mjolnirs and became stiff for a total of 0.3 seconds. At this time.


Grid flew back after being hit by the tail and changed into Randy.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

The voice of the ‘real’ Grid was heard behind the stiffened Queen Rat.


It was a fake? The Queen Rat’s eyes widened with surprise. She looked just like a hamster! Honestly, the expression was cute. But Grid wasn’t deceived by the outward appearance and connected the skill to the end.

“Linked Kill!”


It was too late. 0.3 seconds of stiffness was too short. The Queen Rat was released from the stiffness and avoided the God Hands’ next attacks. She intended to counter the human’s attack. However...


The Queen Rat was stunned. Didn’t she clearly hear the voice of the human using a skill behind her? Why was there nothing when she turned back? The moment that the Queen Rat was feeling confused.

“Linked Kill Wave.”

Grid’s voice was heard from the sky. That’s right. The real Grid was in the sky. Grid’s voice that the Queen Rat heard behind her was merely a fake recorded with the Alarm spell. As soon as he learned new magic, Grid applied it properly in practice.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The bombardment of black energy blades!


The Queen Rat screamed from the pain. In the interim, the God Hands continued to attack the Queen Rat and Grid took another mana potion. He accumulated Magic Missiles.

‘Magic Missile. Magic Missile. Magic Missile.’

Magic Missile (Enhanced) Lv. 3 could be used once per second. He summoned it every time the cooldown returned and attached the Alarm spell to it. The result.


Right now, Grid was as splendid as the sun as he floated in the sky. There were lumps of white mana around him.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


By now, the Queen Rat had learned the name of Grid’s skills. In the midst of the bombardment of energy blades and Mjolnir, she caught Grid speaking the name of a skill. She used the ‘Maintain Dignity’ skill that was the privilege of the queen who led the big poisonous rats.


Maintain Dignity was a one-time override threat skill that a few leaders of a species had. The effect was absolute. The energy pouring from the Queen Rat caused the God Hands to stiffen and the Queen Rat rushed forward.


The angry Queen Rat’s voice was heard to Grid’s right. This time, it was an attack where she intended to kill her husband’s enemy. But once again, the Queen Rat went hungry. The real Grid was in the sky while Grid’s voice that she heard was a fake caused by the Alarm spell.

"This magic is a scam. Right?”


The Grid in the sky laughed and ridiculed the Queen Rat. The moment that the Queen Rat’s anger soared into the sky.

"Where are you looking, nyang?”

Noe suddenly appeared behind the Queen Rat and swallowed her. It was the activation of Soul Ingestion. The Queen Rat’s highest stat was weakened. The crisis of the Queen Rat started from here.

“Sublime Sword.”

The Queen Rat appeared again with fur wet with saliva. A demon stood in front of her confused self. It was a white-haired old demon.



A swordsman who had even threatened a great demon. The Sublime Sword struck the Queen Rat’s chest. The Queen Rat screamed as she suffered a great deal of damage and Grid in the sky pounced. He fired 50 Magic Missiles as well as Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Kill. Then...


The past 2 years. The center of the monster community that made the people of Pangea tremble was ruined. It was an extraordinary accomplishment created by a single man passing by the East Continent.