Chapter 519

[Big Poisonous Rat’s Frying Pan]

Durability: 5/9 Attack Power: 2

* When equipped, Beginner Cooking skill Lv.1 will be generated.

A favorite cooking tool for the big poisonous rats.

The big poisonous rats cook all types of food in this frying pan and use it as tableware at the same time.

It is a frying pan made with coarse technology, but it’s better than nothing.

Conditions of Use: None. 

Weight: 70

“...How did this happen?”

He thought it was Idan’s frying pan. But it turned out to be the hamster’s frying pan. Grid was baffled.

"No, this is ridiculous. Where in the world is there a hamster that cooks with a frying pan?"

Of course, he knew that the intelligence of the big poisonous rats was very high because he experienced it himself. Looking at the language skills and living standards, they seemed much better than orcs or goblins. But in order to create tools, the concept itself was actually needed.

In the end, the big poisonous rats were monsters. They were bound to be faithful to their survival instincts. This meant they understood that tools were needed to catch prey, producing weapons. But frankly, it was amazing that they even thought about cooking.

“They normally eat raw meat. It’s funny that monsters have a desire for gourmet food.”

Would they also be interested in cleanliness? However, they had bad breath. They should’ve made a toothbrush as well as a frying pan. Grid threw the frying pan to one side and left the tent.

‘The hamsters came up with the idea of making a frying pan from somewhere.’

Maybe it was because Idan’s frying pan was abandoned here?

‘To clarify. They would’ve been influenced after finding Idan’s frying pan. Then things will fall into place.’


The tent was in tatters from the aftermath of the battle. Grid lightly moved to the center of the big poisonous rats’ community. An exceptionally large tent appeared. It was 10 times bigger than a typical tent.

‘Over here.’

It was the location of the boss of the big poisonous rats.

‘There’s a high possibility that Idan’s frying pan is inside there.’

The problem was reaching there. Should he break through one point, or keep methodically getting rid of the tents on the edges?

‘It would be nice if I could go straight.’

The gap between tents was really large. He would need to smash the tents in front of it, but that wasn’t a problem. Just.

‘If I reach the boss with most of the tents untouched...’

The risk was too big. It would be annoying if the boss had a skill to call its surrounding allies. He might be swarmed by tens or hundreds in an instant, leading to death.

‘I will move forward from the outskirts. That will be easiest.’

In any case, there were no players on the East Continent. He didn’t need to worry about anyone stealing his prey.

“Right. There’s no need to fret.”

It felt like having a whole server to himself! Grid decided to eat comfortably and moved with slow but sure steps. He moved steadily from the outer tents towards the center of the community, killing the hamsters. The result.

[You have defeated a big poisonous rat.]

[36,445,900 experience has been acquired.]

[A big poisonous rat’s gallbladder has been acquired.]

[You have defeated a male big poi...]

[Your level has risen!]

[As someone with a second class, you will receive a level up bonus. 12 stat points have been acquired.]

[Six points have been forcibly invested into intelligence due to the influence of the second class, Legendary Great Magician.]

[Your intelligence is over 1,300.]

[A new magic spell can now be learned!]

It was already his second level up since arriving at the monster community. By destroying hundreds of peaceful homes, Grid reached level 319 and surpassed 1,300 intelligence. But Grid felt ashamed rather than happy.

“I... I am a homewrecker.”

The big poisonous rats were very loving. The couples were sleeping in the beds and before their death, they gazed at each other gently.

'Is this a new form of torture?’

A hunting system that made players feel guilty. It left a bad taste. Grid felt increasingly sure there was a psychopath in the Satisfy development team. Braham prompted the agonized Grid.

‘Rejoice! You get to experience my strength which is different from the inferior people in the world!’

The greatest power in the world? It was his magic. Braham was confident about it. He wanted to remind Grid of his greatness. On the other hand, Grid became excited.

‘New magic!’

It was the second time since he got this second class. Apart from Magic Missile that he acquired by default, he had only learned Magic Detection. The reason was his low intelligence. Despite having the class ‘legendary great magician,’ it was very sad because he could only use Magic Missile and Magic Detection.

But now wasn’t the time to be sad. The opportunity to acquire legendary magic would come as he increased his intelligence! Grid was filled with tremendous excitement and anticipation.

"Now I can use Fireball!”

A notification window popped up in front of Grid.


[A new magic spell can now be learned.]

[Alarm (Enhanced) Lv. 1]

A spell developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

You can set all types of alarm sounds at the desired timing and location.

As the level rises, the diversity of the sounds and the range will increase. 

Resource Consumption: 500 Mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 minute.

-If you use this spell three times in Great Magician mode, you will learn it.


Grid was stunned after verifying the notification window. He couldn’t understand the situation properly as Braham’s laughter rang in his ears.

‘Huhuhut. This alarm...’

"Noisy... No, be quiet.”


“Please be quiet.”

Grid wanted to be alone. It was common knowledge that the lowest level magic included Alarm, but he never dreamt that Alarm would be acquired after Magic Missile and Magic Detection.

‘Isn’t it a spell that should be learned by default like Magic Missile?’

What garbage spell needed 1,300 intelligence to learn? Grid was stunned as his expectations were shattered. He was so frustrated that killing intent slowly filled his eyes. The anger boiling in his heart needed an outlet.



He tightly gripped the Sword Ghost. Grid gritted his teeth and walked into the nearest tent. It was the beginning of the fierce but stealthy slaughter. Grid didn’t have any hesitation about killing the loving hamster couple. He couldn’t afford to care about other people’s circumstances right now.


“Hah... Hah... I can now live a little.”

The large community of tents filled with big poisonous mice. All of their tents were burned, torn, or collapsed. It was the result of Grid’s massacre that took half a day. There was only one thing still intact in front of him. The large tent in the center of the community. It was the place with the hamster boss and where Idan’s  frying pan should be located.

The level 320 Grid used Magic Detection. It was to gauge the existence of the boss and to roughly guess the level.

[Magic Detection (Enhanced) has been used.]

[Magic Detection (Enhanced) has risen from Lv.2 to Lv.3!]

[The power of Magic Detection (Enhanced) has increased! Magic Detection can now identify the target’s stats!]

Name: Strong Male Rat

Level: ???

Class: ???

Stats: ???

Species: Big Poisonous Rat

Status: Monster

Name: Queen Rat

Level: ???

Class: ???

Stats: ???

Species: Big Poisonous Rat

Status: Monster

"Two here as well...”

The boss didn’t even enjoy a harem and was a single-minded couple!

"Truly principled rats!”

Grid had felt expectant when the level of Magic Detection rose. Now he was once again angry. It was because the status windows showed question marks, making him feel betrayed by Magic Detection.

'My Magic Detection is a great magic. The only thing lacking is your intelligence.’

“Haha! That’s right! Blame me! It’s my fault that Alarm magic was created! Shit!”

Why would a legendary magician use Alarm? The moment he became upset at Braham. Grid unwittingly raised his voice and it was transmitted to the hamsters inside the tent.

“Muong? Why is a human here?”

"You will pay the price for impeding our happy nap time. Muong.”

The queen hamster wearing a crude crown and cloak was huge. She was twice as big as Grid. The hamster queen showed off her white chest fur proudly and pulled out a paw from her red cloak. She pointed the paw at Grid.

“Muong. Humans are nasty because they have no fur. So disgusting. Muong, I’ll kill you right away.”

The queen hamster also used a trident as a weapon.


The queen’s trident was fast and seemed like it would skewer Grid. Grid hurriedly avoided it while Braham spoke.

‘Leave it to me. I will show you how to use Alarm.’


How to use Alarm? Grid didn’t expect much. But he couldn’t ignore Braham’s words.

‘The Alarm spell can be used during a battle?’

Magic used by a legendary great magician. It wasn’t trivial if he thought about it calmly.



Grid’s hair turned white.