Chapter 518

[You have defeated a big poisonous rat.]

[35,970,411 experience has been acquired.]

[A big poisonous rat’s gallbladder has been acquired.]

[The big poisonous rat’s leather has been acquired.]

[You have defeated a male big poisonous rat.]

[21,899,050 experience has been acquired.]

The hamsters were monsters present near the ‘starter’ village. They were likely to be located on the lowest level of the East Continent food chain. Nevertheless, they gave excellent experience. The female hamster gave seven times more experience than junior vampires, five times more experience than intermediate vampires and three times more experience than the senior vampires.

'Only the males clearly have a gender label and give less experience. Does this meant it is a matriarchal monster community?’

In fact, it was funny to say that the males gave less experience. The males alone gave two times more experience than the senior vampires.

‘By the way, it’s really great..’.

Grid roughly guessed that Kraugel came to the East Continent before his third advancement. He could hunt monsters like this, even if it was slowly? If the hamster didn’t have the poisoning and confusion ability, Grid would simply admire it as being Kraugel. No matter how strong the hamsters, Kraugel would be able to overcome their physical abilities.

‘But how did he cope with the abnormal states?’

The cooldown time of the detoxification potion was 10 seconds and there were no potions to recover from confusion. On the other hand, the hamsters constantly caused poisoning and confusion by opening their mouths throughout the battle.

‘It would be possible if Kraugel had accessories to resist poison and confusion...’

However, it was questionable if he would have status resistance accessories at the time.

‘No way, did he just block his nose?’

Satisfy’s system considered realism, so Grid directly blocked his nose. But it was impossible to block out the stench.


Grid felt nauseous and left the tent. Braham watched the pathetic Grid and finally opened his mouth.

‘Did you forget what the chef of Pangea said? The monster community formed here after Pangea was invaded.’

The hamsters were likely to be one of the monsters defeated in the Pangea invasion and settled here afterwards.

‘They weren’t born near the village, so they might be a powerful monster species. Don’t assume that the big poisonous rats are the weakest monster on the East Continent.’ 

“Well... Indeed.”

The East Continent was very difficult. Since Satisfy’s opening, 31 people had visited the East Continent in three years. The East Continent was sure to have overwhelmingly higher content than the West Continent. But Satisfy was a game that considered balance.  Since there was the possibility of exchanges between the two continents in the future, the gap between the continents couldn’t be too large.

‘That’s right. No matter how difficult the content of the East Continent, the hamsters can’t be the weakest monster here.’

Assuming that the hamsters were the weakest monsters, it meant that the soldiers of the East Continent had at least the strength of a hamster, which didn’t make sense.

"Well, whatever. I just have to beat them. That’s why I came here.”

There was no need to complicate it unnecessarily. Grid checked the information of the loot he picked up.

[Big Poisonous Rat’s Gallbladder]

A gallbladder filled with poison.

Upon taking it, you will become poisoned for 10 minutes and receive all types of conditions.

However, poisoning and confusion tolerance will permanently increase by 0.03% afterwards.

Weight: 1

[Big Poisonous Rat’s Leather]

Smelly and tough leather.

It is difficult to use in real life because the odor doesn’t disappear.

Weight: 30


Grid’s eyes widened. This was the first time he saw an item that increased the resistance to an abnormal state.

‘A lot of rich people will invest money to buy things like this gallbladder.’

Grid had the status conditions resistance passive, so items that increased resistance to abnormal statuses were useless to him. But there were those who weren’t legends. For two billion users, status conditions were a challenge that must always be overcome. Everyone thought it was important to increase their resistance.

‘This would be pretty expensive!’

The value would be at least one million won. But Grid didn’t have any thoughts about registering the gallbladder in the auction house.  It was because it would hurt him if others increased their resistance to status conditions.

‘Don’t put it on the auction house. Gather more and sell them to the guild members.’

Grid didn’t intend to give it for free. He closed his inventory and approached another tent. He looked inside and saw a pair of sleeping hamsters.

“Another couple?”

Grid felt complex and subtle emotions.

‘Do I have to hunt a couple every time?’

Wasn’t he destroying a family? Grid hesitated before shaking his head. Setting aside NPCs, there would be no limit if he started feeling empathy for monsters. Grid controlled his mind and separated the +7 Sword Ghost into the long sword and short sword form.  He used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend, and swung his weapons continuously.



The energy blades fired from the long sword were powerful and destructive, while the short sword was small and relatively stealthy. Grid bombarded the hamsters in the tent without causing much disturbance, and the sleeping hamsters in the surrounding tents didn’t wake up.

“Muoong! It hurts!”

“Human! Kill! Muong!”

The hamsters were furious about being beaten in the middle of their sweet nap. It worsened as they watched their nest being torn apart. They grabbed their tridents and rushed towards Grid. But they couldn’t reach him. The God Hands wielded Mjolnir and defended Grid.


Peok peok peok!

“Muong! Muong! Muong!”

There was nothing strange with the Mjolnirs. The hamster couple fell into an infinite stiffness. As the golden hammers moved from left to right and alternated attacks, the hamsters lost a lot of health. Grid finished them off, receiving a lot of experience and another gallbladder.

"Isn’t the drop rate surprisingly high?”

No, it was nonsense that an item that permanently increased resistance to abnormal statues would have a high drop rate. Grid interpreted it differently.

"That's right, the drop rate isn’t high. It is purely because of my good luck stat!”

He had 16 points in his good luck stat! Grid put a big significance on it. However, 16 points in a stat actually had no meaning. Looking at it, didn’t Jude have 20 intelligence?  It was just 16 points in good luck. But Grid felt infinitely positive. It was the good luck stat that he got after living unhappily most of his life.

"Hunting is relatively easy. Hit them with the God Hands while they’re sleeping and then finish them off. Simple.”

The large distance between the tents was helping Grid. It didn’t seem dangerous unless he made a lot of noise. Grid smiled with satisfaction as he moved next door to slaughter the couple. The couple in the next tent and the couple in the tent after that...


Grid shook as he watched the dying hamsters hold each other. This hunting was too terrible. It wouldn’t be strange if he obtained the title ‘Couple Slaughterer.’ Braham scoffed. ‘Are you feeling compassion for creatures? That is a severe weakness.’

“No, doesn’t it look cute? Loving each other like that. It doesn’t matter if they’re monsters.”

He didn’t know why he had to hunt couples. Making a player slaughter couples in Satisfy, there was probably a psychopath on the development team.

“Okay. I have cleaned up the outskirts.”

There were 500 tents filled with hamsters. He took care of the tents on the outskirts in order, then headed a little deeper. Due to the nature of the circular formation, the closer he got to the center, the narrower the distance between tents became. If he made a mistake then he would have to fight at least four hamsters.

“Well, it isn’t bad.”

The experience of the hamsters was similar to the true blood vampires. But their overall strength was less than the true blood vampires. Of course, the true blood vampires were also different in level. Grid was looking at the average ones. The true blood vampires weren’t a problem for Grid, so hunting several vampires at once wasn’t an issue.

“I should reduce their numbers as much as possible before nap time ends. Now I will begin in earnest.”


Four golden hands rose behind Grid. Grid grasped that the mana regeneration rate was 1.5 times faster than normal and commanded the God Hands.



The Magic Missile bombardment fell on the hamsters.


Grid rushed with the God Hands and raided the hamsters. The hamsters tried to defend or counterattack, but the combination of the God Hands and Mjolnirs was perfect.



While fighting in the vampire cities, Grid had become more efficient in using the God Hands in combat. Rather than defending against the enemy’s attacks with the God Hands, Grid handled them directly while the God Hands swung Mjolnir during that time.  Once the target was stiffened?

“Linked Kill.”

Puok! Puk! Puk puk!

He would finish them off.


Two pairs of couples... No, four hamsters died and Grid leisurely picked up the items they dropped.


On one side of the tent. He was something that was very familiar to modern people. It was a frying pan. Grid was surprised and checked its information.