Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Strength was relative. 

The Overgeared Guild was called a group of powerhouses, but it was possible to distinguish between the weak and strong within them. Based on the Overgeared members, Lauel was part of the weak group.

Grid, Pon, Regas, Jishuka, Faker, Euphemina, Toon and Vantner, all the strongest ones were missing.

‘But even so...’

15 against 1. Hao really endured for five minutes. To be exact, it was five minutes and three seconds. It was something that even Pon or Regas couldn’t do.

‘The two of them would’ve killed almost half of us in three minutes, then they would’ve died.’

If it was Grid?

‘...We would be wiped out in a few minutes.’

Grid’s abilities had grown by leaps and bounds since the doppelganger raid. Lauel didn’t want to imagine it. He clicked his tongue. Then he analyzed Hao.


A person who transformed into a draconian. Hao fully utilized the characteristics of a half draconian as well as the desert landscape. Aiming Flame Explosion at the sand constantly caused a sandstorm to appear, obstructing the vision of the Overgeared members. He also used his flying ability to avoid fatal skills.

Rather than killing his enemies, he thoroughly fought in order to buy time. His persistence and control of the chain that tied down the Overgeared members was enough to cause a thrill.

“Kill me.” As Lauel was deep in thought, Hao was caught by Ibellin and spoke proudly. He didn’t fear death. He was satisfied that he allowed his guild members to retreat safely.

On the other hand, the faces of the Overgeared members were completely twisted. 15 people were tied up by one person for more than five minutes, causing their pride to be crushed. Hao comforted them. It was the attitude of a winner.

"You aren’t weak. You are stronger than the rumors. However, I am just exceptional.”

It wasn’t arrogance. Hao’s words weren’t wrong. The Overgeared members were stronger than in the past due to Piaro, but Hao surpassed them.


A smile appeared on Lauel’s face. In fact, in this battle, Lauel felt a bigger sense of defeat than anyone else. He was the one who led the group. He was proud of the tactics that he could carry out.

The chief of staff, Lauel, was unable to cope with Hao properly. Lauel was tactically defeated by Hao. But.

‘I won.’

Lauel’s smile widened. He told Hao the truth.

“The Hades Guild’s retreat failed.”

"Bah, what benefits are there to lying now?”

“It isn’t a lie. Check the guild chat if you don’t believe me.”

After a moment. Hao’s eyes trembled.

“You..! What did you do?”

Lauel explained. "I guessed the retreat route of the Hades Guild and left someone there. I also ordered the team wiping out the Golden Guild to head there when they finished.”

A separate force. There was Faker who had recovered from wiping out the Ice Flower Guild. Currently, the Hades Guild was isolated by Faker and Huroi’s group at the border between the empire and the western part of the Eternal Kingdom.


Hao was frustrated. If they were going to die anyway, he should’ve at least taken out one more enemy. He was feeling regret when Lauel suggested, “Are you willing to serve Duke Grid?”


The leader of one of the seven guilds, the one in the lead of billions of people, why should he go under someone? In addition, it was under a trivial guy, whose only advantage was his legendary class?

"A dragon can’t serve a dog.” Hao refused.

The faces of the Overgeared members turned red as Grid was called a dog.

"Don’t bother with anything unnecessary and just kill me!”

Ibellin had suffered from being dragged by chains throughout the battle, so he was angrier than anyone else. Lauel restrained him as he was about to stab his flamberge through Hao’s heart. Then he asked Hao.

“Grid is the sky, not a dog... If he proves this fact, will you serve him?”

Lauel coveted Hao. It wasn’t just due to his powerful force. The noble spirit that sacrificed himself for his subordinates, as well as the appropriate tactical abilities were all coveted by Lauel. He was a necessary person to the Overgeared Guild, who only tended to focus on individual power.

Hao snorted. "There is already a sky.”

Yes, the sky. The sky they were talking about was Kraugel. Grid wasn’t a match. Lauel laughed at Hao.

“Okay. I am looking forward to it.”


Hao was stunned as Lauel released him. He couldn’t understand the situation as Lauel continued speaking, “I’m looking forward to the day we’re reunited. I will let all of your guild members go safely, so please don’t worry.”

“I won’t be willing to serve Grid, even if you do this.”

"Will you serve Grid if he proves that he is the sky?”

“Yes, but...”

How could a dog or cow become the sky? Lauel grinned triumphantly at Hao.

“Watch his path. You will soon know that he is the only sky.”

“...Hah.” Hao laughed. Was this the level of a fanatic? It felt like there was a pseudo-religion based on Grid. "Okay, I understand. I will watch.”

Hao wasn’t expecting anything. He accepted the favor and immediately left this place.

Ibellin didn’t like it and asked Lauel.

“They are the bastards who invaded Reidan for no reason! Why are you letting him go? Are you crazy?”

"Didn’t you hear the report from Huroi? According to the Golden Guild’s statement, isn’t Reidan safe? You should think more practically, rather than being overcome by petty grudges.”

“Shit! What will happen if they try to strike again?”

"At that time." Lauel’s blue eyes froze over.  "After we kill them, we will trample on their estates.”

He wouldn’t allow an invasion a second time, and there would be no more forgiveness.


Day arrived. Reidan’s fields. In the early morning, the Overgeared members came to where the farmers were sweating. Lauel bowed deeply to Piaro. “Thank you for saving Reidan. This great grace, I will spend the rest of my life repaying it.”

Piaro laughed. “It’s okay. I just acting according to the value of the meals.”

“Value of the meal...”

The price of a meal for a farmer was 73 silver.

‘Reidan is worth 73 silver...’

Lauel’s feelings were complicated. Lauel looked around at the vast farming fields. The harvest was in full swing. Good quality wheat was being produced in large quantities. In the future, the people of Reidan would be able to eat bread, not just potatoes.

This was all due to Piaro. Not only did he do the work of 100 people alone, he kept finding sources of water and bringing life to the fields. Despite being a great swordsman, he wasn’t arrogant, faithfully carried out his duties, and showed respect.

“However... I heard there were a lot of enemies. How did you repel them by yourself?”

Lauel heard it from the enemies, but he honestly didn’t believe it. In particular, there were many people with a strong reputation among the enemies, such as Zibal, Seuron and Hao. Piaro repelled all of them? It was impossible unless Piaro was a legend on the level of Pagma or Muller.

‘It can’t be...’ He couldn’t imagine that the ‘legendary farmer emergence’ message that appeared last night was referring to Piaro. Piaro aimed for a sword saint. He wasn’t a farmer. As Lauel was feeling puzzled, Piaro pointed to three farmers.

One was Bland and the other two were wearing straw hats, so he couldn’t see who they were.

"They helped me."

“Is that so?”

There were more farmers in Reidan who were great warriors? Lauel approached them. The two farmers cutting the wheat with a sickle panicked.

‘I don’t want to meet you...’

The 1st ranked Kraugel. He didn’t want to let others know that he had been working in the fields for two weeks already. It would be a big nuisance. So he...

“My mother is calling me. I need to go. Logout.”


Logging out to a parent’s intervention. It was a phenomena that frightened many of Satisfy’s users. There were people who were forced to terminate the game during a raid because their mother told them to eat.  In such cases, the users were registered on a blacklist and it would be difficult for them to participate in a raid group again. Anyway, this happened, so Damian was left alone.

“Eh? Who was just here?”

Lauel was very surprised to see the person he thought was a NPC log out. A user was working as a farmer in Reidan? He must have a high level, so why was he working as a farmer...? Lauel’s confusion and doubts poured onto Damian.

“Who are you? Why are you doing field work here?”


Damian wasn’t prepared. He was embarrassed to reveal that a high ranking paladin was acting as a farmer. He wanted to log out. However, he soon changed his mind.

‘He is the person closest to Grid.’

If he explained to Lauel why he had to meet Grid, it would be easier to arrange a meeting with Grid.


Damian took off his straw hat. The dark blue, purplish hair caught Lauel’s attention.


Lauel’s eyes shook as the attractive appearance was revealed. 

Damian. An exceptional person who rose to become the number two paladin, despite being a paladin of the Rebeccan Church. But one day, he suddenly disappeared from the rankings list so there were rumors that he obtained a hidden class. And he was an otaku. Why was such a famous person doing field work here?

Damian awkwardly greeted the speechless Lauel and Overgeared members.



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