Chapter 256

Chapter 256

The VIP room in the lord’s castle.

Damian sat facing the Overgeared members and opened his mouth. He talked about how he met Grid and the circumstances behind his arrival in Reidan. Damian explained all the facts as much as possible. There was no reason to hide it from the Overgeared members.

The silently listening Vantner started tearing up.

"Struggling to save a beloved woman...! It’s truly a beautiful story!”

It wasn’t good seeing a big bald man crying. If Pon was here, he would definitely tease Vantner. But Pon was still on the mission with Regas. They had already disappeared for two days. It was estimated that they discovered an instance dungeon and were cut off from the outside world.

Lauel ignored Vantner’s runny nose and asked Damian.

"I understand that you have to meet Grid in order to save Rebecca’s Daughters. But why were you working in the fields? Someone like you would’ve been treated very well if you visited the administrator, and then we could’ve been contacted quickly.”

There were dozens of large and small religions in Satisfy, but the Rebecca Church was unequaled. The number of members was estimated to exceed 80 million. Damian was a pope candidate, so he would be given VIP treatment wherever he went. So why was he farming?


Damian wanted to throw up as the Overgeared members looked at him with confusion.

‘Why didn’t he meet the administrator of the city?’ This was all due to Piaro. But he was too embarrassed to tell them the truth. In addition, his grudge against Piaro disappeared after receiving the hidden quest. Rather, they were friends now. 

He covered up the truth. “I originally liked doing farming work.”

"I see.”

People always had a variety of hobbies. There was no reason to lie, so the Overgeared members didn’t doubt Damian’s words. 

That’s right.  The Overgeared members didn’t know about the atrocities Piaro was committing outside. They couldn’t imagine that Piaro would fight people passing them, then make them become farmers. Damian felt sorry for the second and third victims who would appear in the future.

"Who was the other person with you?”

“An outsider. I don’t know who he is either. He never revealed his identity until the end.”

“I see...”

‘Perhaps I should put the Eyes of Surveillance on him.’

Lauel wasn’t too wary. Piaro would’ve filtered out anyone who wanted to harm Reidan. Lauel trusted Piaro. Now Lauel’s concern was focused solely on Damian.

‘If Grid is the benefactor of the pope...’

The relationship between Reidan and the Rebecca Church would become closer, and there would be an active exchange. If they could build a Rebecca Temple in Reidan, all residents would get the buff effect and there would be priests present. The number of people would also naturally increase.

Lauel grabbed Damian’s dirty hands.

“Damian, the Overgeared Guild is wholeheartedly committed to helping you. I will help you win the pope election, as well as persuade Grid to save Rebecca’s Daughters. Just tell me if you have anything you need.”

This was a pumpkin vine that rolled over. Lauel absolutely wouldn’t miss it. Lauel smiled as kindly as possible. It was the smile of hospitality workers. However, Damian wasn’t familiar with Lauel and was genuinely thrilled.

"So kind...! Thank you! Thank you so much! I will give you a pillow printed with an image of my beautiful Isabel-chan as a present!”

“Huhuhut... I’m glad to be able to help you. The alter ego that I sealed in the past is dancing.”

‘What are they saying?’

‘I don’t know.’

The Overgeared members couldn’t properly interpret the conversation between Lauel and Damian. It was hard to crack.


Rabbit was aware of Piaro’s abilities, even before the Overgeared members knew Piaro’s identity. It wasn’t difficult to grasp the reality of a person with his discerning eyes. Even so, there was only one reason why he left Piaro as a farmer.

Reidan’s finances. If he acknowledged Piaro’s skills and gave him the right position, Rabbit would have to pay him a high salary. This would increase Reidan’s financial burdens. Rabbit pretended not to know Piaro’s true abilities and kept him as a farmer.

As as result, Rabbit got the maximum efficiency for a minimum wage. In addition, the wheat fields were a farmer’s domain. The farmer Piaro, who received a salary of 73 silver, defended Reidan by defeating the enemies who invaded his territory.

The result was more than expected. It was truly amazing. But at the same time, it was frustrating.

‘I need to reward him for his performance...’

If Rabbit converted the value of Piaro’s work to money, it would be at least several hundred million gold. Of course, Reidan didn’t have those type of funds.

‘I have to give him something.’

A granting of a prize was the domain of the lord, not the administrator. Grid was currently away, so it was impossible to give the right compensation to Piaro.


Rabbit showed the utmost sincerity to Piaro within the scope of his current authority.

[I, Administrator Rabbit, appoint the farmer Piaro to become the wheat fields manager.]

It was the moment when Piaro’s salary was raised to 2 gold and 30 silver. It was a wage increase of more than three times. This was the amount of money that Rabbit’s conscience allowed.


[One of the continent’s 10 great magicians fighting for Duke Grid!]

The provocative title heated up the Internet all over the world.

The real-time search queries were taken up by ‘Grid,’ ‘Earl Ashur,’ ‘10 great magicians of the continent,’ ‘seven guilds,’ ‘Reidan’s invasion,’ and so on. The news about the emergence of a legendary farmer was buried under all of this.

Bunny Bunny, the one who spread this incident, received a huge jackpot.

‘The seven guilds except for the Giant Guild conspired to invade Reidan. In the process, the Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild were ruthlessly trampled on by Earl Ashur.'

The contents and images meant that Bunny Bunny’s live internet broadcast reached 300,000, and the cumulative viewers rose to 600,000 in one day. Bunny Bunny not only accumulated an enormous wealth, he also recovered his reputation.

The world’s best gaming BJ succeeded in a splendid recovery.

-Grid is amazing. He has Earl Ashur as a subordinate. ㄷㄷ

-Isn’t Earl Ashur the strongest person in the Eternal Kingdom...? Wow, really? He really is God Grid.

-I’m living in the US and Grid appears on TV every day.  ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think there is anyone in the US who doesn’t know about Grid.  ㅋㅋㅋ

-I’m going to school in Japan. After the National Competition, all my Japanese friends ask me about Grid. I am proud to be Korean thanks to Grid-nim.ㅎ

-But what about the four guilds apart from the Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild?

-My friend’s cousin’s wife’s friend is part of the Golden Guild and according to him, the seven guilds were wiped out by the farmers of Reidan.

-Sigh... ㅉ ㅉ There is a fantasy novelist everywhere. If you are writing a novel, it should at least make sense.

The Korean netizens were particularly excited. They were proud to be Korean every time Grid did something that caught the attention of the world.

But in fact, Grid himself didn’t know about Reidan’s invasion. The Overgeared members didn’t report anything to him because they were afraid it would interfere with his quest. Thanks to that, Grid was able to solely concentrate on his quest.


The capital of the Saharan Empire, Titan.

Grid arrived in front of Asmophel’s mansion after a three week journey and opened his status window.

Name: Grid

Level: 291

Class: Pagma’s Descendant


Strength: 2,770(+140)   Stamina: 1,246(+120)   

Agility: 1,626(+110)    Intelligence: 711(+310)

Dexterity: 1,634(+660)   Persistence: 958(+110)

Composure: 658(+110)  Indomitable: 913(+220)

Dignity: 1,566(+110)   Insight: 1,406(+110)

Courage: 602(+110)     Demonic Magic Power: 31


The stats were beyond overwhelming. Due to the penalty that happened when producing his fifth legendary item, his stats growth rate was several times slower than it was in the past, but he wasn’t disappointed.

He still grew when making items and the titles he acquired after much hardships also significantly increased his stats. He had items, skills, and now control. Grid could confidently assert, ‘I am the best.’

He had reached his peak after living 28 years. His confidence and motivation boiled over.

“Asmophel.” The person who framed Piaro as a traitor. "Now it’s time for you to lose.”

The red light of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch shone as he put on the white Hooded Zip Up.


Asmophel was a noble and sincere man. He was born as the eldest son of Earl Pedro, one of the three fingers of the emperor and loyal to his role while suffering from severe pressure. He didn’t neglect training in the sword according to the laws of his family. As a result, he joined the Red Knights at a young age and raised his reputation.

This was a life of fragility. He built new achievements almost every day and expanded his social network. Amosphel was praised as a pillar of the empire along with his closest friend, Piaro. But he lost everything the moment he fell for Empress Marie’s trick.

He stabbed the dagger in the hearts of his friends and colleagues. Every day was a nightmare.

“Damn bitch!”

Ku tang tang tang!

Amosphel knocked over the table filled with alcohol. 

Empress Marie. He borrowed the power of alcohol to forget about that damn woman, but he couldn’t forget. Her intense beauty couldn’t be erased from his mind.

“Piaro...! My friend!”

He was sorry. Really sorry. He had shouted it over a hundred times already. But he was well aware that his heart couldn’t be passed onto Piaro. That made his heart more pained.

“What’s going on?”

The knights heard the fuss and came running. They wore red armor. They were knights loyal to Marie, who watched over Asmophel under the name of protection.  Due to them, Asmophel was trapped in this mansion for years.

"Dog scum..."

Asmophel didn’t hide his hatred and anger. He looked around to find a weapon. But there were no weapons. The knights whispered to each other before bringing over a magician. It was a black magician. Asmophel trembled as soon as he saw the black magician.


He tried to resist, but it was useless. He suffered a serious injury from Piaro and his body and mind had been compromised by drugs and black magic for years. Therefore, he now had a weak iron will.


A powerful brainwashing magic was used and Asmophel’s angry and fearful face became expressionless.

“Who is Piaro?”

"A traitor of the empire and your enemy.”

Asmophel’s eyes became wet as he answered the questions without hesitation. It was the remnant of the tears he shed before being brainwashed.

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