Chapter 254

Chapter 254

‘Genius at fighting’ Hao. He was a ranker who represented the Chinese people. The members of the Hades Guild, who he selected and trained himself, were very strong. They tended to be evaluated lower because of their small size, but that was just from people who weren’t aware.

The Hades Guild’s presence was assured within the seven guilds. They had an average level of 253. This was overwhelming high, despite their small number.  A perfect unit of individuals. There was a hierarchical relationship like in the army, and there was excellent teamwork and tactical abilities...

The combat power of the Hades Guild was among the top in the seven guilds.



The moonlight that shone on the night desert. The Hades Guild marched unceasingly under Hao’s command. The cold temperature, sandy terrain and strong desert monsters didn’t slow down their march. 

[Your level has risen.]

"Isn’t this place the best hunting ground?”

"It’s the reason why the levels of the Overgeared members soared.”

The desert monsters were over level 300, so they gave a lot of experience. It was more than imagined. Thanks to this, the level of the Hades Guild members quickly rose. The Hades Guild wanted to stay here to level up.

Hao prompted them. "Don’t be immersed in battle and speed up your march.”

Hao was still nervous. He wondered if pursuers would catch up with them and kept looking back. He was clearly on the edge. The farmer called Piaro killed Zibal in one shot, but the Hades Guild couldn’t understand why their master was afraid of the farmer who took a while to kill Seuron.

“The farmer who defeated Seuron is strong, but isn’t he less than the one called Piaro? I don’t know why you’re so afraid of him.”

Hao spoke the truth. “The farmer who killed Seuron is the sky above the sky.”

“Sky above the sky...?”

Only one person came to mind.

"Do you meant Kraugel?”

“Yes. The straw hat hid his identity, but I was able to recognize him.”

Kraugel. He was the only one who Hao admired and was afraid of. The Hades Guild could understand why their master was so irritated. The Hades Guild members made a fuss.

“This is a serious problem. If Kraugel is Grid’s subordinate...

Grid was already laying the groundwork to be the best force. If Kraugel was added, the growth rate would be unmatched. Hao calmed the guild members who were greatly concerned.

“Kraugel isn’t Grid’s subordinate. They are just cooperating a while for some reason." Kraugel was the sky. "He is an individual existence who won’t be under someone else.”


Hao promised, but the Hades Guild members were still worried. Grid had already absorbed the Tzedakah Guild... They wondered if he really could obtain Kraugel as well. But they didn’t speak these thoughts out loud. It was only a guess and they didn’t want to worry Hao.



They moved away from Reidan. They would soon reach the end of the desert and enter the empire’s territory. Then they would be safe. The Hades Guild’s march accelerated. Nobody seemed able to stop them as they slaughtered the desert monsters while moving forward.

But life was a series of walls. Once they crossed one wall, a new wall was waiting for them. This was a story that applied to everyone.

“Stop here.” A voice stopped the Hades Guild, as if the person knew they would come here. "Even if you are leaving, shouldn’t you be punished?”

The youth with silver hair. Lauel. One of the 10 Rookies. No, it was funny to call him a rookie now. He had grown at a monstrous rate after joining Overgeared and was now one of the powerhouses in this world.

"The price for stepping on Duke Grid’s territory with your dirty feet, pay it with your lives.”

Lauel spoke coldly while the Overgeared members stared grimly from behind him. Hao looked at their faces and stiffened.

'They might have fewer people, but...’

There were 28 members in the Overgeared Guild. However, Grid was in the empire, Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl were novices, and Jishuka was active in Bairan with three other members. In addition, Pon, Regas and Euphemina were on separate missions, while Vantner’s group was engaged with the Golden Guild. Except for Lauel, there were only 15 people present.

Meanwhile, the Hades Guild had 80 people. The Hades Guild clearly had the advantage. The difference in numbers was too big. But battles in Satisfy were more about quality than quantity. Hao was reminded of this truth.

The 15 members of Overgeared were 3rd advancement users, while the 80 members of the Hades Guild were 2nd advancement users. The Overgeared members’ victory was obvious. Hao made a judgment call and ordered the guild members.

{All of you, run away.}

The Hades Guild members were upset by the command.

{Run away?}

{What are you saying?}

{I will stop the enemies. Run away through the gap.}

Once again, the Hades Guild members didn’t like the order. Surviving by sacrificing their master? Their loyalty couldn’t allow it.

{Master should escape while we buy some time.}

{We can’t pass Master to the enemies.}

Hao scolded the rebelling Hades Guild members.

{The power of the guild will fall rapidly if all of you are wiped out here. Retreat.}

Sacrificing 79 people or sacrificing one person. Looking at it, the latter was clearly the wiser choice. The Hades Guild knew this better than anyone else. But Hao was 16th on the unified rankings. The level difference between the 11th rank and 50th rank was only four levels, so Hao’s ranking would fall exponentially if he died and lost experience.

{The rankings is a mere symbol, so don’t get bogged down with it. Run away. We can plan our revenge later.}

The Hades Guild would eventually get their third advancement classes. Once the gap of power was reduced, it would be possible to crush the Overgeared members. The present disgrace would be paid back at that time.

{...I understand.}

The Hades Guild members backed off as they saw their guild master’s determination.

"Where are you going?”

The Overgeared members couldn’t let them go. No mercy could be shown to the invaders. They tried to chase after the Hades Guild members running away, but Hao blocked their way. He pulled out an iron bar and drew a line in the sand.


What did this line in the sand mean? The Overgeared members couldn’t understand. Hao let them know the meaning of the line.

"For the next five minutes, you can’t cross this line.”

Satisfy didn’t have a species selection function. When a character was created, users unconditionally started the game with the ‘human’ species. If so, did this mean that all two billion users were humans?

That wasn’t the case.  It was a minority, but a few users were different. There were certain quests that would change a user’s species. Hao completed one of them.

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!

The sides of Hao’s shoulders and back, as well as the skin near the chest and abdomen were split open, revealing the red scales hidden inside.


A pair of wings emerged from his back, while the whites and the pupils of his eyes turned gold. Half draconian. That was Hao. The power of a draconian increased his strength, agility, health and resistance by 10%. He also got an incomplete flying ability and fire ability. The disadvantage was that he couldn’t use most of the skills available to humans, but the draconian Hao was less likely to rely on skills.

He had the ultimate physical form, so he relied on this and secondary weapons to win. The transformation into a draconian maximized his combat power.

{Toban, Laella and Zednos. The three of you, please handle Hao. The remaining personnel will chase after and destroy the enemies.}

Lauel ordered. Hao was one of the strongest PK users, so three people should be enough to handle him. Lauel judged the situation and issued the command.

“Only three? Are you looking down on me?”

Hao scoffed as he saw the three people take a triangular formation.


Hao suddenly used a chain and pulled Toban’s shield towards him. It was very fast and delicate control. Toban wasn’t prepared and his body leaned heavily forward. Hao hit the back of his head with the iron bar then aimed at Laella.

The bewildered Laella defended with magic stored in her orb, but her mistake was using non-targeted magic. It was virtually impossible to hit Hao with non-targeted spells. This was the reason why the 5th ranked Yura evaluated that she wouldn’t win against Hao.



The weapon accurately struck Laella’s heart. She suffered a great deal of damage and sat down. Hao didn’t hesitate as he linked a combo to kill her.

“Shit! Stop it quickly!”

Laella cried out and Ibellin moved. The blue flamberge that Grid made for him after his third advancement class tore towards Hao.


Hao burst out laughing. Ibellin came at him from the front with such a low level of skill.


A secondary weapon. They were difficult to control, so most users didn’t use them.

Hao had the Secondary Weapons Mastery. He threw a chain and tied up Ibellin’s wrist. Then he used the power of the draconians to blow him away, before aiming his iron rod at Laella’s belly again. Laella’s body was thrown into the air, then the iron bar rotated and hit Laell’a slender neck.


Laella groaned as her blood soaked the sand. As a magician, she couldn’t bear Hao’s attack power. She would’ve died already if it wasn’t for Toban’s defense buff and Zednos’ shield. Hao saw that she was stunned and aimed at Zednos. Zednos didn’t have time to cast a spell due to Hao’s speed, and had to concentrate on defense. Then a shield appeared before him.

Toban had recovered and protected Zednos.


Something unbelievable happened the moment the iron bar collided with the large shield. The Overgeared Guild’s strongest tanker. No, the best ranker in Satisfy, Toban was pushed back two steps.

Toban expressed his displeasure.

‘This guy!’

Hao was able to pinpoint exactly where to hit on Toban’s shield to apply great pressure. Toban felt like he was facing Piaro. Hao’s skills were truly amazing. At the very least, he was on the level of Pon and Regas.

Hao looked around at the Overgeared members and declared, “Four minutes. I can endure for four more minutes.”

It was already one minute after his five minute declaration. The Hades Guild was gradually moving away from this spot. After four minutes, it would be too difficult to chase them.

Lauel was irritated and changed his order. "First of all, take him down first!”

The Overgeared members aimed all their power at Hao.

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