Chapter 253

Chapter 253

The peak of two billion users, Kraugel.

Hao had met him before. It was one year ago in Elgad Forest.

Elgad’s Forest. At the time, the users in the top 100 rankings had to form a party of at least seven rankers to hunt in the forest. Kraugel was playing solo there. He slaughtered the killer spiders and butterflies in Elgad’s Forest alone, and Hao realized it.

‘This is a mountain that can’t be climbed.’

The dimensions they were in were completely different. The battle sense that perfectly used the terrain, as well as the godly control skills. Hao couldn’t even think ‘I want to be like that.’ Kraugel was an awe-inspiring figure and a wall that couldn’t be surpassed.


Hao was praised as a genius, and this was the first time he got a sense of inferiority.


He was in Reidan. The mysterious farmer fighting Seuron. He was Kraugel. Hao could see it. He had repeated Kraugel’s moves that he saw one year ago over and over in his head. He was able to match Kraugel’s movements to the farmer.

"White Light Sword.”

A large-scale attack skill that caused blindness was triggered. Hao stood still as he closed his eyes. Then he opened his eyes to see Seuron turn into a grey light.

“Ha... haha.”

Hao could only laugh. Kraugel easily handled Seuron, who was on the same level as Hao. Indeed, the sky above the sky. Kraugel was still strong. No, he became stronger. His legs trembled as he felt a thrill again.

“Run away.” He commanded the guild members.

Invade Reidan? It was impossible. As long as Kraugel was here, it was an impregnable fortress.

“Run away!”

The Hades Guild retreated.


"Should we just let them go?” Damian asked.

Kraugel replied, “Then should we chase them?”

“Um... There is no need.”

There was no reason to pursue those running away. They were farmers, not Reidan’s guardian knights.  They just needed to protect the fields.

‘I don’t need to fight.’

That’s right. Reidan’s defense was left to Grid and the Overgeared Guild, not their problem. They became involved in the battle in the first place due to Piaro. Reidan was unharmed. It would’ve been big if they hadn’t moved.

‘Anyway, it’s okay now.’

He was also a bit proud at helping protect Grid’s estate.

“By the way, who are you?”

Damian was well aware of Seuron’s fame. He was evaluated to be stronger than Grid. Damien wondered about the identity of the farmer who easily defeated him. The straw hat that hadn’t been taken off over the past week was especially annoying today.

Kraugel smiled. "You aren’t the type of person who will be interested.”

“That’s right.” Damian didn’t deny it. Damian was only obsessed with Rebecca’s Daughters.

“Shit! You damn bastards! They’re running away!”

"Let’s go!”

“How rotten! I won’t step foot on this land again!”

Once the Hades Guild quietly escaped from the farmer, the Golden Guild also started to run away. They knew they weren’t in a position to defend the guild’s honor. 

Bland, who was eating his third rainbow potato, expressed his anxiety. “Isn’t dinner time over? Do we have to starve this evening?”


Damian and Kraugel felt sorry for Bland. They heard he was from a prestigious noble family, but the stress of being taken hostage must be quite large.


Box, the Snake Guild’s chief of staff. The first ranked linker was the last survivor of the Snake Guild.

“This ability is very interesting. It is really great that you can blend the skills of your colleagues, making them more powerful and efficient.”

Piaro complimented, but Box wasn’t glad. Many of his colleagues killed earlier were also highly praised. But they were eventually killed. In any case, he would die. Box tried a last hurrah. The linker’s ultimate skill, Puppet, was deployed as he tried to control Piaro.

But it was useless. Piaro had grown further through this battle. He approached before Box could use the skill and overpowered him. Even if the skill was activated, he couldn’t be controlled by Box.


The hand plow was covered by a colourless qi and stuck in Box’s forehead. ‘Dying by a hand plow!’ It was the moment when the 275th protagonist of the rumor was born.

“K... Kuock...!”

Box turned into grey light. Piaro’s eyes were as deep as the sea as he watched silently. Piaro had grown steadily since he began his field work in Reidan, and he gained enormous awareness based on today’s battle.

‘I’m not Muller.’

That’s right. He was Piaro.

Noble of the Saharan Empire, Piaro.

Captain of the Red Knights, Piaro.

Traitor Piaro.

Great Swordsman Piaro.

Farmer Piaro.

Piaro, friend of Grid, the Overgeared Guild, Kraugel, Damian, and Bland.

Yes, he was Piaro. He was distinctly different from Muller. There was no need to follow Muller’s specter.

‘I am enough by myself.’


The light from the two moons shining on Piaro’s body was reminiscent of the Milky Way. An intense and unsteady energy rose, causing the atmosphere to shake around Piaro. At this moment, Piaro became a legend. Was it the sword saint status he had been craving?

No. Piaro already deemed that a ‘sword’ wasn’t necessary. He was able to achieve a lot with a whole range of agricultural equipment such as a hand plow, sickle and hoe. There was no need to be obsessed with the title of sword saint.

[A legendary farmer has been born!]

[Every farmer in the world will look up to him and praise him!]

The notification window about the birth of a new legend appeared in front of all the users connected to Satisfy. It was breaking news in the international media. On the other hand, Damian and Kraugel saw Piaro’s evolution directly and were confused.

‘Why a farmer?’

Piaro was a swordsman. But he became a farmer...

It was shocking. However, Piaro was happy. What did it matter if he was a farmer or sword saint? He was already enough. There was no need to discuss titles.

“Pagma... Were you also like me?”

The great swordsman who became a legendary blacksmith, Pagma. Piaro smiled at the thought. A farmer was supreme. If he plowed the land, the land would become fertile. When he wielded the farming equipment, he could destroy hundreds of enemies.

The new legends were a blacksmith and a farmer.


“Pant pant... Shit, it’s hard to move.”

The desert at night was cold enough to freeze their bones. The morale of the surviving Golden Guild was completely low as they crossed the desert.

‘We were hit by a farmer.’

‘Surely they won’t chase us?’

The confusion and fear from the unrealistic experience became increasingly heavy. The endless desert made the Golden Guild nervous.



Giant worms and desert toads constantly appeared.

“Shit...! If only Master was here!”

The Golden Guild just barely managed to win against a giant worm. For those with an average level below 230, the western monsters were too strong. They once again realized how strong Seuron was. What type of monster was that farmer to kill Seuron...?

"Pay attention! Or else we will be wiped out!”

The Golden Guild were filled with a desire to live. They gritted their teeth and fought the monsters continuously. But there were some things that couldn’t be overcome by effort alone. In the end, there were less than 100 survivors of the Golden Guild remaining. Those who survived had almost all their health, mana and stamina gone.

Where did it go wrong? Why was one of the strongest guilds in Satisfy suffering like this? As all of them fell into deep despair, someone muttered.

“We shouldn’t touch Grid...”


The Golden Guild members hadn’t even seen Grid. But Grid was the cause of all of this. Grid was expanding his forces, so the seven guilds felt the need to contain him and invaded Reidan. 

The result was this. They were screwed. Their fear of Grid grew. The Golden Guild members were now sick of even seeing the initial G. They pledged several times that they wouldn’t step on Grid’s shadow in the future.


Something huge was flying in the sky. A red drake.


The Golden Guild members were exhausted to the limit, and now they were being troubled by a drake.

"Keep your formations!”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It lost some of its majesty after the advent of Noe, but the drake was still classified as the strongest pet.  As it shot out fire, the cooled down sand of the desert burned red. Three men appeared before the Golden Guild, who were screaming in the sea of fire. They were familiar people to the Golden Guild.

“These bastards... Are they already going back after destroying Reidan?”

A distraught bald man flushed red.  He was extremely angry as he wielded his axe at the Golden Guild.


The first ranked guardian knight. A monster that boasted an overwhelming tanking ability and had the same strength as an ogre. He defended from the attacks of the Golden Guild with a shield, then slaughtered the members with twin axes.

The destructive power of Beast Master Toon was even scarier.

"You guys dare do something to our city! Grid’s city!”

The silver wristblades became bloody in an instant. It was the blood of the Golden Guild members. The Golden Guild members were falsely accused. They would’ve felt less wronged if they really had shattered Reidan. But they couldn’t even invade properly, let alone shatter Reidan. They were defeated by farmers and ran away before they could even enter Reidan. However, the Golden Guild members were slaughtered because it was believed that they destroyed Reidan.

A savior was needed. The eyes of the Golden Guild rolled back and forth before finding one. Unlike Vantner and Toon, Huroi was watching the situation with a fairly calm expression. He seemed to be the only rational person here.

The Golden Guild members asked him for assistance.

“Huroi! Please spare us! We didn’t do any damage to Reidan!”

"We are greatly reflecting! Please calm those two people down!”

Huroi stared at them begging and crying before speaking.

"Your parents should live a long and happy life.”


There was a line that shouldn’t be exceeded. It was to mention parents. The Golden Guild members abused by that spiteful tongue realized it.

Huroi was worse than Vantner and Toon.

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