Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Earl Elfin Stone woke up!

Then he found Grid’s party today. He had killed one human every day for the past three days. However, it was strange.

‘Isn’t there the same number as yesterday?’

This time he wasn’t mistaken. He counted yesterday, so he knew the exact number. The number of humans hadn’t decreased.

‘What is this?’

Elfin Stone questioned as he looked at Grid’s group. It was to find out if the person he thought he killed yesterday was alive or not. But just as humans had difficulty distinguishing between beasts, vampires had difficulty distinguishing between humans.

Sniff sniff.

Sniff sniff!

Elfin Stone was unable to find Grid with his eyes, so he sniffed like a dog. He was looking for the smell of blood.

'This guy!'

Elfin Stone’s gaze fixed on Grid. His air was rough, but he was a strong-looking fellow. In other words, he was definitely the one who Elfin Stone attacked yesterday. No, it wasn’t just yesterday, but the first and second day as well.

Elfin Stone’s eyes sank coldly.

“You, why are you still alive?”

How did he survive Extreme Blood Transfusion for three days in a row? He certainly wasn’t an ordinary guy. This was a good guy.

‘It was a close call.’

He almost missed a delicacy. It wasn’t easy for him to realize that he almost destroyed good human blood. He was thankful for the human’s survival!

‘Should I try it once?’ 

Step, step.

Elfin Stone felt a strong appeal from Grid and moved slowly. Grid shook nervously as Elfin Stone approached.

“Your parents must’ve had a hard time after giving birth to you!”


Even the lowest of humans thought about their parents. Then what about the vampires who recognized themselves as superior to humans? In particular, the True Blood considered their parent as a god.

Shizo Beriache. She was the one who gave them eternal life! She wasn’t an existence that a mere human could disparage.

"This is the second time I have become so angry over the past 300 years!”

The blood rose to Elfin Stone’s head. His face distorted in a terrible manner and he shouted.

“I will feed on all of you today!”


Elfin Stone released his overwhelming magic power. It hadn’t reached the level of a great demon, but it was several times stronger than the best rated demonkin. It was slightly above Hell Gao after his flesh was destroyed by Muller.

Grid and Peak Sword speculated from among the astonished party members. They had fought with Hell Gao, so they could more accurately assess Elfin Stone’s strength.

‘This is bad!’

Hell Gao had the fire stones weakness, but Elfin Stone was different. Grid observed him with the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch, but he couldn’t grasp any weak points. In other words, he was one of the high ranking bosses.


Huroi’s aggro was too much. He stimulated Elfin Stone more than necessary. He knew he would be severely beaten up one day because he mentioned the parents, but... 

‘Why is it today?’

Grid lamented, while Jishuka tried to encourage the party members.

“This is fine! There’s a chance to win!”

The first reason they were afraid of Elfin Stone was his attack the moment he appeared. It was a level of surprise they couldn’t cope with, and they had to assume that one person would die. But now the situation had changed. Elfin Stone was in front of them, so there was no need to fear a surprise attack. If they built a good formation, there was a chance...


The group had to shake their heads when Elfin Stone showed a formidable appearance.

“Blood Field!”


Magic power stretched out around Elfin Stone and dominated the land in a 30m radius. Grid’s party was within it. To be precise, the party was adversely affected except for Grid.

[Your blood is influenced by Blood Field.] 

[153 health will be transferred to Earl Elfin Stone per second.]

[All healing effects will be reduced by 80%.]

The people with the lowest health in the party were Jishuka, Zednos and Faker. Archers, magicians and assassins all had around 20,000~30,000 health. Losing 153 health per second was a huge pressure on them. They would lost two-thirds of their life in just two minutes.

Furthermore, this health would also restore Elfin Stone? It meant that Elfin Stone recovered 1,400 health per second.

“Such a scam.”

“Fighting here means defeat.”

The party tried to escape from the area of Blood Field. But Elfin Stone wasn’t standing still.

"Blood Requiem."

Elfin Stone swung both arms. It was reminiscent of the elegant actions of a conductor. Then pillars of blood fell over the party members’ heads.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

Blood Requiem! It didn’t matter how many people were in the group. It was Elfin Stone’s unique skill that attacked all enemies inside the Blood Field. The damage was at least 10,000! The wide area skill had incredible power.

“Kuack, how do we defeat that?”

"I'm going crazy."

The Overgeared members coughed up blood and took potions to restore their health. However, the 80% reduction in healing effects meant the potions weren’t effective. Grid urgently summoned Noe and Randy.

He planned to have Noe eat Elfin Stone’s stats and have Randy copy some of Elfin Stone’s skills to increase the odds. But Noe and Randy couldn’t play a role.

“I can’t swallow the souls of noble True Blood vampires... I tried to swallow, but the curse of blood turned on me, nyang...”

Noe’s short legs twisted and he flopped down. He was depressed that he couldn’t help Grid. Randy also an apologetic expression on his face.

"I can’t copy that target.”

"Didn’t you copy Pagma? Is Elfin Stone stronger than Pagma?”

That wasn’t the case. There was the racial limitation and physiology that couldn’t be overcome. The True Blood vampires were a superior species to doppelgangers, so it was impossible to copy them.


The trump cards he believed in had disappeared. It was a desperate situation. Elfin Stone summoned something while Grid was feeling frustrated.



The pronunciation was similar to the 200 won drink that Grid enjoyed. But it wasn’t a weapon that could be made fun of. From the handle to the blade, it was a smooth strip of red. Elfin Stone’s slightly curved sword was made of blood stone and was so sharp it could cut anything.

Blood stone! If adamantium represented the world of the gods, blood stone was a mineral that represented hell. Adamantium occasionally appeared in the human world because the gods loved humanity, but blood stones were different. There had been little present throughout the history of the human world, so it was an unfamiliar mineral to Grid.


It felt a lot different from Pagma’s words. If it wasn’t Pagma, what blacksmith could make this type of sword? Grid was fascinated by the beautiful appearance and rational structure of Iyarugt, when he suddenly recalled the ‘Third Piece of ???’.

It was because the color of the unidentified fragment was similar to the color of Iyarugt. Elfin Stone’s white robes flapped amidst the bloody magic power as he declared.

"There has only been one being who survived Iyarugt. And there will be no one else in the future."


Elfin Stone’s first target was Huroi. Peak Sword defended against the blood red sword. It was possible to predict the behavior.


Elfin Stone’s eyes curved up slightly. He was somewhat surprised that a human managed to defend against his sword. But that was it. Peak Sword recovered the sword that confronted Iyarugt, exposing a one second gap when it was put back in the sheath.



The red sword moved through this gap and struck Peak Sword’s shoulder.

‘This is like Iyarugt is...!’

It was obvious that it was an ego sword. The ego sword showed its owner the best route. Peak Sword was able to tell. Elfin Stone’s movements weren’t optimized for swordsmanship, making it difficult to predict the sword.


Elfin Stone was wielding the sword at Peak Sword again when a spear aimed at his side. It was Pon’s Mach Spear. But even that wasn’t a big threat to Elfin Stone. Ordinary vampires could only turn all of their body into smoke, but Elfin Stone could change certain parts of his body. His waist turned into black smoke and Pon’s spear missed, then he swung his arm to counter.

“How the hell do we kill him?”

Pon grabbed his wounded chest and exclaimed. In the meantime, the other party members started the offensive. Flaming arrows, unpredictable kicks, swift daggers and powerful storms. Everything covered Elfin Stone.

Not even Elfin Stone could neutralize all these attacks. The Overgeared members standards were too high. However, there was no fatal damage.

‘We will be wiped out if this continues.’

At a time when everyone was certain, Grid thought of a way to break from this situation. It was only possible because it was Grid.

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