Chapter 292

Chapter 292

[You have been hit by a deadly blow!]

[You have suffered 68,300 damage.]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

At level 200, one strength stat increased health by five, while one stamina stat increased health by twenty. If he added the 6,000 health from the Holy Light set, and the 3,000 health from the Man who has Touched Hell title, Grid had more than 55,000 health in total.

That was 6,000 points higher than Vantner, who already had a high amount of health due to his class characteristics. Therefore, Grid could be called the user with the highest health among the two billion users.

Despite this fact, however, Elfin Ston’s attack contained an enormous power that wiped out all of Grid’s health in one blow. The Holy Light Armor reduced 50% of magic damage, so this skill could truly be called a blow of death.

"Kuaaaak! That crazy bastard!”

Grid died again as soon as the cooldown time of his invincible passive ended, so he couldn’t help being furious. He pulled his hair and stomped his feet. On the other hand, the faces of the Overgeared members were rosy. It was thanks to the positive hint they received.

"Elfin Stone’s re-emergence cycle is 24 hours.”

"Elfin Stone attacks the person with the highest number of stats.”

“Elfin Stone is arrogant. He doesn’t have any doubts about Grid being alive.”

In other words.

"He will continue to attack Grid whenever he appears.”

“This is ideal. If this continues, all of us will be able to live until Grid reaches level 300.”

“We can prepare perfectly for the fight against Elfin Stone.”


The biggest advantage of a virtual reality was the perfect implementation of the five senses. But this was a great disadvantage in battle. It hurt if the enemy struck you. It wasn’t just their imagination, they really felt pain. 

Suffering a large amount of damage at once was like being hit by a person’s fist. Did he have to suffer from this terrible pain for the next five days until he reached level 300?

Grid was sad. He looked at his happy and laughing colleagues. He couldn’t deny that this was a good thing. Grid calmed his mind and urged the members.

"Let's move on to the next building." 

He was eager to reach level 300 quickly so he wouldn’t be hit by that skill so much. Grid rushed ahead. The party members followed him to the third building. They had already cleared two buildings, so the cooperative play of Grid’s group had developed. It was easier to kill the vampires.

Grid’s experience gauge continued rising at a fast speed.


"I can sleep today.”

He would return to strike terrible fear into the humans who dared invade his city. As soon as he arrived at his mansion, Elfin Stone changed into pajamas and put on a sleeping hat before laying down in a white coffin. He was happy imagining the humans who would be shivering with fear right now.

‘Kukuk, they must want to die soon. But I have no intention of killing you all at once. Slowly... Hrmm.”

He was sleepy. Vampires were powerful existences but they were victims of the ‘Curse of Idleness.’ An average vampire slept for 20 hours and the stronger vampires slept for even longer.  Elfin Stone was an earl, so he had to sleep for at least 23 hours a day and could sleep for a year straight.


Elfin Stone fell asleep.


Satisfy’s 8th Development Team Leader, Ashley Tosun. He was one of the 33 scientists who built the virtual reality system with Lim Cheolho. In the company, he was known as the father of vampires. He was the one who made the vampires in Satisfy.

Of course, he also designed Elfin Stone. If enemies threatened the city, Elfin Stone would repeat the act of murdering the ‘strongest being’ every 24 hours for seven days. After losing seven of their strongest consecutively, the invading party would panic, lost strength and be destroyed.


“This is crazy.”

The 13th city had one of the highest difficulties among the 15 vampire cities. Ashley monitored the entry of Grid’s party and was convinced that their expedition would fail. However, now he felt some doubts.

It was because Grid’s immortal passive neutralized the characteristics of Elfin Stone. Elfin Stone wasn’t able to distinguish the power of Grid’s group, despite appearing there for the second time.

“This is really...”

The problem was that Grid’s attack power, defense, and magic power were the highest among the party members. Originally, Pagma's Descendant wasn’t a class that could be strengthened to such a degree.

The moment five legendary items were made, their stats growth would gradually fall and their combat power gradually weakened, making them more suitable as a production class. Grid was unlucky so it took a long time to produce five legendary items.

This was a factor that wasn’t expected and as a result, Grid’s stats were abnormally increased. Thanks to that, Grid succeeded in various raids and continued to grow stronger. The process was tough, but it was a good outcome for Grid.

“Maybe this... He might collect all the pieces?”

Team Leader Ashley had an expression of interest on his face. Following Lim Cheolho and Yoon Sangmin, another fan of Grid’s appeared in the S.A. Group.



Grid’s party cleared the third building. The profits from this building were tremendous. No elixirs or spellbooks were obtained, but one vampire’s ring was acquired. It was regretful that it was just from a junior vampire, but it was millions of times better than nothing.

After a short discussing, the party chose Peak Sword as the owner of the ring. His offensive power as a swordsman was the best among the group, so he could maximize the effectiveness of the ring.

“I have a vampire accessory...”

Peak Sword was full of strong motivation as they challenged the hunting grounds. It was really good that he merged with Overgeared. Peak Sword’s endurance in battle dramatically increased.

Hidden Sword. It was a class with a fatal disadvantage in that both general attacks and skills must go through the process of the sword being drawn, so the attack time was too long. However, the attack power and attack speed were both at the top.

The moment the sword hidden in the sheath was revealed, the target was already wounded. Now the vampires suffered from it.


“T-These humans...!”

The fourth building had a structure similar to a cathedral. There were coffins jammed together between long benches. It seemed to be a meeting place for vampires.


The moment Peak Sword leaped over the benches and pulled his sword from his sheath.


There was a flash of light and blood burst from a vampire’s chest. It was very difficult to fight against this invisible and fast attack.

Jjejeong! Jjang!

Peak Sword didn’t even allow a counterattack. He always held his sheath in his hand and used it as a protective shield. His health was maintained thanks to the vampire ring as he blocked the vampires’ attacks and unsheathed his sword again.

Due to Peak Sword’s actions, the fourth building was cleared faster than the third. Now Grid was level 299. It was estimated that his experience gauge would reach 20% after the next building.

‘Okay, not long now.’

If his stats went through the third awakening, he would be able to beat Elfin Stone, who already attacked him twice. The moment Grid was imagining this, a notification window appeared in front of him.

[The cooldown time of the title skill ‘One who Became a Legend is over.]

Originally this would be good news, but now it was a different matter.


Grid braced himself for the pain that was about to come. A blond man appeared above his head. It was Elfin Stone.

“Didn’t I say I would come back?”


A red light swallowed up Grid. Elfin Stone was convinced that Grid had died and shouted.

"I will come back soon. I will kill another person, and then another one the time after that! This will be repeated again and again. I will show you the extreme taste of fear... Huh?”

The excited Elfin Stone shook his head. The number of humans.

‘It is the same as yesterday?’

There were nine people yesterday and he killed one, so there should be eight people left? Thinking back, he felt like the number of humans on the first day was nine...

‘I am mistaken.’

Elfin Stone smiled. There were no humans who could survive Extreme Blood Transfusion. The humans originally had 11 people. Elfin Stone believed in his skills rather than his memory.

“Now then. I will see you again soon.”


Grid wanted to correct it to tomorrow, rather than soon. The party was convinced that Elfin Stone was very dumb after he disappeared. But in fact, Elfin Stone’s intelligence wasn’t low. Elfin Stone slept for 23 hours a day and was barely awake the rest of the time.

It was reasonable that he couldn’t remember the exact number of Grid’s party. Why would he need to remember how much prey there was? He didn’t care about the numbers of Grid’s group.

“Damn bastard...”

Grid cursed as the curtain lifted. His items’ durability was already at its limit, and repairs were needed.

Ttang! Ttang!

The legendary blacksmith took out his hammer and repaired his equipment. The party members were envious of him.

If one’s equipment was damaged during a hunt, then ordinary users would have to repair their equipment using the expensive Repair Tool Set. However, Grid could freely repair his items and even accumulate skill proficiency while doing so.

Grid promised again,

‘Elfin Stone...! I will repay this disgrace and inflict double the suffering on you!’


[The duration of the Experience Increase Potion is over.]

“Ah, damn.”

It happened after clearing the seventh building. His experience gauge hadn’t reached 50% yet, but he heard the worst news.

‘It seems like I have to attack three more buildings before I can level up.’

From level 299, the amount of experience required to level up increased by four times. He needed to kill the vampires without any rest. Elfin Stone appeared again when Grid was fretting. This was the fourth appearance. However, this time he was a little strange. He looked at Grid without attacking immediately.


Elfin Stone asked the nervous Grid.

“You, why are you still alive?”


Grid’s party were thunderstruck at the unexpected response. Maybe Elfin Stone would change his behavior pattern and kill them all. In other words, it was the worst situation.

‘I’m not level 300 yet...!’

Unfortunately, it couldn’t be helped.

‘There is no way other than to fight.’

The moment Grid was about to summon Noe and Randy.

“Your parents must’ve had a hard time after giving birth to you!”


Huroi revealed his personality. Elfin Stone received a big shock and his handsome face distorted.

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