Chapter 291

Chapter 291

[A junior vampire was vanquished.]

[4,901,000 experience has been acquired.]

[4,855,000 experience has been acquired.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[6,954,300 experience has been acquired.]

[6,899,000 experience has been acquired.]

The amount of experience from the vampires was more than expected. It was nearly three times as much as the desert monsters. This was a considerable number considering that the Overgeared members also got some experience for reducing the vampire’s health.

This was also due of the experience buff potion.

‘Reputation is worthwhile!’

It was the moment when wasting 25,000 paid off. However, he had no intention of challenging it again.

‘I might draw a red pepper again.’

Grid vowed again. The battle wasn’t very good. It was due to the resistance of the surviving vampires.

“Blood Transfusion!”

“Dark Missile!”

The vampires determined they couldn’t beat Grid in a melee, so they opened the distance and used magic. Due to that, Grid’s body became injured. There was a chance to completely resist black magic with the Holy Light Armor or counter the vampires’ evasion with Lifael’s Creation.

If it hadn’t been for these two things, Grid might’ve become a cold carcass by now. The vampires were strong. It varied from individual to individual, but they were several times stronger than the Black Knights. In particular, the vampire’s bloodsucking skill. They kept recovering their health. The answer was to smash them in one blow.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link!”

For fusion skills like Linked Kill and Transcended Link, the higher the level, the greater the features. For example, Transcended Link received a penetration effect when it reached level 3. On the other hand, basic skills like Kill, Link, and Wave only increased the damage whenever their skill levels went up.

For example, while Link had a skill level of 5, it was weak in comparison to the power of the fusion skills. If the vampires were in a perfect state, they would’ve survived Link; however, they were now severely injured and were thus swiftly torn apart by Grid’s sword.


Once 50 out of 200 vampires had died, a pillar of light fell onto Grid’s body.

[Your level has risen.]

[10 stat points have been acquired.]

Grid had already been on the verge of leveling up when he entered the building, and now he reached level 297. There were only three levels remaining before he reached level 300.

"Distribute my stat points.”

Grid distributed the 10 points he gained into agility as usual. His stats distribution method was based on the great swordsman Piaro.

Strength 1: Agility 1: Stamina 0.7.

Piaro was aiming to be a sword saint, so there was no way his stats would be a mess. Grid speculated that Piaro’s stats ratio was likely to be the perfect golden ratio. And his guess was right. As Grid’s agility neared his strength, the power of his swordsmanship gradually increased.

Seokeok! Puk!


His attacks became faster and more powerful than before, as he stabbed and slashed at the vampires. The vampires were dying at a faster speed.

[The Finest Tailcoat have been acquired.]

[Junior Vampire’s Ring has been acquired.]

[Finest Tailcoat]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 120/120     Defense: 301

Charm +50

An essential item for stylish vampires.

This tailcoat is wonderful enough to capture everyone’s attention. It also has excellent defense and can be used for protection.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. A man.

Weight: 120

[Junior Vampire’s Ring]

Rating: Epic

* During normal attacks, 5% of the damage done to the target will be restored to you as health.

* This effect is only invoked once every 15 seconds.

A unique magic power dwells in the vampire’s ring.

It is a ring used by junior vampires so the rating is low, but it is very helpful for the wearer’s survival.

User Restriction: Level 280 or higher.

Weight: 1

The item drop rate of vampires was very low. If he killed 30~40 vampires, only one of them would drop an item, so it was the worst drop rate. However, the value of the items dropped was very good.

'Vampire accessories!’

Vampire items dramatically increased combat endurance and survival. They were very rare, meaning this was the first time Grid saw one since the launch of Satisfy.

‘Let’s try out the effect.’

[The Junior Vampire’s Ring has been worn.]

Puk! Puk puk!


“I...! To a human...!”

After being pierced by Lifael’s Spear, the vampires were hit by Failure and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword. The wounds Grid received from them slowly recovered. This was the greatness of the Holy Light Armour combined with the vampire’s ring.


[You have dealt 9,300 damage to the target.]

[5% of the damage has been absorbed due to the option effect of the Junior Vampire’s

[The option effect of the Holy Light Armor has increased the power of recovery magic by 300%.]

[1,350 health has been restored.]

The effect was only triggered once every 15 seconds, but this was enough for Grid. Sometimes, the 5 Joint Attacks skill of the Holy Light Gloves was triggered, causing his health gauge to climb noticeably. Thanks to his items and skills, Grid’s base damage was uniquely high.

"Kukukuk! Kuhahahahat!”


"V-Vampire slaughterer!”

Grid burst out laughing while wearing the Slaughterer’s eye patch and mask, filling the vampires with terror. The situation had completely changed. The vampires on the first-floor were all killed by Grid, giving him experience and new items.

Before he knew it, Grid’s experience gauge exceeded 20%. But he couldn’t be pleased. He was worried about Elfin Stone appearing, and the vampires on the upper levels also started to gather. The upper floor vampires had a much higher level than the first-floor vampires.


The Overgeared members stood on the stairs and intercepted the vampires’ path. Rather than acting straight away, they made a defensive formation. It was to give Grid time to recover his health, mana, and stamina. Grid felt thankful and rested straight away.

Meanwhile, Vantner once again tasted hell.

"Ugh! I need to endure this again!”

Peok! Peok peok!


Vantner cursed Malacus’ Cloak. No, he lamented that he chose a tanker. It didn’t fit his aptitude. He mistakenly raised this character, but he wanted to delete it and make a new character. As he was complaining, the Overgeared members lowered the vampires’ health. Then Grid finished them off at the proper timing.

It took half a day to finish attacking one whole building, and Grid’s experience gauge was up to 60%. This was a ridiculous growth rate considering it took the Overgeared members an average of two weeks to go from 297 to 298.

“Wow, it is faster than expected."

“It is natural. There are seven users in the top 20, as well as Huroi.”

"That’s true. Anyway, if we clear four more buildings in the future, you will reach level 299.”

"The problem begins at level 299. The amount of experience needed to level up is four times as much as level 298.”

"Considering it takes half a day to clear one building... You can achieve level 300 in five days?”

"Assuming that Elfin Stone doesn’t appear.”


The key was who Elfin Stone would use his skill on after reappearing. Vantner and Huroi had a one-time invincible skill that could invalidate damage, but the others were different.

“If one person dies, the balance of the party is disrupted, drastically slowing down the speed of the hunt.”

“Well... It depends on luck. But why hasn’t he appeared yet?”

It has been half a day since Elfin Stone first emerged. It was a long time considering he said he would be back.

“Well, it is good if he is late.”

The Overgeared members moved to the next building. In this building, a few True Blood vampires emerged.

[True Blood Vampire: Boras]

[True Blood Vampire: Rujul]

As named monsters, they were very strong. They were far superior to the 19th Knight, Fulito, and also had dozens of subordinates. Vantner felt a crisis. He inevitably had to use his invincible skill, Guardian's Power. It had a cooldown time of 48 hours, so one of the precautionary measures against Elfin Stone fell.

The party’s morale fell. Huroi tried to encourage them.

"Don't worry. The next time Elfin Stone appears, I’ll try to provoke him.”

It was impossible. Elfin Stone appeared and used the skill instantly. It wasn’t a skill that someone could deliberately draw towards them. But Huroi believed in his speaking ability.

“Words are faster than action. I will try to attract his aggro before he uses the skill.”


Sooner or later, Elfin Stone’s parents would be mentioned. The Overgeared members were now familiar with Huroi. They were grateful that Huroi wasn’t their enemy. They shook just imagining what he would say.

[The True Blood vampire, Boras has been destroyed.]

[44,690,500 experience has been acquired.]

[A complete ruby has been acquired.]

[The True Blood vampire, Rujul has been destroyed.]

[45,900,000 experience has been acquired.]

[The Third Piece of ??? has been acquired.]

[Complete Ruby]

A gem that can be used as a material for top-rated accessories.

Weight: 2

[Third Piece of ???]

It can’t be determined what this is a piece of yet. 

A minimum of three pieces must be collected before it can be determined.

Weight: 15

The second building was completed. With the help of his colleagues, Grid was about to kill 150 vampires and two True Blood vampires to reach level 298. However, there was a feeling of disappointment.

'True Blood vampires have a chance of dropping elixirs.’ 

Drinking an elixir could permanently increase stats! If not, how good would it be if an intermediate or advanced vampire accessory dropped? It was clear that the Blood-sucking Third Piece of ??? was a unique item, but he didn’t know if it was more or less valuable than elixirs and vampire accessories.

Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[The cooldown time of the title skill ‘One who Became a Legend is over.]

His invincible passive skill was restored.

‘Now I can fight with more ease.’

He felt anxious when he didn’t have this immortality. Just as Grid was sighing with relief...

"Didn’t I say I would come back?”

An eerie voice was heard from above Grid’s head.

[The master of the 13th city, Vampire Earl Elfin Stone has appeared.]

[A strong evil influence is making your magic power turbid. All types of spells and skills aren’t available.]

[A vampire’s gaze will subdue lower species. Your body is subjected to a strong oppression.]

"Elfin Stone!”

He was finally here. Huroi hurriedly opened his mouth.


However, this time actions were faster than words. Huroi only managed to speak one word before Grid was swallowed up by a curtain of blood. Elfin Stone smiled coldly.

"I will come back soon. I will kill another person, and then another one the time after that! This will be repeated again and again. I will show you the extreme taste of fear!”


All traces of Elfin Stone disappeared. Grid trembled once he got out of the curtain.

“That crazy bastard!”

Why did he keep attacking Grid? Grid was grateful, but he felt very dirty.

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