Chapter 290

Chapter 290

“M-Malacus’s Cloak.”

This was a little too much. Weren’t vampires sensitive to the smell of blood? The vampires would come flocking like dogs if Malacus’ Cloak was used. It was like digging his grave.

‘I have to wear this?’

Vantner hesitated. On the other hand, Grid and his colleagues showed a firm determination.

“Vantner, there is no time to spare.”

"Speed is important. We have to make them keep coming.”

"We will help you, so don’t worry and put on the cloak.”

“...Okay, I understand.”

Every member of Overgeared was prepared to die. Vantner was no different.  He prepared his mind and took the lead after wearing Malacus’ Cloak.

“Let’s go.”

Grid didn’t delay. He entered the large building in front of him.


"It is really wide. It is bigger than it seems from the outside.”

“This is bad. It is better to fight a lot of enemies in a narrow space.”

“Yes. This place is completely open without any cover.”

The voices of the party members echoed in every corner. The first floor of the building was a huge hall. It could accommodate at least 2,000 people. The ceiling reached to the 7th floor and there were two staircases leading upstairs. 

“I think it’s better to get in a formation on the stairs, as it’ll be easier for us to be surrounded by the enemies on the upper levels than to be surrounded on all sides.”

This was Jishuka’s opinion. The other members agreed and quickly moved.

“It is dreary.”

"It is like a cemetery.”

In the center of the dark hallway, hundreds of coffins were randomly arranged. It was a creepy sight.

Kung! Kung kung!

It happened when Grid’s party reached the stairs. The silent building suddenly became noisy. It was because the hundreds of coffins started shaking in unison. The vampires sleeping in the coffins were reacting to the bloody smell of Malacus’ Cloak.

"They’re coming!"

“Be prepared.”

Grid’s group quickly got into formation and pulled out their weapons.

There was a dark red greatbow that resembled a roaring dragon, a blue spear with a great appearance, gauntlets that seemed like they could easily crush the enemy, dazzling silver daggers and so on.

They were all Grid’s works. The existence of Grid for the Overgeared members was incredibly large.

Kung! Kung!


The coffins opened and the vampires appeared. They had pale skin, long fangs, and red eyes. Their red eyes turned towards Grid’s group. To be precise, it was towards Vantner.

“This fragrance is good.”

“As soon as I open my eyes, I can celebrate with human blood.”

The vampires were the top predators. They didn’t feel any nervousness about the people who invaded their territory. Rather, they laughed like they were happy.


The vampires living in the underground cities were different from those who popped up all over the continent. Their combat power was between level 280~350.

“Give me blood! I shall enjoy it!”

"Ohuhut, shall we aim for that man’s clean neck?”

The 200 vampires quickly narrowed the distance to Grid’s group. It was a tremendous speed. They aimed for Vantner who monopolized their aggro.

“I don’t think I can hold out for long! Guard of Steel! Guardian of Wisdom! Giant’s Blessing!”

[For three minutes, physical defense will increase by 30% and there will be a 50% increase in resistance to stabbing and cutting.]

[For three minutes, magic resistance will increase by 30% and attributes resistance will increase by 50%.]

[A shield that will absorb 20,000 damage has been created.]

Vantner had invested all his stat points into strength until level 200.  Nonetheless, he was able to play his role as ranker thanks to the excellent defense skills of a guardian knight.

“Sun Guard!”


A bright light shone on the bald Vantner. It was the reflection of the light emitted from his shield.


The sudden emergence of light caused the vampires to lose momentum. Most of them lost their eyesight and stopped in place for a moment. But the 50 vampires in the rear were relatively fine. They hit Vantner first.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!


[You have suffered 5,600 damage.]

[You have suffered 5,980 damage.]

[You have suffered 7,110 damage.]

“Ack! It hurts! Hurts!”

Vampires had excellent physical abilities, magic power, and intelligence. They used magic to provoke Vantner’s magic resistance skills, then linked physical attacks. In some cases, it was the opposite. Vantner was unable to demonstrate a complete defense and was quickly wounded.

The Overgeared members weren’t watching quietly. Zednos started first. As Vantner pulled the aggro at the bottom of the stairs, he completed the long chant for the Storm of Eternity.


The storm rapidly rotated around a previously determined point, trapping the 50 vampires within and making unable to do anything. It was the ultimate storm from the Storm Magician Zednos that could confine many enemies for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes. The disadvantage was that no attacks from outside could occur, but it was a strategically useful magic.

“Well done!”

Thanks to Zednos, Vantner could now breathe. He took a potion, while the remaining 150 vampires restored their eyesight and rushed over. Vantner’s suffering began from now.

“S-Save me! Aaack~!”

Papat! Papapat!

The vampires were skilled in hand to hand combat or swordsmanship, depending on their strength and agility. They aimed magic towards Vantner who was struggling to block the attacks with his shield.


"Dark Binding!”

"Neder’s Grab!”

Various curse magic lowered Vantner’s magic resistance and his body was restrained.


His limbs were caught by hands of darkness. The vampires’ swords aimed at his weak points. One greedy vampire even used his fangs.



Vantner screamed as his neck was bitten and he was stabbed through the armor. Vantner felt a sense of hopelessness. If his health fell to the bottom when there was no healer, it was likely he would have to use his one-time invincible skill, ‘Guardian’s Power.’ However, he needed to save this for Elfin Stone’s reappearance.

“Shit! Do something!”

Vantner shouted as vampires constantly approached him. His colleagues responded.

"You are doing well!”

“It will be over soon!”

Pon, Regas, Faker, and Peak Sword. Once all of the vampires were focused on Vantner, the four of them succeeded in efficiently killing. The vampires were taken by surprise and received fatal damage.


“You dare! These humans!”

The wounded vampires then shifted their gaze to the four people and said,

"The main character is here. Ah, should I say heroine?”

Unlike the lower part of the stairway that was like hell, the upper part was tranquil. Jishuka unabashedly exposed her sensual body and pulled her bowstring.


Dozens of arrows soared into the air like missiles. It was once again a perfect surprise attack on the vampires defending against the onslaught of the four people.


There was a flood of fire and blood. The silent and dark interior of the building quickly heated up. The vampires struggling in the sea of fire now had 60% health left. Finally, it was the turn of the protagonist.

“My Lord! Now!"

[Your morale has increased.]

[Your attack power and magic attack power will significantly rise for the next attack.]

[The next attack will be a critical hit!]

Huroi used the strongest buff on Grid. Grid withdrew from the party in order to monopolize the experience, took the experience buff potion and put on the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. He used Blacksmith's Rage and started his sword dance.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Who said that dark spaces limited abilities? No, it was quite the opposite.


In the darkness, the blue Failure showed its true value. A powerful aura surrounded it and seeped into the area. This was the precursor to the strongest wide area skill.

“Transcended Link.”

It had risen one level after the Pascal raid, so the power of Transcended Link was incredible. Not only had the number of strikes and the damage increase, it also had a penetration effect.

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The blue-black energy blades swallowed everything in its path and attacked the vampires confronting the Overgeared members. Then it passed through the vampires that had just escaped from Zednos’ storm.


[The Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated.]

[You have dealt 5,490,500 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 5,670,000 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt...]



[This is a phenomenal record!]

[You have dealt over 100 million total damage in 5 seconds!]

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by +5,000.]

He had to make 10 legendary items to get this much reputation!

‘I have recovered five draws of the machine!’

It was an unexpected massive revenue.



The building echoed with screams. Most of the 200 vampires were seriously injured and trembled. The important thing was to increase his experience! Grid jumped from the stairs into the center of the vampires and used Wave.


The waves of energy stretched over all the vampires, dealing a huge blow and slowing them down.


"I will take your blood!”

The vampires were provoked and only focused on Grid. At first glance, it seemed dangerous. But the Overgeared members couldn’t help Grid. There was a concern that they would be judged to deal more damage, greatly reducing the amount of experience gained by Grid.

[Your attack has missed.] 


Grid showed a puzzled reaction. The vampires changed their bodies to black smoke, so all his skills and attacks missed. The momentum of the vampires rose.

"Kuhahahaha! I’m not someone who can be killed by a human!”

“Your attacks can no longer harm us!”


The black smoke moved like a hurricane around Grid. Once Grid was confused, they planned to use the blood transfusion skill. But it was impossible for their plan to be realized.

"Go around once.”

Grid issued a command to someone.

Noe? Randy? No. Grid had no intention of sharing his experience with the children. Grid issued the command to Lifael’s Spear.


The Rebecca artifact that was the antithesis of all beings with dark power! The power of the reproduction was weaker than the original, but it was enough to turn the vampires back to their bodies.


The vampires weren’t able to move properly. They were in a severely wounded state and influence by the divine power. Grid looked at their forms that had lost their arrogance, as they crawled on the floor and tried to escape.

“Kuhahahahat! These lovely guys!”

The strongest boss, Elfin Stone. Grid was so happy about the experience in front of him that he forgot about Elfin Stone’s existence.



The blue greatsword killed a vampire every time it moved.  Of course, the vampires didn’t stay still. They tried to attack. But Jishuka and Zednos interrupted using arrows and magic.  Pon, Regas, Faker and Peak Sword blocked any methods of retreat.

The current Grid was on a bus from a huge conglomerate. No, he was on a comfortable plane. The destination was level 300.

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