Chapter 294

Chapter 294

“What method…? How can we escape from the immediate crisis?’

Grid had numerous experiences with raids. He had raised his level through raids rather than hunting. Therefore, it was safe to say that he was crazy in an emergency. Furthermore, the bosses of Grid’s raids weren’t monsters that appeared with a “Kuwoooh!”

Satisfy had named bosses that exerted a big and small influence on the worldview of the game, and they overflowed with individuality. Perhaps that was why?

Grid had a very unique perspective about bosses. He didn’t just concentrate on the combat patterns of the bosses like everyone else, he also considered their personality and background. The more he identified the boss’ tendencies, the easier the raid was...

At the time of the Pascal raid, Grid hadn’t haphazardly used his strength. The situation was designed to work in his favor. He was a professional. He would be the first job called ‘raid expert,’ who gave raid advice to various guilds and users. But it was a shame that Grid had no brains to turn this talent into money.

‘Elfin Stone is the key to this situation.’

Grid thought about it. Elfin Stone was able to destroy their party at any time. But in the past four days, he only attempted to kill one of them. Why? It was surprisingly simple when looking at his nature.

‘It was for fun.’

Elfin Stone repeated the same thing every time he appeared. He would let them experience extreme fear by killing one person a day.

‘His aim is to see us scared and shivering.’

What if he focused on killing all of them at once?

‘It would be futile.’

He would lose his toys and Elfin Stone didn’t want that.

‘I have to use this point.’

Grid’s face darkened.

"Rapid Pressure.”


As Grid was thinking, the Overgeared members were struggling. Elfin Stone’s aggro was thoroughly taken by Huroi, so the party members left Huroi’s protection to Vantner and focused on attacking.

The Overgeared members had different characteristics and could create a 120% synergy by connecting their skills. They were indeed users in the top 20 rankings, and were models for everyone.

In particular, Faker’s performance was dazzling. It was difficult for even Elfin Stone to respond to his swiftness. The dagger caused blood to shed before he could turn his body into smoke. 

However, Blood Field was the problem. Elfin Stone recovered over 1,000 health per second from the Overgeared members! His recovery power was phenomenal. It was estimated that his total health was 8 million. It was impossible to knock him down with the attack power of a few people.

"Lightning Kill!”


Regas’ fist pierced Elfin Stone’s chest. However, Elfin Stone didn’t suffer any damage. He turned into smoke at the point of attack.

“This is the real thing!”

Regas rotated his body without recalling his fist. He aimed his heel towards Elfin Stone’s head. It was an irregular and exciting attack.


Regas’ strength was his unpredictable attack patterns. Elfin Stone didn’t expect this type of behavior and groaned. On the other hand, Pon was rushing forward.

“Rain Spear!”

Pepeng! Pepepeng!

Pon leapt and repeated stabbed his spear. The spear poured down like rain. It was an unavoidable attack, as long as the whole body wasn’t turned into smoke. But if the whole body was turned into smoke, there was a large delay and counter attacking was impossible. It was an act that Elfin Stone had to avoid.

"Blood Shield!"

Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

Elfin Stone consumed some of his health to release blood, creating dozens of red shields. The spears and shields collided in the air.

Puk! Puk puk!

Faker approached in secret and repeatedly stabbed Elfin Stone in the neck. The higher the number of hits, the more damage that would be accumulated. Elfin Stone shouted.

"I’ll have to deal with you first!”


Faker was nervous. It was because Elfin Stone’s gaze was no longer focused on Huroi.


Iyarugt glowed red, causing his ears to burst. 


The Overgeared members instantly felt their ears ringing. This was the ‘Blood Cry’ skill attached to Iyarugt. The Overgeared members lost their balance and Elfin Stone used a skill.

“Blood Thorns!”

Puuok! Puuok!

Dozens of thorns emerged from Blood Field and stabbed Faker’s thigh. Blood Thorn! The attack power wasn’t strong, but it was the worst magic that polluted the blood stream of the target. Movement speed was drastically reduced, so Faker’s swiftness was blocked.

Elfin Stone smiled and wielded Iyarugt. He wanted to cut Faker’s head off. Just in time, flaming arrows came flying and stopped the action. It was Jishuka’s cover. 

“You are pretty good humans.”

Elfin Stone was stimulated by the Overgeared members. Elfin Stone was in a better position the longer this went on.


Elfin Stone lightly snapped an arrow. His current health was still at 8/10ths. On the other hand, the Overgeared members had their health reduced by at least one-third to a half. It was the power of Blood Field.

"If this continues, we’ll be wiped out in two minutes.”

Zednos restored Faker’s movement speed with Blessing of the Wind, and spoke with a desperate expression. Vantner shrugged.

“I agree.”

Elfin Stone’s strengths weren’t his attack power, magic power, defense, or speed. These were low compared to bosses of the same level. However, the reason he felt so strong was his unrivaled utility.

Wide area status damage, wide area defense and attack skills, wide area vampire skills, single target defense skills and so on. It seemed impossible unless all the Overgeared members were summoned.

Could they win even if Grid reached level 300? It happened when the party members were feeling doubts.

{Sacrifice Huroi. The reason why Elfin Stone is on a rampage is Huroi, so he will stop after Huroi dies.}

What nonsense was Grid speaking?


Everyone except for Huroi frowned and doubted their ears. Regas evaded Iyarugt’s fierce attack and questioned Grid.

{Selling out our companion? Did I hear it wrong?}

Grid shook his head.

{No, you heard it properly.}

Pon shouted angrily.

{Don’t make us disappointed!}

Jishuka was the same.

{Grid, a man who sells out his companions doesn’t deserve to stand at the top.}

Peak Sword, Zednos and Faker didn’t give opinions, but they couldn’t hide their uncomfortable feelings. It was a natural criticism. But Grid wasn’t ashamed. He looked at all the members with dignified eyes.

“This is to protect more companions.”

That’s right. Grid wasn’t going to sacrifice Huroi for nothing.

‘Eight people will be saved by one sacrifice.’

Ordinary people couldn’t easily make the choice to sacrifice someone for the greater good. Especially if the person was someone precious. However, Grid was more pragmatic. Making decisions out of affection? Grid wasn’t the type.


Faker was hit by an attack. Grid ran towards him and pulled out Failure.


The blue Failure collided with the red Iyarugt.

[The durability of the +9 Failure has decreased by 5.]

The strength of the blood stone was far superior to that of the blue orichalcum. Looking at just strength, it seemed to be above adamantium.

‘The creator of Iyarugt is better than my current self.’

Grid clicked his tongue and sent a whisper to Huroi.

-Do you understand what I mean? You have to sacrifice yourself for everyone.

Huroi didn’t hesitate at all...

-I understand, My Lord.

The reaction was as expected. This made Grid’s heart ache even more. Grid smiled bitterly.

-Why don’t you ever say it if you don’t like something? I’m even more sorry if you are too good.

-I only follow My Lord’s commands. If it’s a reasonable order like right now, I am even more willing!

The loss of experience, item durability loss or item drop penalties after death were fatal to anyone. In particular, Huroi’s combat power was low so his level up speed was slow. Thus, it was more critical. Nevertheless, Huroi was always willing to follow Grid’s orders.

-I will surely get revenge on Elfin Stone. And I will make sure that you are compensated enough to make up for today’s sacrifice.

-There is no need for compensation. It is my mission to sacrifice myself for My Lord and your precious people. I desire nothing in return. In addition, this situation is all my fault...

-I don’t need you to take responsibility. And don’t forget that you are also a precious person to me.


Grid prepared his heart. He proposed to Elfin Stone, who was gazing at him coldly over the sword.

“I will hand over my companion who dared to mention your parents. Kill him to release your anger.”

Elfin Stone couldn’t believe his ears.

"Selling out your companion to save your life? Humans are truly dirty and ugly.”

"So, you don’t want to?”

A smile appeared on Elfin Stone’s face.

“I want.”


It was as Grid expected. Elfin Stone waned to enjoy the game of hunting humans for a long time.

"Go and die."

Grid commanded as he treated from Elfin Stone, and Huroi took immediate action. He ran over to Elfin Stone. The people who saw him cried out.


"What are you doing, you crazy guy!?”

The words were useless. Grid had already made up his mind, and Huroi followed Grid.

“I will kill you cruelly.”


Huroi didn’t resist as Elfin Stone played with him like a toy. Blood Thorns pierced his ankles to restrict movement, while Iyarugt cut at his wrists so he couldn’t hold a sword. Then the body was sliced up like steak, until he eventually hacked into the head.


The physical pain was nothing compared to the mental impact, but Huroi didn’t even groan. His mind had been disciplined by spending hundreds of hours trapped in a dark dungeon. 

"I can’t look anymore!”

The Overgeared members were filled with righteous indignation. Grid warned those who were about to save Huroi.

“Don’t be ridiculous and get out of here quickly. If you violate this command, I will expel you from the guild.”


Grid lacked charisma. What did it matter how high his dignity stat was? He seemed frivolous because he only cared about money and glamor. But at this moment, he was different. He felt guilt and sorrow at forcing someone to die.

Grid tried to keep the emotions from his eyes as he made a strong expression. The qualities of a leader were slowly blooming. The Overgeared members calmed down and retreated.

On this day, Huroi died.

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