Chapter 285

Chapter 285

A pleasant breeze blew over the grass. A young couple was sitting next to each other under a big tree.

Grid and Irene.

"Dear husband. Heheh.”

There seemed to be hearts around them. Irene was reunited with Grid after six months, so she was the happiest person in the world. 

“This moment seems so unreal. I don’t want this dream to end.”

Irene’s smile couldn’t be erased. She had already overcome the depression she had been suffering from. The more she rejoiced, the more pained Grid became. He felt sorry that he made her so lonely.

‘I want to take her to Reidan.’

It was his original desire.  But unfortunately, Irene couldn’t leave Winston.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Their love deepened in proportion to the amount of time they missed each other. The two people felt like this time was more precious than ever as they hugged each other.

"I’m happy about this system.”

The parenting system. There was a child in Irene’s belly. Grid pressed his face to Irene’s swollen belly.

Duguen. Duguen.

The sound of the fetus’ heartbeat reached his ears. It was a small but energetic sound. 

Grid felt the infinite mysteries.

‘My child...’

He would be a father. He felt fear since it was his first experience, but his happiness was greater. It felt like he had left his trace in this world. Words couldn’t describe the sense of fulfillment.

‘I was lonely until last year and never thought this day would come.’

Money, colleagues, friends. A woman he loved and now a home. Grid had obtained all these things from Satisfy. Satisfy wasn’t just a game, but a world that was as precious as reality. Irene’s small hand grabbed Grid’s big and rough hands. She felt a desire that she expressed.

“I want our child to be a boy with nice hands like yours. Do you want that as well?”

The Eternal Kingdom’s treatment of women wasn’t as bad as the south. Compared with other kingdoms, the social status of women was very high. But it was an undeniable reality that most nobles wanted a male heir.

For Irene, she was Marquis Steim’s only daughter, so she was well aware of this. Marquis Steim had actually wanted a son. Irene wanted to have a son, but she couldn’t help feeling a little bitter from her position as a woman.

Grid’s high insight read her mind and he answered quickly. “I’d like a daughter.”

"Isn’t a daughter lacking in many ways to be  the heir?”

“No, such things don’t matter. I just want a daughter who is as beautiful and kind as you.”

Love wasn’t a skill. Grid were merely telling the truth. Irene was thrilled by his unexpected answer. Her eyes filled with tears and she blushed.

“Dear husband is so good.”


The moist eyes and flushed cheeks were adorable. This stimulus caused Grid to gulp. Irene could see what he wanted.

“I love you. It is hard with the child in my belly but...”

“Eh... H-Huh?”

Irene was still a girl. She had a purity that made it seem like she hadn’t known a man yet. Therefore, Grid was embarrassed by the meaningful remark she made that didn’t match her appearance.

"Now, let’s go.”

“W-Wait a minute.”

“There is no need for time.”

Irene led Grid to her bedroom. After that. The two people shared their love in a different way due to Irene’s pregnancy, and the result was good.

[The child in the belly has felt the couple’s true love.]

[All stats of the child in the belly will permanently increase by one.]


A whisper came from Lauel.

After 10 days, he intended to hold a merger ceremony with the Silver Knights Guild.

“I guess I have to leave.”

Grid had spent three happy days with Irene. He wanted to stay near Irene, but he couldn’t enjoy it forever. He knew the responsibility as the Overgeared master had to be fulfilled.

‘If I have my kingdom, I won’t see anyone else and will place you as my queen.’

This was one more reason to become king. Phoenix approached Grid as he prepared to leave. “Duke Grid, can’t you take Lady Irene with you?”

"Take Irene to Reidan?”

“Yes, My Lord. That is Marquis Steim’s wish.”

She would give birth in 4 months. Marquis Steim didn’t want her to be lonely in the meantime.  It was the same with Grid, but wasn’t Irene ruler of Winston?

"Can she leave this place?”

"Marquis Steim has sent a substitute.”

"That is good.”

Grid smiled widely. Phoenix was in tears as he saw Grid’s delight.

‘My Lady, you are truly loved.’

“Hold on tightly to me.”

Grid hugged Irene and flew with Braham’s Boots. The sight of the two people in the clouds was reminiscent of a scene in a romantic movie.

"It is too mysterious and exciting. It’s like a fairy tale world.”

“I think every moment with you is a fairy tale.”

"Dear husband...”

[The child in the belly has felt the couple’s true love.]

[All stats of the child in the belly will permanently increase by one.]

[The child in the belly has witnessed the marvels of nature.]

[The child in the belly is curious.]

[The intelligence of child in the belly will permanently increase by two.]

"My mana is low. Let's walk for a while.”

"Huhut, I remember walking through the forest with you on the day we met.”

In the past, Grid had rescued Irene from Malacus and they headed through the forest. He recalled that time. Grid wrapped an arm around Irene’s slender shoulders.

“Danger won’t come to you again. I will protect you.”

"Dear husband...”

[The child in the belly has felt the couple’s true love.]

[All stats of the child in the belly will permanently increase by one.]

The couple’s liking grew exponentially during the journey to Reidan and had a good effect on the child. Monsters and thieves appeared occasionally to threaten the couple, but they were just experience to Grid.

[The child in the belly has witnessed his father’s sword dance and admires it.]

[The child in the belly is interested in swordsmanship.]

[The strength of child in the belly will permanently increase by one.]

[The child in the belly has witnessed his father’s weapon repairing and admires it.]

[The child in the belly is interested in blacksmithing.]

[The dexterity of child in the belly will permanently increase by one.]

Every so often, these notification windows would pop up in front of Grid.

'This is like a joke.’

Level 1 characters had a total of 22 stat points.. On the other hand, it seemed like the baby would have at least 50 stat points from the moment they were born.

'Well, the important thing is the maximum limit of the stats.’

Grid didn’t expect much from the stats of his child.  It was because NPCs had a limit on their stats, except for named NPCs. He just hoped for a nice and pretty child who resembled Irene. That’s right. He was forgetting. It was the fact that his child was a special person who inherited the blood of the legendary Grid and Marquis Steim of the Eternal Kingdom.


Guild Name: Overgeared

Level: 10 (MAX)

Master: Grid

Capacity: 28/250

Affiliation: The Eternal Kingdom

Alliances: Marquis Steim

Hostile Relationships: There are no forces that can be called clear enemies, but there are many who are on guard.

Inclination: An unconditionally favorable relationship with Marquis Steim.

Territory: Reidan.

Originally, raising the level of a guild was very tough. It took the top guilds at least a year to reach level 10. But Overgeared was a special case. Due to the huge rewards from the golem invasion, they were able to achieve level 10 in just 7 months. But Grid wasn’t satisfied.

"Why is there only 250 guild members? This guild system is completely bad.”

The Silver Knights Guild had a total of exactly 225 members. The conditions of the merger included all of them, so Grid was puzzled.

Lauel explained. "You can make another guild.”

"One person can make multiple guilds?”

“No. Someone in Overgeared should create a new guild and assign that guild to Overgeared. In other words, it is a second guild.”

"Ah, this is how the guilds with more than 250 members operate?”


Lauel’s eyes became weary. Grid didn’t even know this basic system.

"Yes, well. Create a new guild.”

"I'm still lacking.” Lauel pointed to Jishuka. “Jishuka was the master of the Tzedakah Guild, which is like the mother of Overgeared. She can lead a second guild well.”

“Yes, yes.”

Grid had absolute trust in Lauel. He believed he would succeed if he followed Lauel’s advice. However, Jishuka refused to become the master of the second guild. She already had enough responsibility as ruler of Bairan.

Lauel reassured her. "Over the past six months, the Overgeared members have been learning how to manage a territory. There are many people who can handle Bairan on your behalf, so don’t worry.”

“Then it’s okay.”

The Overgeared members gathered together and Jishuka formed a new guild.

“What will the guild name be?”

It was up to the guild master to pick a name. Jishuka and the Overgeared members focused on Grid. Grid thought about it.

“Overgeared Two.”

“Ah, really!”

Lauel cried out angrily, but the Overgeared members didn’t show any signs of rejection. They had already adapted to Grid’s naming sense. On the other hand, Lauel was desperate.

“The second and third guilds are usually named according to their role! The second guild will be filled with secondary classes, so you should name it according to its characteristics!”



In the end, it was determined that the second guild would be called Overgeared Two.


The day of the guild merger.

The 225 members of the Silver Knights Guild, including Peak Sword, arrived in Reidan. Thanks to the power of the 15th ranked Peak Sword, the monsters in the desert couldn’t stop them.


The Silver Knights Guild were overwhelmed by Reidan. Reidan’s development was increasing by leaps and bounds. It was a big city with all types of buildings, and the soldiers were well armed. In particular, the alchemy facilities and agricultural fields couldn’t be compared to other cities.

This was the power of the 20 million gold that Grid invested.

“Welcome to Reidan.”

A black haired man appeared among the soldiers. It was Grid. There were almost 30 members of Overgeared following him, all of whom were rankers or famous. Peak Sword and the Silver Knights Guild trembled at the thought that they would soon be one group.

“Master, I look forward to working with you.”

Peak Sword knew how to distinguish between public and private. He might be older than Grid in reality, but he knew his status was far below Grid’s in Satisfy. This attitude would help establish the discipline in the newly expanded Overgeared Guild.

“I am as well.”

It was the moment when the man who was ignored by the neighborhood children was reborn as the leader of a huge guild. If a documentary was made of Grid, this would be a featured scene.

Was this the life that Grid would walk from now on? No, it still wasn’t smooth. Right now, the minerals detector Minor was hurriedly heading towards him.

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