Chapter 286

Chapter 286

The announcement of the merger between the Silver Knights Guild and Overgeared was an issue that would cover a whole page of newspapers in various countries. But the merger ceremony was small. Not one reporter was invited. There was no reason to help other forces by publicizing the growth of Overgeared.

It wasn’t yet time.



A banquet was held after the merger. It was intended to promote unity with the existing members of Overgeared and the new members from the Silver Knights Guild. The atmosphere was good.

“Vantner! It’s an honor to be your colleague! I have admired you for a long time! You are the reason why I became a strength type guardian knight!”

"Oh, you’re completely ruined. You’re still level 180, so I recommend you delete your character and raise a new one. Or else you will have to live with this bad build for the rest of your life.”


"Faker, I heard about how you smashed one of the seven guilds, the Ice Flower Guild, alone, and I trembled. How should I develop my stats and skills to be a great assassin like you?”


“Mister? Mister Faker? Why aren’t you saying anything? Mister?”


“Regas! I heard that you really like Taekwondo and South Korea? The South Koreans thank you! Then have you tried kimchi? Huh? Do you know kimchi?”


Both guilds were a bit unconventional. It seemed like more time was needed to become closer. Grid was busy observing the faces of the guild members.

‘Do you know kimchi…? That person is similar to Peak Sword. The Korean Patriotic Association? Huh, that person looks fairly young, but he’s quite reticent? I should watch closely because I’m a blacksmith.’

The 225 new colleagues were future friends and family members. Grid made an effort to remember their IDs, faces and features. Of course, it wasn't that easy. How easy was it to remember 225 names and faces?

‘Ouch, my head hurts.’

In the end, Grid’s brain was overloaded less than an hour later.  In the past, his brain would’ve been paralyzed in five minutes, so this was a great improvement. Jishuka, Lauel and Peak Sword were engaged in a conversation next to Grid.

"The average level of the Silver Knights Guild is 220? At this level, they can’t exert any strength against the desert monsters, so it is urgent to raise their level. Let’s have the Overgeared members take turns to help them.”

“No. Improving the working environment of the yellow mithril mine is the top priority. The low level members should be sent to Cork Island and Bairan to make them grow, while the higher levelled guild members should devote their efforts to fighting monsters near the mine.”

“Then wouldn’t the low level guild members fall too far behind?”

“No. For the lower levels, the environment of Bairan and Cork Island is much better than Reidan for hunting. In the first place, I have negative feelings towards power levelling. What will happen when they borrow the power of others to level up? It’s obvious that they will be unable to exert the appropriate skills for their level."

“That’s right. I was too short-sighted."

"The key is who we should appoint to Bairan and Cork Island? A good lord will develop both the territory and the low level guild members well. It might be better for Peak Sword to be kept as the lord of Cork Island. How about it? Peak Sword.”

“That isn’t possible. Grid told me to go and mine.”


Peak Sword was a swordsman. He was ranked 15th on the unified rankings, and it was evaluated that he should be on the same level as Pon and Regas. He was someone who could compete with the top rankers. That type of person was being used as a miner?

‘What is Grid thinking? Is there a story I don’t know?’

As Lauel was feeling confused, a boy rushed into the banquet hall. It was the minerals detector, Minor. The boy ran over to where Grid was sitting.

“Pant pant... Hey, Duke. Shouldn’t you move quickly to obtain the pavranium?”

“Why are you in such a hurry? Did something happen?”

“The pavranium sealed in the vampire cities are beginning to be eroded by a strange energy.”

Minor was arrogant and had no loyalty to Grid. But he was surprisingly faithful to his duties. Today he had gone to look at the state of the pavranium.

“Strange energy?”

What was he talking about? A quest window appeared in front of the frowning Grid.

[A new quest has been created!]

[Vampire City!]

Difficulty: ?

An incident has happened in the vampire cities that is the center of chaos.

The enormous power has spread its presence throughout the 15 vampire cities, blessing the vampires while harming the pavranium.

If you can’t secure the pavranium quickly, this presence will erode and alter the pavranium, making it lose its extraordinary function and turning it into an ordinary mineral.

Head to the vampire cities right now to secure the pavranium.

* Every vampire city has one piece of pavranium sealed inside it.

* Obtain as much pavranium as possible within 90 days.

* The pavranium that can’t be secured within 90 days will be permanently destroyed.

* It is highly likely for there to be hidden quests linked along the way.

‘The degree of difficulty is a question mark '?’’ A question mark! In Satisfy, this often referred to matters that were ‘impossible to measure.’ This meant that the difficulty of this quest was likely to be the highest difficulty that exceeded the SS-grade.

‘This is bad.’

A chill went down Grid’s spine. He knew about the vampire cities thanks to Lauel. In order to clear one city, wasn’t at least 10 third advancement classes required?

‘The estimated time to clear one city is 10 days.’

It was huge enough that it couldn’t be compared with normal dungeons, and the level of the monsters was also high. In any case, this was the conclusion.

‘Isn’t this a quest that is impossible to clear by myself?’

No, what was this dirty thing! Pavranium could be considered the inherent weapon of Pagma’s Descendant and was limited to exactly 28 pieces. He couldn’t help cursing at the possibility of losing 15 of them.

“Ahh... Dammit, really. Things were going too well.”

He once again realized there was nothing free in this world. Jishuka and Lauel became worried after seeing hearing sigh.

“What is it Grid? What type of quest did you get?”

“Can you share the quest?”

After a moment. Jishuka and Lauel frowned after confirming the contents of the quest.

“Isn’t this a quest that can’t be cleared?”

Pon and Regas had failed to clear even one vampire city. This was despite the fact that they invested one whole month. Grid had to clear 15 cities in 90 days alone? It was impossible.

"But it’s a quest that must be cleared. Losing the pavranium is like weakening Grid. It can’t happen.”

“How about the guild members help you out?”

"That would be good. However, our guild now has to manage three territories. The number of people who can support Grid is around 10.”

Euphemina wasn’t at the merger ceremony because she was on a separate mission. Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl weren’t even level 120 yet, so they were out of the question.

“10 of them... Even if it isn’t 15, we can at least obtain 9 pieces of pavranium.”

"Yes, it is possible."

Grid’s face wasn’t good as he looked at the two people discussing the matter.

“Stop it. I don’t want to bother the guild members because of my personal quest.”

It was the right mindset. A guild master using members for individual quests was harmful behavior that should be avoided. Lauel smiled at him and explained, “A lot of experience can be gained from the vampire cities, as well as a low probability of obtaining elixirs. The guild members can develop by helping you with your quest.”


Suddenly, a group of Overgeared members gathered near the hesitant Grid.

"I haven’t been hunting in a long time.”

"Let’s gain some levels.”

The Overgeared members were hoping to become the strongest rankers. They didn’t want to miss an opportunity to raise their level at the best hunting grounds. In particular, Vantner was extremely active.

“I need some stamina elixirs. Please take me with you.”


Whatever their reasons, they were still trying to help him. It was different compared to the days when Grid couldn’t depend on anyone, so he couldn’t help forming some happy tears. A wide smile spread on Grid’s face.

"Thank you. The next time you come to Korea, I will buy you kanjajang.”

The golem invasion of Reinhardt. Grid had rejected going to the king’s banquet because he wanted to eat kanjajang. Through this remark, he convinced the Overgeared members.

‘Kanjajang... It must be an incredibly precious food.’

‘Is it the food for the Korean royalty?’

How expensive was it? As the Overgeared members were engrossed in this vain delusion, Peak Sword watched quietly and mourned.

“I like jjampong.” (Jjampong=like a spicy seafood noodle soup. It is common in Korea to ask if you like jajangmyeon or jjampong more)

Now that they were colleagues, Peak Sword was thinking about helping Grid.


The expedition was organized.

Grid, Jishuka, Pon, Regas, Peak Sword and Faker were the damage dealers, while Vantner was the tanker. Huroi came to buff while Zednos was the support in the rear. They had 90 days to clear 15 dungeons, so the combination was important.

It was a combination aimed at quickly reaching the boss by piercing through the mobs. Lauel couldn’t leave as temporary lord, so he wasn’t part of this expedition. Before the expedition departed, Lauel warned them again.

"As you all know, the balance of the cooperation is important. There is a probability of surprise attacks, so always keep an eye on your surroundings.

"I understand, I understand. Are you our mother? How many times do you have to repeat the same thing?”

Vantner whined, but Lauel continued speaking without paying attention to him.

“Considering that the entrance if blocked and communication cut off once you enter the city, there is a 99% chance that summoning your knights won’t work. Please don’t face a desperate situation.”

He wouldn’t be so uneasy if Piaro and Asmophel were included in this expedition. But unlike users, NPCs had only one life. They couldn’t be risked. Grid laughed at the worried Lauel.

“I’m going.”

Grid pledged to complete Lifael’s Spear through this expedition.

‘If I can reclaim all 15 pieces of pavranium, I can make a Lifael’s Spear that is purely composed of pavranium.’

It was a weapon that could easily overcome Failure. His heart was already thumping as he imagined the weapon flying around alone and helping him out.

“Let's depart."

The strongest party in Satisfy’s history, led by Grid, embarked on their journey. There was a person following them.

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