Chapter 284

Chapter 284

‘Did he forget about me?’

The great magician Braham. Much longer than a year ago, he had commissioned Grid to make him a Vessel of the Soul. A Vessel of the Soul was necessary for his resurrection. But until now, there was no news from Grid.  Based on the little he observed through Mumud’s Orb, Grid seemed to have no desire to fulfill the request.

‘He plans to take all the pavranium!’

Braham had reached the limits of his patience. He had sent a golem army as a warning. However, things didn’t work out and Braham’s anger skyrocketed.

[Pagma's Descendant...!]

The expression of a soul’s emotions was honest. His soul fragments scattered throughout the continent simultaneously turned red. There was someone who found one of the soul pieces.

The first vampire city.

“Oh my? I feel a dirty magic power, who is it?”

The wards were easily cracked and a mysterious woman appeared in front of Braham’s soul. The magic power that could be seen inside her was tremendous, like the light from a dragon heart. It was enough to make even Braham nervous.


A black-haired beauty who exuded gentleness and sensuality. She was so beautiful that it was unrealistic, but Braham’s soul shook frantically.

[Marie Rose! How did you escape from your seal?]

Vampire duke, Marie Rose. A direct descendant of the founder Shizo Beriache and the one with the strongest magic power, she directly grabbed Braham’s soul.

“I was able to break the seal at any time. I was just bored and enjoyed sleeping.”

Then she woke up due to the bloody smell coming from a human male’s cloak. Marie Rose’s eyes curved into a crescent moon shape.

"Braham, you lost your pure blood and degenerated, eventually dying. Now only your soul is left. This insignificant appearance suits you.”

[Don’t taunt me!]

Marie Rose gazed at Braham’s soul, which was gradually turning redder.

"Our Braham wouldn’t have no countermeasures. What are you planning to do now?”

Marie Rose handled Braham’s soul like it was clay, then she suddenly smiled. It was a brilliant smile that was enough to illuminate the dark city.

"You, are you dreaming about resurrection?”

Braham was a peculiar presence. He didn’t rely on the innate power of the clan and explored magic power. He might’ve completed the resurrection magic. Braham didn’t deny it.

[Then what are you going to do? You can’t stop my resurrection! If even one of my souls hidden in all parts of the continent doesn’t disappear, I will someday be fully resurrected! Then I will surely use all my effort to destroy you!]

Marie Rose found the shouting soul to be cute.

"I wonder how far you can go as a mortal.”


Mortal! Braham hated that cursed word. Marie Rose returned the soul to its original position and turned around. Braham called out to her.

[Aren’t you going to destroy my soul fragment here?]

Braham had been banished from the clan. He used the fact that it was dark to hide his soul in the clan’s cities, but he thought they would be destroyed because they were found by Marie Rose.

However, Marie Rose had no intention of dealing with Braham. Braham was a mere worm in front of her.

“How annoying.”

This was the end.

Marie Rose immediately returned to her palace. Braham’s soul looked like a flame as he watched her leave.

‘This mutation that transcends the founder...!’ He must be resurrected. ‘I will kill the one who made me like this, take away the their heart, and regain eternal life!’


Winston had problems. As it grew into the second largest city in the north, all types of groups infiltrated it and problems occurred. Various forces were created and confronted each other, causing the deterioration of security.

‘Lady Irene needs to recover...’

After entering the sixth month of her pregnancy, Irene became depressed. Her only flesh and blood, her father, was at Frontier, and her husband Grid was in Reidan, so she was alone.


A wrinkled face sighed.  Winston’s chief knight, Phoenix, was now old. It was too much for him to supervise the work that Irene was supposed to do.

‘If only Grid was here.’

Phoenix was sighing over a pile of documents, when an urgent voice was heard.

“Captain Phoenix! Blood is being shed in Rein!”

Rein was the name of a bar in the slums. It was a place filled with many crooks that disturbed security. Phoenix’s face twisted.

"Who is causing trouble?”

“The Double-Billed Merchant Group and the Yellow Guild are colliding!”

The Double-Billed Merchant Group had a tight grip on Winston’s market.

Recently, they started to buy orc leather and collided with the Ikeil Merchant Group as they expanded their business. The Ikeil Group seemed to have hired the Yellow Guild to attack the the Double-Billed Merchant Group.

'Those Yellow bastards!’

The Yellow Guild was a powerful group. The average level was close to 200 and they were the strongest guild in Winston. In order to suppress them, Phoenix had to go out himself. 

"Let's go!"

Phoenix was accompanied by soldiers and knights.


"The strongest knight in the north isn’t that great?”

Rein Tavern. Dozens of people watched as Phoenix fell to his knees. He was badly hit by the Yellow Guild.


Phoenix gritted his teeth.

He was glaring at a priest of the Rebecca Church.

Dong Pao. The Rebecca Church priest, who once enjoyed PKing with Shay’s group, recently added his strength to the Yellow Guild. Of course, it was due to money. How wonderful and happy was it to earn money by playing games?

“This is a tip.”

The master of the Yellow Guild, Ank, threw a purse towards Dong Pao. It was the payment for approaching Phoenix as a Rebecca priest and distracting him. Dong Pao smiled with satisfaction after confirming the amount.

“Good, good. Don’t forget to kill all the witnesses just in case.”

"Of course.”

Ank had no intention of sparing Phoenix and his men. Was he scared by the penalty of killing the knights and soldiers? He could take the chance. He planned to leave the Eternal Kingdom after this work.

‘If only I can obtain the Sword of Self-transcendence!’

Sword of Self-transcendence. A legendary item that was supposed produced by Grid during his novice days. The expected selling price was 1.5 million gold.

‘No, the number of users who are level 180 have increased recently, so it will go over 2 million if I put it on auction.’

It was an amount that could reverse his life.

‘I can go drink with girls!’

Indeed, it was a low level of greed. The joyful Ank approached Phoenix. Phoenix was in a miserable condition. He fell into a trap and struggled against 40 Yellow Guild members alone. More than half of the guild members had died, so the price wasn’t cheap.

"Please drop the Sword of Self-transcendence after dying.”


Ank said with a smile. If he could get money, he wouldn’t feel guilty for killing NPCs. Ank was a man who didn’t care about killing.


The moment that a vicious sword was able to stab into Phoenix’s forehead.


A golden blade flew and stabbed Ank in the neck.

[You have suffered 3,900 damage.]


A throwing weapon could cause him that much damage? Ank turned his gaze in the direction where the blade was thrown.

"Where is this fellow?”

The answer came from behind him.



[You have suffered 11,900 damage.]

‘This is crazy!’

Why was this attack power so strong? The astonished Ank looked at the greatsword that was stabbed in his side. It was a blue greatsword that reminded him of the predator of the sea.

‘D-Don’t tell me!’

Ank turned pale and looked back. Then it was like he saw a ghost.


Why was he here in the north when he should be in the west? Ank and the other Yellow Guild members couldn’t believe it. Grid swung the greatsword at those who were speechless.

"These cheeky bastards, how dare you mess around in my wife’s territory?”

Peok! Puk puk!

The one-sided assault wasn’t even worth describing. Users in the early 200’s couldn’t stand up to Grid. 

"G-Grid, it has been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Dong Pao, who was hiding in the corner, awkwardly greeted Grid. The scammer started to act.

"Today I was moved by the guidance of Goddess Rebecca. I happened to be reunited by you in this place! Grid! I have been repenting since I first met you, but then I was taken hostage by these villainous people and used! You have saved me, so I should repay this grace...!”

“Who are you?”

Dong Pao was embarrassed by the unexpected question.

“Y-You don’t remember me?”

"Yes, I can’t remember you because my brain capacity isn’t good enough.”

“W-What are you saying?”

"Shut up.”

Peok! Bam bam bam!


On this day.

The Yellow Guild and Dong Pao, who was beaten up like a dog, were deprived of their citizenship. Now they couldn’t step anywhere in the Steim territory. They were also sentenced to two weeks of Satisfy time in prison.

It was frustrating for a user to be imprisoned for two weeks. In particular, Dong Pao felt the desire to quit the game because his work had been ruined twice by Grid.

"I need to set up security straight away.”

Grid received a report on the statue of Winston from Phoenix and immediately summoned Jude. Jude was very strong after being armed with Dainsleif and the best armor. His level was above Phoenix, who was no longer developing due to his age.

“Teach the soldiers here and punish those who cause disturbances without any mercy.”


Jude had no thoughts. He just followed Grid’s orders. The Winston soldiers had to taste hell from Jude’s harsh training. There were deserters and wounded soldiers as a result, but the few soldiers who endured the training could become elites.

Jude rallied the soldiers and quickly stabilized Winston’s security.

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