Chapter 283

Chapter 283

The mountain of gold coins was close to a height of 4m. During the three minute time limit, how much could the Overgeared members obtain? The result of adding up the amounts they obtained.

"21 million gold."

“Heok! Really?”

"Wow, terrific."

"Grid did it again! This is amazing!”

21 million gold! When converted to Korean money, it would be around 25.5 billion won. It was close to half the salaries of the world’s top sports players. The impressed Pon asked Vantner.

“At the time of the Vasco raid, how much profit did Seuron get?”

Two months before the Reidan invasion.  Soul Predator Seuron went through Vasco’s Labyrinth with his guild members. Vantner had watched it in real time, so he pulled up his memories.

“Adding up the value of the Brutal Heavy Sword, it was about 8 million gold.”

“Grid got nearly three times that amount alone?”

Strictly speaking, this time it wasn’t alone. If it was Grid alone, he wouldn’t have been able to pick up 200,000 gold by hand. It was true that he raided Pascal through his own efforts, choices and abilities. His decision to summon the knights was admirable. Grid’s achievements couldn’t be downplayed.

"Grid, you're the best.”

"Of course our master should be the best.”

"Congrats on becoming a rich man!”

The Overgeared members praised Grid.  They sincerely congratulated him for the huge sum of money, and rejoiced as if it was their own. There was no jealousy or envy. Their respect and friendship with Grid wasn’t cheap.




The Overgeared members were excited, producing a cheerful atmosphere. On the other hand, Grid was silent. The Overgeared members thought he was so happy that he was at a loss for words.

But it was a misunderstanding.  Grid was sincerely angry. He was speechless because it was ridiculous.

‘Why? Why isn’t it one trillion?’

The amount of gold coins that Grid had seen in the warehouse was beyond imagination. He thought it would be at least one trillion won. Yet he only got 21 million gold?

“This is ridiculous! We carried out most of the gold coins in the warehouse before it exploded! Countless gold coins were kept! But why? Why is it only 21 million gold!!!”


Who would use the word ‘only’ for 21 million gold? The Overgeared members fell silent at this unexpected reaction.

"It's a scam! A scam!”

Lauel explained to the furious Grid.

“The explosion was so strong that it affected the outside of the building. At that time, a lot of gold coins were lost. In addition, there were many gold coins that were damaged after being hit by a skill.”

Gold coins that were damaged slightly were always destroyed. It seemed to be some type of safety device designed by the S.A Group.

“Dammit!” The damaged gold coins were designed to be destroyed and the warehouse to explode? “You bastards!”

It couldn’t resist angrily screaming out curses. After losing his temper, the only person who could completely calm him down was Lauel.

“Isn’t 21 million gold a huge amount? In fact, the S.A. Group must be more baffled right now. They never imagined that we could get so many gold coins in just three minutes.”

How could they imagine that he would use the skill Summon Knight for gold coins? They might’ve predicted that Grid could only obtain up to one million gold. The result was that Grid had hit the S.A. Group in the back of the head. Grid should be the one feeling invigorated. However, Grid didn’t get any comfort from this.

“Shit! Dammit! The gold coins could at least be melted down and made into metal, so why were they destroyed?”

‘It does seem to be the case.’

The Overgeared members started to sympathize with Grid. The S.A. Group’s effort to fight inflation wasn’t so well received. There were more than two billion users in Satisfy. If the NPCs were included, billions of people used the same currency. The possibility of the value of currency falling was extremely low.

Grid and the group left the Vatican.

"You said you were going to Winston?”

“Sigh... Yes.”

"I thought so. You should show your face to your wife.”

"Isn’t she pregnant?”

"The childcare system and a prince maker, I am envious. It would be fun to raise a child."

“Umm... Grid Junior. Umm...”

Grid regained control once the story of Irene and his child emerged. He couldn’t lose his composure so easily when he was going to become a father. After a moment of consideration, he handed Lauel 20 million gold.

“Let’s use this money for Reidan’s development fund. If all of you weren’t here in the first place, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain so much.”


Lauel and the Overgeared members were greatly amazed. They never dreamed that Grid would be willing to invest the money into the territory.

“Aren’t I incompetent because I do nothing as a lord? I should at least give you money.”

Grid should originally be the one working the hardest for Reidan. But what was the reality? Grid  didn’t fulfill his obligations as the lord, and the Overgeared members were suffering from all types of problems. Grid was always sorry and thankful about this fact. He wanted to help with the development of the estate.

"If Reidan develops, the benefits will return to all of us in the end. Isn't that right?"

“Your words are correct.”

The development of Reidan would make Overgeared strong. This would be a stepping stone to build Grid’s kingdom and would bring enormous wealth to Grid. 20 million gold couldn’t be compared to that huge amount of money. Grid already knew this. That’s why he decided to invest in Reidan.

"By the time you come back, Reidan will be more developed than before. Look forward to it.”

This 20 million gold was enough to invigorate Reidan. Once the yellow mithril mine was activated and the alchemy business expanded, Reidan would become one step closer to its goal.

‘The second Talima!’

Talima. A city of dwarves that produced the best battle gear. But it was in the territory of the dragon Trauka, so it was off limits to humans. If Reidan could one day compete with Talima...

Lauel’s brain turned quickly. He kept in mind the merger with the Silver Knights Guild and made plans for Reidan’s development.


"This is the first time we have walked together alone.”


After saying goodbye to Lauel’s group. Grid and Jishuka were heading to Winston.


Grid couldn’t help gulping through the journey. This was a very natural phenomenon. He couldn’t help appreciating Jishuka’s beautiful face and great body.

‘Grid is looking at me.’

Jishuka was conscious of Grid’s eyes and deliberately walked like a model. She showed a gentle gait that emphasized the curves of her body.


Grid couldn’t resist staring at her swaying hips. This was unavoidable. Jishuka’s busty body was perfectly to Grid’s taste. It was the same with her personality.

“Let’s camp here today. Excuse me... Grid, can I use your arm as a pillow?”

"Huhu, Grid’s body is so solid.”

A provocation woman by night.

“I will cook.”

"Oh my, Grid. Shouldn’t you watch where you are going? You should focus on hunting.”

"I am embarrassed.”

A mild-mannered woman during the day.

“I’m going crazy.”

Grid’s appreciation towards Jishuka rose exponentially. He was seriously considering buying a ‘Love Potion’ from the Reputation Store that would reset the penalty once a month. However, Jishuka had no intention of allowing that.

‘There is no point in Satisfy.’

Grid was already married to Irene. She couldn’t be a concubine. It was appropriate to convey her true heart in reality. Right now, she was just acting to stimulate Grid. Thanks to that, Grid was suffering. He wanted to quickly see Irene.


Just before arriving in Winston. Grid promised to meet Jishuka six hours later and logged out. It was because he received a call from Sehee outside the capsule.

“Why did you call?”

Grid exited the capsule and bluntly asked Sehee.

“A guest.”


He saw that it was 11 a.m. A Sunday morning. What guest would come at a time when families should be together? Grid tilted his head. No, Youngwoo went out into the living room. Then he panicked.


Yura was sitting on the sofa and smiling while chatting with his parents. She looked particularly beautiful. Her neat charm was the best. If Jishuka’s beauty 100% matched his tastes, Yura had a beauty that made his taste meaningless.

Youngwoo admired Yura’s beauty before recovering his spirit. It was due to his mother’s words.

"Youngwoo, what are you staring at? Come and sit down.”

“Ah, yes.”

Grid awkwardly sat on the couch. His parents were sitting side by side on one sofa, so Youngwoo naturally sat beside Yura. A nice scent tickled his nose. Yura asked for understanding from his parents and said to Youngwoo.

"Please buy me a meal.”

“What?” Youngwoo was confused by the sudden request. "Why are you suddenly asking me to buy you a lot of food? Can’t you buy food for yourself? No, how did you hear that I made money?”

This witch had come for his money! Yura was different from the Overgeared members. She helped him a lot, but he was still wary of her. It wasn’t enough to be considered a friend yet. His parents noticed Yura’s sad expression and scolded him.

“How can you talk that way to a guest?”

"Youngwoo, we taught you better.”

Yura was pretty, talented, and had a lot of money. Youngwoo’s parents wanted her to be their daughter-in-law.

‘You don’t know that her nickname is Blood Witch.’

A murderer who hurt people without changing her facial expression! The impression from his first meeting still wasn’t erased from his brain. Youngwoo sighed and got up from his seat.

"Let's go."

Youngwoo didn’t care about washing up. He was still dressed in sweats that had food splattered on them. Youngwoo’s mother tried to convince him to change, but Yura didn’t care. She thought that Youngwoo not caring about impressing others was attractive.


A restaurant near his house.

“What's going on?"

Yura observed the inside of the shabby restaurant while Youngwoo ordered two servings of bulgogi rice. Yura extended a passbook to him.

“What is this?”

"This is the broadcast fee from OGC Station.”


He didn’t expect much of a broadcast fee. Youngwoo didn’t understand why Yura had it, but he was happy about receiving money.

‘I should go to a restaurant tonight for a celebration.’

He would eat a big meal. Bean sprouts as well. A lot of monkfish! He thought it was millions of won, but his eyes bugged out when he opened the passbook.

"Eh...? Eek!”

It was a huge amount. A huge 500,000 mi...

"No, it is 5 billion?”

Yura explained to the astounded Youngwoo.

"Some of it was withheld as tax.”

“N-No, why is it so much?”

"It is my ability.”

It wasn’t arrogance.  Yura was just telling the truth.

"Why are you doing this for me?”

Yura answered Youngwoo’s question without hesitation.  She had a busy life, so time was valuable to her.

“Please let me join Overgeared.”

Youngwoo didn’t hesitate. Collecting talent was his desire and Yura was a better talent than anyone else. Wasn’t she 5th on the unified rankings? That’s right. As a private ranker, Youngwoo wasn’t interested in the ranking system and didn’t yet know that Yura had disappeared from the rankings list.


The two people ate the delicious bulgogi meat. Yura had a happy expression throughout the meal. People who knew her would be surprised.

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