Chapter 282

Chapter 282

‘I want to see him.’

Expert archer Jishuka.

She was doing her duties as ruler of Bairan. When developing Bairan, she regularly raided the Guardian of the Forest and distributed the resources generated from the raid. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Reidan was able to hold on thanks to her efforts.

However, Jishuka felt irritated. She hadn’t met Grid once in seven months. She was dying to see Grid. She was regarded as the most beautiful woman in South America and courted by the world’s top 0.1% males, but she was irritated because of Grid.


She sighed and wanted to drop everything so that she could go to Grid’s side.

[Your lord ‘Grid’ has summoned you. Would you like to accept the summons?]

“Oh my?”

The notification window she had been waiting for finally appeared at the right timing.

‘Do you know that I want to see you right now?’

It must be telepathy. Jishuka felt like this was fated, and her heart started thumping. Her delusions unfolded due to her lack of dating experience.

'Asking for a summoning without prior notice...’

Did he prepare a surprise event?

"Jishuka, I wanted to see you too. I imagined your beautiful appearance every night and struggled."

She imagined Grid talking like this with a sexy appearance. She smiled widely. Jishuka’s blinded eyes looked down at her body. She was shy. This was the first time she had liked someone since she was born. The problem was that her clothing and attire were unsuited for minors to see.

“I will respond to the summons.”

Jishuka responded to Grid’s call without worrying about it. The sight she first witnessed after being teleported to Grid’s side was a mountain of gold coins.

‘Did he prepare this for me?’

Jishuka’s long eyelashes trembled. She was touched by Grid’s event.

"This money would be used for our wedding funds.”

Jishuka’s face turned red as she imagined it.

‘Grid, dating should come before marriage.’

It wasn’t urgent to get married before they even had a chance to date. She might have a crush on Grid, but she wasn’t someone who acted prematurely.  Jishuka wanted to know more about Grid before she got married. What type of man he was during the day and what type of man he was at night…?

Then familiar voices broke through her delusions.

“Hey Jishuka. Hasn’t it been a while?”

"Have you become prettier in the meantime? Did you get a boyfriend?”

“Why does women’s armor become more exposed the higher the level? I am thankful."

Pon, Regas, Vantner, Toban, Faker, etc.  Once she returned her eyes to reality, she was able to see all of the Tzedakah members.


Grid wasn’t trying to meet her alone? The embarrassed Jishuka turned her gaze towards Grid. Grid didn’t even look at her. He was busy shoving gold coins into Noe’s mouth. Grid shouted, "Get the money! Money! This place will explode in 2 minutes and 40 seconds, so make sure you get as much money as you can!”

“...This is the reason for summoning us.”

The Overgeared members quickly grasped the situation. On the other hand, Lauel urged the blank Jishuka.

“What are you doing? Go and grab the money.”

It was a huge amount of gold coins. If they could obtain it, Reidan could overcome its financial burdens.

[62 gold has been acquired.]

[75 gold has been acquired.]

“There is a limit to picking it up one by one.”

The amount of gold coins a user could take in a single action was limited. The problem was the volume that the hands could contain.

"If Euphemina was here, she could move it all at once with Mass Teleport.”

“That... Why is she disconnected when this is happening?”

"I’ll use a shovel.”

"Should I pick it up with my shield?”

“Oh, that is a good idea?”


Lauel thought for awhile between the grumbling Vantner and Toban before using a skill.

“Dragon Claws.”


Three stone pillars appeared from the bottom of the warehouse and soon disappeared. Lauel confirmed the depths of the pit, then created wind.

“Wind Dragon’s Roar.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The wind poured the gold coins into the pit like a waterfall. The gold coins buried in the ground were not guaranteed to be safe from the explosion that would soon occur. The other Overgeared members also started utilizing their skills.

“Mach Spear!”


Vantner’s sonic spear broke the wall of the warehouse. A passage was opened to the outside.


Kuuong! Kung!

The combination of Vantner and Toban, standing side by side with their shield, was reminiscent of a bulldozer. They slowly pushed the mountain of gold coins towards the collapsed wall. On the other hand, Piaro climbed on top of a mountain with a hand plow and hoe in both hands.

"Free Farming.”

Pa pa pa pa pak!

It was amazing. The hoe and hand plow moved at a speed that wasn’t visible, extracting gold coins from the mountain. A large amount of gold flew outside the wall and piled up neatly. Amosphel, who hadn’t been able to adapt to the mood, no longer stayed still.

“Aura Explosion.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Due to the strong explosion, a hole larger than the one drilled by Pon appeared in the wall. Asmophel aimed a large Aura Tornado there and blew a huge amount of gold coins out the wall. It was an amazing sight. It seemed like they could carry out most of the gold coins in the warehouse within the time limit.

Then what about Grid?

“Oh! I will pack all of this!”

Both hands squeezed out gold coins into his inventory and Noe’s mouth. Piaro suggested that Grid was so blinded by money he couldn’t look around.

“This limited field of view is poisonous.”

Grid already knew this. But he forgot due to his boiling greed. Grid recovered quickly and observed the Overgeared members.

‘I can use skills.’

Grid had a late epiphany and let go of Noe. Tears appeared in Noe’s large eyes.

"Spit spit spit! These shiny things are tasteless! Nyang! Kuuock!”

“Taste isn’t important. Don’t spit it out and keep eating... You, why are you burping?”

“Didn’t I say I won’t eat this? Nyang!”

“No! Don’t chew it and keep it in your mouth! Like a squirrel keeps acorns!”

Noe, the best demonic beast of hell. When using Soul Ingestion, the size of his mouth could be increased freely. It was obvious that he could constantly inhale the gold coins. The confident Grid ordered Noe to obtain the gold coins, then he pulled out Failure.

'Grid, how much have your skills increased now?’

The attention of the Overgeared members focused on Grid. Piaro and Asmophel were also expectant. Grid wore the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and used a skill.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend.”


There was an emission of energy and Grid’s black hair fluttered. The red light contemplated the gold coins and he carefully swung Failure.

Kwaang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The mountain of gold coins’ balance collapsed due to the exquisite strike and poured out of the hole in the warehouse previously created by Pon and Asmophel. Piaro and the Overgeared members were amazed as they saw the gold coins pouring out like the tide.


His skills had increased. It was proof that Grid hadn’t be relaxing while acting alone for the past few months. The ability to break down the balance of things was great, even if he relied on the power of an item. As everyone was feeling thrilled, Jishuka pouted and pulled back her bowstring.

"Avoid this. Phoenix Arrow!”


It was overwhelming power. Half of the mountain of gold coins left in the warehouse caught on fire as they were blown outside. A great amount of them couldn’t withstand the high temperatures and melted, but it wasn’t regrettable. It was already 10 seconds until the warehouse exploded. If Jishuka hadn’t acted, half of the mountain of gold coins would be lost.

“Pant pant... Avoid it!”

Grid winced after almost being hit by the Phoenix Arrow, then he and the other members ran out of the warehouse. Immediately afterwards, there was an explosion that shook the earth.



“What is it this time?”

The guests gathered near the collapsed building turned their gaze in the direction of the explosion. The first prayer room beyond the waterfall was burning. The paladins shouted, "It must be the criminal who murdered the elders! Go there now!”

Damian quickly called out to them. "Wait a minute."

“Yes, Goddess' Agent.”

Damian might’ve been ignored by the elders, but he gained great support among the members. Damian spoke to the paladins who stopped.

"You will remain here and investigate. I will go there with Isabel-chan and Grid.” 

"I will follow the will of the Goddess' Agent.”

Damian was currently one of the highest ranking survivors. The paladins immediately opened the path for him.

"Let’s go.”

Damian glanced at Isabel and Grid. The Grid in this location was Randy. His shape was gradually becoming strange due to the influence of divine power. He was like Grid, but not.


The OGC team moved hastily after Damian’s group. OGC Station wanted to find out who killed the elders of the Rebecca Church. However, Damian didn’t stand still. He exhibited the swordsmanship that he developed training with Piaro and Kraugel. Then he poured our dozens of magic spells. It caused indignation among the viewers, but he didn’t hesitate.  

It was an effort to protect Grid.


"It is Pascal’s hidden wealth.”

Grid and the Overgeared members were shoving the scattered gold coins into their inventory. Damian’s expression twisted as he saw this. He remembered what Pascal had done with these riches and hated it.

"Damian, become the pope.” Grid spoke with a serious expression. He didn’t look as impressive while squatting down and picking up gold coins. But to Damian, Grid seemed to shine.

“I will surely become the pope, whom you need.”

Grid had done everything. He saved Isabel and killed Pascal. If Damian couldn’t become pope after this, he would have no pride left. Grid was reassured by Damian’s resolute eyes and laughed, “I believe in you.”


Damian was shaken. He was well aware that Grid didn’t help him for pure motivations. But Grid still believed in him? It was the first time Damian, who was an otaku, was treated like this.

“Perhaps... Would you like to join Overgeared?”

A pope becoming a guild member? It was nice to hear. However, Lauel restrained Grid.

“The Rebecca Church is supposed to be neutral on the surface.”

It was right to maintain the neutrality of the Rebecca Church, who preached their doctrines regardless of species or nationality.  It was feared that the value of the church would decline if various powers opposed the blatant favoritism.

"That's right.” Grid was sincerely sorry and held out a hand to Damian. "Well, so what if we aren’t in the same guild? It doesn’t change the fact that we are eternal companions. Join the guild after your term as a pope is over.”


He got a friend. Damian smiled with delight and shook Grid’s hands.

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