Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Earl Chirita’s third son, Pascal. He was well aware of the world’s unreasonableness, just because he was born later in the line of succession. Did he feel frustration and resentment against the world?

No. Pascal tried hard. After looking for a path, he endured the trials and only served Goddess Rebecca. As a result, his fate changed. He could soon become pope.

‘Now it is my turn to reign!’

He was ready to enjoy the end of this unreasonable world. 

Then Grid intruded.

‘Grid! You ruined my life!’

He felt resentful. His heart felt like he was going to burst. Blood was ejected from his eyes.


Pascal’s resentful gaze penetrated Grid as he started turning grey. Grid knew that curses were contained in that gaze. But Grid wasn’t afraid.

‘Curse? Try it if you want.’

He had already lived and overcame a life of hell. Even if this curse opened up a new hell, he could overcome it. It was the firm belief of the growing Grid.

"This guyyyy!”

Pascal witnessed Grid’s unshakable eyes and couldn’t hide his anger even as he disappeared. The scream echoed through the room, then new notification windows appeared in Grid’s field of view. 

[You have defeated pope candidate Pascal, who has caused heartbreak to numerous people.]

[725,477,950 experience has been acquired.]



The amount of experience was a huge 720 million! Pascal gave a truly huge amount of experience as a high level named boss. But Grid wasn’t satisfied. He seemed disappointed.

‘I thought it would be at least two levels.’

So far, Grid always gained multiple levels every time he raided a boss. But now he was level 296, so things were different.  The problem was that the amount of experience needed to level up dramatically increased. Despite having gained over 700 million experience points, the experience gauge wasn’t even half full.

This was an unexpected result.

‘Now it’s impossible to raise my level with raids alone.’

Grid had made giant leaps in level by hunting bosses alone, but now there was a limit to that method. Now grinding mobs was required. Prepare potions, go to hunting grounds, kill monsters and repeat. It was time to experience these repetitive tasks. Of course, the first hunting targets were...


The 16 remaining elders flinched as they met Grid’s greedy eyes.

“All of you.”

The ‘Blackening’ effect that belonged to the Dark Bus’ Earrings could only be used once every 12 hours. The duration was five minutes and the cooldown time was 12 hours. Unlike White Transformation attached to the divine artifacts, the Blackening built into this one artifact was incomplete. It wasn’t efficient.

Now Grid couldn’t rely on demonic power. He faced the 16 elders with pure power.

“Holy Missile!”

“Holy Wave!”

“Great Heal!”

The elders tried to resist Grid. Their determination not to suffer like Pascal amplified their concentration. Their spell casting speed was faster than before.


Grid had acquired one of the hidden pieces ‘Sealed Ability’ and his skills cooldown time was reduced by 10%. Now he was able to use Pagma’s Swordsmanship more often. After swiftly slashing at two elders, he finished with Unbreakable Justice.  This was followed by Kill.


Despite his companions using Heal on him, the elder coughed up blood on the Hooded Zip Up. He looked stunned at the blue greatsword piercing his chest.


[You have defeated the corrupt elder Haiber.]

[45,908,230 experience has been acquired.]

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]

[You have defeated the corrupt elder Sairus.]

[46,441,000 experience has been acquired.]

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]

[You have defeated the corrupt elder Raid.]



The experience of third advancement priests was terrific. It was at least 10 times more than normal monsters. It was possible because they were semi-named NPCs. It was pleasing for Grid, but the actual situation wasn’t good.

After Blackening was gone, Grid didn’t deal much damage to the elders. It was impossible to hurt them without using a skill. Grid was stuck with his skills on cooldown, so the elders were able to hold on with Heal, while aiming attack magic at Grid.



The bombardment of light continued. The number of wounds on Grid increased. The Holy Light Armor was dyed with blood and became rags.

'This can't continue.'

Grid determined and recalled the pavranium that was protecting the prostitutes. It was an unavoidable choice.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

The golden spear started to assist Grid. Sometimes it defended Grid, sometimes it attacked the enemy, doubling Grid’s attack power.


Lifael’s Spear broke the Holy Shield and the Grid attacked, lowering the health of the elders. He took mana potions and used skills whenever the cooldown ended, dealing with the elders one by one.

‘It is hard to endure!’

The faces of the elders were panicked. In the first place, priests were more suitable for secondary roles than fighting at the front. Their ability alone couldn’t deal fatal injuries to Grid. 


Grid’s rampage grew increasingly wild. His physical abilities far exceeded the elders. Of course, there was a moment of crisis, but Doran’s Ring saved him. 5 seconds of invincibility and Doran's ring.

It was like Grid had three lives. It was a fraudulent combination of his class and items.


There were eight elders left. They eventually used the worst means. They took the prostitutes trembling in the corner as a hostage.

"Don’t move a single muscle. If you move, I will kill them”

Innocent prostitutes. They witnessed a scene of slaughter and were now being threatened. It was regrettable. The elders smiled as Grid hesitated.

‘Indeed, it worked!’

‘Now we just need to hold on until the paladins arrive!’

Grid had protected the prostitutes with the golden spear. Thus, the elders assumed that he cherished the life of the prostitutes. But.

“Kill them.”


Grid once against started walking. He didn’t care that the power of the elders was aimed at the prostitutes.

“I won’t receive any damages even if they die.”

Of course, he felt bad. This was a moral issue. He might be called a psychopath, but who would accept an innocent person being swept away by the turmoil he caused. Thus, Grid did his best. He took care not to damage the prostitutes and supported Lifael’s Spear.

That was enough. He didn’t want to fail the quest because of them.

‘This is better.’

The prostitutes were witnesses. As the witnesses who saw Grid hunt Pascal and the elders, there was concern that she would bear testimony against Grid. It was better for them to die instead of Grid.

Step, step.

The frightened elders cried out as Grid approached.

“D-Don’t come closer! I really will kill them!”


The power in the fingertips of the elders pointed towards the prostitutes became stronger. Grid snorted. “Kill them?”


Grid leapt forward. The eyes of the elders widened as Grid drew his sword.

"I really will kill them!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The bodies of the fearful prostitutes were swept away by an explosion of light. Grid’s eyes sank as he identified their ashes.



A wave of energy hit the eight elders. Their speed fell and they were cut by the blue sword. After around 10 minutes of fighting.

“Pant... Pant...”

Now there was only Grid and Earl Chirita left in the room.

“P-Please! Please spare me!”

Earl Chirita staggered and begged as he approached Grid. He witnessed the helpless Pascal and the elders, and was half insane. Grid spoke coldly, "I told you. I’m the only one who will survive here.”



[Earl Chirita of the Saharan Empire has been defeated.]

[3,110,400 experience has been acquired.]

[2,000 gold has been acquired.]

[Your demonic power has increased by one.]

"This is another unexpected harvest.”

2,000 gold. It was 2.4 million won. Earl Chirita dropped a huge amount of gold from his luxurious clothing.

[The time attack quest ‘Evidence Destruction’ has been completed!]

[Rumors about you won’t spread to the Saharan Empire!]


Due to the aftermath of the battle, the room started to collapse. Grid identified the sinking ceiling and cracking pillars, before hurriedly leaving this place. 

"Master! Why do you look like this? Nyang!”

Grid escaped to Isabel’s room. Noe worried about him as he lay on the bed. It was because the atmosphere around Grid was dark. Grid stroked Noe’s head while feeling guilty about the prostitutes who died because of him.

"It isn’t a big deal.”

He forgot this fact sometimes due to his love for Irene, but this was ultimately a game world. It was good to cherish NPCs, but this could also be a poison. Grid controlled his heart. Then he looked at the items Pascal dropped one by one.

[One Goddess' Essence.]

[5 Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones.]

[7 Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones.]

[11 High-rated Magic Stones.]

[Pascal’s Secret Warehouse Key]

No equipment items dropped. It was somewhat disappointing, but Grid was satisfied enough.

[Goddess' Essence]

It was an essential material when making the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church (Reproduction). It was only a small amount of essence, but he was happy that Pascal dropped it.

[High-rated Magic Stones]

Each one was worth 4,000 gold and could be used to make magic items. 

‘The more enhancement stones I have, the better.’

None of the items dropped by Pascal were unrecognizable. Among them, Grid was particularly interested in a golden key.

[Pascal’s Secret Warehouse Key]

The key to opening Pascal’s secret warehouse.

There is a mountain of gold and silver piled up in Pascal’s warehouse.


How many riches were there for it to be described as a mountain?

‘I will become rich!’

Grid rose up excitedly. Then he received a whisper from Damian.

-It is a mess out here! Someone has killed Pascal and the elders!

-I killed him.


Grid asked the puzzled Damian.

-Do you know the location of Pascal’s warehouse?

Damian was absent minded for a moment, before replying belatedly.

-Warehouse...? I don’t know, but Pascal always uses the first prayer room.

‘The first prayer room.’

Grid didn’t delay. He ran straight towards the first prayer room.


He opened the warehouse door by inserting the key.


The brilliant gold light filled his field of view. It was painful to the eyes.


Gold was really piled up like a mountain inside the huge warehouse. It was the epitome of a dragon’s lair.

"Is this all mine?”

If he took all of this, he would have tens of billions of won. He was so excited that his sphincter muscles contracted.

“Puhahaha! I will be rich! Rich!”

The joyful Grid!

The notification window that popped out was like lightning out of the blue.

[The safekeeping system of the secret warehouse has failed to detect Pascal’s divine power and has activated.]

[The warehouse will explode after three minutes!]

[Gather as much riches as possible in three minutes.]


Things were going to well. What should he do to get as much gold as possible in three minutes? Grid thought hurriedly as he poured gold coins into the mouth of the confused Noe.

“Summon Knight.”

The system that he never used when he was a crisis, in order to save experience, was triggered.

"I have responded to My Lord’s call.”

“Please give a command."


Piaro, Asmophel and 10 members of Overgeared emerged from the light. Grid shouted, "Get the money! Money!”


Their historic first mission, after being the pillars of the empire in the past, was to pick up gold coins. Complex emotions crossed Piaro and Asmophel’s face.

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