Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Kwa kwang!


It was like being hit by a tsunami of black energy blades. The elders’ meeting room was turned into ruins in an instant.

‘Enormous damage!’

Pascal and the elders thought. The prostitutes shaking in the corner were protected by Lifael’s Spear, but the elders only had each other to rely on..

“Holy Shield!”

“Resist the Dark!”

Pascal and the others increased their physical and black magic resistance before using heals on each other. There was no room to worry about mana.  Their top priority was enduring and surviving the aggressive attack.

“The paladins will rush over when the turmoil grows! Buy time until then!”

“Don’t stop healing!”


The green light restoring their wounds and health shone without rest. It was like looking at an aurora. These were heals used by the highest ranked priests of the Rebecca Church. It could even endure a dragon’s breath for a while. But the current reality was different.

'The amount of recovery can’t keep up with the damage!’

‘This isn’t a destructive power that humans can exert! Grid is surely a demonkin!’

The +9 Failure. It was a weapon that had an attack power comparable to the Rebecca Church’s three divine artefacts. The +8 Doppelganger’s Sword. The attack power couldn’t be fully exerted thanks to the penalty, but it had the option to increase the damage of skills by 20%.

The power of the legendary skills used by these two swords was more than imagined.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The 23 elders had an average level of 300. Among them, seven were still second advancement priests with a level of 290. They were the ones severely injured.  

Black magic was the antithesis of divine power.

‘These people are the hole.’

The seven elders were torn into rags. Grid’s red light detected their weaknesses.

‘I have to finish it as quickly as possible.”

The duration of Blackening was only five minutes. If he didn’t win in five minutes, he wouldn’t be able to cope with the resilience of Pascal and the elders’ heals.

“Blacksmith's Rage.”

[Attack power will increase by 25% and attack speed will increase by 40%.]

Blacksmith's Rage was now level 4, so the duration was longer. 35 seconds. It was a golden opportunity for Grid.


He leapt over the crushed round table. He moved carefully so that the prostitutes wouldn’t be harmed.


Pit! Pipipipipit!

Several dozens of black energy swords were drawn around the seven elders as Grid narrowed the distance. Afterimages were formed because of his quick speed.


The elders didn’t even notice that they were cut.


They were bewildered for a moment. Blood simultaneously poured from the bodies of the seven elders.


“H-Help me...!”

Those struck didn’t even know it. How creepy was this? The terrified elders used Heal. However, Grid’s attack speed was much faster than the casting speed of Heal. In the first place, they shouldn’t have allowed him to get close.




The ‘5 Joint Attacks’ attached to the Holy Light Gloves and the ‘Bisect’ skill attached to Failure turned the elders to grey ash.

[You have defeated the corrupt elder Huda.]

[12,910,300 experience has been acquired.]

[Advanced priest’s clothing has been acquired.]

[A high quality emerald ring has been acquired.]

[You have killed a human in the half demon state, so demonic magic power has increased by 10.]

[You have defeated the corrupt elder Furell.]

[12,552,000 experience has been acquired.]

[Advanced priest’s shoes have been acquired.]

[You have killed a human in the half demon...]




The notification windows after killing the seven second advancement elders came to a halt in Grid’s sight. The dropped items weren’t anything special, but the experience was significant.  However, the fact that demonic power increased by 10 points made Grid uneasy.

The increase in demonic power made it possible for him to go to hell, but was that really all? Perhaps he might change species into a demon.


A green light hit Grid while he was filled with anxiety. It was a Heal from Pascal. He had aimed it perfectly after Grid took care of the seven elders.

[You have been affected by Great Heal.]

[The Holy Light Armor raises the recovery magic’s power by 300%.]

[Great Heal is a deadly poison to a half demon!]

[You have suffered 23,640 damage.]


The Holy Light Armor gave Grid absolute power. That strongest armor was now his weakness. Grid’s health gauge fell by two-thirds in a single blow. Pascal identified Grid’s pain and was confused.

‘What? It was more effective than expected?’

Why? Pascal didn’t know the exact reason, but he interpreted it in his own way.

‘The goddess is blessing me!’

For sure! Goddess Rebecca was hoping for Grid’s death! Pascal was convinced by this and his momentum rose.

“Now! Pour out your heals towards him! Give the goddess’ punishment to that wicked demon, who is trying to deceive everyone!”


All of the survive 16 priests were third advancement priests. The power of the Great Heals they used was different from the seven elders who died earlier.

Chaaeng! Jjejeong!

16 rays of green light hit Grid.  At first, Grid tried to avoid it, but he stopped in place as soon as one attack was allowed. Grid was caught by the light and hit by multiple healing magic. Pascal and the elders smiled with satisfaction at the sight. 

‘Surprisingly easy!’

'He sold his soul to the demons!’

‘Grid is killed!’

The moment that Pascal and the elders were convinced of their victory.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Rather than dying within the light, Grid started moving again.



Grid approached the astonished Pascal. It was really a tremendous speed. It was due to Quick Movements that was attached to the +8 Ideal Dagger. A blue light shot in a straight line.



Pascal’s Holy Divine Shield was crushed in a single blow. This was despite the fact that it was three times more powerful than a typical Holy Shield.

“Y-You! Why are you alive?”

Grid’s status wasn’t fine either. He was deeply wounded everywhere and shedding blood.. There was a hole in the vicinity of his chest. It wouldn’t be strange if he died. However, Grid had a passive skill.

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

Grid had long been dependent on the invincible skill, and he was now enraged.

"Rotten bastards! How can multiple people attack one person?”

“What now...? Aren’t you the one who came to attack all of us alone?”

Pascal felt that Grid was ridiculous as he used Heal on himself. At the same time, his Holy Divine Shield was restored. It was double casting. Grid didn’t stay still. Evil Spirit’s Bloody Tears had been activated and his attack power increased.

After using Wave to slow down Pascal and the elders’ speed, he was able to link Unbreakable Justice with no time difference, not giving Pascal the chance to complete the shield. Then he used his strongest skill straight away.

“Linked Kill!”


One blow to Pascal’s heart.


The second blow.


The third blow. Two greatswords stabbed at the same time. Grid smacked his lips.

‘I would’ve been able to kill him if there were two more blows.’

The number of strikes that Linked Kill dealt was random. It couldn’t be intentionally controlled. It was unfortunate. Pascal was struck in the heart and suffering from terrible pain.

"Y-You cruel bastard...!”

Grid hadn’t once frowned while persistently aiming at the heart. Now he looked like he found this delicious, so he certainly wasn’t normal.

“What right do you have to denounce and punish me, when you are just as cruel?”

Pascal cried out to Grid with an unfair expression.

"The right of the strong."

This was enough. Pascal had trampled on many weak people just because he was strong. Now he was reaping what he sowed. Pascal felt like he had been hit in the back of the head.

There were no apparent objections, so Grid wielded Failure successively. The elders used Heal to save Pascal, but it wasn’t enough. Pascal was directly hit by Linked Kill and lost almost all his health. Demonic power also infiltrated his body, so Heal couldn’t have a proper effect.

“This guy!”

The veins bulged on the balding Pascal’s head and his eyes became red and bloodshot. In one month! In one month, he would’ve become pope and reigned over 80 million people!

"Why did you appear before me...? Youuu! Kuaaaaak! I won’t die alone! Light Blaze!”

Pascal was level 330. His divine power was lower than former Pope Drevigo, but his level was much higher.  Named NPCs grew in proportion to the average level of the users. The magic that he used couldn’t be ignored.



Pascal caused a divine explosion, firing dozens of magic power rays at Grid.

‘It isn’t a big deal!’

There were still two seconds left on the invincible duration. Grid attacked without fleeing from the magic power rays.


Pascal couldn’t understand the situation at all. He meant for both of them to die, so why didn’t this person lose momentum?

"Even if you are a zombie, you won’t be able to survive this! Goddess’ Wrath!”

Pascal had no place to retreat anymore. He depleted all of his divine power and health to cast this spell. It was his final decision to end Grid who ruined his life.

Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

Two large gold circles, approximately 3m in diameter, were quickly created behind Pascal’s back. It was the magic spell that Pope Drevigo used in the past. The size of the magic circles was much smaller than when Drevigo used it, since he was lacking divine power. However, it was still enough power against the current Grid.


A brilliant flash of light was emitted from the circles. The whole room shook and cracked in the aftermath. This was the goddess’ magic that surpassed Transcended Link in terms of power. As the light shot at him, notification windows appeared in Grid’s vision.

[The duration of Invicible is over.]

Would he die?


The strength of Pascal with the healing shuttles called the elders was beyond Grid’s expectations. But the result wouldn’t change. Grid knew it from the beginning.

‘I will win.’

It had been a year and three months since the fall of Pope Drevigo. In the meantime, Grid had made considerable progress. Regardless of the variables, it was impossible for Grid to be defeated by Pascal, who was on the same level as Drevigo.

“Freely Move!”

It was the skill attached to the title ‘Secret Hero.’ There were limits to the range of use, and the cooldown time was one hour.However, it was a top dashing skill that allowed him to avoid all non-targeting skills until he reached his target.


Grid rushed towards Pascal. He turned in the air and avoided two flashes of light from Goddess’ Wrath.


His raging demonic power concentrated on Failure and the Doppelganger’s Greatsword.

“This is ridiculous!”

His magic couldn’t hit the target in front of it? The greatswords fell towards the astonished Pascal.


[The level of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle has increased.]

[The amount of damage done to the target and the mana consumption will increase.]


“Kuk...! Kuaaaaak!”

Pascal screamed. The elders determined they couldn’t save him and used Heal against Grid.


It was immediately after Invincible and Freely Move ran out. He only had one health left and 16 rays of green light were aiming at the unprotected Grid. Would he die now? No. Grid was no longer the helpless person who tasted countless deaths.

He was careful and clever... No, it was common sense. It was easy to calculate.

[Dark Bus’ Earrings have been turned off.]

[The effect of Blackening will disappear.]

[You have been affected by Great Heal.]

[The Holy Light Armor raises the recovery magic’s power by 300%.]

[Your health has been restored.]

[Your health has been restored.]

[Your health...]


Shortly before dying. Pascal was happy at the thought of having Grid as a companion on his journey of death, only for his expression to twist. Grid was close to death, only to be restored by the elders’ Heal.

“This is crazy!”

It was Pascal’s last call before he turned to ash.

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