Chapter 270

Chapter 270

“Duke Grid! What are you doing outside today?”

It was Pascal, who was accompanied by his men. A person needed to bend in order to obtain anything big. Pascal was determined to obtain Grid and completely abandoned his pride.  He placed his disgrace deep into his heart and acted politely to Grid. He also didn’t forget to have a bright smile on his face.


Pascal instructed his men to drop the treasure chest. His eyes shone.  It was because he found Lifael’s Spear.


The false smile that concealed his anger inside transformed into a real one.

‘Isabel seems to have finally died.’

She was just like a cockroach. It would be more comfortable if she died.

‘It feels like a 10 year blockage has finally been relieved.’

Rebecca's Daughters were meant to follow commands. They should be controlled. In that sense, Isabel, Rin, and Luna were truly troublesome. The former Pope Ruiz, who led the church to the light, and the former Pope Drevigo who corrupted the church. These girls served both popes, so they grew to a level where they could judge right and wrong. Rather than obeying orders unconditionally, they questioned it.

It was serious.

‘They are tools.’

For Pascal, who planned to make the Rebecca Church a part of the Saharan Empire, the current Rebecca’s Daughters were an eyesore. But now Isabel was dead, so his worries had disappeared. He would give Lifael’s Spear to a new owner, then order Rin and Luna to be removed in turn.

‘Finally, my world will come.’

He felt like he was flying with joy. Pascal’s heart wanted to burst out. But he refrained after looking at Grid. Grid was looking at him with cold eyes. "A girl who had her life sucked out for Goddess Rebecca and the church has died. Why are you so happy?”

‘Sucked out?’

Pascal’s face distorted. He wanted to beat Grid up for using such words to diminish serving the noble goddess. But what about all his patience so far?

Pascal barely repressed his anger and opened his mouth. “As you have said, Isabel is a child who has served the goddess and the church for all of her life. That child is heading to the goddess’ side... She can serve the goddess forever in the world of the gods and live happily ever after. I am happy and proud, so I can’t help smiling at the thought.”


Grid couldn’t stand the nonsense. Pascal handed him the treasure chest.

“I wish you would accept this today.”

[Pascal wants to give you 1.8 million gold. Would you like to receive Pascal’s gift?]

[If you receive the gift, you must unconditionally accept one of Pascal’s requests.]

"Damian won’t be pope anyway. What can he do if he wins the hearts of the congregation? There are only 100 senior priests with voting rights and at least 80% of them are already mine. Duke Grid, please look at the future and make a wise choice...”

“I don’t want it.” Grid interrupted Pascal’s words. “I have no intention of holding hands with you, when just looking at your face makes me nauseous.”

Grid hated Pascal. This was because Pascal resembled those who tormented him in the past. He couldn’t erase the image of Pascal bullying Damian and Isabel in his mind. He would never hold hands with Pascal, even if he was given 100 million gold. In the first place, political issues were also intertwined.

“That’s too bad.”

The smile had disappeared from Pascal’s face. His patience had reached its limit.

“Then is it fine to stop talking nicely? For the past few days, I have done my best to be friends with you, but you always mock my efforts and insult me. Don’t you know the meaning of courtesy?”

“Why should I be polite to you? Don’t you usually enjoy mocking and insulting your opponent?”


Grid’s attitude showed that he wouldn’t be persuaded. Pascal was nervous and spoke bluntly.

"Tell me what you want! I’m willing to give you whatever you want as long as you join my side! What would make you hold my hand?”

“You will give me anything?”


"Hoh, isn’t this very tempting?”

There was finally a nibble. Pascal was delighted and prepared to listen to Grid’s requirements. Grid told him, "A thousand trillion.”


A thousand trillion? Was it the name of a treasure?

‘It is the first time I’ve heard of it?’

Grid spoke again to Pascal, who was struggling to understand.

"Give me one thousand trillion gold. Then I will be your true friend.”

“This is crazy!”

He reflexively exclaimed. One thousand trillion gold was the empire’s treasury. No, it was an astronomical sum that would wipe out all the treasuries of the nations on the continent. Grid demanding such a ridiculous amount showed he wasn’t normal.

“What? Crazy? You said you would give my anything I want, but I’m crazy?”

“Ah, no. I became delirious due to my shock...”

Grid waved his hand at Pascal. He didn’t want to hear any excuses.

"The negotiations have collapsed. Then let’s each go our own way.”

Grid reached for Lifael’s Spear. It was for the purpose of moving to the smithy. Then the silently watching Kamiyan aimed his sword at Grid’s neck.

“Leave Lifael’s Spear. How long is an outsider going to carry the item of the church?”


Grid’s eyes sank as he looked down at the shining blade.



“This is the second time you’ve pointed a sword at my neck. I’m the duke of a kingdom.”

Kamiyan ridiculed him, “So what? Will you run to Wiesbaden, your king, and tell on me?”

The knight of another nation was disparaging his king. How heated would Grid become? Kamiyan deliberately tried to provoke Grid.  Grid would lose his temper and be unable to use his skills properly. But his intentions came to naught. In the first place, Grid didn’t have much loyalty to the king.

“It’s good that you called my king’s name as if he was the next door neighbor’s dog.”

Grid grabbed Lifael’s Spear.

[White Transformation is activated.]

[You don’t have any divine power. White Transformation has failed to be activated. Side effects will occur to your body.]

[You have resisted.]

"You can’t afford to play with me.”

The reason that Grid couldn’t attack the elders and Pascal was due to the Goddess’ Curse. On the other hand, what about Kamiyan? He wasn’t a priest of the Rebecca Church.

There was no reason to hold back.

"Let’s go.”


Grid knew the strongest spearman, Pon. He had watched Pon fighting. In fact, they had sparred many times. Grid had developed an incomplete method of Pon’s spear technique.


The spear moved in a diagonal manner, causing Kamiyan’s sword to be deflected downwards.


Kamiyan was surprised by the naturally flowing spear and stepped back. Grid extended his right leg back in this gap and stabbed the spear forward.


[Lifael’s Spear’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘Light Wheel’ to be generated.]

[Lifael’s Spear’s option effect is activated, dealing an additional 5,000 damage to the target.]


Kamiyan couldn’t believe it. Grid’s stab suddenly shifted to a circle. It was an irregular attack that even those with ‘Keen Senses’ couldn’t respond to.

"Cough! Cough!”

Kamiyan was hit in his waist by a heavy blow, causing him to fall down while coughing up blood.

‘Such power...!’

Kamiyan was stunned. The pain was as if his bones were broken, while his internal organs felt like they were going to burst. This was the power of a myth rated weapon and skill.

“T-this is impossible...”

Pascal was astonished as he watched Kamiyan. Red Knight. One of the strongest knights on the continent fell down so easily? There was something even more surprising.

"H-How can you use Lifael’s Spear?”

The Rebecca Church’s three divine artifacts were available only to selected beings. They needed to have innate transcendent divine power. The person also needed to pray to Goddess Rebecca for at least nine years. Finally...

‘They needed to be a woman!’

Pascal shouted.

“Y-You...” Grid remained impassive as Pascal turned pale blue. "Grid, you! Are you a woman?”


It was the most uncomfortable phrase Grid had heard since he was born. It wasn’t even worth arguing about, so the 181cm tall and sturdy Grid tightened his grip on Lifael’s Spear. He really meant to kill Kamiyan.

Pascal couldn’t accept it and used Heal. Kamiyan was able to recover thanks to this and rose from his spot. There was fear on his face as he fixed his sword posture.

‘I has been a long time since I’ve seen Heal.’

Heal in Satisfy was much better than in usual games. It was because too much had to be given up in order to become Rebecca’s priests. There were very few users who chose to become a Rebecca priest.

‘There are too many eyes watching.’

People were flocking to the garden. Grid believed that killing Kamiyan could adversely affect Damian’s election, so he withdrew.

"I will leave it for today.”

Kamiyan’s eyes glared at he gazed after Grid who was leaving leisurely.

‘Kill...! I will kill you Grid!’ 

The reason he was defeated today was due to his carelessness. He never dreamt that Grid could use a divine weapon.

‘Damn bastard!’

The wound in his side was causing him severe pain. He felt nauseous. Kamiyan pledged that he would make Grid kneel in a week when Earl Chirita back.

“Then I am going.”

The smithy inside the Vatican. The weapons for paladins were produced here. Grid held the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer in his hand.

“Shall I begin?”

Ttang! Ttang!

Lifael’s Spear. The weapon that a god made was reinterpreted by human hands.

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