Chapter 271

Chapter 271

Combat. In particular, replaying battles where one was defeated was a big help to their growth.

Kamiyan closed his eyes and replayed it.

‘When Grid decided to stab me.’

What if he didn’t defend, but decided to push forward instead?

‘I would still be hit. If Grid hit me from the side, the result would be the same.’

What if he backed off?

‘I would still be hit. At that time, Grid was already narrowing the distance between us with the maximum stride.’

No matter how he looked, defense was the best choice. However, the problem was that Kamiyan’s swordsmanship couldn’t defend against it.

‘It took an instant for the straight orbit to change into a circle.’

The spear flying in a straight line changed to a circular orbit just before it his his sword. Honestly, it gave Kamiyan goose bumps. He was able to feel that Grid was an expert with the spear.

'I have to respond with a skill.’

If he used Super Armor, he could defend against the attack. Then he would be able to counterattack while Grid was being pushed back.

‘Then I would’ve been the winner.’

He was hesitant to use his trump card in the first battle. He didn’t use the skill, so the result was a defeat.

“Dammit... I didn’t think it would hurt so much.”

He wore the Red Armor, but he couldn’t even survive one shot. The attack power of Lifael’s Spear was beyond imagination. It was truly a divine artifact.

‘It was a wrong fight from the beginning.’

Kamiyan hadn’t expected that Grid could use Lifael’s Spear. Therefore, he wasn’t vigilant and didn’t respond when Grid retrieved Lifael’s Spear. From there, the flow passed onto Grid. It was unfair.

‘Isn’t he a swordsman?’

Several members of the church had witnessed Grid fighting against Drevigo. There were also elders among them. The elders had explained what happened. Grid was said to use a greatsword. Then how could he use a spear?

‘In addition, it’s Lifael’s Spear!’

Wasn’t Lifael’s Spear a weapon that could only be used by a few ‘women’ who received the goddess’ divine message?

“It’s really annoying.”

The biggest cause of his defeat was ‘wrong information.’ This error-prone information planted useless preconceptions and caused him to lose.

‘I should’ve assumed that Grid could use Lifael’s Spear.’

Then he wouldn’t have been hit so hard!


Kamiyan gritted his teeth. It was enough to drive him crazy. He was boiling with anger. The anger was unleashed through his sword, as he trained.

“Grid! Next time will be different! I will be alert! I will show you the true power of the Red Knights!”

It was evaluated by the enemies that the current Red Knights were weaker than they were in the past. It was inevitable. The former Red Knights had the great swordsman Piaro, so the current Red Knights without Piaro were judged to be one level lower. Duke Limit had never once won against Piaro. But that was a story of the past.

‘Lord Limit is now over Piaro.’

It was clear that the Red Knights who studied under Duke Limit had also surpassed him. In order to prove it, the Red Knights had to be undefeated. Kamiyan was determined to beat Grid.

“You will see soon!”


Kamiyan’s sword was covered in aura and smashed the large rock. He became even stronger. 



The legendary blacksmith and the best swordsman after Sword Saint Muller. He was known to be able to handle all types of weapons. The same was true for Grid, who inherited his power. But to even be able to use the three divine artifacts of the church...

“This is very frustrating.”

Pascal needed to quickly determine Isabel’s successor. Pascal planned to raise his position by appointing a girl he secretly fostered as the new Rebecca’s Daughter. But the problem was that Grid would definitely not hand over Lifael’s Spear.

“...Damian, that bastard.”

This must be Damian’s trick. He asked Grid to protect Lifael’s Spear in order to contain Pascal.

“I won’t be hit by such a trick.” Pascal went to meet the elders. He made them write an order for Grid to return Lifael’s Spear. "Grid, even you can’t violate the official order of our church.”

If the command was broken?

‘Then it can’t be helped. You will be considered an enemy... Huh?’

Pascal held the order while heading towards the smithy.



Pascal stumbled across Damian, who was campaigning. Damian was raising the atmosphere with the help of that fellow called Huroi, who was like a charlatan. Pascal was upset when he saw Damian.

“You! Lifael’s Spear is a divine artifact of our church! How could you give it to Grid illegally? You have to clear this up or you will be punished!”

Damian didn’t understand. “What are you saying? The current owner of Lifael’s Spear is Isabel-chan. She is the one who left it directly to Grid...”

"Shut up!"


"Isabel is already dead! So the ownership of Lifael’s Spear returned to the elders... Heok?”

Pascal suddenly closed his mouth. He looked like he had seen a ghost. His complexion was worse than when he wondered if Grid was a woman. It was because he saw a woman with brightly shining platinum hair approaching.

“What’s the fuss?” The woman questioned. It was Isabel.

“W-What is this?”

Isabel wasn’t dead? Rather than dying, her color was completely recovered and she was walking fine on her own? Damian asked the stunned Pascal, "Isabel-chan is dead? Have you finally become senile?”


How did she suddenly recover her health after dying?

‘Things are going terribly wrong!’

Some unknown actions were occurring in a place that he couldn’t see. This was a serious problem. Pascal held his head as he tried to understand the situation. Then he saw something dropping. It was hair. The stress that occurred since Grid appeared led to hair loss.

Hwaduk. Hwaduuk.


A bunch of hair fell every time he touched his head, causing Pascal’s anger to escape.


This person. Things started to become twisted the moment he appeared. Pascal could no longer tolerate Grid’s presence. He nervously tore up the order he just had written.

‘Grid! You are now my enemy!’

It was thoroughly decided. Damian and Isabel felt a sense of catharsis after seeing Pascal’s state and clapped.


[Light Wheel]

Stabbing, hacking, cutting, etc.

Any type of attack will be linked to a circular attack. The target won’t be able to escape this irregular attack.

* The hit rate is 100%.

* Contains the light attribute.

This skill gave Lifael’s Spear a 100% hit rate. There was no resource consumption or cooldown time. This skill had a ‘high’ chance of activating during a general attack, and the power was really fraudulent.

“I thought it wasn’t good because there was no additional damage.”

It was a miscalculation.  Thanks to the extraordinary high base damage of Lifael’s Spear, the option of a 100% hit rate was huge.  It was enough to knock down a famous Red Knight with one hit.  It was an unexpected result even for Grid.

‘Lifael’s Spear. This is the majesty of a myth rated weapon.’

But there was one regrettable thing.

“A spear doesn’t fit with me.”

Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 3 When deactivated, it increased Grid’s attack power by 32%, the chance of a critical attack by 22% and the damage of a critical attack by 15%. When activated, it allowed him to use active skills such as Kill, Link and Transcend.

However, this was on the condition that it was a sword type weapon. The skill wasn’t activated when weapons other than a sword type were equipped. It was a sad fact for Grid.

‘I have to give up on using Lifael’s Spear for myself.’

However, he scheduled it to be included in Grid’s set. It was for Pon, the guild members, and the soldiers who used the spear as their main weapon. That’s right. Grid planned for a day when the guild members and soldiers would wear Grid’s set.

“Kukukuk! Puhahahat!”

Overgeared Kingdom! Grid felt a thrill at the people who would praise the cool name, while the soldiers of his fantastic kingdom would wear the Grid set.

“That person... Isn’t he scary?”

“Right? I think so as well.”

“He doesn’t seem like a normal person...”

The smithy inside the Vatican. The blacksmiths muttered as they felt an negative energy coming from Grid. Their eyes weren’t good as they looked at Grid. But Grid didn’t care about the gaze of others. No. To be precise, there was no need to worry about it. His mind was solely focused on Lifael’s Spear.

Ttang! Ttang!

Lifael’s Spear was completely disassembled over two days. Grid tried to figure out the hidden structure of the spear through the process of reassembly. He spent a few days studying the spear in the smithy.

The process of observation, disassembly and assembly were tirelessly repeated. Thanks to his natural talents of ‘persistence’ and ‘concentration,’ Grid was able to immerse himself in the tedious process without ending it. The result...

[Your understanding of Lifael’s Spear  is now at 100%!]

[Blueprint: Lifael’s Spear has been acquired.]

[Experiencing every detail of a myth rated weapon will raise your skills to the next level!]

[The level of all skills related to production will increase by one.]

[(Witness of God’s Weapon) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill has evolved into (Understanding of Gods’ Weapons) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill.]


Including the time he spent with Isabel in her room, he achieved this in 11 days. The hidden abilities didn’t appear as he expected, but he grasped how to use the Goddess' Essence and various skills were strengthened. No, that wasn’t all. He had acquired the design of a myth rated item.

Grid was just as happy as when he obtained Piaro and Asmophel.

“First of all.”

Right now, he had no material to make Lifael’s Spear. But...

Grid made a meaningful smile and grasped the hammer again.

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