Chapter 269

Chapter 269

‘This... perhaps?’

At that moment, something passed through Grid’s head.

‘Goddess' Essence!’

The Goddess' Essence was an unknown item dropped by Pope Drevigo. He had neglected it for over a year. Grid pulled it out of his inventory.

‘It is unlikely that Drevigo would’ve dropped a useless item.’

Drevigo wasn’t a typical boss. He was a person who had a big influence on Satisfy’s story. The man who ruined Satisfy’s first religion, the Rebecca Church. What was the probability that the liquid he dropped was simple water?


The name alone made it sound special. Grid thought about it. The reason why he unsealed Lifael’s Spear. The cause of Pascal’s appearance. The cause of the elders sympathizing with Pascal’s cause...

It was all due to Drevigo.

‘It’s highly likely that the item dropped by him is a solution to this.’

This was originally a game. The items that the final boss dropped were often clues to overcome despair.

“I shall check it.”

Grid decided and opened the lid of the small glass bottle. Then he placed one drop of it on Lifael’s Spear.


The moment that Lifael’s Spear made of adamantium and the Goddess' Essence met.


A bright blue light emerged and filled the small room.

“Ah!” Isabel exclaimed.

Grid gazed at the beautiful light before turning to her. A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[The information about the Goddess' Essence has been updated.]


Five days had passed with no news from Crow. Kamiyan was forced to admit it.

‘Crow has died.’

At first, Kamiyan was dubious. Crow's assassination skills were the best. It was difficult to imagine that he failed in his assassination. But on the fifth day, it was obvious that Crow had failed.

'Stupid, you spoke such confident words.’ 

Anyway, things had become clear.

‘Grid’s strength is on the same level as me. There is no doubt.’

Even more.

‘I have to be careful.’

Grid hadn’t announced that there was an assassination attempt. It was like he had never received the assassination threat. It was a clear sign of his willingness to remain calm until he figured out who was behind it.

‘I thought he was ridiculous when he treated Pascal and the elders in that way, but he’s actually a fox.’

A tricky bastard. To be praised by members of the church while having individual power...

‘Pascal’s gift attempts are failing every day. It isn’t good to drag this out longer.’

Kamiyan shifted his gaze out the window. Damian and Huroi were still campaigning today. They were a nuisance.

‘Especially that person called Huroi...’

His speaking ability wasn’t common. He quickly took control of the hearts of the church members. Some of the senior priests bought by Pascal now seemed to favor Damian. If Huroi called dog feces a drug, they would believe it.

‘I will deal with it personally.’

In one week. The event that took place exactly 30 days before the pope election. The pope candidates would give speeches to the priests of the Rebecca Church scattered across the continent, as well as the nobles.

At that time, Earl Chirita of the Saharan Empire was going to attend. Pascal's father was different from Pascal. He got rid of any risks.

‘I have to receive his support to hit Grid.’

He acknowledged that Grid’s individual power was superior. However, Grid’s total power wasn’t good. It was a Rebecca’s Daughter who might die today, Damian, and the orator Huroi. It would be easy to take care of him if Kamiyan joined forces with Earl Chirita.


[Goddess' Essence]

A liquid that contains the divine power of Goddess Rebecca. It is simple liquid to the general public, but it is a poison to those who possess black magic power and a miracle drug to those who serve the goddess.

When mixed with minerals, it will maximize the viscosity of the minerals and improve the mineral’s unique functions. In addition, it will inject divine power.

Weight: 0.1

'Maximizing the viscosity? Does it mean like clay? This would make it easier to shape the item.’ 

The secret of the spear combination was hidden here.

[Your understanding of Lifael’s Spear will increase by 40%.]

[You have discovered the hidden secret of the item! A great achievement!]

[Insight has increased by 30.]

[Intelligence has increased by 30.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill has improved. When you observe an item, the understanding of it will increase.]

“Wow. Amazing.”

Grid was delighted. He was pleased that he had uncovered the purpose of the Goddess' Essence and the secret behind how the spear was joined. Now he also received bonuses.

‘Even more.’

Grid turned to stare at Isabel. Her complexion had noticeably improved. It was the healing effect caused by the ripple that occurred when the Goddess’ Essence touched Lifael’s Spear.

‘First, save Isabel.’

This was imperative. Isabel needed to be healthy to be separated from Lifael’s Spear.

‘Then I can proceed with the disassembly and assembly process.’

The mission was clear. Grid rose from his spot. He handed the Goddess' Essence to Isabel, who admired it.


Isabel refused, “I-I don’t want to.”


“I can’t receive such a precious thing.”

“Aren’t you at the crossroad of life and death? Just drink.”

"I don't want to."

"Why won’t you drink it? Just drink a drop.”

There was 1 ml of Goddess' Essence. The volume of one drop of water was 1/20ml, so it meant there were 20 drops. Isabel’s health improved because of just one drop resonating with Lifael’s Spear. Isabel could be healed if she drank one drop directly.

Grid was confident. But Isabel was stubborn.

"I appreciate the courtesy, but I don’t want to be beholden to you anymore.”

"No, isn’t it just one drop?”

"I don't want to."

The last five days. Isabel had many conversations with Grid while they were alone. In the process, she discovered something. Grid was already married. She couldn’t look at Grid in this way anymore. Isabel suppressed her feelings for Grid. In order to do so, she needed to draw a line. She didn’t want to receive Grid’s kindness anymore.

Grid shrugged as she bowed her head. “Isabel, aren’t you misunderstanding me?”


“The reason I helped you is because it benefits me. It isn’t unconditional goodness. So don’t be mistaken and drink it right now. I'm busy.”

Isabel was too embarrassed to refuse after Grid’s words.

“Come on.”


Isabel accepted the small glass bottle from Grid. Then she hesitantly raised it to her mouth. She was concerned that she would accidentally drink several drops.

‘She has become very timid.’

Originally, Isabel was a very willful girl. But she suffered thanks to Drevigo and Pascal. She was a tool, not a human, and was going to die... She had listened to those words for a while and couldn’t help changing. She truly was a poor kid.

Grid sighed and took the bottle from her. He placed a drop of liquid on his finger and raised it to Isabel’s mouth.



Isabel’s face reddened. A man. Furthermore, the man wanted her to lick his finger. Her mind became complicated.

“Ah really, do I have to feed it to you directly?”

Grid shoved his finger into Isabel’s lips.


Combined with the title effects, Grid’s dexterity was over 2,300. Isabel shivered as Grid’s finger entered his mouth. The sensations that she felt for the first time stirred her body and made her dizzy.


The thick and solid finger touched Isabel’s uvula...


After a moment.

“Hah... Hah...”

The drained Isabel collapsed on her bed. A warm blue light wrapped around her body. The Goddess' Essence was immediately effective. Her platinum hair started to shine beautifully again, while her rough skin became transparent and smooth.

“Really pretty. Now if you can just recover your old figure.”

Isabel’s faced turned redder at Grid’s compliment. She covered her face with both hands and gasped for breath, while Grid wondered.

‘Her status is odd.’

Her health is recovering. But why did she look more tired?

Dok. Dok dok.

As Grid was feeling puzzled, a homing pigeon tapped on the window. It was a homing pigeon sent by Irene. Grid received the letter before taking Lifael’s Spear.

"You said there was a smithy here? I will go to the smithy, so you rest here.”


Isabel’s eyes were wet as she peeked at Grid through the gap in her fingers. It seemed like she was eager for something. Her eyes were enough to remind him of Irene in bed.


Grid involuntarily swallowed his dry saliva. It was to shake off his raunchy imagination.

‘It seems that the process of restoring her health is quite pleasant.’

Grid thought and left the room.


Noe was sunbathing on the windowsill in the corridor. Grid looked at the cat rolling around on his plump stomach like he was pathetic.

"Tsk tsk, I gave him a job, but he’s just sleeping.”

Grid wasn’t aware that an assassin had come after him five days ago. It was a pity for Noe.

[White Transformation is activated.]

[You don’t have any divine power. White Transformation has failed to be activated. Side effects will occur to your body.]

[You have resisted.]

The notification windows kept popping up. 

Before heading to the smithy, Grid stopped in the garden and put down Lifael’s Spear. Then he sat on a bench and opened the letter.

[I can feel the movements of the child in my belly. Every day is mysterious and fun. I want to share this happiness with you soon. Dear Husband, what do you want your child to be interested in when they grow up?]

[Answer your wife’s question. This will affect the child’s abilities after they are born.]

‘I don’t like number four.’

Grid had a negative opinion of religion thanks to Drevigo and Pascal.

‘I don’t want number six either. The child might turn out like Jude.’

Among the remaining options, the most attractive one was...


Grid thought that his child would become the estate’s labor force when they were older, and started to write his reply. He wrote that he loved Irene and then gave his answer.

‘I will go to her once I finish my work here.’

Grid finished the letter and tied it to the leg of the homing pigeon.


The homing pigeon flew towards the south west. It was the direction of Winston. As Grid was looking after the pigeon, someone approached.

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