Chapter 498

[You have dealt 205,000 damage to the target.]

[20,500 fire damage will be dealt per second for 13 seconds.]

[The magic has been fired at close range. The explosion effect of Fireball is maximized.]

[You have dealt 410,000 damage to the target.]

[The blow has caused bleeding (large) in the target’s affected area.]

[The target has resisted.]

[The target has been affected by the ‘confused’ state.]

[The target has resisted.]


Grid dealt a counterattack to Latina. The mental shock she suffered was larger than the physical.

‘What? This guy with weak magic power...!?’

The direct descendants of Beriache inherently had high magic power. Among them, Latina’s magic power was exceptional. The humans classified as great magicians were just small fry in front of her. Then how did this human hit her with magic. There was no chance. It was impossible.

Yet Grid did it. He was someone with only 2,000 intelligence! Did Grid have something special?  No, it was because Braham’s pure magic was so powerful. The magic wasn’t called ‘enhanced’ for nothing. The white-haired Grid. In other words, Braham, trembled.

"My magic does such terrible damage... This is the limit of a stupid body.”


Latina’s eyes widened with surprise. The human in front of her. His atmosphere had completely changed from a moment ago.

‘This tone...'

The arrogant expression and eyes. Even the impression of the magic power gave her the creeps. Above all, the dark red eyes.

“No way. You are?”

Latina hurriedly withdrew as she speculated. The white-haired Grid smiled at her.

“It has been a while.”


There were originally 10 direct descendants, rather than nine. But the vampires didn’t mention the 10th. Braham Eshwald. They didn’t want to think about that lunatic who was exiled.

“You... What are you doing here?”

Braham called the clan a ‘lazy and useless race’ and wanted to destroy them. There were countless clan members who died because of him, including Elfin Stone’s fiance. Latina loathed Braham. She also feared him. Braham looked at her shrieking self and laughed.

"Can’t you see this face? Right now, I am borrowing it. This face isn’t mine. Otherwise, how could you forget your brother’s face?”

"Shut up! Don’t joke around with that filthy mouth!"

The more frightened a beast, the more they barked. Latina showed her survival instinct and summoned new undead. They were on a different dimension from the previously summoned skeletons and zombies. More than 200 Skeleton warriors, skeleton mages, and ghouls simultaneously rose from the ground.

The surprising thing was that a death knight was leading the undead. It was a impressive skeleton in black armor and holding a burning sword.

‘This looks serious... Isn’t it dangerous?’

Grid was concerned, while Sehee and Yerim shrank back.

-Oppa, I can’t do anything to the senior undead because my level is low. I will support you with buffs and heals as much as possible.

Sehee sent a message in the party chat to the white-haired Grid.

“I don’t need help.”


Was this her brother? His tone was completely different from usual. His appearance had also changed. His manly look had become a pretty face that could only be seen in manhwa. The rumor was that the white-haired Grid was a completely different entity from the original Grid. The white-haired Grid looked at the confused Sehee.

'I can’t feel it yet. She is still beginning.’

At times like this, he thought it wouldn’t be bad to show it in advance. Saintess, a unique being who could destroy him. If he didn’t want to suffer later, it was better to appeal to her now. Braham decided and spoke to Grid.

'Manipulate the God Hands. Move according to my intentions.’

Braham was requesting cooperation? It must be because the opponent was a direct descendant. Grid felt tense and replied.

‘Believe in me.’


Could Braham trust him? He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t believe in Grid. At the same time.

“Advance to the beat!”

Kurung! Kung. Kurururung.

Latina’s magic power started to roar loudly. It was refined like a melody and became music.

[The stats of Latina’s summoned undead has risen. The movement speed will greatly increase.]

[The stats of all living creatures will fall.]

[You have resisted.]


The strengthened undead started to advance. The undead overcame one of their biggest weaknesses, the slow movement speed, and quickly surrounded Grid’s party.


The white-haired Grid didn’t look back at Sehee and Yerim. t wasn’t that he didn’t care. He knew that he had an obligation to look after them. Nevertheless, the reason he didn’t look back was because his goal was to win before they were in danger. The white-haired Grid pointed to the death knight at the forefront.

“Hit it at once!”


Grid responded to Brahan’s request and ordered Noe and Randy. Noe, Randy, and the God Hands assaulted the single death knight. The result was terrible.

[Your pet ‘Noe’ has attacked Death Knight Buratan.]

[Scratch has dealt 8,300 damage to the target.]

[Your pet ‘Randy’ has attacked Death Knight Buratan.]

[Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Linked Kill has dealt 36,000 damage to the target.] 

[God Hand (1) has attacked Death Knight Buratan.]

[You have dealt 2,500 damage to the target.]

[The effect of the Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir has dealt 3,800 divine damage to the target.]

[The effect of Holy Weapon has dealt 500 divine damage to the target.]

[The effect of Holy Impact deals an addition 3,800 + 500 damage to all ‘evil’ targets within 5 meters of the target hit.]

[The God Hand (2)...]

[The God Hand (3)...]

[The God Hand (4)...]

[The effect of Holy Impact deals an addition 2,700 + 500 damage to all ‘evil’ targets within 5 meters of the target hit.

[Your pets ‘Noe’ and ‘Randy’ have been affected by Holy Impact and suffered 13,900 damage.]

“Nyang! It hurts!”



Noe and Randy were creatures. They were classified as evil creatures and were hurt by the divine power. Grid overlooked the fact that they were close to the God Hands and were hit by the splash damage. Grid felt guilty as he saw Noe and Randy struggling with the pain.

"Is stupidity a difficult disease to fix?”

The white-haired Grid scoffed and used magic. He concentrated the explosion at the area affected by successive Holy Impacts. In other words, Grid precisely aimed the magic at Death Knight Buratan. It wasn’t any special magic. The magic that Braham could use with Grid’s current magic power was limited.

This time it was once again Fireball (Enhanced). However, the power of this Fireball was different from the previous one. The explosion effect was attached to Braham’s enhanced Fireball.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The explosion effect of Fireball was maximized, generated a huge shock at the point of impact. The undead’s movement speed was greatly reduced and Latina was also shaken. In a short period of time, Braham calculated the way that her upper body would lean and fired Magic Missile (Enhanced) with no time difference.

Continue, continue, continue. He fired until his mana was completely depleted!



“Ugh! Kiyaaaaaak!”

The scary thing about Braham’s basic spells, the mastered versions, was that there was no casting time. Latina’s shield was quickly consumed and her health decreased. Braham criticized her.

"This is the end of your laziness.” A lazy person didn’t develop, would be left behind and eventually become prey. "This way will just lead to the decline of our clan.”

If they were going to be destroyed anyway...

"Become my food.”

[You have no mana.]

[You have failed to activate Magic Missile (Enhanced).]

This notification window popped up. Then Grid’s hair and eyes turned black as he reached Latina. The undead that should’ve protected Latina? They were scattered across the floor due to the combined effect of Holy Impact and Fireball’s explosion. The death knight and some sturdy undead were rushing over, but it was too late. Grid took a mana potion made by Reidan’s alchemy facility and performed a sword dance.

“Open Rune of Darkness. Blackening. Blacksmith's Rage. Quick Movements. Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

“You! Brahammmm!”

A ghost was bothering her! Tears poured down Latina’s face as Holy Weapon, Holy Impact, and Pinnacle Kill hit her. At the same time, Latina counterattacked, piercing Grid’s chest with her nails that were surrounded by blood magic.

[You have suffered 133,300 damage.]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

[The target that attacked is evil. Holy Explosion will return half of the damage received.]

Latina's counterattack. It was more deadly to her because she had been prepared to die in order to kill the enemy. But she was a direct descendant. She didn’t die easily.

“Life Drain... Heok?”

Latina attempted to reverse the battlefield by absorbing Grid’s health, only to be shocked.

‘This guy doesn’t have any health?’

How was he still moving?

“You! Are you a zombie?”

"Linked Kill Wave, Linked Kill, Transcended Link, Kill, Link, Pinnacle, Wave and Transcend.”

Grid attacked during his 5 seconds immortal state. He disregarded whatever Latina did and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship continuously. The storm of brilliant skills effects wrapped around Grid and Latina, forcing Sehee and Yerim to stare at the battle that was on a different dimension. Then after a while, their vision was dominated by multiple notification windows.

[Owner of the 8th city, Vampire Viscount Latina is forced to sleep after exhausting all her powers.]

[The level of party leader ‘Grid’ has risen!]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired Latina’s Necklace.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired the Direct Vampire’s Pajamas.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired 3 blessed weapon enhancement stones.]

[The party leader ‘Grid’ has acquired 5 blessed armor enhancement stones.]

Up to this point, it was the information windows that Sehee and Yerim saw. The followed notification windows were only for Grid.

[Latina’s strength is engraved on the Rune of Darkness.]

[You have sealed three of Shizo Beriache’s direct line. The title ‘Qualification of a Blood King’ has been acquired.]

[Qualification of a Blood King]

It is the qualification to be the king of all the direct descendants.

You will give a sense of pressure to ordinary vampires. The abilities of general vampires fighting against you will decrease by 10%.

You will give a sense of hostility to true blood vampires. The abilities of all true blood vampires fighting against you will increase by 10%.

Direct vampires will be interested in you. The chances of meeting a direct descendant will increase. Gaining favorability with direct descendants will be relatively easy.


Qualification of a Blood King. The name was cool but the effect was uncertain. Grid grumbled and asked Braham.

‘Is this good or bad?’

'It’s naturally bad. Why do you want to become friendly with such trash? I am the only worthy vampire friend.’


Why was he so sensitive? Grid couldn’t understand the sulking Braham.