Chapter 497

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[A senior vampire was destroyed.]

[A senior vampire was destroyed...]

[The title ‘Vampire Slaughter King’ has been obtained!]

[1,000 fixed damage will be dealt every time you attack a vampire!]

“Wow... Heok! Wah! Woohoo!”

Grid let out different cries of excitement. The strength of the God Hands, the items, and the Saintess combined together was constantly surprising him.


Every time Grid moved.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The God Hands that were granted Holy Weapon and Holy Impact struck four vampires with the Mjolnirs, causing dozens of vampires to be simultaneously damaged. Simply put, Grid only had to lightly move for dozens of vampires to collapse.

‘Crazy! This is really crazy! A scam!’

It was so easy to hunt! The excited Grid suddenly became uneasy.

'...Will I get my account suspended?’

It was the crime of making an illegal macro called the God Hands...

“Hah, I am a man.”

The God Hands were so outstanding that he felt guilty. Items that could wear all items, move by themselves, and kill monsters. They didn’t even have the concept of stamina. He wondered if there were any better items in the world!

“How did Oppa think about creating such items? Completely amazing! So cool!” Yerim cheered. 

Grid didn’t have to lift a finger as Noe, Randy, and the God Hands slaughtered the vampires. It was similar to an absolute player portrayed in movies. Watching him was really exciting. On the other hand, Sehee’s appreciation was different.

“It feels more like a Chinese workshop that I saw in the news...”

Chinese workshop! It was a place where Chinese people gathered in large numbers for infinite hunting. Their goal was to hunt quickly with pets and dispose of the the items gathered for money. 

"...Well, I should take a break.”

Grid ignored Sehee’s words and sat down. It was to restore his fallen stamina. Noe, Randy, and the God Hands continued to hunt while he was taking a break.

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[Experience has been acquir...]

Grid was filled with joy as he watched his experience keep rising during his break.

"It feels like I’ve achieved a dream from a long time ago...”

“What dream was it?”

Sehee replied instead of Grid to Yerim’s question.

"President of vice.”

He kept making money while pushing his employees to work, then he spent that money freely. Grid had dreamt of being such a person.

“I’m ashamed when thinking about it now...” Grid scratched his cheeks. "Of course, my dream is different from then.”

As his life became richer, his mindset expanded, and his perception changed little by little. He didn’t want to exploit the weak now. Sometimes, he felt like wanting to help. Recently, he even gave 3,300 won to a sponsorship program at Uni X.

‘I don’t know if I will go to Heaven after death.’

He really was a good person. Then Sehee asked him.

“Is the last boss in that building?”

There were only seven buildings in the 8th city. The number of vampires sleeping in each building was small, making it much smaller than the other cities. However, the total amount of experience was similar. This meant that the average level of the vampires was higher than the other cities and Grid was only to conjecture that the 8th city’s boss was a high noble.

"That's right. Now only the boss is left.” Grid confirmed that his stamina was recovered and stood up. Then he said to Sehee and Yerim. "From here on, I will go alone.”

If the city’s boss was a baron~viscount level, he would be able to raid it one-on-one. He was now strong. But he wasn’t certain about earls or higher. In particular, it was dangerous if a direct descendant showed up. Sehee and Yerim couldn’t die. Sehee and Yerim expressed doubts about Grid going to the battlefield alone.

"Won’t we die anyway if Oppa fails the raid?”

"This is a dungeon that we can only escape if the boss dies or we do. In order to increase our chances of escape, isn’t it better to fight with you?”


It made sense. In the end, Grid opened the door of the last building with Sehee and Yerim. Randy, Noe and the God Hands returned to his side after clearing the vampire remnants.

‘I will succeed in the raid.’

He was stronger than ever. He was confident about facing Kraugel during his prime. The moment Grid was burning with confidence.

[The owner of the 8th city, Vampire Viscount Latina has appeared.]

At the end of the red-carpeted hallway. A dark haired woman was sitting on a throne. She was an obvious beauty, but her ice-cold skin and blue lips gave off a bizarre feeling.

"Oh my, there are humans? Prey has arrived after a long time.”

Latina smiled as her red eyes shone. She waved her hand once.



The ground split apart and zombies appeared.

Clack! Clack clack!

The joints of the skeletons made bizarre sounds as they approached. The zombies staggered and stared with hollow eyes. There seemed to be 1,000 of them.

“What is this...?”

A vampire that was a necromancer? Braham warned as Grid shrank back from the zombies’ sickening smell.

‘Latina is one of the nine direct children born from my mother.’


It was the worst. The moment Grid’s heart sank.

[The vampire viscount Latina has released a sweet magic power.]

[You have become confused.]

[Your spirit can’t endure it. Mana regeneration rate will decrease by 80% and magic resistance by 50%. There is a chance that skills was fail to activate.]

[Your arms and legs don’t have any strength.]

[Attack power will decrease by 50% and all speeds will decrease by 30%.]

[You have resisted.]

'The kids...!’

Grid hurriedly looked back. He was worried about Sehee and Yerim. How confusing and scary would it be for the kids to see the creepy skeletons and zombies? Grid was concerned, but Sehee and Yerim were fine. No, they were excited.

"They are undead.”

“The skeletons are cute.”


They didn’t shrink back, despite seeing the 1,000 skeletons and zombies? In addition, the pressure didn’t have an effect on them? The moment that both Grid and Latina were feeling confused.

“Light of Repentance.”


Sehee gathered her hands together and prayed. Light poured from her and cleansed the whole area. The skeletons and zombies were surrounded by a warm light and fell to their knees, shedding a few tears before turning to ash.

[You have killed a monster by yourself.]

[The level difference with your party members is ignored and you will receive 100% of the experience.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]


The undead were at least level 250. She made 1,000 undead fall to their knees and destroyed some of them? Grid was overwhelmed by Sehee’s unreasonable strength. Yerim was also tough. She placed divine buffs on her body and smashed the undead affected by Sehee.


Grid was at a loss for words and Braham’s trembling voice was heard in his ears.

‘The Saintess can even destroy the souls of the great demons. Trivial undead can’t raise their heads in front of her.’


There was something that Braham, Iyarugt, and the great demon Hell Gao had in common. It was the fact that even when they died and lost their bodies, the soul didn’t disappear.

‘Is the soul of the demonkin immortal?’

Only the Saintess could destroy the soul. Grid was thrilled as he realized that Sehee’s value was much higher than expected.

‘Latina is pitiful.’

Braham felt sorry for his sister.


‘What is this?’

Latina was one of the nine children directly born from Shizo Beriache. She had a lowly title because she avoided the annoying responsibilities. Her power was absolute. In particular, she was the only one of her brethren who could rule over the dead, which resembled the power of first great demon Baal. Thus she was very proud of herself. Until Marie Rose appeared, she believed that she could reign over all the vampires. 

The great Latina was now embarrassed by humans. Humans. They were a species that was the vampire’s prey.

‘Originally, they should’ve collapsed at the sight of me...’

One male and two females. They weren’t ordinary. Rather than kneeling before her great magic power, they stood upright and even made the dead kneel. It was a situation she couldn’t understand.

‘No, I heard there are some strong people among the humans.’

Hundreds of years ago, there were some scandalous people praised as legends. She never saw them directly, but perhaps these humans were in the same class.

‘What rubbish.’


Latina grinned wickedly and shouted to the dead.

"Get up and fight!”

Kikik! Kik!


The skeletons and zombies on their knees slowly started to raise themselves. Latina increased the amount of magic power to the undead, causing the low level power of the Saintess to not work anymore.

“Hohoho! This is it!” Latina used the momentum and shouted, "Kill them all!"

Creak. Kik!


The skeletons and zombies headed for Grid.

“As expected, we’re still not helpful. Oppa, have strength. Holy Weapon. Holy Impact.”


The God Hands floating next to Grid were covered with a white light.


Peok peok peok!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The buffed God Hands started beating the undead with Mjolnir. Latina opened her mouth as she saw the bone fragments and rotten flesh scattered all over the place.

“Why is it so easy?”

It didn’t make any sense. Latina suddenly noticed the human male. He seemed to be the ones controlling the floating golden hands.

‘It’s annoying, but I have to go out directly.’

Latina decided and flew towards Grid. Her body turned to smoke and she approached Grid without a sound, stabbing her sharp nails towards Grid. But Grid’s Sword Ghost was faster than her nails.

“The bait was taken.”

Grid laughed at the amazed and puzzled Latina. As his hair turned white, he placed his hand on the defenseless Latina’s face and shot a Fireball.