Chapter 496

"It isn’t the 6th floor.”

The 6th floor was the residence of Grid’s family. This was what Grid had said in a magazine interview. He lived independently in the penthouse.

"Yes, I’m aware of that. I have paid attention to Grid’s interviews. Since I’m also a Grid fan...”

"Haha, right now, most people are his fans.”

Thus, they needed to get Grid. Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo passed the 6th floor and headed straight to the 7th. The 7th floor was a rooftop. It was a rooftop with a lawn. There was a small pond with carp, a table made of high quality wood and impressive flowers swaying in the breeze. This garden scenery calmed the minds of anyone who saw it. It was beautiful.

At the end of the garden, there was a small house with an outer wall made of glass. This was Grid’s rumored penthouse.

“Wow... This is killing me.”

“I would like to live in a place like this someday. I think it will be possible in my next life.”

The experts commentated that Grid was an emerging ‘chaebol.’ (TL: A large family-owned business conglomerate.) 

Indeed, such a great person would live in a special place like this. Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo couldn’t close their mouths. They were looking around the rooftop when they heard a woman’s voice.



Her ebony hair, snow-white skin, and mysterious atmosphere enhanced her beauty. Her big eyes were as deep as a lake. The person who came out to meet Lee Gookrae and Park Jongsoo was none other than Yura. The most beautiful woman in the world. She finished off the intelligent yet sexy look with a white shirt and black skirt. She was so beautiful that they felt their minds go blank. The rooftop garden was nothing in front of her.

Lee Gookrae and Park Jongsoo were baffled by Yura’s beauty, but Lee Gookrae recovered first. This was the power of a married man with a loving wife.

“Why is Yura here?”

In the past, Yura had visited OGC Station in relation to Grid’s broadcast. She had raised Grid’s price, so Lee Gookrae couldn’t help feeling nervous. He gulped as Yura smiled at him.

"Is it strange that I’m here? Can’t you vaguely guess the relationship between Youngwoo and I?”


They were lovers!

‘I’m envious...’

Grid had wealth, fame, and a beauty. The director might be a married man, but he couldn’t help envying Grid’s life. PD Park Jongsoo was a solo and his jealousy soared into the sky.

‘In my next life, I must be born as Grid.’

As the two men were confused by the misunderstanding, Yura sighed quietly. She thought it would be nice if Youngwoo was her lover as they thought.

‘In reality, I’m just his property manager...’

Yura shook her head and turned away from reality. She smiled again and led Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo to the table on one side of the garden.

Tak. Tak.

The sound of the small spinning wheel placed in the pond next to the table was heard.

"Do you want to broadcast Youngwoo-ssi’s hunting process?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

There was no need for long words. Lee Gookrae promptly responded to Yura’s question. In response to this, Yura immediately presented the conditions.

"The amount you have to pay is 20 billion won. In addition, you can’t monopolize the broadcasting rights. You will have to share it with Bunny Bunny, who runs a private station.”


Park Jongsoo was upset. They had to pay 20 billion won just for footage of hunting? It wasn’t even an exclusive! This was a complete mockery of the industry.

‘Of course we will refuse.’

PD Park Jongsoo was disappointed.

“...I understand. I will write up the contract right away.”

But Lee Gookrae showed an unexpected response.


Was he senile? PD Park Jongsoon somehow swallowed down his words as Lee Gookrae sighed.

"There is no discount.”

In fact, OGC Station had prepared a blank check in exchange for Grid’s ‘exclusive’ hunting broadcast rights. They judged that it was worth it. If they could exclusively disclose the secret behind Grid’s levelling that the world was curious about, they could raise the awareness of OGC while also earning an astronomical amount of advertising revenue.

Honestly, 20 billion was a small amount. This was even considering the fact that they had to share the broadcast rights with Bunny Bunny. But there was one thing he wanted to emphasize.

“We paid 5 billion won last year for the broadcast of Youngwoo fighting the Red Knight in the Vatican. What did Yura say at that time? You will give OGC ample rewards. Didn’t you say that you and Youngwoo-ssi would actively appear on OGC? Then what about after that? You refused several love calls from OGC. It’s very sad."

The thing that Lee Gookrae wanted to say was very simple.

"I hope we can further develop our relationship with this deal. From now on, please respond to OGC’s love call.”

Yura’s answer was simple. "If you create a program worth appearing in, I will review it positively at any time.”

Worth appearing in! It meant she had no intention of appearing in a trivial program.

‘The programs that we devised are insignificant...!’

OGC was called the best gaming broadcasting station in the world, so this stimulated Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo.

“Okay... I will surely make a valuable program. A wonderful program that you will emerge in!”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

It was a year later the legendary programs that would be popular in South Korea and worldwide were produced.


"Is it really like this? You’re able to send away a person who flew from the United States so easily? Huh?”

The world’s top gaming BJ, Bunny Bunny. He wanted to obtain Grid’s broadcasting rights, coming to a faraway foreign land to sign the contract he wanted. It was a contract to cover and broadcast Grid’s hunting process. Of course he was happy. On the other hand, he was also agitated. Grid never left the capsule!

“Really too much! Not showing your face to someone who came all this way!”

Yura responded to his agitation.

“Do you think you can think like a ranker? They are people who play the game while reducing meal time and sleeping time. I can’t interrupt Youngwoo-ssi’s time, even if the president of the United States comes.”

In fact, Yura’s situation was no better than Bunny Bunny’s. She was generously donating her time to help him, but Grid didn’t even have time to drink a cup of tea with her.

‘It makes me sad when I think about it.’

Had she ever been treated so poorly in her life? Now her pride was stimulated.


Bunny Bunny was surprised when he saw Yura’s sudden sulky expression.

"It’s amazing that you can make an expression like this.”

"I am amazed myself.”

Her feelings for Grid were unfamiliar. It was fun and complicated. Yura’s smile was more beautiful than ever as she thought this.


Overgeared Two. The name of the secondary Overgeared Guild. It was clearly a sloppy name. Many people laughed and made fun of it. However, the members who belonged to Overgeared Two had no major dissatisfaction with their name. Originally, it was supposed to be called ‘Overgeared Workforce.’

"The average level of Overgeared Two, which was launched after merging with the Silver Knights Guild, has finally exceeded 200.”

Most of the production classes belonged to Overgeared Two. The levelling speed couldn’t help being delayed. It was very encouraging that the average level now exceeded 200. It proved that the party hunting of the Overgeared Guild was more active than expected. In addition, the Overgeared Guild could produce a wide variety of items in the future.

Lauel planned to amplify the guild’s morale with a magnificent celebration.

“How will we celebrate?”

"A simple way to celebrate the collective effort is to fight and win. Let’s fight. We will win and share the joy of victory.”

It was a guild that started with a small number of elite members. It took a considerable amount of time to settle the guild and it looked like a social group on the surface. However, this was just a big misunderstanding. Originally, it was a group intended to take advantage of Grid as a king, gain power, and gain benefits.

War was natural.

"Grid is currently stuck in the vampire cities. Is it the right time for a war? What crazy words are you saying?”

"Now is the perfect time for a war.”

Currently, the world was concentrated on Grid. It was a perfect time to move the troops. Lauel unfolded a map of the Eternal Kingdom and pointed to one place. Patrian. A fortified city situated on the border of the north and west of the Eternal Kingdom.

"Everybody knows that it has been difficult to make contact with the north after Aslan took the throne.”

Aslan’s containment against Grid wasn’t blatant and proceeded slowly. On the surface, he acted like he wanted to maintain a good relationship with Grid. But this was just a two-sided strategy. Every time Aslan sent gifts to Reidan, the taxes in the north rose slightly. Every time Aslan sent a letter to Grid, the roads connecting the north and west were closed one by one. It wasn’t easy to raise a fuss because the reason was always plausible.

Lauel could no longer stand it.

"It’s very likely that our territory in the north, Bairan, will be isolated. From then on, King Aslan will reveal his true colors.”

Before that, they had to capture Patrian to connect the north and the west.

"Will it be as easy as it sounds? When we invade Patrian, King Aslan will send troops to Bairan. Then won’t we completely lose the north and be isolated in the west?”

"Hah, foolish Vantner.”

Lauel patted Vantner’s bald head. Then he explained, "Have you forgotten that the ruler of the north is Grid’s father? Marquis Steim will keep King Aslan in check. The ones we should be cautious about are other players, not King Aslan.”

Once the Overgeared members invaded Patrian, the players would receive a quest to defend Patrian. From this point on, the Overgeared Guild would be categorized as a hostile force to the Eternal Kingdom. Then all the players belonging to the Eternal Kingdom would receive a quest against the Overgeared members.

"The key is to slow down the timing of the quest. In that sense, the best time to invade is when the players are focused on Grid.”

They would align the time of the invasion for when Grid’s hunt would be broadcasted. The audience rating of the broadcast was likely to be equivalent to that of the National Competition. There were countless people who wanted to solve the question behind Grid’s levelling speed. It was obvious that the number of people connected to Satisfy would be reduced as soon as Grid’s hunting broadcast started.

“Our march will be relatively secret and we can take control of the empty Patrian in an instant. Do you understand now, ignorant Vantner? Kukukuk!”

Lauel covered half his face with his hand and was playing out the chuuni role alone. Thanks to this, he could be faithfully immersed in his role.