Chapter 495

“Wow... There is unconditional wide area divine damage.”

Holy Weapon added 500 divine damage to every strike he made. The effect of Holy Impact was overwhelming. Dealing 100% of the divine damage to all evil targets in a 5 meter radius. This result transcended common sense. Every time Mjolnir smashed a vampire, four to nine vampires around it suffered from divine damage at the same time. It meant he had the power to harm not one enemy in one blow, but multiple enemies. 

However, it was a strength with many preconditions, such as the target needing to be evil and to possess divine power.  It was truly perfect if these preconditions could be established. Currently, Grid established all the preconditions.

The vampire city and Mjolnir. Everything was perfect.




Kwa kwa kwang!

A white light exploded whenever Mjolnir was swung. The pained screams of the vampires echoed through the building. The vampires were confused.

“What is this...?”

“There’s no access!”

There were only three invaders and 400 vampires. If they could cover the invaders, they could get rid of them in an instant. However, it wasn’t possible to hit the invaders all at once. Whenever one vampire was beaten, many of their peers fell bleeding at the same time. It was hard because their formation continued to collapse. The true blood vampire ‘Tigol’ watched the situation from the back and paid attention to Sehee.

‘That human is the problem. Well, I can easily solve it.’

If it was difficult to approach, shoot with magic. The simple solution was to use a spell.


A sphere of blood was summoned and shot towards Sehee.


It was at a tremendous speed. There was a bang from behind enemy lines and then the blood sphere appeared in front of Sehee. Sehee was upset but not afraid. She believed in her friend Yerim!


Yerim had been standing guard next to Sehee. She threw herself in front of Sehee. The blood sphere hit a brilliant silver shield. It was the shield that Grid produced in the past. It was an improved version of the Divine Shield and boasted high magical resistance. But the level of the true blood vampires in the 8th city was 350...

Yerim was only level 180 and couldn’t fully absorb the attack.

[The attack has exceeded the damage absorption ability of the Small Divine Shield!]

[Only 5,800 damage has been absorbed!]

[The durability of the Little Divine Shield has dropped to 190!]

[Lofty Will has been activated. You have avoided death.]

[You have suffered 13,050 damage.]

[You have received a lot of damage with one blow and have fallen into the ‘stunned’ state.]


A high level hunting ground was too hard. Yerim had less than one-tenth of her health left and was frustrated and worried about Sehee. Youngwoo was currently surrounded by hundreds of vampires. He couldn’t afford to help.

‘I... I must...’

"Ignorant human girl! Receive my magic!”

The vampire Tigol was furious at the failed assassination attempt. This time, she created two blood spheres and fired them at Sehee again.


A Saintess wasn’t invincible. She was strongest in buffs and heals, but her defense was weak. It was the Saintess’ Knight that covered this deficit. However, Yerim was stunned and couldn’t fulfill her role. Sehee had buffed Grid and the God Hands and was in a state where her mana was temporarily depleted.  It was difficult to use Discipline, which restored the status conditions of party members and Hope, which restored the health of the target. Both Yerim and Sehee were in a crisis, indicating that their combat experience was still lacking.

“Why did you use so much mana? You should always leave some behind to handle emergencies.”

Sehee and Yerim closed their eyes tightly when they saw the flying blood spheres. Then Grid’s voice was heard in their ears.


Sehee and Yerim opened their eyes at once.


They saw Grid being hit by the blood spheres in order to defend them.


In the end, Grid suffered. They didn’t like this situation. The women felt guilt and helplessness as Grid was hit by a powerful explosion and shed blood. Then Grid’s large hands stroked their small and soft heads.

“Don’t worry. This much isn’t anything to be afraid of."

Grid was wearing the Holy Light set that minimized magic damage. Despite being hit by two blood spheres from the true blood vampire Tigol, he only lost 15,000 health. Grid took a potion to restore his health and precisely aimed his sword at Tigol floating on the ceiling. Then he used Transcended Link.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

10 black energy swords that dealt 150% of Grid’s attack power went flying.


Tigol was sweating nervously, but she didn’t lose her smile. She might not be a direct descendant, but she had the blood of a noble lineage. She believed that she couldn’t be defeated by humans. She summoned a shield of blood and confronted Transcended Link head on.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The collision shook the building. Noe and Randy, who had been blocking the advance of the vampires while Grid was absent, as well as the vampires all stumbled. Indeed, it was a huge shock. However, Tigol was safe. She had fully defended against Grid’s Transcended Link!

‘The degree of difficulty is higher than the 7th city?’

Grid was startled. He hadn’t expected a true blood vampire to compete with his fusion skill. But he wasn’t nervous. Grid found it interesting.

‘Will she give more experience?’

Tigol became furious at Grid’s smile.

“Human! Know your position!”

This time, Tigol produced three blood spheres. However, she failed to launch the spheres as they exploded. 

An old man bent over. It was the aftermath of Iyarugt appearing and cutting at Tigol.

“Kuock! N-No...?”

Reaching here without her knowing? Tigol looked at Iyarugt with a distorted expression. But Iyarugt didn’t even look at her. To Iyarugt, Tigol was at the level of stepping on weeds.

“Damn bastard. Summoning me just to kill these things.”

Grid ignored the grumbling Iyarugt and gave commands to Noe, Randy, and the God Hands.

"Stay here and kill the remnants with Iyarugt.”



Noe and Randy agreed and Grid left the building with Sehee and Yerim. They headed to the next building. His experience constantly rose every time Noe, Randy, and Iyarugt killed the vampires.


“W-What is going on?”

The experience buff for the Korean players ended yesterday. But Grid’s levelling myth didn’t end. His levelling speed was even faster, despite the experience buff disappearing. Level 314. Before they knew it, Grid was at the entrance of the top 40 rankings, causing the world to feel astonishment and doubt.

Where was Grid hunting, with whom, and how was he hunting that such speed was possible? There were people who wanted answers to these questions.


"This is Grid’s building.”

“Doesn’t it cost 10 billion won?”

“Having a building like this at a young age. I’m envious.”

"I feel respect rather than envy. This is a product of Grid’s efforts. I should’ve worked harder in my youth.”

The outskirts of Seoul. A black luxury sedan stopped in front of a seven-story building that looked modern and contemporary. There was nothing special in terms of structure, but the blue exterior was quite sophisticated and neat.


People got down from the car and looked at the building. They were Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo from OGC Station.

“Are you certain Grid is inside?”

"Yes, it is certain. According to the testimony of the tenants, he hasn’t gone out in recent days.”

“Indeed... He’s too busy raising his level. Okay, let’s give it a try.”

Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo entered the building. They wanted to board the elevator to go to the penthouse where Grid resided, but it was impossible.

“What? The buttons end at the 5th floor? What about the 6th floor?”

“Maybe the owner has a separate elevator.”

Grid was a celebrity. It was normal to have a minimum of privacy.

“Kung... We should’ve gone to the guardhouse.”

“It would be much more difficult to speak to Grid if we have to go through the guardhouse. We tried calling for three days, but there was no answer.”

"Ah... Yes, let’s use the stairs on the 5th floor.”

The two men decided to press the button for the 5th floor. After a moment, the elevator stopped at the 5th floor.



The 5th floor had black marble floor and walls. The high ceiling with chandeliers was a splendid sight. It was like the entrance of a luxurious hotel.

"It’s quite well built...”

"It seems like solid contractors built this.”

"By the way, where are the stairs to the 6th floor?”

Exit signs couldn’t be seen in the hall. There were only six doors that were presumed to be for officetels.

"Isn’t this a violation of the building codes?”

The moment that Director Lee Gookrae spoke. A door opened in the innermost part of the hallway and a grey-haired foreign person appeared. His body had large muscles and he looked like a mixed martial arts fighter. He was like a leopard. The impression was fierce and dirty.

“Who are you? Why was there no contact from the guardhouse?”

He chewed gum while asking the question. He looked somewhat familiar? PD Park Jongsoo recognized him first.


“Toon? Ah! The Beast Master of Overgeared!”

In reality, he had been part of the Italian mafia. Why was he here?

"What do you want?”

Toon glanced at them sharply.


Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo gulped at the same time. They were overwhelmed by the look in Toon’s eyes. Their knees weakened.


Director Lee Gookrae took out a business card with trembling hands and introduced himself.

"I am a director of OGC Station, Lee Gookrae. We came to meet Shin Youngwoo to discuss broadcast related matters. Can we meet Shin Youngwoo?”

Director Lee Gookrae vaguely became aware of something. Toon was actually in charge of protecting Grid. He rented out the entire 5th floor to stay near Grid.

'This seems much safer...’

The security was on a different scale. Toon paused for a moment before opening one of the six doors in the hallway. Then he unlocked another door that appeared. Now the emergency staircase leading upstairs could be seen.

“Go up. Bunny Bunny is already there."

“Bunny Bunny!”

The world’s leading BJ, which had more influence than a decent TV station, had come to South Korea?

‘He got to meet Grid?’

The player might be stolen. Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo hastily ran up the stairs.