Chapter 494

[You have entered the Vampire’s Underground City (8).]

[The entrance of the dungeon is blocked. Contact with the outside world will be blocked.]

[You can’t escape the dungeon until you have died or kill the dungeon boss.]

"Hehe, this is the instant dungeon that I’ve only heard about.”

“It’s a completely separate space that isn’t tied to another? I’m glad there will be no other people around.”

"There are no men to feel inspired by... Mmmm~ Well, it’s nice that I won’t be disturbed on my date with Youngwoo oppa!”

It was Sehee and Yerim’s first time in an instant dungeon. Grid became nervous at their excitement.

“You reached level 180 without entering an instant dungeon? Have you done a proper raid?”

"Our gameplay time was too short. We had to avoid content that required investing a lot of time.”

“I’m glad the first experience is with Oppa. Another first time with Oppa...”

“Yes, I will teach you how to drink next year.”

"Ah~ That isn’t the first time I am talking about.”

"Yes, yes.”

“Oof! Oof oof!!”

Yerim stomped her feet and waved her arms after Sehee blocked her mouth. Grid couldn’t help laughing as he watched them.

‘It is nice to see they are getting along. I hope they keep this innocence.’



Insulting him all of a sudden? Grid became angry at Braham’s words.

“By the way, isn’t it very dark?”

Sehee barely calmed Yerim down and opened her mouth. The city didn’t receive any light, not allowing her to see inside it. In this state, it was likely they would be defenseless against attacks from monsters. Sehee wanted to use light magic until she heard Grid’s words.

"Over time, you will gradually adapt to the darkness. It’s easy to become the target of monsters if we turn on the light. It is better to go slowly.”

“I see.”

Sehee and Yerim admired the advice that was based on Grid’s experience. They believed that Grid’s was the world’s best player, making his words plausible. 


Sehee and Yerim’s eyes shone like lanterns as they gazed at him. It was a lot of pressure for Grid.

‘I’m nervous.’ Making a mistake in front of his sister... 'I have to maintain my pride as the older brother. Braham, please support me well. Understood?’


Braham replied with silence to Grid’s request. He had been less talkative since entering the city. It was as if he was hiding his existence.

'I don’t want to scold you. Why are you acting like this?’

Braham was surprised to learn that Sehee was a Saintess. Did he have bad memories to do with a Saintess?

‘Indeed, in the first place, the name of a Saintess is fatal for demonkin.’

Grid thought about it as he moved forward. The monsters that appeared before they arrived at the city were the vampires’ familiars. In an ordinary situation, he would move forward without hesitation. However, he was now together with Sehee and Yerim. In order to keep them out of danger, Grid moved as carefully as possible, slowing down his speed.


The silence continued. Grid carefully lead the way while Sehee and Yerim silently followed him. The atmosphere naturally became heavy and tense. Sehee and Yerim realized it again as they saw the serious Grid.

‘That’s right. The monsters here are at least level 300.’

'We might be holding Oppa back rather than helping him. We have to be careful not to be a burden.’

They controlled their excited minds. Sehee and Yerim were clever girls, so they avoided doing anything that would be a nuisance to Grid. They responded to Grid’s cautious attitude.


How much time passed? As their eyes became accustomed to the darkness, the structure of the city started to come into view.


The big-teeth wolves sensed the approach of humans and waited for Grid’s group to arrive. The timing was perfect and Sehee and Yerim were caught by complete surprise. Even some level 300 rankers would panic!


Sehee hurriedly raised the +7 Wooden Staff. It was to protect her body from the wolves’ claws. Saintess’ Knight Yerim immediately used the skill ‘Sacrifice for Saintess’ in order to receive the damage instead of Sehee. But their actions were meaningless. Grid’s actions were much faster than theirs.





Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 3. When deactivated, it increased Grid’s attack power by 32%, the chance of a critical attack by 22% and the damage of a critical attack by 15%. When activated, it allowed him to use active skills such as Kill, Link, and Transcend.

In other words, Grid’s swordsmanship was extremely powerful even with Pagma’s Swordsmanship deactivated. It was a disaster for the targets he judged were so weak that he didn’t need to use active skills. The wolf about to attack Sehee were struck by Grid’s sword and its health fell sharply. The wolves started to run away.

Grid didn’t miss any experience. He had the God Hands chase them and finish them off.

Bam bam bam!

The golden hammers smashed at the wolves’ head like a garlic mill. The sight was cruel and overwhelming. Sehee and Yerim felt admiration.


"A strong monster was defeated easily! So cool!”

Grid shrugged it off. "They’re pretty weak. They’re the familiars of the weakest vampires living in the city.”

The real fight was after entering the city.

"I will protect you. Don’t fall too far behind, stick together, and follow me.”


Sehee and Yerim’s expressions stiffened at the same time. They realized that they were already a burden to Grid. It was unacceptable. They came here to help him, not interfere!

"No, Oppa just needs to look in front.”

"We will take care of ourselves. Oppa just needs to hunt.”

They weren’t weak people who couldn’t understand the situation. Sehee had the passive skill Upright Heart that blocked the access of the demonkin and undead. In addition, Saintess’ Knight Yerim had strong attacks that would hold off the enemies as much as possible. At the very least, they could protect themselves.

In the first place.

"The vampires won’t be able to pay attention to us. Holy Weapon. Holy Impact. Holy Armor. Holy Explosion.”

[Divine damage has been added to party leader ‘Grid. This will last for 5 minutes.]

[Divine splash damage is applied every time party leader ‘Grid’ attacks. This will last for 3 minutes.] 

[Additional defense against evil will be added to party leader ‘Grid.’ This will last for 5 minutes.]

[There will be an explosion of divine fire every time party leader ‘Grid’ attacks.] This will last for 2 minutes.]

'Splash damage? Explode?’

It was different in many ways from Huroi’s buffs. The effect?

‘Well... I can’t expect much.’

Sehee was only level 180. She was an excellent healer due to the percentage heal, but as a buffer? He didn’t have any great expectations. In fact, the additional bonus damage shown in the status window was only 500. It meant he could do a fixed 500 damage to the undead and demonkin whenever he attacked. The effect of cumulative damage was undeniable, but it didn’t have a dramatic effect. It was honestly pathetic compared to the 3,800 divine damage of the +10 Mjolnir.

But he wasn’t disappointed. He was just grateful that his sister was thinking of him and working hard.

“Then I’m starting.”

Grid entered the city. He stood in front of a building that was like a cathedral. There were around 400 coffins in the building. It was fewer than the buildings in the 7th city, which had at least 500 coffins.

‘This is better.’

Too many vampires meant it was difficult to protect his sister.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid acted without hesitation. In order to reduce as much vampires as possible while they were sleeping, he used Linked Kill Wave.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The vampires sleeping in the coffins received a storm of damage. Many vampires died and the others that woke up flew at Grid. Grid brandished his sword as usual at the vampires. Then he was shocked.

[You have dealt 6,730 damage to a junior vampire.]

[The effect of Holy Impact deals an addition 500 damage to all ‘evil’ targets within 5 meters of the target hit.]


Originally, splash damage had a narrow range. It was natural.  A convenient wide area damage that could attack multiple enemies without a single loss of damage?  It was a complete scam. The balance would collapse. Sehee’s Holy Impact was one that could collapse the balance. Currently, she only added 500 holy damage. But what if she raised the skill level and did damage in the thousands?

Imagine it...

‘Dealing wide area damage with every hit? It’s crazy. Really crazy.’

A vampire approached while Grid was in shock and scratched him.


[You have suffered 3,300 damage.]

[The target that attacked is evil. Holy Explosion will return half of the damage received.]



The vampire who attacked Grid suffered from a sudden explosion of light. On the other hand, Grid was fine.

[Saintess Ruby has restored your health.]

‘This is a scam.’

It was looking at it objectively, not because she was his sister. At this moment, Grid realized that he was mistaken when he thought he fully understood the value of Saintess Sehee. Yes, he was mistaken.

[Saintess Ruby has used Holy Weapon and Holy Impact on the God Hand (1).] 

[The God Hand (1) has attacked a junior vampire.]

[The effect of the Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir has dealt 3,800 divine damage to the target.]

[The effect of Holy Weapon has dealt 500 divine damage to the target.]

[The effect of Holy Impact deals an addition 3,800 + 500 damage to all ‘evil’ targets within 5 meters of the target hit.]


The result of adding the power of a Saintess to the God Hands was amazing. The effect was remarkable enough to break the common sense of ‘common sense destroyer’ Grid. Grid was so surprised that he hiccuped.



Once Holy Weapon and Holy Impact was granted to the God Hands, they ran wild and started slaying the vampires. It was the moment when Grid’s hunting speed became at least six times faster.