Chapter 493

 “Ah, this is the case.”

The secret of Grid’s leveling up speed was the ‘experience buff potion’ obtained from the Reputation Store. The moment that all the potions were consumed, Grid’s levelling speed would return to normal. In addition, it was estimated to be very soon. The chance of obtaining an experience buff potion from the so-called ‘drawing game’ was less than 1%, making it hard to secure in large quantities. The number of experience buff potions that Grid had was very limited.

People who read these articles felt refreshed. The question of Grid’s nonsensical levelling speed was solved. After feeling relieved, they felt deceived.

-It’s really nice that it isn’t a bug. The game is truly without bugs. And God Grid is a bit ahead.

-What ahead~ He is just relying on potions in the end~

-Class, items, and now potions -_-;; He really only depends on systems.

-Based on the content of the article, Grid’s levelling speed is very low without the experience buff potions.

-He was level 306 during the National Competition and it was the same a fortnight later.

-Without the potions, Grid’s ranking would be lower.

-Grid is relying on potions and taking positions away from the poor rankers. 

-Right now it might be unfair, but don’t the rankers also have access to the Reputation Store? They can also rise if they obtain experience buff potions like Grid.

-Grid will be pushed out of the top 100 rankings ㅋㅋㅋ

-Grid might not even be in the top one billion. ㅎㅎ He has an inferiority complex when looking at people better than him. His standard is really low.

-In the first place, why is Grid obsessed with the rankings? Didn’t he almost beat Kraugel?

-No. I would be obsessed with the rankings if I was Grid. No matter how strong you are, what does it matter if you aren’t ranked?

-Rather than such a simple reason, I think there is significance to being 1st ranked. After fighting so well in the National Competition, he eventually lost to Kraugel. I think he wants to win in the rankings.

-He is human garbage ㅋㅋ Trying to take the crown when Kraugel is absent.

-I just got goosebumps. Right now, most of the people blaming Grid or talking sarcastically are Koreans.

-It seems that the country has forgotten that they got the experience buff thanks to Grid being active in the National Competition. Koreans are truly...

-Kek? Who knows if Grid fought for South Korea? Grid was purely trying to get rewards and the experience buff. ㅎㅎ

-Look at you. Really disgusting.

-Don’t misunderstand. It isn’t all Koreans saying this, just a small number of Korean netizens. What country doesn’t have jerks?

The Satisfy communities were talking about Grid. There was someone who looked at the Internet and became angry. Was it the Grid worshipping Damian? No. Recently, Damian was very busy with events related to the Rebecca Church. He had no time to check the Internet. Then was it the Grid worshipping Lauel? No. Lauel was too busy with Siren-related tasks and didn’t care about the Internet.

Then who was furious? It was Sehee. Grid’s little sister.

“Unscrupulous people...”

Sehee was well aware of the habits of netizens who humiliated and mocked people. But she couldn’t accept it since this was her brother. He was the one who raised South Korea’s honor, but their attitude changed as soon as the National Competition was over? Sehee hated and resented the netizens who always treated people rudely.

"Of course, I know only some people are like that.”

However, it was still enough to hurt the person involved. In fact, right now her brother was...

"Why do I like pork more than beef?”

Grid had finally come out of the capsule after hunting all day. Sehee was worried as she watched him put sizzling pork into his mouth without stopping.

‘How much stress is he under to binge eat like this?’

Her brother looked like a toad as his cheeks bulged from all the food. In the end, Sehee decided.


"Yum yum. Huh?”

“I will help you.”

“Gulp. What?”

"Oppa’s hunting.”


Sehee had her CSATs right in front of her. (University exams)

She should be studying. Why did she suddenly want to help him with his hunting? Unlike Sehee’s worries, Grid was confused because he didn’t know the Internet situation.

“Don’t you need to study?”

"I’m smart. I can get into any university I want without studying any more.”

She said this, but Grid was well aware. He knew how hard Sehee had been studying her whole life. The origins of this confidence wasn’t overconfidence in her brain, but pride in her efforts. He didn’t want that effort to come to nothing.

“Cut it out. Don’t interfere in my critical period when I’m raising my level.”


Sehee’s heart warmed. He was someone who was more angry and irritable than anyone she knew. The current mature appearance of her brother who wanted to solve everything alone was wonderful and also sad. If he had a girlfriend to rely on...

‘What a pity...’

For the sake of her brother who didn’t have a girlfriend despite his power and status, she would work hard. Sehee became determined.

“No. For me, family is more important than university.”

During the time when her brother was unemployed, she put entering a good university as a top priority because she had to take care of her brother. But not anymore. She didn’t have to be her brother’s nest. Now her brother was the nest and she had an obligation to protect the nest until she was independent.

“I will show you the power of a Saintess.”

“...?” What was this? "Gulp."

Grid couldn’t help swallowing his saliva as he saw the motivation burning in Sehee’s eyes.


Grid’s plan to attack the 7th city was virtually a failure. He beat the city boss, but it took 6 hours more than he planned. Thanks to that, his levelling speed was much slower than expected. Of course, Braham was to blame.

"If you hadn’t destroyed the building...”


Braham would’ve laughed or become angry at Grid if the situation was normal. He wasn’t bold enough after knowing what Grid had gone through while fleeing from thousands of vampires. No, he was brazen enough to do that, but not to Grid. He actually liked Grid.

“Sigh, truly a troll.”

Wasn’t it Braham’s fault that he was defeated by Kraugel in the National Competition? The fact that Kraugel could treat his mother’s illness was good, but Grid couldn’t deny that it was Braham’s fault.

“Troll. Troll. Troll.”

Braham questioned Grid.

‘Troll? Why am I a troll?’

Braham didn’t know the meaning of Internet trolling. Grid laughed as he recalled the troll monsters.

“You are slow. You fool.”

‘Do it moderately!’

In the end, Braham could no longer tolerate it. If he had a body, he would’ve angrily pulled Grid’s hair. As the two people were arguing, they arrived at the entrance of the 8th city. There were people who welcomed them. Saintess Sehee (Ruby) and Saintess’ Knight Yerim (Sexy Schoolgirl).

“Youngwoo oppa!”

This was a high school student? Yerim, who had a more enchanting atmosphere about her, came running towards Grid.


Grid used to see Yerim as just a ‘kid,’ but that now changed. He could feel that Yerim was a woman. The cause was the size. The detailed description will be omitted. While Grid was feeling shocked, Braham flinched when he observed Sehee and Yerim.

'What? What is this divine power of these girls?’

‘Be careful how you speak. One of them is my little sister.’

'...What are these women? They aren’t Rebecca’s Daughters, so why do they have such strong divine power? Furthermore, the shape of this divine power...’

Grid replied to the nervous Braham.

'They are a Saintess and a Saintess’ Knight.’


Braham was beyond shocked. It was an unexpected reaction for Grid.

‘What is it? Is being a Saintess that surprising?’


The moment Braham wanted to explain. Sehee barely removed Yerim clinging to Grid and urged them.

“Let’s go hunting.”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

Grid, Sehee and Yerim formed a party immediately before entering the 8th city. Grid was surprised when he saw their levels in the party information window.

“Level 180? Why is it so high? Don’t you only play on the weekends?”

“Huh? Isn’t it easy to raise your level? Of course, it would be difficult to raise it to Oppa’s level.”


In the past, Grid only reached level 80 in a year despite spending most of his time playing the game. Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl didn’t know the game and didn’t spend a lot of time playing, so their levelling speed gave him a huge shock. Yerim linked her arm with his.

“Let’s go! You have to get on the bus!”

Bus. In online games, it meant high level players helping low level players raised their level. It felt like the situation was reversed, but Grid thought it was an appropriate term. When Grid, Sehee, and Yerim were in a party, Grid would monopolize most of the experience from the monsters. It was due to the difference in levels.

Of course, Sehee and Yerim also knew this. They purely joined this party to help Grid.


People learned the secret to Grid’s levelling speed thanks to Panda Dagger’s analysis. Grid’s levelling speed would drop little by little. It was a result of roughly calculating Grid’s reputation and how many experience buff potions he would’ve obtained.

"Grid was gaining two levels per day until yesterday.”

"Starting today, it might be hard to gain one level.”

“Soon his ranking will fall.”

Everyone was sure of it. However, the result was different from what they expected.

[(Breaking News) Grid gained three levels today!]


Panda Dagger’s reputation as the best hunting expert fell to the floor. No, it crashed into the underworld. Accusations from all over the world poured towards him and even the Chinese called him an embarrassment. The experts in other fields saw it and clicked their tongues.

"Yes, you’re analyzing Grid.”

They had learned from experience not to apply common sense to Grid.


"Bah, you were negative towards Grid, and in the end, suffered like this.”

There was one person who was interested in this matter from the beginning and kept watch. He laughed at Panda Dagger. That person was punching bag... No, it was the former 2nd ranked Zibal. He was a true hunting expert, unlike the theory-poor Panda Dagger, and accepted Grid’s hunting speed.

‘However, it’s on the premise that two high level priests are hired.’

Was it that easy to hire a senior priest from the Rebecca Church? Enormous achievements and money were required to have the qualifications to hire one. Not even Zibal had achieved it.

‘But it’s possible for Grid.’

Zibal envied Grid. But he wasn’t jealous and focused on his own path. He was confident after gaining a new power. He wouldn’t worry. He was looking towards the distant future.