Chapter 492

It was exactly 23 hours. Grid had gained two levels.

“What is this...?”

“This is nonsense!”

The world was overturned. The Satisfy experts, journalists, and people all over the world noticed it late. No one could understand Grid’s levelling speed. It was natural. How much time did it take level 300 players to gain one level?  The average was 10 days. It was also thanks to the newly discovered hunting grounds. Before that, it took 20 days to gain one level. Of course, this was on a real time basis. This was on the premise that they maintained their hunting time while sleeping.

However, Grid gained two levels in one day. It was a speed that couldn’t be accepted. It broke common sense.

“It doesn’t make sense, even considering the experience buff.”

“But Grid is very big. He’s in a position to use various special items. Who knows? He might be sweeping through the monsters because he made items that greatly increased the speed of hunting.”

"No, that doesn’t make sense.”

The experts calculated it. How could a level 307 user raise two levels in 23 hours? He needed to slaughter monsters that gave at least ‘3 million experience’ at a rate of 1 per minute.

China’s hunting expert, Panda Dagger, held a press conference.

"For a level 307~308 user, they must hunt level 320 monsters to gain 3 million experience from each one. Look at the table I prepared. It has the average health and defense figures of the level 320 monsters revealed to date. As you can see, they have a lot of health and high defense. There’s no need to talk about their combat strength.”

Hunting these monsters in one minute?

"It isn’t possible even for Grid. He might be able to hunt one or two instantly with the ultimate weapon, but he can’t keep killing one every minute.” 

Even if it was possible, Satisfy had the concept of stamina. Once stamina was depleted, a user couldn’t lift their fingers.  Rankers with high stamina and a fast stamina recovery rate still had to take breaks every four hours when hunting. But Grid didn’t seem to take a break. This was assuming that he killed level 320 monsters.

But what was the truth? Grid also had to rest while hunting. He couldn’t avoid the pressure of consumed stamina. The reason he could maintain such a fast levelling speed...

[A junior vampire was destroyed.]

[4,951,000 experience has been acquired.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[7,254,300 experience has been acquired.]

[A senior vampire was destroyed.]

[11,000,050 experience has been acquired.]

[The True Blood vampire Pok has been destroyed!]

[59,970,111 experience has been acquired.]

In the 7th city, the average level of the vampires was 300~360. Vampires were classified as a top species, so they gave much more experience than monsters of the same level. Among them, the true blood vampires were special. The quasi-boss monsters were generally perceived as difficult to solo raid and gave several times more experience.

This meant that Grid was hunting monsters much stronger than the experts were analyzing. It was also on a per minute basis. Sometimes it was in seconds!

“Nyahahat! Take this super ultra punch from the best demonic beast of hell! Nyang!”


Noe’s paws hit a vampire’s forehead. It was a light punch. He called it the super ultra punch. But after a moment. 


The vampire rolled over and screamed. It was because Noe’s claws suddenly swiped his face.

‘Memphis... The great demon’s pet is evil.’

Braham tsked. The memphis declared it was a ‘punch’ to try the opponent.

‘Cute... Truly adorable. Now I know why the great demons value a memphis so much.’

He would like to raise one of his own. The moment Braham thought this.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”




Randy, who copied Grid’s appearance, and Grid used the same skill.


The vampires witnessed their kin dying and rushed over. However, they couldn’t easily approach due to the God Hands’ hammers.

“What is this...!?”

Unavoidable hammers! Once hit by one, they were hurt and then hit again. The golden hammers filled with divine power were threatening.

“The kids are too far away. I understand why hunting high intelligence monsters is avoided.”

Grid wanted to increase his hunting speed. But the vampires shrank back from the Mjolnirs and didn’t approach quickly. They used the pillars, stairs, ceilings, etc inside the building as defenses. Grid decided it would take too long chasing them to defeat.


Magic power gathered. Grid’s wide shoulders and thick forearms started to gradually change. His jawline became tapered and his black hair was as white as snow.

[Your class is now Great Magician.]

[The list of available skills has changed.]

[You have lost control of your body for 3 minutes.]

“Fakes with no real value.”

Only the nine vampires directly born from Shizo Beriache deserved to call themselves vampires.


The white-haired Grid laughed and stretched out a hand towards the ceiling. He fired the master level Magic Missile (Enhanced).

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!



The vampires hanging like bats on the ceiling couldn’t avoid the bombardment of white magic power and fell to the ground. In the midst of the rain of blood and debris, the white-haired Grid shone with a red light. His merciless eyes caused all the vampires in the hall to become frozen.

"Great blood...!”

“T-The smell of nobility!”

It wasn’t a human? The vampires were confused.



The white-haired Grid wore Malacus’ Cloak, the Holy Light Crown, and the Black Quartz Earrings that increased intelligence by 15%. Intelligence went over 2,000 and the master level Fireball (Enhanced) was fired in all directions. The magical bombardment borrowed the power of the Ring of Absurdity, which reduced all resource consumption by half, in order to display an overwhelming bombardment.



The vampires screamed echoed through the burning building. It was the moment that the 7th vampire city was turned upside down.


"The enemy is invading!!"

The 13 buildings scattered throughout the city. Once the commotion was heard, all the vampires woke up and poured out of the buildings. There were thousands of them. Grid barely secured his safety in the midst of the ruined building and his eyes widened.


Thousands of vampires covered the city! The duration of Assimilation ended as Grid was thinking.

“What is this...? This is crazy! Why don’t you act moderately!?” He wanted to speed up his hunting, but not to this extent. "Why did you destroy the building?”

Grid shouted towards Braham, who carefully asked, ‘Are you unable to deal with it?’

Grid replied immediately.

“Of course! Damn!”

Dealing with thousands of vampires at once? This was Grid, not Kraugel. No, even Kraugel couldn’t deal with this situation alone.

‘I’m sorry.’

“Aish! Let’s move to a narrow place!”

Grid used the ‘absolute protection’ made by the God Hands and quickly ran away.


“It’s fun to watch the little bug running away!”

The vampires were excited about seeing prey after a long time and chased him. Their sharp nails and fangs aimed for Grid.




The hands of a legendary blacksmith. The God Hands skillfully swung the hammers and blocked most of the vampires’ attacks. But the problem was magic. Mjolnir couldn’t block magic. 

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Magic poured from the vampires chasing Grid.


Grid was wearing the Holy Light set, but it was virtually impossible to be safe after being hit with hundreds of spells. In the first place, vampires were strong. If Grid was a normal level 300 ranker, it would be impossible for him to deal with more than five at a time. Thousands of them chased him, making the crisis tremendous. His health started going down quickly.

‘Shit...! I planned to save this for the city’s boss!’

It was unavoidable due to Braham’s trolling. Grid decided there was only one way to break through this crisis and used the new skill he acquired in return for making the 15th legendary item.

“Item Transformation!”

[Item Transformation]

A skill that can be triggered if the legendary mineral ‘pavranium’ is possessed.

It transforms the pavranium into the shape and performance of a specific item.

* It can only transform into items you have learned how to make.

* The duration of the transformation is 3 minutes. After the transformation is released, the pavranium will return to its original form.

Skill Mana Cost: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 hours.

[What item do you want to turn the pavranium into?]

Before he could answer, Grid coughed up blood as he was hit by a magic spell and commanded all the God Hands.

“Throw your Mjolnirs!”


At the same time. The God Hands placed their fingers in the red cord attached to the bottom of the handles and threw them in unison. Then...



The ‘increased acceleration when throwing’ option made the Mjolnirs more powerful as they flew through the vampires. Multiple grey-colored pillars show up among the vampires and Grid’s experience gauge rose noticeably. ‘It would be great if it did wide area divine damage... Ah, isn’t Mjolnir a weapon of the God of Thunder?’ If he added the lightning attribute with the ure stone, he would be able to apply lightning damage with wide area damage.

‘Wouldn’t it be really invincible if I add electric shock to the rigid state?’

Grid thought about it while giving an answer for what he wanted the hands to turn into.

“Lifael’s Spear.”

It was a fake, but it was still based on the divine artifact of Rebecca, the goddess of light. The pavranium material meant it even moved on its own.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The four God Hands turned into holy spears that pierced the vampire’s formation. At the same time, notification windows announcing the death of the vampires were updated in Grid’s vision.


"So what are you trying to claim?”

"Do you have doubts about Grid’s abnormal levelling speed?”

“Do you believe Grid to be a bugged player like the Internet rumors?”

The press conference held by Panda Dagger. The atmosphere grew heated as the reporter’s questions started pouring in. Panda Dagger smiled with satisfaction as he got numerous people’s attention.

“There is no bug in Satisfy, which is managed by the supercomputer Morpheus. Even if there was a bug, is Grid stupid enough to reveal it? I want to talk about the existence of the Reputation Store.”

“Reputation Store...”

“That’s right. A fantasy store that only the top players on the continent can use! It’s obvious that Grid bought experience buff potions from there! He’s able to level up at this speed by overlapping the experience potions with the experience buff of the National Competition!”

It was a reasonable guess.

"But in order to obtain an experience buff potion, he must make use of the shop’s drawing items system. It’s very difficult to obtain an experience buff potion because the probability is low. It’s impossible for Grid to obtain a lot of experience potions, even if he invested all his reputation.”

In other words.

“The myth of Grid’s levelling is now over. The moment the experience potions run out, he will be like any normal ranker... No, his level up speed will be much slower.”


The analysis of an expert was different. Panda’s reasoning seemed correct and the reporters started to write it down. The stimulating headline ‘Grid’s levelling myth is just a dream of one night’ started to spread on the Internet sites of each country.