Chapter 491

“Understood? First, Number 1 must unconditionally attack. You must attack the enemy and give them 0.3 seconds of stiffness. Certain victory! Do you understand?”

Grid numbered every God Hand. It was to make them easier to distinguish and for a clearer and faster command system. The God Hand with the +10 Mjolnir was number 1. A.k.a. the ‘Captain’ waved its finger. It was a gesture that it understood Grid’s explanation. The problem was that it was the middle finger. Grid felt bad. However, he didn’t bother pointing it out because he knew the God Hands had no malice.

“Number 2, 3, and 4, you will hit the target after number 1 in turn and just keep hitting it. Infinite stiffness! Okay? This is the default battle style when fighting a strong enemy.”

The God Hands with the +7 Mjolnirs were 2, 3, and 4. The so-called ‘soldiers’ responded with a finger. It was also the middle finger. The God hands repeatedly bending and opening their middle fingers eventually caused Grid to be angry.

“If it’s like this...”

Grid decided that the God Hands needed better education. He also set a ‘use only for this enemy’ rule. It was an education that taught the God Hands to use a finger to taunt the enemies.  It was a glimpse into Grid’s dirty personality.

The silently watching Braham asked, ‘Why did you come to occupy the 7th city? The 9th and 8th cities haven’t been cleared yet.’

"Don’t you know that the 9th city is a three story castle? Tiramet was the 1st floor boss there. There will clearly be more true blood vampires on the 2nd and 3rd floors, meaning it isn’t early to clear alone. I'm planning to challenge it with my colleagues at a later date.”

‘The 9th city was once a fortress, so it has more troops than other cities. They are trivial, but... Then the 8th city?’

"I will start here and then go to the 8th city. In the first place, is there a need to clear it in order?”

Grid chose the 7th city for a simple reason. He was expecting a lot from lucky number 7.

“I feel like I can find a jackpot here.”

He had a good feeling. Grid believed in his own intuition. Why?

'I am the lucky person who obtained a +10 enhanced weapon!’

Right now, Grid believed he was the symbol of good luck rather than bad luck. He burned with enthusiasm as he entered the city. It was dark and silent.


There were a total of 13 large buildings where only the sound of birds crying could be heard. Looking at the scale, each building seemed to house at least 500 sleeping vampires. Grid once again confirmed his status window.

Name: Grid

Level: 307

Class: Pagma’s Descendant

Title: One who Became a Legend

Title: ...



Strength: 2,880 (+160) 

Stamina: 1,356 (+230)

Agility: 2,286 (+130) 

Intelligence: 1,227 (+340)

Dexterity: 3,008 (+680)

Persistence: 1,182 (+130)

Composure: 768 (+130)  

Indomitable: 1,023 (+240)

Dignity: 1,676 (+130)

Insight: 1,516 (+130)

Courage: 712 (+130) 

Demonic Power: 850 

Good Luck: 1

Stat Points: 10


Thanks to Sword Ghost and the four Mjolnirs all having legendary ratings, his stats had increased by 50 each. The belatedly opened good luck stat didn’t see the benefits, but it wasn’t a big deal.

‘Where is it?’

He wanted to laugh every time he saw the good luck stat.

[Good Luck]

The likelihood of lucky phenomenon will increase.

* The higher the number, the higher the effect.

* Stat points can’t be distributed to this stat.

The lucky phenomenon mentioned here probably meant the probability of positive effects occurring, such as critical hit occurrence, chance to avoid attacks, probability to obtain good items, and probability to enhance an item. Grid felt like he had the whole world.

‘I will become the master of battle, luck, and enhancement in the future!’

Grid believed this with just 1 point in the good luck stat. He was feeling thrilled when Braham asked him a question.

‘Why don’t you raise your intelligence?’

The remaining stat points were irritating him.


Grid was still troubled by it. First of all, should he adjust his strength and agility ratio to 1:1 to become a more powerful swordsman? Or he should invest the points into intelligence to learn new magic from Braham?

‘Isn’t it naturally to raise intelligence? It’s right to learn my great magic first.’ Braham said after reading Grid’s troubles.

Grid would’ve normally ignored it, but this time was different.


Since obtaining the four Mjolnirs, Grid could theoretically cause ‘infinite stiffness.’ The need to be obsessed with high level swordsmanship was gone.  He could become more powerful by learning magic and improving his utility.

‘I don’t know.’

Stats distribution couldn’t be reversed. In the first place, Braham’s magic was uncertain. His intelligence needed to be at a minimum of 2,000 to learn basic magic. He couldn’t bring himself to raise it that much.

"Intelligence or agility... I will think about which one to raise some more.”

Should he be a blacksmith swordsman or a magic swordsman blacksmith? The one that was the better choice, he would worry about it after accumulating more combat experience. 

The determined Grid entered the nearest building. Blue moonlight shone down through the cracked ceiling in the building. There were hundreds of coffins irregularly placed. Of course, vampires were asleep in the coffins. Hunting would be easier if the vampires could be woken up one by one, but that was impossible.  The vampires in the coffin woke up the moment they heard a commotion. n addition, Grid had no intention of such a leisurely hunt. Hunting quickly was the best shortcut for a huge leap in level!

"Okay, shall we begin?"

Grid breathed in deeply and signalled to the God Hands.


Braham was looking forward to it. How overwhelming would Grid be when slaughtering the vampires with the enhanced weapons! In this solemn atmosphere, Grid started taking action.








Ttang! Ttang!


Grid suddenly squatted in front of the vampire coffins. It was absurd enough to pour cold water on the serious atmosphere as Grid pulled out the portable furnace and hammered with the God Hands. No, it was beyond absurd. Sitting down alone in the middle of enemy territory?

‘This person really isn’t sane...’

It was a moment of misunderstanding because Braham didn’t know about Item Combination yet. The +9 Failure which had been the best weapon just three days ago and the +7 Sword Ghost were reborn at Grid’s fingertips. It was a blue-black blade that resembled a shark. It wasn’t cool, but the power was fearsome.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


Under the moonlight. Grid moved in an impressive manner and performed an advanced sword dance. His eyes that shone in the darkness were sharp and unshaken.

“Linked Wave Kill.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The blue and black energies tangled together. At the same time, a strong explosion shook the earth as energy waves moved in all directions and covered the vampires sleeping in the coffins.

[A junior vampire was destroyed.]

[A junior vampire was destroyed.]

[4,931,000 experience has been acquired.]

[4,915,500 experience has been acquired.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[7,054,300 experience has been acquired.]

[6,998,000 experience has been acquired.]

The vampires enjoying their sleep inside the coffins were killed. Dozens of vampires screamed without knowing why. Linked Kill Wave only unleashed a total of 8 Kills, but Grid used the explosion to cause massive splash damage. Grid was filled with joy as he confirmed the quickly filling experience gauge.

“Good! It’s the start of my giant level up!”

‘...Fairly good.’

Braham felt admiration. For vampires, the coffin wasn’t just a bedroom, but a protective tool as well. To ensure their safety while sleeping, the coffins had high durability and gave the vampires high defense. Yet the presence of the coffin was moot to Grid as he killed the sleeping vampires. Braham realized that the combination of weapons and Pagma’s Swordsmanship was more powerful than he thought.

On the other hand.

“How dare a human do this?”

"Our kinsmen!!"

"Rotten bastard! Attacking sleeping vampires!”

The vampires woke up at the noise and were outraged when they saw the situation. Sharp fangs flooded towards Grid. The true blood vampire was at the forefront. He was a noble. The baron grade true blood vampire, Kri. His overall stats were weak, but he had a huge 5,000 agility.

“Insignificant human! I will kill you when you’re unaware!”


Kri used a vampire’s unique blood magic to increase his speed. He was fast enough that Grid couldn’t follow him with the eyes. He approached Grid instantly and wielded his nails that were sharper than a knife. At that moment. The God Hand holding the +10 Mjolnir swung at him.

“Bah! Slow!”

Kri tilted his head slightly to the side. From his point of view, he was avoiding the attack of the slow God Hand. However, it was different from what he intended. The Magic Detection (Enhanced) attached to the Mjolnir pursued him stubbornly.



Just before his nails pierced Grid’s heart. Kri coughed up blood and paused. The large golden hammer had accurately hit his back.

‘W-What is this?’

Didn’t he avoid it?

‘Why couldn’t I avoid such a slow attack?’

Kri was feeling confused when the rest of the God Hands holding the +7 Mjolnirs hit him in succession.

Peok! Peok! Peok! Peok! Peok!

“Ugh! Eek! Keok! Eek! Ugh!”

[The Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir has hit the target. The target will become rigid for 0.3 seconds. The target is a demonkin. Further damage is applied.]

[The +7 Mjolnir has hit the target. The target will become rigid for 0.1 seconds. The target is a demonkin. Further damage is applied.]

[The +7 Mjolnir has hit the target. The target will become rigid for 0.1 seconds. The target is a demonkin. Further damage is applied.]

[The target will become rigid for 0.1 sec...]

[The target will become rigid for 0.3 sec...]

It was perfect. Infinite stiffness! Grid aimed at Kri, who was bleeding from being continuously hit.

“Linked Kill.”


Puk puk puk!


Kri had been turning his head to the left and right while being beaten by the hammers. He was hit by a powerful stab that penetrated the heart and couldn’t even scream as he died. The cumulative damage from Mjolnir was too great.

[The Vampire Baron Kri has been destroyed.]

[180,909,300 experience has been acquired.]

[The Vampire’s Pajamas has been acquired!]


It was a doubtful item. However, he had no time to confirm the information of the acquired item. Once the true blood vampire died, the angry vampires went on the offensive. Grid used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, to hit all the vampires around him and buy time. The God Hands approached the vampires in this gap.




The vampires became rigid whenever they were struck by a golden hammer full of divine power. The stiffness had the effect of cancelling offensive motions and skill casting. Therefore, under the protection of the Mjolnirs, Grid had an absolute area of protection around him. The absolute domain where no counterattacks were possible. It was truly great efficiency. The God Hands consumed no resources. There was no skill cooldown time.

The current Grid. He was unbeatable in close combat. He was able to slaughter all vampires in the 7th city at a rapid pace. It was an ignorant and cruel way of killing with the hammers.




The South Korean media and Internet communities around the world fell into chaos. Grid was level 307 last night and now he was level 309.