Chapter 499

Grid ignored the uncooperative Braham and thought about it, coming to his own conclusion.

"I think it’s good.”

The probability of true blood vampires emerging was very low. 1~2 true blood vampires would appear for every 200~300 vampires. In other words, most of Grid’s experience came from hunting normal vampires.

‘A 10% drop in an ordinary vampire’s stats will result in faster hunting and levelling up.’

Thus, the Qualification of a Blood King title was good. Of course, the 10% increase in the stats of a true blood vampire was a big burden. Strong enemies were going to become stronger.

‘Right now, I have Mjolnir and my sister with me.’

He was close to unbeatable in the vampire cities. He didn’t need to worry about the increase in power for the true blood vampires.

‘The story will change if I meet a true blood vampire above an earl.’

However, it was extremely rare that simple true blood vampires, who weren’t direct descendants, would gain such a high title. Grid shook off his anxiety and confirmed the information of the newly updated Rune of Darkness.

[Rune of Darkness]

Bound Item.

It is permanently preserved in your inventory. Trading, dropping, or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Demonic power state will rise in exchange for its use.

* Normal attacks and skill attacks will deal an addition 20% dark damage.

Unique Lasting Effect: When dealing with named demonkin and demons, you can absorb unique attributes.

* Tiramet’s Power: If your health drops below 10%, health will be restored to 30% in an instant. Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

* Latina’s Power: The ‘Can you Become the King of the Dead?’ skill is generated.

“What?” Grid frowned. "What is with the questionable skill name?”

Looking at the name, it had the smell of a B-grade skill.

"No. The skill that I obtained can’t be B-grade.”

It was the skill obtained by defeating a direct descendant. It would certainly be a noble ability. Grid suppressed his doubts and increased his anticipation as he confirmed the details of the skill.

[Can you Become the King of the Dead?]

You can summon to ‘Growth-type Skeletons’ that will gain five stat points every time the level is raised.

The skeletons will start off at level 1.

The skeletons’ basic stats are 3 strength, 3 stamina, 3 agility and 1 intelligence.

Skill Mana Cost: 3,000

Skills Duration: Until the summoning is release or the skeletons are destroyed.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.

“Ah, shit.”

A skill to summon level 1 skeletons? There wasn’t even a skill level. It was just this feature.

"Complete garbage. The mana consumed is also ridiculous.”

Generally, the stats of a pet were affected by the summoning skill and the summoner’s stats. Let’s look at a necromancer who summoned skeletons for example. The necromancer’s basic skills included ‘Summon Skeleton’ and ‘Skeleton Enhancement,’ and their unique stat was ‘Domination.’ The higher the level of the skills and this stat, the stronger the skeletons that the necromancer summoned. It meant that necromancers didn’t need to raise skeletons directly from level 1. 

However, this damn Can you Become the King of the Dead? skill forced him to raise the skeletons directly.

“There was a garbage skill like this?”

The name indicated that the skeletons could grow. They were likely to develop into very high level skeletons. But they were still skeletons. Slow, dull, and weak. In addition, they only gained 5 stat points per level. The default stats were also trash!

“Sigh... I would like to have the skill to summon a death knight.”

Why should he suffer in order to raise the skeletons? Furthermore, if he wanted to raise the skeletons, he needed to move to a novice training ground, which was a waste of time.

"I'm going to abandon this skill."

Grid used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill on another item.


[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[Latina’s Necklace]

Rating: Epic (Growth)

* Intelligence +300

The favorite necklace of Latina, one of Beriache’s direct line.

It has the effect of raising the stats of undead pets by 20%.

* If this necklace grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Viscount Latina.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 10

“I’m going crazy.”

Wasn’t this a necklace for necromancers?

“Why are there only useless items?”

Grid knew that he could get tens of billions of won if he placed this on the auction site. However, he couldn’t sell this item. In particular, what if it landed in the hands of Agnus? It would be the worst. There was no need to invite danger.

‘I should use it myself instead of selling it.’

The performance of the necklace itself was quite decent. It increased intelligence by 300. 

‘The amount of mana to use Braham’s magic will increase. It will be useful in many ways.’

It was only an epic rating. The necklace was likely to give +1,000 intelligence once it reached the legendary rating.

‘Yes... I will use it. I can also strengthen the skeletons.’

He felt like he was branching out more and more, but why turn a blind eye to a means to get stronger? Grid decided to test out the Can you Become the King of the Dead? skill. It was to accurately grasp the state of the skeletons.

“Summon Skeletons!”

[The Ring of Absurdity has reduced resource consumption by 50%. 1,500 mana has been consumed.]


Clack clack clack clack!

The moment the summoning skill was used. Two skeletons emerged from beside Grid, shaking from side to side. Their bones hit each other and the sound steadily became louder, causing Grid to be irritated.

"You’re noisy.”

The skeletons were truly sloppy. It started from their appearance. The color was yellowish and their skulls were partly cracked. It was likely that the bones didn’t have any strength.

"You should drink a lot of milk... Tsk tsk.”

Clack clack! Clack!

Their owner spoke harsh words from the first meeting, but the skeletons raised their jaws as if they liked whatever Grid said.

‘Ah, the skeletons have no intelligence.’

Undead monsters had no feelings and thoughts. They needed to be at least a death knight or lich for cognition to occur.

"You won’t be able to understand my words for the rest of your lives...”

Grid checked their status window.

[Skeleton (1)]

Lv. 1

Health: 45/45    Mana: 3

Strength: 3

Stamina: 3

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 1

Items Worn: None

Skills Possessed: None

"Wow, this is like daylight robbery.”

The skeletons summoned by a typical necromancer had old longswords by default. Grid’s skeletons were completely bare.

"I have to give you weapons as well?” 

No, wait?

'What if I make items that are suitable for them to wear?’

Perhaps the overgeared skeletons would be born?


Maybe they would be quite useful.

‘If I add the effect of Latina’s Necklace...’

Skeleton generals or death knights might be a dream, but he could likely raise them to be skeleton warriors. Grid had this thought and looked at the skeletons affectionately.

“You will be Overgeared Skeleton One. You will be Overgeared Skeleton Two.”

Clack clack!  


The skeletons nodded.

‘Are they happy about the good name?’

Of course, that wasn’t possible. The skulls had no emotions or thoughts.


Sehee and Yerim approached Grid, who was looking at the skeletons. They gave Grid the blessed enhancement stones and showed interest in the skeletons.

“They’re your skeletons?”

"The skeletons are cute! Don’t the eye sockets look like half-moons? Is this called glaring eyes? Lovely~”

“This is a dirty impression, not nice... Eh? What happened?”

Grid was shocked when he saw Sehee’s staff. The Wooden Staff that he put a lot of effort into enhancing to +9 had lost its light.

“Why isn’t there a light?”

A +9 enhanced weapon scattered beautiful white light. Sehee’s staff had no light around it. It was like it wasn’t enhanced.

‘Don’t tell me...’

Sehee gave the worst news to Grid.

“I failed in the enhancement.”


“Two weeks ago, it fell to +7. Then I tried the blessed enhancement stone that Oppa gave me before and it fell to +6. Isn’t enhancement really hard?”



Grid’s group left the 8th city and took a moment’s rest in the desert. It was to decide the next schedule. Grid wanted to go straight to the 6th city, but...

“I’m going to sleep now since I have school tomorrow.”

“It’s already 2 a.m. Ohh, I have to sleep at 10 p.m. in order for my breasts to grow...”

“Go. And thank you for today.”

“See you tomorrow!”


The girls logged out, leaving Grid alone. It felt strange as the bustling atmosphere immediately quieted down.

"It’s because the cute kids have left.”

Should he sleep early today? Grid’s expression became sneaky as he thought about the last item Latina dropped.

[Direct Vampire’s Pajamas]

Rating: Legendary

A short, white nightgown.

The skin will shine through when wearing it. Be careful when wearing it.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 30


The Direct Vampire’s Pajamas. There was no way of knowing its performance. But one thing was for sure, the design of Latina’s pajamas was very sexy.

‘It will suit Irene!’

The underwear... It seemed he would be able to give her 10 more babies.

Then a whisper flew to the chuckling Grid. It was from Lauel.

-Grid, I have finished the arrangements with the broadcasting station and decided the schedule.

-OGC and Bunny Bunny? Did they approach first as you expected?

-Huhut, indeed. Well, there’s no need to admire my brilliance. It wasn’t much for a day or two of work.

-Uh... Yes, how is the contract information?

-Yura did her job very well. Check it later.

-I understand. Brief me about tomorrow’s shooting schedule and future plans.

-The plan hasn’t changed. Your hunt will be broadcast live all over the world. While people’s attention is focused on you, the Overgeared Guild will go to Patrian. 

-Is it really okay? Patrian has Great Magician Ashur.

Satisfy raised the level of NPCs in accordance to the average level of the users. It was highly likely that Earl Ashur now had his fourth advancement. He would be incomparably stronger, making Grid worried about whether the Overgeared members could handle him.

Lauel calmed him down.

-I have a way. Don’t worry about it and enjoy your playing.