Chapter 489

S.A. Group’s headquarters were located in Seoul.

The operations team monitoring Grid cheered in unison.

“Whoa! Grid finally did it!”

"Yes, all the Mjolnir are legendary rated!”

“It’s a human victory!”

For 10 days in real time, the S.A. Group had been concentrating on one thing. It was the process of Grid’s item production. Grid created the golden hammer Mjolnir using the Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation skill. It was a hot topic because he spent 29 days of game time focusing on making legendary rated Mjolnirs.

"Hey, I never thought he would accomplish it.”

"The power of obsession. He destroyed an item he took an average of 22 hours to make and repeatedly made it again. I could never do what Grid did.”

“Right. It isn’t just hammering for 22 hours. You have to work with extreme concentration. Is it easy to repeat this dozens of times?”

“It’s great. I would’ve given up after the third or fourth time. Think about it. What if after making an item all day, it isn’t legendary rated? The frustration would be huge and crush my mentality. But Grid managed it.”

"Hrmm... What is the special event that Pagma’s Descendant will experience when they make the 15th legendary item?”

The 10th legendary item removed the item penalties. It was obvious that even greater benefits would be received at the 15th legendary item. But they didn’t know what it was.

“Only Grid and the 1st Development Team knows.”

The team leader of the 1st Development Team was Lim Cheolho. It was a team that developed the pivotal settings and stories of Satisfy. Therefore, all the legendary classes except for the growth type were produced by this team.

“Kung... I would ask them but they won’t reveal anything. Shit, I’m really curious. Can we only continue to monitor him?”

On the other hand, Grid in the game was beating Iyarugt. The operating team admired the power of Mjolnir’s high accuracy, only to click their tongues.

"Grid is going to suffer again.”

Grid was buying a large amount of enhancement stones from the auction house. The operating team shook their heads when they saw his finger tremble every time he pressed the BUY button.

‘This time, Grid will explode.’

It was natural. Grid had no luck. As usual, he would continue to fail and it would reach the point where the S.A. Group talked about raising the probability. Team Leader Yoon Nahee shrugged, “Hey, we don’t know yet. Grid made more than 20 billion won in the National Competition. Would he curse like his old self after a few enhancement failures?”

After a while.

“...Still the same.”


In the video, Grid was half crazy. His anger soared into the sky due to the consecutive enhancement failures. Curses started to fall from his mouth.

“How pitiful...”

The operating team used to enjoy Grid’s luck in the past, but not now. Now Grid was the pride of South Korea. It was the honest opinion of the operating team who hoped for Grid to keep raising South Korea’s stature in the National Competitions. In their minds, they wanted to help Grid directly.

However, the S.A. Group weren’t allowed to intervene in the game in principle. It was impossible systematically as well. Not even Chairman Lim Cheolho could do it. All control was placed in the hands of the supercomputer Morpheus in case of unintentional manipulation.


"Ah, it’s a complete failure.”

The operating team members were saddened. The +6 items failed in succession and now Grid was trying to enhance the +7 Mjolnir. There was a 99.9% of failure when enhancing a +7 weapon. The team members expected that Grid’s Mjolnir would drop to +6. But what was the truth?


The operating team members were stunned. Inside the game, Grid was cheering. At this moment. The monitors of the operating team as well as the development teams started flashing red. It was the signal that a big issue had occurred in the game.

[The ultimate enhancement item has appeared in the game. The ultimate enhancement item has appeared in the game. The player who succeeded in the ultimate enhancement is ‘Grid.’]


There were a total of 15 vampire cities. But the Overgeared members only succeeded in clearing seven. There was a possibility that the strongest vampire called Marie Rose would appear in cities 1~8. However, the situation had changed. It was because with Braham’s help, Grid could figure out the exact location of Marie Rose.

"She’s in the 2nd city?”

‘Yes, there’s no possibility of her appearing in another city.’

“Okay. Then I will start from the 8th city in an orderly manner.”

South Korea was ranked second overall in the National Competition and their players received a 27% experience buff for a fortnight. The whole nation benefited from Grid’s actions. But Grid had gone to Siren and was then focused on making items. He didn’t see any benefits from the buff. He hadn’t be able to hunt once and now there were only two days remaining for the buff. He thought it was a waste.

“Well, I would’ve chosen this result.”

Grid had made four legendary rated Mjolnirs, and one of them was the ultimate enhanced weapon. He felt positive. There were no regrets about his choice. It was natural since the results were good. Grid crossed the desert and reached the entrance of the 7th city. Then he checked the rankings window.

After the National Competition, the rankings had gone through a big upheaval.

1st. Chris.

2nd. Mando.

3rd. Red

4th. Agnus.

5th. Fang.

'Who are Red and Fang?’

Zibal had recently disappeared from the rankings. It was estimated that he had acquired a hidden class. The 1st ranked Kraugel and 2nd ranked Zibal had disappeared. Chris naturally took the first place, Mando (the previous 4th) was in second place and Agnus in fourth place.

Grid didn’t know who Red and Fang were.

‘Unofficial rankers?’

There were many unofficial rankings high enough to threaten the existing rankings. Grid was one of them. No, he wasn’t one of them.

‘Right now, my level isn’t even in the top 60.’

While he stayed in the smithy, the rankers were enjoying the experience buffs of their country and raised their level. The gap had widened considerably. Yet Grid judged that there was no problem. No, he saw this as a good situation.

“It’s time to show off.”

It was natural to aim for the number one spot. In addition, Grid wanted to show his process to the whole world.

“Ranking registration.”

[Disabling the informal ranking will reveal your level to all players. Is it okay?]

"Of course it’s fine.”

Grid checked the +7 Sword Ghost, the three +7 Mjolnirs and the +10 Mjolnir before entering the 7th city.



“Grid! Grid registered in the rankings!”

Grid turning off his unofficial ranking became a hot topic in the world. The international media and players started to show a high interest in Grid.

“Why would he register in the rankings?”

"He wants to brag about the level he reached from the buff.”

“Isn’t his level surprisingly low? It’s only 306.”

"Only 76th rank... I guess his levelling ability is bad.”

Gaming skills naturally included the levelling ability. People couldn’t deny Grid’s strength, but his overall rating lowered due to his level. In particular, the netizens who were envious of those better than them started to pay attention to Grid.

-If I was Grid, I would be the 1st ranked player by now. ㅉㅉ 

-He’s weak in gamesㅋ ㅋ Only relying on items.

-No, is that right? How can a person who can’t play the game get five medals in the National Competition?

-Then why is Grid’s level so low?

-I guess he was too busy to hunt.

-Bullshit. The most basic content of a game is hunting, but he can hunt because he is too busy. ㅋㅋㅋ  Grid just can’t play games.

Didn’t Grid foresee this situation? Why did he bother registering on the rankings now when he would be targeted?

“Why is Grid doing this? Did he eat something bad?”

Lauel laughed at Vantner’s words.

"He’s trying to make an impact.”


Vantner could imagine that Grid, who was only level 306, was aiming for the top of the rankings. 99.9% of the world couldn’t imagine it. But those who knew Grid’s capabilities and potential realized Grid’s intent. One of them was Kraugel.

“This is a problem.”

After his mother’s health improved, Kraugel was once again able to enjoy the game with a pure heart. He laughed as he tried to regain the throne of the first ranked user. Well, it seemed like it was going to be difficult to regain the throne. Then he received a whisper from Hao.

-Kraugel, are you still in Paonel Swamp? Do you want potions?

After the National Competition. Kraugel unintentionally formed a force. Hao, Alexander, and numerous high rankers followed him. No, it happened because Kraugel’s personality changed. The old Kraugel would’ve stopped people from approaching him, but he couldn’t do that anymore. It was due to Grid’s influence. Kraugel watched Grid playing and enjoying the game with his colleagues and gradually changed his thinking.

“What? This weak expression? Isn’t it out of place?”

It happened when Kraugel smiled pleasantly and was about to reply to Hao’s whisper. A man with a haircut similar to a soldier appeared before Kraugel. 

"You haven’t reached level 120 yet? This is a good opportunity. I will kill you often in the future.”


Kraugel was upset. He never imagined that he would encounter one of the war god’s soldiers in this low level hunting ground.

"Haha, the sky Kraugel can make this expression?”

Luck laughed like it was funny and moved.


It was in an instant. Luck’s fist struck Kraugel’s face. Nine-tenths of Kraugel’s health gauge disappeared in one blow.