Chapter 488

"Wow, +10...”

It was enhancing the item to the maximum. Grid never included it in his goal. He didn’t dare to. It wasn’t realistic to dream about a +10 weapon that even the wealthy heirs in the world didn’t have.

“How can I get +10...?”

According to the statistics of a rich person who said he used billions of won just purchasing enhancement stones, if a person was lucky enough to get to +7, the probability of a +1 reinforcement was 0.01% while the probability of a -1 failure was 99.9%.

Adding more than +2 was impossible, no matter how much money was poured it. Of course, the +8 and +9 items had a lower success rate and higher failure rate. Thus, even the wealthy people tended to abandon strengthening items above +7. They aimed for enhancing +6 items with the blessed enhancement stones in the hope of making a +9 item. Some tried more than a thousand times and only succeeded once.

It was Grid, not one of the wealthy heirs, who got a +10 enhanced weapon. He realized that the passive skill of Pagma’s Descendent, ‘increase the probability of item enhancement’ was very helpful.

“Indeed... I have an almost 100% success rate up to +5.”

Apart from Grid, most people found it easy to enhance to +5. The enhancement success rate was very high up to +6. But there was also a probability of failure and some people tasted that frustration. Yet Grid didn’t. He almost always succeeded up to +5. He grumbled every day, but he had actually been enjoying the passive effect of increased item enhancement probability.


Grid suddenly grabbed his chest.

Thump thump thump thump.

The moment that he realized this was reality, not a dream, his heart started pounded at a tremendous speed. His whole body started sweating and he was breathing roughly. Was it joy at being the first player to get a +10 enhanced weapon? He couldn’t even feel it. His head was so blank that he couldn’t feel excited at all.


Braham watched silently. The ultimate enhancement. In fact, Pagma had accomplished this a few times. Braham wanted to give Grid a chance to enjoy it, no matter how he felt about the current Grid. Then after a while.

“Hah... Hah...” Grid regained his stability and breathed in deeply. His eyes were shining. “I did it! I did it!!”

Grid jumped forward. He was happy at fighting against the evil bad luck that plagued him all his life. Of course, it was likely that this good luck would be returned to him as bigger misfortune later on.

‘That doesn’t matter.’

He would just overcome it again. Grid made a fist and confirmed the information of the +10 Mjolnir.

[Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir - Human World Version]

Durability: 689/689

Attack Power: 1,333~2,363

* Accuracy +50%.

* Acceleration will rise when it’s thrown.

* Every time the target is hit, it will cause a 0.3 second of stiffness state.

* The durability of any objects hit will fall (except your own items).

* 3,800 fixed damage will be dealt to demonkin and the undead.

* There is a high chance to induce the ‘fear’ state in those who recognize it as an enemy.

* The workmanship speed of blacksmith related skills will rapidly increase.

* Magic Detection (Enhanced) has been attached to it. The bonus of addition accuracy was increased to 50%. 

Enhancement was difficult. There was a overwhelming high probability of failure and losing millions of won. It was a tremendous burden for ordinary people. But there was a reason people clung to it. The ability to raise the stats with the enhancement level was great.  Every time an item was enhanced, the item’s stats increased by 5~7%.

“Really crazy...”

The attack power and options increase were enormous. The minimum damage was a huge 1,333. It was more powerful than most legendary weapons. Of course, this was a story when compared to +6 weapons.

“Anyway, I have overcome the limitations of a blunt weapon.”

It didn’t matter if only the minimum attack power appeared. It could inflict massive damage on the enemy. The only major drawback of Mjolnir was overcome by the high enhancement value.

‘It’s worth it.’

He had stayed in the smithy for 29 days to make all four Mjolnirs have a legendary rating. It was so painful that he wanted to give up many times. But he did it in the end. After repeated production, destruction, production and destruction, all four hammers were completed with a legendary rating.  In the process, one of the drake’s fangs was destroyed and the durability of the remaining adamantium reached its limit.

Now he succeeded in enhancing one to +10. He was happy. Really happy.

‘I have to play harder in the future.’

Grid burned with motivation as a notification window appeared in front of him.

[The cooldown of the skill ‘Summon Sword Demon Iyarugt’ has returned.]


It was a good opportunity to test the weapon. Grid grinned wickedly and headed for the training ground.


The abyss.

Iyarugt’s soul was indignant.

‘How can the best swordsman of hell be beaten by a human…?’

It was impossible. He blamed it on his sealed strength. He wanted to quickly regain his strength. But before that, his idea of taming Grid was still intact. He would be able to speed up the resurrection time if he could use Grid. However.

‘He’s trying to tame me.’

Yesterday, there were no enemies around when Iyarugt was summoned. It meant Grid summoned him for a one-on-one match.

‘Disgraceful person.’

It was a chance to tame Iyragut so Grid attacked with the weapons he prepared in advance?

‘You were planning on fighting me from the beginning...!’

Damn bastard! This weak person! Once Iyarugt found his original strength, bring it on.


Iyarugt’s anger rose. The more he thought about it, the more furious he became. It was too humiliating to fall for the trap of a human.

‘It won’t happen again.’

Iyarugt would be prepared when he was summoned again.

‘I will win if I’m alert.’

Iyarugt suddenly changed his mind.

‘No, maybe it could be dangerous.’

There were four golden hammers.

‘The divine power is too risky.’

They were surprisingly powerful weapons. If the weapons were a bit stronger, they could threaten the great demons.

‘Right now, I can’t endure the power of those weapons.’

He had to fight and win in order to tame Grid. He was a demon who followed the will of strength.

‘In order to win against him, I need to neutralize the hammers...'

The problem was that the hammers were hard to avoid. The four golden hands seemed to be swinging randomly, but there was no way to avoid them. Was there any way to prevent Grid from using the hammer? Iyarugt thought of a good idea.

‘It will hurt my pride, however...’

Bending his head and then striking when Grid was unprepared was the most appropriate method.

‘Okay. Today I will get revenge for yesterday and then tame Grid every time I’m summoned. Kukukuk!’

The moment Iyarugt was feeling excited alone.


Light appeared in the darkness. It was the summoning.

‘Okay, here goes!’

Iyarugt’s soul moved to the light. He borrowed the sword to form a physical body.


Iyarugt recited a fixed phrase. Then he bowed to Grid who was staring at him.

“I’m sorry for yesterday. I was impolite for randomly starting a fight.”

It was an apology from the best swordsman of hell. Iyarugt was sure that his apology would be accepted.

‘Now he will accept my apology and ask for a handshake.’

Grid wouldn’t be impolite.

‘After pretending to shake hands, I will kick and then...’

It was perfect. He would succeed in his revenge.

“Kukuk... Heok?”

Iyarugt was laughing wickedly when he became surprised. It was because four God Hands appeared behind Grid. The God Hands were holding the golden hammers from yesterday. Grid spoke to the irritated Iyarugt with an emotionless face.

“I don’t like your attitude when apologizing.”

Iyarugt cried out angrily, “What...? Then should I have knelt down before you? I am hell’s best swordsman! You’re just a human!”

"I’m not just a human. I’m your master.”

At the same time, Grid finished speaking.


The God Hands rushed towards Iyarugt. They swung the hammer crazily through the air.

“Eek! It’s futile!”


Iyarugt grinded his teeth together as his anger soared through the roof. The golden hammers were swinging ignorantly. It was difficult to find a way to escape them, so he acted defensively. However.



Iyarugt exclaimed as he blocked one Mjolnir with his sword. It was because the strength coming from Mjolnir was so powerful that he couldn’t endure it.

‘W-What? Why is the weapon more powerful than yesterday?'

That’s right. The Mjolnir that Iyarugt defended against was the +10 one. The result was terrible.

[The demonic sword Iyarugt couldn’t withstand the powerful shock and durability has dropped by 80.

[The impact from the hammer is large. You will be rigid for 0.3 seconds!]

[The impact from the hammer is large. You will be rigid for 0.1 seconds!]

[You will be rigid for 0.1 sec...]

The Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir boasted a 100% accuracy and anyone struck by it would be rigid for 0.3 seconds. There was 0.1 seconds of stiffness when hit by the other Mjolnirs. Yes, infinite stiffness was possible if the Mjolnirs hit the target in turn. Iyarugt died more quickly than he did yesterday.

“K... Kuoock... This... Why...”

Yesterday, there was an excuse of being caught off guard by the separating swords, but not today. He was completely defeated to a terrible degree. It was also against weapons!

“I... Iyarugt only fought against weapons...!”

Iyarugt couldn’t help his resentment. Grid watched his soul start to be consumed by fire and opened his mouth.

“I won. You can’t even win against my weapons, how can you win against me?”

"Don’t be stupid...! Only your weapons are strong, not you!”

“Yes, I am the one who made the weapons. Thus, I am strong.”


Iyarugt was silent. Grid’s words were difficult to understand, but he couldn’t refute them. Grid smiled at him. It was the smile of a complete winner. It was full of relaxation.

“I will see you again tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow your killing intent can reach me."


Iyarugt completely lost his form and returned to the demon sword. Grid felt a joy that other people couldn’t imagine.

‘This is really amazing.’

Beating the enemy without having to lift a finger. Grid wanted to enjoy this power and turned his gaze to the vampire cities.

"I should set a new record while the experience buff is still present.”

He was told that the seven people elite party of Overgeared had shortened the time it took to clear a vampire city to 5 hours. What if he broke the record alone? It was possible. It was the moment when the myth of Grid’s levelling was about to break the world.