Chapter 481

"May the sea god protect you.”

Maxong sent off Grid and the Overgeared members as they left the palace. The princes and hundreds of soldiers followed him. Their king had been in danger, and they felt a commitment to protect the king. Grid was dumbfounded. Who was Maxong? A person who turned away as the kingdom was invaded and the people died. He didn’t have any qualifications to be king. He deserved blame. Yet the princes and soldiers were loyal to him until the end.

‘He might’ve turned a blind eye to the people, but he is king. They’re showing absolute loyalty to Maxong just because he is king?’

Grid felt it was pitiful. The water clan were passive and foolish. He realized the reason why Siren didn’t develop.

“But it’s good from the position of a ruler.” Lauel whispered to him. It was like the voice of the devil. "The more loyal and stupid the people are, the more beneficial it is to the king. It’s really lucky that we obtained Siren.”


It was too calculating. Some people might blame Lauel. But not Grid. Grid wasn’t a saint, he was an ordinary person.  Like most people, he was greedy. However, there was a small glimpse of cleverness in him.

“But isn’t it true that the smarter the people are, the stronger the kingdom becomes? Looking at it in the long run, a wealthy kingdom will fill up the king’s stomach more.”

Of course, it would be very difficult and tiring to rule over smart people. However, it was natural. In the first place, was politics so easy?

“Haha!” Lauel started laughing. It wasn’t a ridiculing laugh. “That’s correct. In fact, I think the same as you.”

Lauel liked Grid more and more. Grid wasn’t a fool who would be blinded by the greed in front of him, and there were endless depths to him that hadn’t been revealed.

‘It seems like just a few days ago when his head was the same as his back...’

Grid seemed to have evolved into an adult one morning. Grid’s growth was fast and dazzling.

‘Yes, let’s completely forget about Kraugel.’

The Overgeared Guild could be the best even without Kraugel. Lauel was busy looking at Grid with joyful emotions.

“My Lord.” Piaro approached and bowed to Grid. “My body might be far away from My Lord, but don’t forget that my heart is always with you. Please call me whenever you need me. I will run over right away, no matter when or where I am.”

"Understood. Please look after Siren.”

“Yes, and this...”

Piaro pulled something out and handed it to Grid. It was black tights. Stocking-like pants that stretched from the waist to the ankle. In Satisfy, they were usually equipment worn by assassins, martial artists, and archers.


"It’s loot that I picked up after killing White.”


To borrow a phrase from Lauel, she was a sun-grade person. He heard she was equivalent to Kraugel, and she really was very strong. If Piaro hadn’t quickly used a skill to kill her, long-term damage would’ve been caused. How special was the item that she dropped?

Dugun dugun!

Grid was expectant as he confirmed the item’s information.

‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.’


[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[You cannot fully understand the features.]

[Kruger’s Pants]

Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: Infinite   Defense: 430

* Reduces damage received by 40%.

* Agility will increase by 10%.

* Jumping ability will increase by 40%.

* All lower body skills will increase by 20%.

* Set Effect:???

A masterpiece made by the legendary tailor Kruger. It boasts an infinite stretch and will never tear.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 350


The options were crazy. Grid sucked in a breath as he felt amazed.

‘40% reduction in damage and 10% increase in agility?’

Generally, damage reduction options were divided into ‘cut,’ ‘piercing,’ ‘magic attacks,’ ‘physical damage,’ etc. But the tights simple had the option of reducing ‘damage’ by 40%. This meant that regardless of the type of attack, all damage would be reduced. It was the best item, since the options increased by a percentage, rather than by a fixed number of stats.

‘It even has infinite durability...’

The Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal couldn’t grasp the material. Based on this and the fact that the name of the item maker was Kruger...

‘It is highly likely to be a fabric created by the legendary tailor Kruger.’

It must be similar to pavranium.

‘This is crazy.’

However, it wasn’t good for Grid to use. The defense was very low compared to heavy armor. Grid had a battle style that emphasized his ability as a tanker, so defense was important.

‘This way, the limits are revealed.’

He would’ve worn these tights if he had Kraugel’s control abilities. Grid made a bittersweet smile as he thought about Jishuka, Faker, and Regas.

‘Which of the three should I sell it to?’

Grid could put it up for auction, but he abandoned this idea. It was clear that all three people would desire Kruger’s pants. Competing over the price might upset them.

‘I don’t want cracks in their relationship to form.’

It was unlikely considering the friendship between the three people, but Grid had to keep in mind the worst situation.

‘Then I have to choose one of the three people and sell it to them personally...’

Should he decide by order of preference? Maybe she liked him. The world’s best beauty who could make him think that, Jishuka. The silent, but always protecting his companions, Faker. The good-hearted friend who gave Grid unlimited confidence from the first day they met, Regas.


All three of them were good. It was impossible to decide based on the order of preference.

‘...In the first place, this isn’t the right attitude for a leader.’

It was right to prioritize efficiency rather than personal feelings. He thought again.

‘First, pass on Jishuka.’

Was it because she would no longer be exposed? Of course, that was one reason. However, it was more because Jishuka couldn’t enjoy one of the options of the tights. All lower body skills would increase by 20%. Jishuka was an archer and she only had one lower body skill, a kick that had a dashing function. On the other hand, Regas and Faker had numerous skills involving the legs.

‘Then out of the two of them...’

Grid pondered about it before deciding.

‘Faker is good.’

Asura Regas had a special gauge called Fighting Spirit. It was a necessary resource that rose in proportion to the amount of damage received from the enemy.

‘If his defense is too high, the accumulation of the gauge will be slow.'

On the other hand, the assassin Faker had many lower body skills and no special gauge. He fought on the assumption to not be hit. Giving him tights with a high defense would be a great help. 

'In particular, the attack power of an assassin is affected by agility.’

The jump enhancement option would also maximize Faker’s speed. As Grid was deciding, Euphemina finished casting Mass Teleport.


Pa pa pa pa pak!

Grid and all the Overgeared members were simultaneously moved to Reidan. Euphemina was with them. The contract included Maxong’s tears, meaning she didn’t have to stay in Siren any longer.


Piaro was suddenly embarrassed as he was left alone. He belated recalled Aura Master Hurent, who was left in Reidan.

“Well... He isn’t a kid, so he will behave well.”


"Dear husband!”

In fact, Grid was very busy. First, he had to appraise all the items that the Overgeared members acquired in Siren to see if there were any hidden features and to learn their production methods. Secondly, he had to design a new item using the adamantium that he obtained by winning four gold medals in the National Competition. Thirdly, he couldn’t forget to establish the hierarchy of his relationship with Iyarugt. Fourth, there was a need to concentrate on hunting before the experience buff that South Korea players received ended. And so on.

Grid had many things to do. He didn’t have time to spare. But in the midst of this, Grid didn’t forget his family. He first went to Irene.

"I’m glad that you weren’t very lonely during my absence thanks to Lord.”

Irene looked sulky within Grid’s arms.

“Lord is Lord, you are you. Both of you are equally important. I’m happy just seeing Lord, while dear husband...”

What was she thinking? Irene’s white cheeks suddenly turned red.

“That... That...”

She was probably having very shameful thoughts. The blue eyes looking up at Grid were moving back and forth.


She had become more cute and lovable in the time he hadn’t seen her. Grid sensed it. Now was the time to unleash the true power of the diamond class capsule!

"It would be nice to have a second child.” Grid said with a confident expression and carried Irene to the bedroom.


Irene buried her face in Grid’s chest and beamed. She seemed like an innocent girl. But after a while. In the bedroom, she became completely different. There was no innocent girl.



Duplicator was a class with clear limits. She couldn’t always copy the skills she needed, and even with the copied skills, they would disappear after using them once, thus the battle duration dropped significantly. Euphemina wondered how good it would be if she at least had a few combat skills. She felt resentment towards the inherent limitation of the Duplicator that couldn’t ‘learn’ magic or skills.

But that was only until yesterday. She broke through her limits with Mumud’s Spellbook, the item she acquired from clearing the hidden quest in Siren.