Chapter 480

During the unexpected battle between Grid’s party and Maxong. Outside of the palace, the Blood Carnival members had been completely swept up. It was the result of the cooperation between the Overgeared members and the water clan.

"Aren’t there many expensive items? In particular, the items with additional PvP damage and defense. They aren’t easily found.”

"It’s because they’re enthusiastic about the PvP content. But generally, the level limit is too low for most of us to use.”

"Aren’t most of the Silver Knights members still in the 200s? Give it to them for a cheap price.”

"Show it to Grid before that. Maybe it will help him learn new production methods.”

"Yes, of course.”

Most of the Blood Carnival members had very high infamy, meaning there was a lot of dropped items. Some things were worthless, but there were a surprising few with high value. 1st Prince Paong and 3rd Prince Gulong came to the Overgeared members who were checking the loot.

“Thank you. Really, thank you.”

“Thanks to you, our kingdom...! The people were saved! Children, parents, lovers, and the elderly! They are saved thanks to you! Really...! Thank you very much!”

The princes kept nodding their heads. Their heads even touched the ground. They sincerely appreciated the members of Overgeared who saved the lives of their precious people. Tears even fell.

"Our water clan will surely pay you back.”

"That's right! We will surely help you someday!”

Grace would be repaid with grace. They swore with their honor as princes. 

The surviving soldiers and people were reuniting with their loved ones. Children cried as they found their parents. Parents found children they thought were lost and rushed over to hug them. The elderly were sad that they didn’t die instead of their children. Lovers embraced each other. Those who found themselves alone were dismayed.

The Overgeared members looked at those who survived the Blood Carnival’s cruel slaughter with complicated expressions. They felt proud, but sad that they couldn’t protect the already dead people. In this solemn atmosphere, Katz clicked his tongue.

‘Only dead NPCs...'

He wasn’t being exceptionally callous. Katz's response was common. NPCs were just graphics and artificial intelligence. They had emotions and shed blood like humans, but they only existed in virtual reality. It was rare for someone to feel empathy for NPCs.

The Overgeared members were a unique case. Of course, it was due to Grid’s influence. It could be called a good point or bad point... It was a value that couldn’t be assessed.

“Let’s go see Your Majesty! A great banquet will be prepared for you!”

"By now, your lord will be talking to our king. Let’s go.”

The Overgeared members received the guidance of the princes and went to the palace. Jishuka took the lead, while Piaro and Asmophel followed her.

After a while.

The party were surprised when they arrived at the palace. It was destroyed by a battle. At the center of the fierce battle, the water clan King Maxong was collapsed. It was a bloody sight. The obvious cause was Grid’s party.

“Your Majesty!”


1st Prince Paong and 3rd Prince Gulong ran forward. Anger and betrayal flared in their eyes as they supported Maxong.

"You guys...! Wicked humans! They pretended to help us while actually aiming for His Majesty!”

“Shit...! I trusted you! I sincerely thanked you!”


The Overgeared members couldn’t respond. In fact, they couldn’t understand the situation.

"What happened?”Jishuka asked for clarification.

Grid was trying to explain to her when he stopped. It was because someone unexpectedly opened their mouths first. It was Maxong.

“I’m fine.”


Maxong was helped by his sons and knelt down in front of Grid. The king of the water clan was kneeling to one human. It was also in front of everyone watching. The stir was huge. The princes and soldiers couldn’t understand what was happening. The Overgeared members were also confused. The turmoil grew louder.

Except for one person. Grid didn’t act foolishly. He gazed at Maxong silently and waited for Maxong’s words. Then Maxong bowed deeply. “Human. I realized why you were angry with me during our fight. You sacrificed yourself for the sake of one man. Thus, you can’t recognize the king who is arrogant and neglects his people.”


"That's right. I’m not qualified to be a king. A king should take care of his people like they are his children, but I failed.”

He used the grief over his daughter’s death as an excuse and turned away from the people he should’ve protected. Now that he looked back, he was certainly the worst king. He felt sorry to the people and ashamed that he didn’t set an example for the princes.

"First of all, my daughter who left for the deep abyss of the sea would be sad to see such a pathetic father.” Maxong looked at Grid with respect. “Despite being a human, you’re someone who controls creatures and demons. You care more about one person’s life than your own, making you qualified to be a king."

The power of the sea was reflected in the king’s voice. Every time Maxong spoke, the mana around him turned into blue waves.


The waves gently wrapped around Grid’s body. Grid felt his mind and body becoming stable.

“I feel a deep respect towards you. I hope my sons will see and learn from you, becoming good kings, unlike their foolish father. I hope that Siren, which has been stagnant for a long time and was helpless in this invasion, will develop and become stronger.”

It was his desire.

"Siren. Teach and guide the royal family of Siren. We will truly follow you.”


The Overgeared members, Piaro, and Asmophel simultaneously shivered. The king of another species was pledging allegiance to their lord. What an honor! Like his colleagues, Grid tried to calm down his heart. He took several deep breaths before taking action. First of all, he raised Maxong who was kneeling before him. Then he held out a hand to shake.

“A king shouldn’t feel ashamed.”

It wasn’t just Maxong. The Overgeared members gathered here, Piaro, Asmophel, Jude, Noe, and Randy. They all believed in him and swore to follow him.

‘I won’t disappoint those who acknowledge me. I will be careful not to waste their efforts.’

The base had been formed on a desire for fame and not shame. The selfish but honest ‘hard working’ Grid’s royal road began.


[The Overgeared Guild has concluded an alliance treaty with Siren of the Water Clan Kingdom.]

[The Overgeared Guild and Siren will interact in all areas including military, literature, magic, commerce, and religion.]

[Over the next two years, the Overgeared Guild will support Siren by giving 100,000 gold per month for its development. However, after two years, the Overgeared Guild will take 20% of the proceeds from Siren every month.]

[For the defense of Siren, the Overgeared Guild has the right to assemble soldiers in Siren at any time. However, if Siren wants to move their army, they have to get the permission of Master Grid of Overgeared.]

[If Grid acquires the status of a king, Siren will be incorporated into Grid’s territory. Until then, Siren won’t betray Grid.]

Under Lauel’s leadership, a new treaty was signed. It was delivered to all members of Overgeared scattered throughout the continent, including Reidan, Winston, Bairon, and Cork Island. Now the morale of the almost 300 members of Overgeared soared into the sky.

“This isn’t an alliance treaty. Doesn’t it make more sense to say that Grid has completely become the owner of Siren?”

"Kuoh... Our forces will expand by leaps and bounds. God Grid is amazing.”

"It’s good that we joined Overgeared!"

The so-called Seven Guilds only had one territory. There were thousands of guilds in existence, most of which had no territory. Then what about Overgeared? It already had three territories and Winston belonged to Irene. Now it swallowed up a whole kingdom of a different species.

Was that all? They had a full alliance with Earl Steim, one of the greatest nobles in the Eternal Kingdom. Two years after its creation, based on real time, it showed an unbelievable growth rate that made it qualified to be the best guild. The Overgeared members, especially those from the Silver Knights Guild, admired and praised Grid’s political power.

“He married Irene and became the son-in-law of the best family.”

"He acquired the Tzedakah Guild.”

“He developed his estate while accepting individuals from minorities.”

"Now the Water Clan Kingdom...”

Truly God Grid. The pride of South Korea. The Silver Knights members analyzed and praised Grid in their own way. All over the continent, the Overgeared members danced and laughed. The players who witnessed their behavior spread the rumor that ‘there are more and more crazy people in Overgeared.’

The Blood Carnival members became afraid when they heard the rumor.

"More crazy people?”

"There are already a lot of crazy...”

"Cough, it is better not to be involved with Overgeared.”

Blood Warrior Katz, Beast Man Toon, Bald Vantner, Cursing Huroi, etc. The Blood Carnival members shook in horror when they were reminded of the Overgeared members with screws missing. The individual natures of the Overgeared members scared even villains.

Of course, not all Blood Carnival members shrank back. In particular, the White and Black sisters were motivated.

"The result would be different if we had fought together!”

"That's right! Give us a chance to get revenge! Lend us some strength.”

They asked the master of Blood Carnival. But the master rejected their words.

"We were merely a partnership to gain benefits. The act of helping isn’t appropriate.”

“Shit! We’ll pay you money! It doesn’t matter how much we pay, so please ask for volunteers to knock down Reidan!”

"Have you forgotten the absolute rule not to accept something that doesn’t have a high chance of success?”


This was the judgment of the Blood Carnival master.

‘It isn’t time yet.’

Yes, not yet. Growth wasn’t infinite. There were limitations to it. The Overgeared Guild was experiencing a great surge right now, but stagnation would soon arrive. For example, the ‘legendary farmer’ that boasted a unique strength right now would no longer be special.

‘Piaro... Right now, I have to find and recruit named NPCs comparable to him.’

It was for his own sake.


"I would like to farm here.” Piaro declared in Siren.

Lauel was perplexed. "What crop can grow in a place where the ground is made of sand instead of earth? It’s impossible to farm here.”

“No. Farming is the source of everything. There is no limit to farming. I will surely prove it. I will raise crops that can only be grown in Siren and will help the lord. Please give me permission.”

Grid knew better than anyone how stubborn Piaro was. Grid had absolute trust in Piaro. Piaro was a legend. He was closer to being a perfect legend than Grid. In his own field, nothing was impossible for Piaro.

"Yes, I will be looking forward to it.”

“My Lord! If Piaro isn’t present, who will be Reidan’s guardian?”

Piaro’s power couldn’t be replaced. If he was to leave Reidan, Lauel would have to be careful about Reidan’s defense and the number of jobs would increase. Grid heard Lauel’s opposition and gazed at Asmopehl.

"The empty seat of Piaro will be filled by our soldiers.”


Asmophel had an intense personality. He didn’t take jokes as jokes. He didn’t know that Grid was praising him as a substitute for Piaro and was only obsessed with ‘soldier.’

‘My Lord only trusts me at the level of a soldier...!’ If that was the case... ‘I will start again from the beginning!’

He really was going to be a soldier.

‘I will build up my skills!’

Asmophel’s Determination of the Number Two skill was successfully activated. It was a moment that would later shock the world, the birth of the ‘legend of a soldier.’