Chapter 479

Noe used Soul Ingestion and the following notification windows emerged.

[The memphis Noe has taken away half of Maxong’s strength.]

[Your strength will increase by 2,511 for 3 seconds!]


Grid found out that Maxong’s strength was over 5,000 and was astonished.

‘It isn’t just his strength.’

Maxong had physical attacks and magic attacks. It meant his intelligence was close to 5,000. Simply looking at his total stats, he was really strong. It was almost frightening. But at this moment, the situation was reversed. It was Maxong’s turn to feel fear.

“Blacksmith's Rage. Blackening.”

Grid used buff skills in order to maximize the effect of his greatly increased strength. He immediately used the overwhelming strength of Linked Kill.


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!] 

[The weak spot has been attacked! Further damage will be dealt!!]

[You have dealt 4,230,400 damage to the target.]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!] 

[You have dealt 3,500,100 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 1,691,600 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 1,590,400 damage to the target.]

There were a total of four blows. Two of them were critical hits. Thanks to this, Maxong received over 10 million damage, despite having more defense than Elfin Stone.


There was also the addition of Randy’s Linked Kill, causing Maxong to scream. Was he dying? Euphemina and Lauel were worried, but Grid didn’t care.

‘It should be fine.’

The pet status window showed that Iyarugt’s stats were significantly higher than Grid’s. In particular, the Sublime Sword that he used dealt more damage than Pinnacle Kill. However, Maxong only lost 20% of his health after being hit by Sublime Sword. Now he was hit by Grid and Randy’s Linked Kill, receiving over 10 million damage, but only 10% of his health was lost. 

It meant that Maxong’s maximum health was close to 100 million. He had enormous health as the representative of a species. It was a testament to the gap that existed between named NPCs. Maxong was still tough.



Maxong counterattacked and Randy was hit by one of the water pillars. At the same time, he fell into a stunned state and allowed another water pillar to be fired. 

[‘Doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest’ Randy has been fatally wounded!]

[Randy’s transformation has been lifted.]


Grid had no time to worry as Randy returned to the guise of a little girl. He was faced with Maxong’s spray of water and a kick to the face. Avoid it? It was nonsense. Right now, Grid’s strength overpowered Maxong. He attacked in return.



Maxong’s face distorted as the jade scales of his shins collided with Grid’s Greatsword. He felt a terrible pain.

‘My strength suddenly weakened. Is it because this cheeky human stole it?’

The problem was that he was swallowed by that black creature for a moment. Maxong started analyzing it.  Grid used Linked Kill Wave. He aimed to reduce Maxong’s health as much as possible before his strength returned to normal levels. This was Grid’s top priority.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

“Disgraceful person!”

The moment he saw the storm of energy blades, he summoned dozens of water drops at the same time. The size of each water droplet was slightly larger than a watermelon. Grid experienced something terrible as a result of the collision of Linked Wave Kill with the water droplets.

[You have suffered 920,330 reflective damage!]

[You have suffered 899,100 reflective damage!]

[You have suffered 918,555 reflective damage!]

[You have suffered 905,700 reflective dam...]



[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


The water droplets summoned by Maxong had the ability to reflect damage to the attacker. It was a strong wide area magic like Elfin Stone’s Blood Field.


“My Lord!”

Euphemina and Lauel realized the danger of the water droplets thanks to Grid’s unintended sacrifice. They wanted to go and help Grid, but there were too many water droplets. They were unable to use magic and were completely blocked from reaching Grid and Maxong. They would suffer from the reflective damage and die.

‘Inducement magic...!’

Euphemina examined her skills to see if there was one that would overcome the current crisis.

“Jude. Seek. My Lord.”

Jude ran with his naked body. He had no fear. He just took action.



The dozens of water droplets blocking the way? He just broke through with his bare body. The only thought running through Jude’s head was his lord’s safety. He didn’t care about his own well-being. Thanks to Jude’s actions, Grid’s companions were able to figure out the weakness of the water droplets.

‘They will explode and disappear from even a small impact!’

That’s right. The water droplets summoned by Maxong had a weak durability and popped when hit by a fist. Instead of using the fraudulent ability to reflect damage, it was a blind spot.


Lauel and Euphemina quickly destroyed the water droplets in their path. An attack with minimal damage meant minimal reflection. As soon as they secured a path, they immediately cast their strongest skills. Meanwhile, Jude was struggling to reach the fighting Grid and Maxong.

“Jude. Help.”

“This idiot!”

Grid’s immortal state was harsh. Maxong’s strength had recovered to normal levels, but Grid fought fiercely. He didn’t have to worry about dying, so he didn’t care about suffering damage. Grid’s plan was to attack as much as possible until the immortal passive ended, then he would wear the Holy Light Armor and Doran’s Ring just as the immortal passive ended.

But Jude interfered with his plan. Jude wasn’t wearing any items, so his health and defense were the worst. Grid flew forward, afraid that Jude would die because of Maxong. He had to protect Jude.

"This person seems to be precious to you!”

Maxong felt a sense of crisis about Grid who wouldn’t die, but that ended right now. He smiled with satisfaction and stretched out a hand towards Grid, who had exposed a gap to help Jude. The moment that the water pillar was about to hit Grid.

[The duration of immortality is over.]


Was he going to die? Euphemina and Lauel’s magic casting still wasn’t over. The timing was too short to use Assimilation. The God Hands were too far away.

“You must live!”


In the end, Grid was prepared for death and pushed Jude down. He didn’t want Jude to be swept up in the explosion range of the water pillar and die. At that moment.

"Bah, I hate humans, but I like you as much as possible.”

The old man who had been watching the situation for a while, Iyarugt. Grid was mistaken when he thought Iyarugt had betrayed him. The reason Iyarugt withdrew from battle was to observe Maxong and identify any weaknesses. In the first place, losing his master wasn’t good for Iyarugt. Iyarugt’s aim was to get revenge on Zepar and this wasn’t something he could do on his own.


Iyarugt moved his sword and protected Grid. The water pillar that originally intended to cover Grid was destroyed.


Maxong was furious at losing his chance to kill the human due to Iyarugt. He angrily aimed a fist at Iyarugt. However, it was a movement that Iyarugt predicted. Iyarugt avoided the fist by bending his back, took a step forward and wielded his sword in a half moon. It was one of the five unique skills that Sword Demon Iyarugt possessed, Hell Moon Cut.


Maxong knelt down as blood spurted from his chest. At the same time, Euphemina and Lauel finished casting their spells and simultaneously aimed it at Maxong. The finishing blow naturally came from Grid. What were the God Hands doing all this time? They were hammering in front of a portable furnace. It was for the sake of Item Combination.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”


The combination of the +9 Failure and +8 Ideal Longsword moved in his hand.



It was an unbelievable blow. Maxong’s eyes widened as his wounded chest was hit again.

[You have won the fight against the king of the water clan, Maxong!]

[Maxong has received a great mental shock after being defeated. This is the momentum needed to awaken Maxong’s spirit and mind. He will take a step back and look at himself.]

[The hidden linked quest ‘Water Clan King’s Fury’ has been cleared!]

[The information about Sword Demon Iyarugt has been updated.]

[The information about Jude has been updated.]

Name: Iyarugt

Age: ?? Gender: Male

Species: Horned Demon

Title: Best Swordsman of Hell

* When sword type weapons are used, the attack power is doubled. There is a 100% chance of a critical strike when hitting a weak point. Evasion rate will increase by 50%.

Strength: 3,503 (▼)   Stamina: 1,090 (▼)

Agility: 3,201 (▼)       Intelligence: 330 (▼)

Skills: Swordsman’s Eyes (S), One Way of Life (SS-), Sword Dance Explosion (SS), Volcanic Circulation (SS), Hell Moon Cut (SS), Sublime Sword (SS+).

A horned demon classified as a lower demon.

As a result of training in swordsmanship without giving up, he became the strongest swordsman of hell. But he failed to overcome the limit of his birth and was defeated in a battle with the great demon Zepar and died.

After that, his soul was cursed and attached to a sword.

* By winning in a battle against the strong, he can regain a feeling of life. Repeating this a few more times can recover all of his skills (1/10)

* Must win against an opponent who is recognized as an ‘enemy.’

* Iyarugt has a strong camaraderie that will develop into liking towards you.

Name: Jude

Age: 30  Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Grid’s Knight

* If he is with Grid, he will only look at Grid.

Level: 303

Strength: 2,080/2,380   Stamina: 908/1,108

Agility: 330/430    Intelligence: 20/20

Skills: Advanced Sword Mastery (A), Snatch the Enemy’s Weapon and Use it as a Weapon (S), Silence (A), I have no Idea (SS-).

A rare fool born in Winston. When it comes to strength, he doesn’t fall behind anyone. He is a natural warrior who doesn’t know fear.

His brain is less evolved, but since becoming Grid’s knight, he had steadily grown to become the best warrior.

* His body has exceeded the limit by experiencing a battle with the strong. Maximum strength, stamina and agility has increased (1/20)

* Must win against an opponent who is recognized as an ‘enemy.’


Maybe Jude could be reborn as a named NPC? If he joined in all the raids, a rapid growth would be possible. But.

‘I’m afraid he will die before becoming named.’

How should Grid raise Jude? Grid remembered and threw clothes towards Jude. They were clothes for blacksmiths.

"Thank you."


Euphemina felt regret. Then she became shocked at herself and shook her head.