Chapter 478

[Summoning Sword Demon Iyarugt!]


The moment that Grid used the skill, Iyarugt let out a roar that was like thunder. A bloody light was emitted in all directions, barely missing Grid. It was a horrific force. Grid was unable to hold on to the sword!

“Ugh...! You disgraceful bastard!”

It tried to hit its master. Grid felt the need to educate the sword properly. However, it didn’t stop. Iyarugt broke away from Grid and rose into the sky. The translucent red color of the smelted bloodstone started to darken. It was a darkness darker than night.


Euphemina couldn’t help exclaiming. The ancient golden characters carved on the black Iyarugt were mysterious and beautiful. Grid, Lauel, and even Maxong were gripped by the sight.


Iyarugt didn’t move anymore. The light being emitted also calmed down and everything became silent.


It was static, like time had stopped. It felt like a moment or eternity.


The silence was broken. A red bead popped out from Iyarugt. Hell’s best swordsman, a Sword Demon, Great Demon Zepar’s only rival, etc. It was the moment when the soul of Iyarugt, who had all types of titles attached to him, appeared in the world.

‘Hoh... This is great.’

Braham woke up inside Grid’s body and felt amazement. It was admiration, not just interest. How great was this presence that even Braham felt admiration? Grid felt expectant and was also nervous. Iyarugt’s soul, which emitted a light that was like the stars in the universe, started to gradually change. It took the shape of a person.

An old man bent over.


The old man had flames that burned like blood around his body. The white-haired old man with horns rising sharply from his forehead, bulging muscles and sharp eyes was Hell’s best swordsman, Iyarugt. He had the magic power of a lower demon. He only trained in the sword to be able to compete with a great demon. Marbas, one of the major powers in hell evaluated Iyarugt as ‘one who can change the order of the great demons.’


He took a breath after 300 years. The sweet air of Siren entered his lungs and awakened every cell.


“Isn’t this unbelievable?”

King Maxiong of the water clan was surprised. It was because the energy of the demon summoned by the cheeky human was unusual. It was enough to give him a hazy feeling of crisis.

‘This is the power of a great demon?’

Siren was an isolated kingdom, but the knowledge of hell and great demons had spread to some extent. In particular, Maxong was a king with extensive knowledge, so he knew some things about great demons. Iyarugt seemed like one of the 33 great demons that he’d only heard about.

‘How can a human summon a great demon? Isn’t there a hostile relationship between humans and great demons?’

His knowledge was too light. Maxong didn’t know the true power of a great demon, nor did he know that humans and demonkin often formed a contract.


Maxong misunderstood Iyarugt as a great demon and laughed. He looked between the black cat sitting on Grid’s shoulder and the small human girl holding onto Grid’s wrist.

‘They are also creatures...’

The creatures had considerable strength. Possessing beings that should be in hell, Grid didn’t seem like a normal human. However, Maxong was more concerned with a different human male.

‘What is that human?’

A human with confidence equivalent to him. Out of the four beings that Grid summoned, Maxong was most off-balance by the human male. It was even more than the great demon. The reason was simple.

“Why is he naked?”


That’s right. The human man that Grid summoned, the knight Jude, was naked.  His nakedness revealed his perfect muscles.


Euphemina belatedly saw Jude’s goods and turned her head with a blush. However, her huge eyes continued to watch appreciatively.


Grid and Lauel were speechless at Jude’s unusually huge size. There was an awkward silence for a moment.

"Why are you naked?" Grid regained his spirit and cried out indignantly.

Jude stood there unabashedly and replied simply, “Jude. After training. Bath.”

It meant that he responded to the summons in the bath.

"This is absurd."

The problem was that the game was too much like reality. All NPCs had human emotions and their life patterns were similar. They bathed daily. Thus, this misfortune occurred.

“Why didn’t you grab your weapons and armor before answering the summons?”

“My Lord. Called. I come.”

"It’s inspiring loyalty.”

One of the biggest differences between a player and NPC was the presence or absence of an inventory. The NPCs had no inventory. In other words, the currently naked Jude was in a ‘no items’ state. Jude might be over level 300, but what strength could he exert using a body with no items?

‘What should I do?’

Jude wouldn’t be any help and was also at a risk of dying. The moment that Grid was worried about Jude.

“Demon. Kill.”


Jude swung his fist. The target wasn’t Maxong of the water clan. It was towards the elderly man burning with demon energy, Sword Demon Iyarugt. Iyarugt shook when he was punched in the face by a human who he thought was an ally. The demon who had the high reputation of the best swordsman of hell until he was defeated in a battle against the great demon Zepar and died, he was hit by a human?

“You are fearless."

He took a deep breath. It had been 300 years. He wanted to savor the sweet air. But that excitement was broken. Iyarugt became deeply angry and recognized Jude as an enemy.


The demonic sword Iyarugt started to respond to Sword Demon Iyarugt. It ignored its owner Grid and flew into Iyarugt’s hands. Grid hurriedly called out as the sword headed towards Jude.


It was useless. After growing to the legendary rating, Iyarugt regained some of the strength of the past and its self-esteem soared into the sky. It didn’t follow Grid’s command.



The blood red sword cut at Jude’s bare chest. At the same time, Jude’s health gauge was reduced by 40%. Grid was startled.

‘What is this damage...?’

Jude’s body was bare but his basic strength and stamina was very high. His natural defenses couldn’t be ignored. But Iyarugt dealt serious damage with just one blow. It was also the basic damage. This was equivalent to Grid using the +9 Failure.

“Jude. It hurts. Endure. Kill. Demon.”


Jude wasn’t frightened by the serious injury. He moved with his wounded body towards Iyarugt. Iyarugt thought it was ridiculous. He had lived 500 years and had been a soul for 300 years, but he had never seen anyone as ignorant as Jude. No, it was the first time he saw a life like this.

“Fearless person...! Do you have 10 lives? Even a hydra failed to land an attack on me!”

Iyarugt wielded his sword again. But Grid was too fast.


Jude’s life was in danger. His first knight. He was special because Grid had selected him and trained him directly from among the soldiers. Grid couldn’t just watch as he lost Jude. It was also to an ally! Jude heard Grid’s shouted and stopped with a flinch. Then without thinking, he somehow caught the sword with his bare hands and took it away. It was the ideal linkage of the I have no Idea passive skill and Weapon Capture skill.


Iyarugt didn’t like it. His attacks had been avoided a few times, but it was the first time someone took away his sword with bare hands. A sword demon having his sword stolen, it was a reality that was hard to believe.

‘This guy is actually really big!’

Iyarugt thought Jude was a fool because he wandered around naked. Grid approached Iyarugt and Jude.

“You aren’t enemies. From now on, I will give a severe punishment to those who attack their allies.”

“Daring to command me...” Iyarugt expressed his resistance.

“Yes.” Jude nodded without thinking.

Why was he fighting this evil old man in front of him? Jude had already forgotten. His maximum intelligence was 20. Maxong had been watching the situation dumbly. He couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted. "What are you doing?"

The enemies were playing around in front of him? It was reprehensible. He had wanted to punish them while they were attacking each other, but he couldn’t use such a contemptible method as a king.

"Daring to ignore this king! Receive a fair punishment!”

Maxong used Water Clan King’s Fury and the tsunami rushed again. At the same time. Iyarugt was staring angrily at Jude, Jude was doing nothing, Euphemina had lost her spirit because of Jude’s goods, and Lauel watched the absurd scene with a dazed expression.

“First of all, make the loud one fall silent.”

“It’s a good idea.”

They turned to Maxong at once and used their ultimate moves.


Lauel’s thunderbolt struck Maxon, delaying him. Then Euphemina’s spell dealt serious damage to Maxong. Lauel was the best of the 10 Rookies and Euphemina was the first one to obtain an epic hidden class. Now they were overgeared and had enough power to threaten Maxong.

But Maxong was tough and good at fighting. He protected his vital points with hard scales and unleashed an attack. The first target was naturally the naked human. Maxong had experienced many battles. It was right to aim for the easiest enemy to get rid of.

It was the wrong judgment. The opponent wasn’t easy. Jude held the unique skill ‘I have no idea’ that was SS-grade. Why did the skill have such a high rating? Even Grid didn’t know why, but the high rating meant it had a definite effect. Jude didn’t hesitate to attack Maxong because he had no thoughts, and it was a judgment that broke Maxong’s expectations.

Instead of avoiding the flying water column, Jude broke through the front and grabbed Maxong’s face. Jude had 2,000 strength, far exceeding the common sense of a soldier. However, it wasn’t a threat to Maxong. Maxong wasn’t hurt when his face was caught by Jude’s hands. It felt like a fly. The problem was that his vision was obstructed.

“Sublime Sword.”


Iyarugt aimed for this gap and pierced Maxong’s heart. Maxong flinched as he suffered massive damage.

“It smells good! Nyang!”

Noe became happy at the fishy smell of the water clan and swallowed Maxong. At the same time, Grid had his strength greatly enhanced thanks to Soul Ingestion and used Linked Kill at the same time as Randy.


Maxong screamed.