Chapter 477

"I am the king of Siren. I am the sea. I embrace and swallow everything just by existing. Something like this... It doesn’t make sense to serve a human.”

Someone with a height of over 2 meters. Maxong, the impressive looking water clan king with aquamarine scales embedded on his body, finally responded. It was the first time his expression changed since losing his daughter. The emotion that could be seen from his changed expression was anger.

“You dare... Daring to spit at the king... Haven’t you experienced the fear of the sea?”


How big was the pearl? Maxong rose from the throne of white jade that was impossible to see in the mortal world.

“I won’t serve anyone! I am the only existence to be honored!"

Maxong’s voice contained a fearsome power. The soldiers who heard it grabbed their bleeding ears, and Euphemina and Lauel also stumbled.

[Maxong has cast ‘Wrath of the Water Clan’s King.’]

[In the voice of the chosen king, there is a dignity of the sea that the perpetrator can’t withstand!]

[Resistance to the water attribute has dropped by 50%!]

[You are injured! Health will consistently be consumed.]

[Your sense of balance is off and all speeds will drop by 20%.]

[Skill and magic cooldown time will be increased by 20%.]

[You have fallen into the ‘fear’ state!]

[You have fallen into the ‘confused’ state!]

[You have resisted.]

[A tsunami is coming!]


Mana started to stir at Maxong’s roar, turning into a tsunami that hit Grid. Grid was nervous because it clearly contained great power.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen such strong water attribute magic...!’

It couldn’t be avoided. It felt like he was going to be devoured. It was dangerous to Euphemina and Lauel.

‘I will protect them!’

Grid swapped to the Holy Light set and summoned the God Hands. He took out the Divine Shield after a long time and placed himself in front of Euphemina and Lauel.

“Root Curtain!”

Euphemina used a S-grade defense spell. Vines shot up from the ground and formed a barrier in an instant, absorbing the tsunami that hit it and expanding further from the nourishment. It was the moment when the king’s chambers filled with luxurious decorations was transformed into a forest in an instant.

“Wow... You resisted it?”

“I’m always ready. I can always prevent the worst from happening.”

The vines absorbed the tsunami and became huge. Euphemina responded to Grid’s admiring words by sharing the quest.

[The hidden quest ‘Water Clan King’s Fury’ has been created!]

[Water Clan King’s Fury]

★ A hidden linked quest with the Hidden Quest ‘Upcoming Destruction’ ★ (A maximum of 5 people can participate)

Five years ago, Maxong lost his beloved daughter Ohong. His ears, eyes, and mind are closed, as he misses Princess Ohong. Now his closed mind is released because of extreme anger.

Suppress Maxong, the powerful water clan king! If you defeat him, who has never lost since he was born, he will be shocked and awaken. His eyes will be drawn back to reality and he might become a wise king.

Quest Clear Condition: Reduces Maxong’s maximum health by 90%.

Quest Failure Condition: Maxong’s death, or the destruction of the quest facilitator.

Quest Clear Rewards: Maxong’s awakening. Become Maxong’s benefactor. Speed up the development of Siren.

‘A hidden quest...!’

Satisfy had a high degree of freedom and there were countless quests. After clearing a specific quest, there were often cases where a linked quest could be obtained if a subsequent action was done. Most linked quests guaranteed high rewards. Since this was a linked quest for a hidden quest, the value would be indisputably high.

"Then the reward is Maxong’s awakening... Why is it just this?”

“This is evidence that Maxong is a huge part of Satisfy. Maybe this is a golden opportunity to obtain a named NPC as great as Piaro.”

Unlike Euphemina, Lauel recovered from the status conditions a little bit late and opened his mouth.

“A rare hidden quest. We must succeed.”

But it would be difficult. It was estimated that the clearance difficulty of this hidden linked quest that was unintentionally generated would be more difficult than any quest Lauel had experienced so far.

‘A quest that occurs when the person who clears ‘Upcoming Destruction’ has to anger Maxong...’

It was a quest with a difficult starting condition. The quest was discovered because Grid ignited the NPC’s pure emotions.

‘The difficulty is the worst... It doesn’t make sense to fight the king of a nation while the destruction is proceeding.’

In reality, a king didn’t mean a strong man. But in Satisfy, a king was a named NPC and most named NPCs were strong by default. There were exceptions, but it was right to exclude Maxong from those exceptions As a representative of a species, there was a high possibility that he would exert power beyond common sense. Wasn’t the attack he just sent very threatening?

"It would be nice if Faker was in here instead of me... I’m sorry for our colleagues outside, but you should call Piaro and Asmopehl.”

Lauel urged Grid to sacrifice his colleagues for the best results. It was a reminder of his own incompetence that he had to make such a choice. Grid refused, “I don’t want to.”

He didn’t want to feel the helplessness and guilt he experienced at the time of the Elfin Stone raid. That’s why he had been working harder.

“I have become stronger.” It was time to show the fruits of his hard work. "I will catch Maxong without the help of Piaro and Asmophel.”


Lauel’s face paled. He thought it was impossible. At that moment.


Maxong pushed off from the ground. It was a fast pace unbelievable for a mass of muscles. Euphemina and Lauel couldn’t respond. Only Grid managed to capture the movements.



Iyarugt collided with Maxong’s right elbow and Grid was pushed back a step. It was clear evidence that Maxong’s physical power surpassed Chris.’ Was that all?



A water column was ejected from Maxong’s hands, hitting Grid’s chest and causing him 7,800 damage. This was while he was wearing the Holy Light set. Maxong’s magic power was double that of the drake. But Grid was also tough. He blocked Maxong’s attack, allowing the God Hands to counterattack.



It was the +9 Failure that boasted an overwhelming attack, the +8 Grid’s Greatsword with excellent balance, the +8 Doppelganger’s Greatsword that ignored a certain amount of the enemy’s defense and the +7 Ideal Long Sword, which was based on the Ideal Dagger. All the weapons pierced Maxong’s chest and waist.


Maxong gritted his teeth. He was pain from the wounded areas. However, he didn’t hesitate one bit.


There was a thunderous sound in Grid’s ears. Before he realized it, Maxong was already in front of him.


[You have suffered 5,900 damage.]

Grid was struck by the scaly feet and was blown thrown the vines.

"How dare you!”

The angry Lauel used Dragon’s Claws, causing a sharp stone pillar to rise up where Maxong was standing. But it didn’t hurt Maxong. Maxong immediately summoned blue water to mitigate the damage of the stone pillar. Lauel didn’t panic. From the beginning, his role was to attract attention!

"Tree Giant’s Hug!”

Grid and Lauel pulled Maxong’s aggro. Meanwhile, Euphemina once again used a S-grade spell. It was also a spell highly resistant to the water attribute. Before visiting the sea kingdom that was strong in water magic, she obtained many wood attribute spells in case it was needed.



The vine forest from before quickly took the shape of a giant and wrapped around Maxong’s body. It tightened and twisted, trying to completely tear the body apart. Grid rushed towards the groaning Maxong. There was a large killing intent around Iyarugt.




Iyarugt was much more effective than before after reaching the legendary rating, and its attack speed was also faster. Grid wore the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and maximized the damage by hitting the weak spot.  Iyarugt struck exactly at Maxong’s clavicle, a weak point. As Maxong screamed with pain, Grid rotated while retrieving the sword and fired off a series of Magic Missiles. At the same time, he developed a footwork and linked up Pinnacle Kill.


[You have dealt 455,000 damage to the target.]


Grid consumed health in exchange for using Pinnacle Kill. As he unfolded Link, he hurriedly took a defensive posture and tried to generate combos with Iyarugt. It was to prevent Maxong’s counterattack, who had broken free from the Tree Giant’s Hug.


He blocked the fists and kick that simultaneously struck at the top and bottom with Iyarugt and the God Hands.


He allowed a water bomb attack. Grid coughed up a large amount of blood and grumbled.

'Shit... Why isn’t 5 Joint Attacks activating these days?’

It was the ultimate option attached to the Holy Light Gloves. In the past, it had burst out and helped him. Nowadays, it didn’t appear at all. It was the same during the National Competition. Grid was uneasy.

‘I have been earning money these days, so this is the bad luck I get in return...?’

Damn Lady Luck! Grid grumbled at the gods while continuing to fight Maxong.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Maxong attacked Grid as much as possible, while avoiding Lauel and Euphemina’s magic attacks. Grid realized something as he stared at the blue eyes filled with anger and laughed. It was a laugh of absurdity.

‘Son of a bitch.’

The more he thought about it, the more absurd it was. Rewarding the heroes who defended Siren? In the first place, Maxong wasn’t even interested in Siren!

"Shit! You unscrupulous old man! You don’t deserve to be a king!”

Uncontrollable anger bubbled up inside Grid. He wanted to show Maxong. But Maxong’s strength was comparable to vampire earl Elfin Stone. No, maybe more than that. He wasn’t someone that three people could raid. Thus, Grid pulled out all the cards he could afford. First, he summoned Noe and Randy.

“Summon Knight! Jude!”

The first knight in charge of Winston’s defense.

“Summon Demon, Iyarugt.”

Finally, he summoned someone who shouldn’t exist.

Now Grid demonstrated his quantity.