Chapter 482

“I don’t want it.”

Faker confirmed the information of Kruger’s Pants that Grid handed him and refused. Grid was baffled because he’d been expecting an entirely different reaction.

“Why? Why don’t you want this? I thought you would be jumping with joy.”

“It’s too good.”

Kruger’s Pants could be regarded as one level higher than Grid’s current items. It had golden options and high defense, making it too good. Thus, it was a burden.

"Grid, you tend to give too much to us.”


Since when? Faker calmly explained to Grid, who wanted to refute it.

“How many of the two billion users can wear items made by a legendary blacksmith? It’s only the Overgeared Guild. We’re always thankful to you and that’s why I want to return the favor. I can’t keep demanding things from you.”

Grid was dumbfounded. “What are you saying? When have I ever made free items for you? You’re a customer who buys items from me for a reasonable price. I’m not doing you favors.”

The Overgeared members provided the necessary materials and methods for Grid to make the items. Grid learned how to make items for free and was also able to earn money by selling the items to his colleagues. Anyone could see that Grid benefited. That’s why Grid always felt appreciative.

"Thanks to your steady commissions, I was able to produce more items and build up my skills. I even make money while doing it. This time as well. I’m selling this to you, not giving it for free. Isn’t it a reasonable price?”

“...You don’t know your own value.”

There were many rich people in the world. The items made by Grid were more expensive than the Overgeared members could afford, but the wealthy would be willing to buy them. Yet they never got a chance. Grid was so busy that he barely had enough time to produce items for the Overgeared members. In other words, Grid was pouring all the opportunity costs into the Overgeared members.

Faker and his colleagues always felt sorry.

"In fact, you can earn a much larger amount of money. But you’re tied to the guild...”

"Bullshit.” Grid frowned and interrupted. "Tied to the guild? It’s nonsense. I’m the one who made Overgeared. I’m thankful that you accepted my invitation.”

“Aren’t we seeing greater benefits as a result? So I won’t buy the pants. You should use it.”

At the very least, don’t concede such a good item.

Grid shrugged. "I know what you mean, but the options of the tights will have no effect on me.”

Rise in agility, rise in jumping ability, and increase the power of lower body skills. They were options that occurred theoretically because the tights were light and comfortable. Overlapping it with heavy armor would cause the effects to disappear. It was a phenomenon that occurred because Satisfy pursued realism. It was one of the important systems that increased immersion, but was tiring in many ways.

“However, isn’t the defense applied?”

"No, dammit. It’s too tight. Cutting my blood off just for a bit more defense? In the first place, I can simply make something layered that only increases defense.”

In fact, the layered defense effect used in Triple Layers was just as good.


"Don’t be stubborn. And don’t forget. The favors I’m doing all of you are because of Overgeared. The thing you can do for me is become stronger. Don’t give me something useless.”


Faker gave a rare smile. There seemed to be a halo around his face, showing the best merits of a mixed Eastern and Western person.

‘Really handsome.’

Why were all the Overgeared members so handsome? Honestly, Grid was too shabby compared to them. What if they immigrated to South Korea and went out every day? He was glad to have them as friends. But he could also feel depressed.

‘I should recruit new guild members that are uglier than me... Yes, they should be like Uncle Vantner?’

Grid still had no idea how attractive his masculine looks were. He was feeling seriously distressed when Faker spoke hesitantly.

“That... Can I pay by installments?”


The value of Kruger’s Pants were around 6 billion gold, which was burdensome to pay all at once. Grid eventually nodded. "I understand. But just so you know, I’m not selling it at an expensive price. There are no conditions of use, so I can sell it to much wealthier people.”

“...I’m well aware.”

In fact, it wasn’t cheap. Faker once again felt thankful that Grid didn’t require interest on the installment payments.

‘I will become stronger in order to repay the favor.’

It didn’t matter who the opponent was. Yes, he wouldn’t allow even Kraugel to threaten Grid and the Overgeared Guild. Daring to go against Kraugel? Somebody might laugh and see Faker’s attitude as arrogance. But Grid and the Overgeared members knew Faker’s true value. 

In the darkness, his power was equal to or greater than Grid. If Euphemina was the hidden gem of Overgeared, Faker was the invisible pillar supporting Overgeared. In order to be faithful to his role, Faker was obliged to be stronger than anyone else.


[Mumud’s Spellbook]

Rating: ??

The old spellbook containing the magic of the genius magician Mumud.

Usage Effects: ??

Conditions of Use: ??

Weight: 10


Euphemina’s room that faced Grid’s bedroom. After returning from unburdening her heart with her colleagues, Euphemina’s expression was very serious. She couldn’t guess the value of Mumud’s Spellbook that she received as a quest reward.

‘The rating is unknown.’

Typically, the rating of a spellbook followed that of magic. For example, a spellbook that contained the A-grade magic Fire Storm was rated A. In other words, spellbooks were divided from D~S ranks. Then what about an unknown rating?

‘Is it not acquiring a single magic?’

For example, there were multiple spells with different ratings, making the rating of the spellbook unknown?

‘In any case, this is a spellbook that teaches magic.’

Then there was a problem. Euphemina wasn’t a magician. She could copy magic, but she had no talent to learn it.

‘The spellbook might explode...’

In fact, Euphemina wanted to sell this to Zednos or Laella. She judged that it was more stable in many ways. But Grid stopped that idea. A spellbook that couldn’t be judged using the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal. Grid guessed that the spellbook had more value than a legendary class change book.

"Braham said this. Mumud was even more of a genius than him, making Braham feel afraid and wary. In other words, he had talent beyond a legendary magician. What if you sell the spellbook and then find out its real value afterwards? You might regret it too much. Don’t play the game cautiously and just try it out. You might be worried that the spellbook will disappear without an effect, but you will regret it less than giving it to others.”

‘Grid is right.’

In fact, Euphemina was one of the few people in Overgeared who didn’t know Grid’s nature. She misunderstood Grid as a great figure even when he was a dunce. For Euphemina, Grid was a target of envy, especially the current Grid. This was why she engraved his advice in her.

"Yes, I must learn it.”

She didn’t delay once she made a decision. Euphemina immediately opened Mumud’s Spellbook.

[Mumud’s Spellbook has been read.]

[Mumud’s magical knowledge is flowing into your brain.]

[Your intelligence stat is less than 5,000. You are unable to accept the new knowledge. Failed to acquire the knowledge...]

The notification windows that gave her despair popped up.  Euphemina became anxious.

[You are under the title effect of ‘Defender of Siren.’ Mumud’s knowledge favors you. The knowledge is reorganized to make it easier to understand.]

[You have completed the acquisition of new knowledge.]

[Mumud’s Magic Tree has opened.]

[Your constitution isn’t suitable to acquire Mumud’s fire attribute magic.]

[Your constitution isn’t suitable to acquire Mumud’s wood attribute magic.]

[Your constitution isn’t suitable to acquire Mumud’s earth attribute magic.]

[You have learned Mumud’s water attribute magic.]

[You have learned Mumud’s no attribute magic.]

[Mumud’s Water Attribute Magic]

Rating: Legendary (Growth)

Stage 1: You can turn magic power into water and ice, which you can use for your own purposes. Casting time and cooldown time will differ depending on the form of magic. Research will be needed in order for it to be used more efficiently.

[Mumud’s No Attribute Magic]

Rating: Legendary (Growth)

Stage 1: The ‘Ignore 30% of magic defense’ effect will be applied to your magic power.

[The hidden quest ‘Mumud’s Soul Liberation’ has been created.]

[Mumud's Soul Liberation]

★ Hidden Quest ★

During his life. 

As a disciple of the legendary great magician Braham, Mumud excelled as a genius. But genius is short-lived. His heart had been weak since he was born and he would die before he turned 30. He didn’t reveal his illness to anyone and devoted himself to researching and creating a magic system that anyone could easily use.  It was his achievement as a magician. This allowed Mumud to feel satisfied with his life.

It might be a short life, but he was happy and felt fulfilled at contributing to the development of the world. He could humbly accept death. But it was only for a moment. His achievement was taken away by his master Braham, causing him great shock. Mumud burned with anger and vowed to get revenge on Braham. He would create a new magic formula that transcended Braham, leading him to Siren to obtain a powerful orb.

However, he didn’t carry out his revenge. His life was too short. He would rather spend it on happiness instead of revenge. He fell in love with a water clan woman he met in Siren and happily closed his eyes.

But he is suffering even after death. His body was taken away by Baal’s Contractor and used to commit acts of slaughter that goes against his soul’s will.

You have saved the Siren that Mumud loved and know Mumud’s story. Use this newly obtained strength to release Mumud’s crying soul.

Quest Clear Conditions: Destroy Mumud’s lich that is in the hands of Baal’s Contractor ‘????’ and liberate the soul.

Quest Success Reward: The growth type legendary class ‘Mumud’s Descendant’ will be acquired. All of Mumud’s magic will be opened.

Quest Failure Condition: None.

“W-What is this?”

Euphemina was shocked. She was stunned because the value of Mumud’s Spellbook far exceeded her imagination. She had suffered for a long time in Siren for Grid and Overgeared. Now she was rewarded with new wings. She obtained an opportunity to be extraordinary.

It was the moment when the power of Overgeared greatly increased.