Chapter 473

[Ring of Absurdity]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 7/10

* Reduces the resources consumed by magic or a skill by half.

* Mana recovery rate will double.

An artifact produced by the great magician Pauld.

A masterpiece born by chance, it displays the effect of ignoring ideas.

Conditions of Use: None.

‘Hoh, this is great. Pauld did well in his last years.’

Braham’s soul showed a rare interest.

"Pauld?” Grid asked Braham. 

‘Don’t you know Eternal Benevolent Pauld? That’s the name that most people know.'

“I wouldn’t ask if I knew.”

‘...Hrmm... Indeed, a blacksmith can’t be blamed for not knowing the history of a magician. Pauld was a poor boy. He was born in the same era as me and never reached the top in his lifetime. Well, he’s a tragic figure. He had some moderate achievements, but it was lacking compared to me.’

“I’m sure.”

Grid was tolerant of Braham’s self-pride. He started to closely observe the ring. On the inner side of the ring, unidentified characters were engraved. A regular person would’ve been inspired by the delicate skill, but Grid had 3,000 dexterity and wasn’t very inspired.

“The effect of the artifact is due to these small characters?”

‘That’s right.’

“It’s a real jackpot.”

The resources consumed by a magic spell or skill wasn’t just mana. Depending on the type of magic and skill, it could consume health or vitality, all of which were labelled as resources. It was also true for the special gauges like ‘Fighting Spirit’ that some combat-specialized classes possessed. Fighting spirit accumulated when fighting and was consumed when using the ultimate skill.

"This is truly absurd.”

Artifacts that reduced the consumption of resources had astronomically high prices. It was especially true for players like Grid, whose top skills consumed a lot of resources. No, it was essential. Then why? Why didn’t Grid use such items if they were so good?

The reason was simple. They were so rare that he couldn’t obtain them. At one time in the past. An artifact that reduced resource consumption by 20% appeared on the auction house and was sold for 3 billion won to an anonymous player. The mystery person who won the artifact for three billion won later became the envy of rankers... Resource reduction artifacts were worth it.

‘But this ring...’

It reduced resource consumption by half. There was also the bonus of doubling mana recovery rate. The value couldn’t be measured. If this ring was placed on the auction site, the numerous wealthy people in the world would run like crazy.

“Amazing... A serious jackpot...”

Shake shake!

A jackpot-level item! Grid was unable to convert the value and shivered with joy. There were even tears in his eyes. He hadn’t been so happy since making much more money than expected from saying ‘Comet Group’ ten times.

‘Should I be a professional bounty hunter who focuses on PKers?’

Grid seriously thought about it as he turned back to Iyarugt. Iyarugt was floating in the air and still emanating a storm-like energy. The process of evolution would take more time.

‘Indeed, the legendary rating is special.’

It was fortunate that it didn’t evolve during the confrontation with Kraugel. Grid thought positively as the notification window he was waiting for emerged.

[The growth of Iyarugt has been completed!]


Iyarugt slowly descended and stopped in front of Grid. The transparent red light had become much darker than before. It was more brilliant and beautiful than a red diamond, one of the best jewels. In particular, the black handle that rippled like a wave was impressive.

The overall design of Iyarugt became more stylish and feminine. It wasn’t only beautiful, but also emitted a rough pressure.

‘How much better is the performance?’

Dugun dugun!

A notification window popped up in front of the excited Grid.

[Iyarugt’s unique skills and attributes are opened!]

[The information about Iyarugt has been updated.]



Rating: Legendary (Growth)

Durability: 522/522  Attack Power: 1,293

* Sword Mastery Level +7.

* The skill ‘Blood Cry’ is generated.

* The skill ‘Summon Sword Demon Iyarugt’ has been generated.

* Decreases the healing ability of the target by 70% when they are hit.

* A critical strike will cause a bleeding status that will last for 5 seconds. The bleeding damage will be proportional to your attack power.

* The target’s bleeding effect will be maximized when three combos are achieved. The damage done to the target will increase by 300% for 2 seconds.

* When five combos are achieved, the target’s thinking ability will be destroyed for 0.3 seconds. At this time, you can link the skill ‘Hell Sword.’ ‘Sword Demon’s Senses’ will be activated, making evasion rate extremely high for 5 seconds.

*Iyarugt’s sensory effects aren’t activated when Sword Demon’s Senses is used.

Conditions of Use: A person chosen by Iyarugt.


The basic attack power had increased by a huge 500 points. It was a number comparable to the legendary rated Grid’s Greatsword. Of course, a one-handed sword had much faster attack speed than a greatsword, while Grid’s Greatsword had a high maximum attack value. This was just the default attack power. Considering that the effects of all the options had increased, Iyarugt was a weapon that could be called the best, along with Failure. 

‘What is today?’

Iyarugt’s growth was beyond expectations. He also obtained an unexpected item. He wanted to have another lucky day like today.


Was this a sign that bad luck was coming?


How big was the bad luck that was going to descend on him? Grid saw a flash and raised his head. Siren’s central city area. He heard a huge explosion and shouting from the place where Regas was supposedly fighting White.


There were at least 1,000 enemies, with 30 of them being third advancement classes. Grid started to run. He wanted to keep his promise of not sacrificing his colleagues.


‘Black died?’ 

White saw that Black had died due to the party notification window.

“Who...? Who dares beat up my sister!?”

It was very difficult to raise the level of an illusionist. Black’s combat ability was weak, so she had to leave all the hunting to her clones. But when the clones died, Black’s experience fell. Raising her level was difficult, so dying was something that must be avoided.

In particular, Black’s current infamy value was at the maximum. There was a 99% chance of dropping items. An item with a unique rating at the minimum would be lost. This death would be fatal to Black, who kept buying items to arm her clones.

“I will kill you!”

Now the quest to kill the water clan wasn’t an important issue. The rewards for killing 10,000 water clan people or 100,000 weren’t a match for Black’s level. White was incensed and called out to her guild members and their army.

“Kill the water clan later! Find all the Overgeared members and wipe them out!”

Originally, Blood Carnival was an organization without a hierarchy. Even the master didn’t give the guild members commands. There was no guild member who would follow a command. Rather, they took commissions or exchanged quests. But this was an emergency.

The Overgeared members were running wild. The Blood Carnival members and their soldiers or friends gathered around White. Then Regas and Noe became surrounded by almost 1,000 soldiers.

"Kyaak! What is this, nyong!?”

In the past, Noe had mistaken a wyvern for a dragon. He was afraid of death, despite being the best demonic beast of hell. Now his eyes widened and his fur bristled, causing Regas to hug Noe.

"Don't worry. I will protect you.”

“Nyoong... How dare a human look so cool, nyang.”

Noe looked at Regas with eyes that shone brightly.


Lauel’s call came late. Huroi, Peak Sword, Pon, and the Overgeared members followed after him.

“Hold on a little longer!”

Lauel hurriedly used Sky Dragon’s Tears and summoned rain and lightning, while Zednos and Laella hurriedly cast spells. Jishuka also fired her bow. Pon, Peak Sword, and the other damage dealers jumped into the battlefield with Huroi’s buffs and Toban’s tanking abilities.

But it was too late. In the first place, Regas had fought for too long alone. He didn’t have the power to hold on until his colleagues reached him.

“Goodbye Noe.”

Regas smiled brightly, revealing his pure white teeth. Ignoring the blood and sweat, he stroked Noe gently and then used the last of his strength to throw Noe into the air. Noe escaped safely from the battlefield thanks to this. Then he found someone and shouted, “Master! Nyang!”

“Freely Move.”

The strongest skill attached to a title that allowed him to avoid all non-targeted skills until he reached his target. Grid instantly reached Regas’ side and muttered in an angry voice.

“Summon Knights. Faker, Vantner, Toon, Asmophel.”

“You! The bastard who killed my sister! Gridddd!”

White was attempting to attack Regas when she found Grid and switched targets. Grid faced her and spat out the name of the last knight.

“And Piaro.”



Pa pa pa pa pak!

Five golden pillars fell around Grid. At the same time, a middle-aged man in dirty work clothing and a hand plow in his hands clashed with White.



A farmer suddenly appeared? How did he attack her vital spot?

"T-This disgrace...”

White clutched her forehead where it had been hit by the hand plow while feeling confusion and embarrassment. It might’ve been her weak spot, but the hand plow caused too much damage. The farmer approached White, this time pulling out...

 A sickle.

“You, do you want to work with me in the fields? It will help you lose weight.”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

White shouted while nervously pulling out the hand plow stuck in her forehead, then attacked. It was an attack that concentrated her weight that was close to 200 kg, creating an enormous force. Even Regas couldn’t take this attack head on. But this wasn’t a big threat to Piaro. Lauel might call White sun-grade, but her level hadn’t reached that of the legendary farmer.


White screamed as a sickle hit her this time instead of a hand plow.