Chapter 472

"Hihit, how many replacement items do you have?”

Grid didn’t change his expression at Black’s question.

“Isn’t it at least more than your number of lives?”

In fact, Grid wasn’t worried if Black ended up having infinite resurrections. It was enough if he killed, killed, and killed again. He could raise his item experience, so it was killing two birds with one stone.

“Hi... Hihit...”

Black’s face became strained. The players she had met so far had shrank back from her infinite resurrections. She was afraid of Grid, who showed the attitude of ‘let’s experiment to see how many times you can resurrect.’ Grid was much more ignorant than Kraugel, but he gave her more pressure.


In the end, Black opted to retreat. She judged that Grid was a bad opponent. In such a situation, pride wasn’t a problem.


Black summoned a barrier of fire to block Grid’s path and his field of view. At the same time, Black used Fly to move through the air. However, Grid didn’t miss her. The Holy Light set reduced magic damage. Grid flew through the wall of fire with the brilliant armor and chased after Black. The horrific scenery of the destroyed Siren unfolded under their feet.



“Hiit! Hihihit!”

As he was about to catch up with her, Black fired sparks towards the rear to keep Grid in check. But it was useless. Grid had high health and didn’t care about the small injuries caused by the magic bombardment. He didn’t bother wasting any time avoiding it.

“Your flames are rubbish compared to Laella’s.”


Time passed. Grid relied on his high agility to speed up, while Black’s speed feel sharply.  The swiftness and stamina she showed when she was an assassin class weren’t present.

‘It is natural for the stats to change every time she changes class.’

Grid flew through the backwind and used Blacksmith’s Eyes. Then Black’s perfect back... No, he started analyzing the items that Black was wearing.

‘The wand and robe have a significant level...’

Items that allowed resurrection or switching classes weren’t possible. In other words.

‘It’s a class specific skill.’

Of course, it could also be a skill attached to a title. However, that possibility was low. It didn’t make sense to have the fraudulent skills of ‘resurrection’ and ‘class change’ be due to a title. In fact, Grid assumed that Black had a legendary class.

‘A scam.’

It was a class that could resurrect at least four times and could change classes.

‘Assuming that there’s a reasonable penalty, it’s still unbalanced.’

Yes, just like Pagma.


Grid narrowed the distance to Black and used Pinnacle. She used magic to create a shield, but it was impossible to deal with Grid’s attack power with a shield. Grid was so powerful that it was absurd.


A very big mouth. Black laughed, revealing white teeth as her chest was cut by Grid’s Pinnacle. He combined it with Iyarugt’s combo effect and finished her off. Grid identified that Black had turned to grey and immediately used magic. Magic Detection (Enhanced) Lv. 2 detected all life within a 13m radius. The mana consumption was 2,000 points, making it a heavy burden to use. However, it was clearly effective because it showed the power of a master level Magic Detection.

Grid tried to find Black’s body based on Euphemina’s speculation that they were clones.

‘Water clan. Water clan. Water clan. Water clan. Water clan. Water clan...’

Only life that was being snuffed like flames in front of the wind was detected. How much sin was created from killing the innocent? Grid thought with a frown before detecting a new being. It was a player moving in the opposite direction to Black.

Name: ???

Level: ???

Class: ???

Race: Human

Status: Player


Since Magic Detection was still only at level 2, it was somewhat unfortunate that he couldn’t see the details of the target. At present, it could only identify the location of the target, but it wasn’t a big problem.

“Quick Movements.”

The deep sea became the sky and the fish were like clouds. Grid saw the mysterious sight as his agility increased and his movement speed became extremely fast. He crossed the space at a fearsome speed. He aimed at the person believed to be Black’s main body.

After a while. Grid witnessed a thin woman moving while using ruins as a cover.

'The front and rear are the same...’

The woman moving under the cliff had no sense of volume. Her face was too dry, so it looked like a skull. Her front teeth also protruded. Her arms and legs were like thin winter branches. She was a baggy black dress that highlighted her thin body.


The body was completely different, but Grid was sure about it. It was because the features of the skinny woman was similar to those of Black. In the first place, her ID was also Black.

‘How many people has she killed?’

Grid clicked his tongue and quickly descended towards Black.

“Hiik!” Black was shocked as Grid suddenly dropped in front of her and blocked the way. “H-How did you...?”

Black’s class was an illusionist. She had the power to turn illusions into reality. She was able to create the most ideal being or place, and gave the creature she created immortal resurrection abilities. She was like a god. The Black that Euphemina fought was an illusion created by Black.

"Can you explain your tremendous abilities?”

Black retreated from Grid’s interested expression.

"W-Who would speak to a man who is horny like a dog!?”

Black shouted while covering her chest. Grid found it absurd.

"Dog? No. I don’t like this type of chest.”

Grid had a clear taste! Black’s face turned red.

“D-Don’t mock my body!”


Grid was able to tell at once. Black had a deep inferiority complex.

‘Just like the old me.’

He felt pity. Grid talked rather than try to kill her at once. Did he think about sparing her due to his compassion? No. Grid wasn’t compassionate enough to be generous to an enemy. In particular, she tried to kill his valued colleague, Euphemina. Grid intended to firmly punish Black so that she wouldn’t mess with Overgeared again. He didn’t want to look like a pushover. He planned to let her know why she shouldn’t mess with Overgeared.

However, he was curious. He wanted to know Black’s class and skills. He slowly opened his mouth.

“What’s your class? It has a legendary rating, right?”


Grid asked directly, without any intention of coaxing Black to reveal her identity. Black thought it was absurd.

"I won’t tell you!”

“I know. Well, I’ll naturally discover it when we fight.”


She couldn’t die without any resistance. This wasn’t a matter of pride. She wasn’t afraid of falling experience. But what if she died when her infamy was at the peak?  She would be sure to drop one of the items kept in her inventory. She kept all types of excellent items on her to equip her illusions.

'Illusion Manifestation!’

Black used her remaining mana to call a new illusion.

[The number of illusions created today has exceeded 5.]

[The price of the sacrifice has grown. Your level has dropped by 1.]

Losing one level was a terrible penalty. That’s right. Black lost experience every time she called an illusion. If the number of summoning was too high in a day, she would lose a level. However, today was her second experience of calling so many illusions that she lost a level. The first was when she met Kraugel.

‘There are two monsters like White...’

It was also a man!


A bewitching woman appeared in front of the enraged Black. She was the ideal woman that Black thought of. The total number of stats was the same as Black. However, the distribution of stats differed depending on the class. This time, the summoned Black had extremely high stamina and strength.

Magic swordsman. It was the means that Black thought of to overcome Grid.

"H-Hit! How about this? The combination of attack power and magic power will make your items worthless!”

Would he wear the Holy Light set or Triple Layers? Black forced Grid to choose. Grid scoffed.

“Are you stupid?”

Grid replaced the Holy Light Armor with Triple Layers. However, he was still wearing the Holy Light Gloves and Crown. It was the attitude of responding with medium defense and magic resistance.


Black was at a loss for words. It was the worst. Black felt despair as her illusion was broken by Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill in turn. Of course, Black’s resistance wasn’t terrible. She was stronger than the top rankers who participated in the National Competition. But it wasn’t at a level that could go against Grid using the diamond class capsule.


In the end.  Black, who had defeated hundreds of people and acted like the ruler of the food chain, was eaten by a beast above her. The beast was naturally Grid.

[The player Black has been killed!]

[The punishment of the wicked person has increased your reputation by 2,000!]

[Iyarugt has grown from the unique to legendary rating!]

[The information about Iyarugt has been updated.]


At the time of the PvP finals. Iyarugt’s experience had stopped at 99.98% and now it had finally evolved. Iyarugt shook. The bloody light that it emitted became more intense and beautiful than ever as it shook.


Grid looked away from Iyarugt as he turned his head towards the ground. A ring was shining in the place where Black died.

“It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an item that a player dropped.”

Indeed, what was the item dropped by Black who was presumed to have a legendary class? Grid’s heart pounded as he took a deep breath before checking the item.

‘No, don’t expect too much.’

Had things every turned out well when he was full of expectations?

‘It will be a garbage item.’

Grid soothed his mind as much as possible and confirmed the information of the ring. Then he trembled.

“P... Pro...!”


“...Profit!! It’s a profit!”

Grid tasted the excitement of winning in the game.