Chapter 474

“U... Ugh..."

She was attacked twice in the same place? It was also from a farmer!

“You, what is your identity?”

White had always prided herself on being the strongest player, so the farmer in front of her was a traumatic existence. It was too much to accept this from an ordinary farmer. But Piaro didn’t consider himself an ordinary farmer.

“I am a great farmer who serves Duke Grid.”

"Great...! Farmer!”

“That’s right.”

“Right... Eh? What? It just means a farmer in the end!”

“Is that so?”

‘This is nonsense! Is he crazy?’

Somehow, she felt like she shouldn’t face him. White stepped back from Piaro and suddenly recalled something while trying to get help from her colleagues.

‘The Seven Guilds invaded Reidan and were repelled by farmers.’

It was brief news. It was too absurd and White wasn’t interested in the Seven Guilds in the first place.

‘Thus, I couldn’t remember...’

Were the Seven Guilds really defeated by a farmer? Was the farmer in front of her a real farmer?

‘A farmer can be so strong?’

It was possible. Then there was a problem.

‘Are all of Reidan’s farmers this strong?’

Reidan. The territory that Grid controlled. If even a farmer was this strong, how much stronger were the soldiers?

‘It doesn’t make sense!’

At the time when White’s confusion was growing, Piaro invited her again.

“Plants seeds in the ground with me. You have enough talent. It will help you lose weight.”

White’s eyes widened.

“You should be glad to hear that you have a talent in farming!”


“I’ll kill you! Kill! Kill! Why are you calling a perfectly fine person a pig? Hey, Mister! Would you call me a pig if I was a man? You, right now, this is sexual harassment caused by gender discrimination! I’ll kill you!”

“Huh? I have never said you were a pig?”

Piaro made a puzzled expression. Sexual harassment caused by sexual discrimination? What did that mean? Piaro couldn’t understand what White was talking about.

White called out to her colleagues, “What are you doing? First of all, join me in killing this crazy old man... Heok?”

White was amazed as she belatedly looked around. This was because the large group of 1,000 people were being slaughtered by less than 20 enemies. In particular, the knights summoned by Grid were very active.

“Go if you can pass me! Puhahat!”


“This is too hard! How can we get through this?”

Dozens of people were tied up by the bald Vantner.




Every time the person called Toon attacked, five or six of them were smashed.




Every time Faker appeared without a sound, someone died without knowing why. Above all, there was a great man.

“Spark Sword.”



He was an NPC called Asmophel. He swung his sword and the head of an ally fell off. He was like a knight-level NPC, but wasn’t Reidan a city where the farmers were strong? He was probably just a soldier.

“A soldier is so strong...!”

“...?” Asmophel doubted his ears when he was called a soldier.


There was no chance of winning. The Overgeared members were stronger than Blood Carnival. There were two overwhelming NPCs. A numerical advantage was nothing against these monsters.  White determined this and flew towards Grid. She planned to take the enemy’s leader as a hostage and reverse the situation. Piaro caught up with her, but she expected that. White responded wisely.

"Rising Body Fat!”

[The amount of fat in your body has temporarily increased by 10 times.]

[Invalidates the enemy’s attack for this duration and can fly to any target within 10 meters.]



Piaro was amazed as he hit White in the back with a hand plow. It was because there was a hard sound instead of something behind hit. It was a subtle difference, but it was enough to give him a sense of heterogeneity. At the same time. The hand plow popped out of White’s back. Due to the elasticity generated, Piaro’s body was blown far away.


There was nothing to fear now that the obstruction had gone. White ran like an angry boar towards Grid who killed her sister. She used the elasticity of the soles of her feet to lift up her bulging body, giving a sense fear rather than looking funny. But Grid didn’t shrink back.

‘Physical attacks bounce off?’

He looked at Piaro who had been blown away.

“God Hands. Use Magic Missile."


Piiing! Pipipipiping!

The four God Hands rose up behind Grid and continuously fired white flashes. Thanks to the Ring of Absurdity, it was possible to use Magic Missile more easily than before because the resource consumption was halved.

‘Magic Missile?’

The lowest grade magic wasn’t a threat to White. White made a scoffing noise...




White frowned every time she was hit by a white flash.

‘It hurts?’

It was natural for it to hurt. The power of Magic Missile (Enhanced) attached to the God Hands using the Water Clan King’s Tears reflected Grid’s intelligence! In addition, Magic Missile was now at level three. The level had risen again after his steady use in the National Competition.

Magic Missile (Enhanced) Lv. 3! It completely ignored the target’s magic resistance and dealt 120% of Grid’s intelligence as damage. Taking into account the 40 intelligence elixirs he took in the Behen Archipelago, it was 120% of 1,171 intelligence!

[You have suffered 2,576 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,576 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,576 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,576 damage.]


It was an absurd damage. White took a potion as she dropped above Grid’s head. But her massive body couldn’t reach Grid. Grid was already wearing Braham’s Boots and used Fly. The moment that she fell to the ground, he rose into the sky.

"Magic Missile. Magic Missile. Magic Missile. Magic Missile. Magic Missile.”



The four God Hands and Grid unleashed a magical bombardment. He made a hypothesis.

‘White specializes in physical resistance.’

Asura Regas competed against Damian in a full buff state and his offensive power caused even Grid to feel afraid. However, White easily won against him and she survived three attacks from Piaro. In particular, one of them bounced off. It meant that she had a strong defense and the ability to neutralize physical attacks.

“Then it’s a magical bombardment.”




Grid stayed in the sky with an emotionless face and fired five Magic Missiles every second. It was comparable to the existing magician rankers. It was an overwhelming force that blacksmiths shouldn’t be able to exert. In particular, this power was fatal to White, who was vulnerable to magic.

“You lousy bastard...! If you’re a man, come down and fight fairly!”

White shouted as she wore a few accessories that increased magic resistance.

Grid replied sarcastically, "Eh? I should fight fairly simply because I’m a man? Isn’t that completely sexist?”

‘What is this guy?’

Blood Carnival had a lot of bad people, spiteful people, and crazy people. But there was no one more obnoxious than Grid. He played for two consecutive years in the National Competition and was the leader of a great guild! White rushed forward again. She tried to reach Grid.

Of course, it wasn’t a wild rush. White was the strongest. She calculated the timing and trajectory of Grid’s Magic Missile and leapt using perfect timing.

At that moment.

“How dare you?”

The crazy farmer chased after her and swung his flail.



White’s wrath soared as she was hit in the back by the flail.

“You cowardly wretch! 2 against 1?”

“How is it cowardly on a battlefield?”

Grid shrugged and laughed, but didn’t interfere with Piaro. Piaro faced White relatively alone. Was it to be fair? No. Grid was filled with a great desire to kill all of Blood Carnival’s third advancement users and obtain their items. That’s why he didn’t want to lose time with the relatively strong White.

“Piaro, the item that drops when she dies... No, give me all the loot.”

“Yes My Lord!”

The ‘she’ was obviously referring to White.

“Who will be the one who dies?”

Making fun of her? White used her ultimate move to overturn the situation.

"Fat Burning!”


Smoke started to emerge from the body that was over 200kg. It was the process of which White’s fat was burned.



Piaro was interested and all the Overgeared members, including Grid, were astonished. It was because White’s fat body suddenly became like a model’s. She had long and slender arms and legs, a tight waist, a full ass, and large breasts. The face was an immense beauty. It was somewhat lacking compared to the world-class beauties like Yura and Jishuka, but she was still beautiful. It was like White won the lottery.

"Even Kraugel hasn’t seen this appearance of mine. Realize the honor.”

White confidently shouted and kicked towards Piaro. The power and torque behind the kick was tremendous.

‘Will he try to avoid it?’

In the blink of an eye. The moment that White was trying to predict Piaro’s response.

“Fated to Perish.”


[You have died.]


One blow from the hand plow. The Blood Carnival members and the soldiers fell into confusion at White’s death.

“Kill everyone and take their loot!”

Grid’s powerful command rang through the battlefield.