Chapter 1059

Tellius Plains—as the name suggested, it was a place with no obstacles. A player was guaranteed a wide field of view and could intercept monsters all over the map from a distance. This was why the Tellius Plains was called a magician’s paradise. The monsters of the plains were helplessly killed in front of the magical bombardment of the magicians who were in a party with each other.

“It is really comfortable. I wish I had known about this sooner.”

“Before level 320, you can’t learn magic resistance skills. You wouldn’t have been able to catch these silver armored cavalry if you came before level 320.”

“That’s right. It is timely. Huhu, watch the experience rise. We will dominate the top rankings if we continue like this.”

“It is a completely possible goal. The existing high rankers have challenged the Berith raid and died many times. Now is our time.”

“The Overgeared members died many times during the war.”

Generally, a party was organized with various classes. This was because there were too many vulnerabilities that would arise when only one class was gathered in a party. However, the Tellius Plains were a hunting ground for magicians.

Many monsters in the mid-300s popped up, and most of them were less resistant to magic apart from the silver armored cavalry. Instead, they had a higher level of physical defense and health. However, third advancement magicians acquired magic that dealt damage proportional to health, and the plains’ monsters were easy prey for magicians.

On the plains where it was hard to find cover, the monsters had no means to fight against ranged spells. This was the power of unity. The number of high-level magicians—who came to the plains after hearing the rumors—grew, and their hunting speed gradually increased. Their level rose sharply enough to upset the rankings.

These days felt like a dream. The Tellius Plains—which were originally part of the Rotemon Kingdom—lost its master due to Berith, and the empty land was flooded with magicians. ‘The descent of Berith was a great blessing’ had started as a joke, but it became the mantra of the magicians. 


The magicians witnessed monsters that they hadn’t been able to meet on the plains so far. There were three death knights with a purple aura around their bodies.

“Boss mobs? Is there a boss here?”

“I haven’t heard about this... Based on the force, they seem to be boss mobs. The appearance cycle is just so slow that we haven’t discovered them yet.”


Boss monsters with a slow appearance cycle were stronger. The stronger the boss monsters were, the greater the rewards would be. The monsters started moving closer from a distance. The magicians gazed at the approaching death knights and knew they had found the perfect opportunity. Their eyes burned with enthusiasm. The more than 100 magicians scattered around the plains gathered in the center and set the ranks for each party.

“Start with your ultimate skill the moment they enter into range.”

“Don’t spare your mana potions and buff potions! Hit as hard as possible! Our party will gain the first-place reward!”

“Focus on using explosive magic. After all, a death knight is an undead and has weak durability.”

Resting was sometimes poisonous. There was no sense of crisis for the magicians who had experienced easy fights on the plains. They believed in their victory and didn’t suspect the fraudulent opponent.


Then it happened the moment the death knights were bombarded with magic. Suddenly, a rainbow curtain neutralized their magic, and they failed to respond quickly to the crisis.


A curtain of iridescent light scattered and disintegrated over 100 magic spells. The magicians faced the three death knights and sucked in a breath. They realized that things were going wrong. The names of the death knights seen at close range were Cao, Doom, and Amy. Their names were as gold as boss monsters, but there was a modifier in front of them. It was a modifier called ‘Agnus’s death knights.’


The name of a lich passed through the minds of the magicians. It was ‘Mumud’. Mumud was the best lich who used rainbow-colored mana and drove the Overgeared King to a crisis.



It was as expected. There was no reversal. As the swords and axes of the death knights started to slaughter the magicians, Agnus appeared from the air above. He stood on Lich Mumud’s shoulders, causing the magicians to shudder.

“Why? Why us?”

This was overwhelming power...

The magicians fell down in front of the senseless violence and gazed at Agnus with anger and doubt. Agnus scoffed at the furious magicians and ignored the question. He just smiled and kept killing.


Peace was as short as spring. It had been three weeks since Berith was killed. People came face to face with new fears.

『 There is news that Agnus has committed another massacre!! 』

The one-man army, Agnus. He had been quiet for a while after losing Immortal’s power, and now he was causing a storm. Every time he appeared at a hunting ground, the players lost their lives. It was a random massacre. This was a madness that wasn’t shown even in the days when he was called Mad Dog.

『 It is really unpleasant every time I analyze the video. Agnus’ violence has gone too far. He is the worst PK criminal of all time. He is a living witness to the fact that the wicked shouldn’t have power... 』

『 It is rumored that an ‘Agnus warning’ had been issued between rankers. Thanks to Agnus, there are empty hunting grounds all over the kingdoms and the level of the rankers are stagnating... 』

『 He should be held accountable for his crimes. We must fight the villain who is committed to the massacre without a reason. 』

『 A massacre without a reason? Isn’t it reasonable revenge for Agnus? 』

『 What is reasonable revenge? 』

『 Just a month ago, we pressured Agnus to make a one-sided sacrifice and criticized him when he didn’t comply with our demands. Consider it from Agnus’ position. How angry and frightened would you be? 』

『 Paying back some accusations with murder? Is that a normal mindset? Agnus is a psychopath. Don’t even think about defending his behavior. 』

『 Before we place blame, we should try to analyze and understand the cause. 』

『 No, isn’t he a psychopath? Do we have to understand that type of person? Are you a psychopath? 』

『 Those words are serious! 』

Agnus, Agnus, Agnus! The story of Berith was over and the world was buzzing about Agnus. The world’s media spotlighted Agnus’ massacres. Some criticized Agnus while others defended him. Of course, only a few people defended him. Defending Agnus meant admitting their mistakes in the past.

People were tolerant of themselves but strict with others. How many people would defend Agnus, who carried out random massacres, if it meant acknowledging their mistakes?

“Lauel, what will happen?”

In the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt… 

Jishuka visited Lauel’s office with a piece of paper in her hand. It was an Agnus suppression written appeal stamped with the names of famous guild masters from all over the continent. The 26 guild members asked the Overgeared Guild to participate. After all, they had paid attention to the incident during which Agnus betrayed the Overgeared Guild. They knew the Overgeared Guild would have negative feelings toward Agnus and feel threatened by him running wild. As such, they were undoubtedly convinced that the Overgeared Guild would take part in the Agnus battle.

“The 26 large guilds issued a kill order on Agnus... There will be pretty big restrictions on Agnus’ movements.”

“Even so, they can’t completely restrain his actions. Agnus is acting while knowing this.”

“He hasn’t touched the NPCs at all, right?”

“Yes, he knows from experience that he can’t handle being a criminal if he touches NPCs. It is different from the allegations. Agnus isn’t in a berserk state. He is working on a thoroughly planned revenge drama.”

“Revenge drama...”

Was that all? From the time of Immortal’s attack, Lauel had already seen Agnus as a surprisingly clever person. It wasn’t right that Agnus would carry out random killings in the name of revenge. ‘There must be something he believes in. For example, the more he kills, the stronger he becomes.’ They shouldn’t overlook the peculiarities of the Baal's Contractor class. Baal’s Contractor was the enemy of humanity. They needed to think of his potential and how he could awaken it.

Jishuka handed the letter to the carefully thinking Lauel. “Just say no.”

“A rejection?” Lauel showed a surprised expression. Jishuka was from the Tzedakah Guild. The Tzedakah Guild had been dreaming of supremacy since the past. They were people who lived and ate with pride. Self-esteem was the biggest basis for their actions. Due to their personalities, he thought they would insist on participating in the Agnus subjugation, even taking into account the concerns of the world. Yet Jishuka didn’t want to join?

“Agnus attacked us in the canyon, despite accepting our help in the past. Everyone in the world witnessed the scene. If we don’t punish him, the world might laugh at us for being scared of him. Will it be okay?”

“Grid beat Berith. How many people in the world can say that we are frightened by the player called Agnus? A person who says that would have less intelligence than a monkey. Isn't that right?”

“...You know it very well.”

“I’m no longer the small leader of an alley. The Tzedakah Guild is like a municipal authority, and the Overgeared Guild is currently on a different level. We will no longer be caught up in the standards of others. We know that few people will dare to dictate our will and choices.”


“I don’t know why but you are also unwilling to participate in the Agnus subjugation, right? Then do it. Don’t participate.”

“How do you know?”

“I can tell by your expression. I’m an old friend. How can I not notice this much?”

“...” Lauel’s face instantly turned red. Wasn’t she a friend interested in profit before friendship and trust? Lauel was frankly very embarrassed because he never thought someone would treat him this way.

“You are shy~” Jishuka teased as she ruffled Lauel’s silver hair. 

Lauel laughed because the attitude resembled Grid’s.

“Well, I understand. Let me be honest. After this incident, I saw the possibility of Agnus's armed force developing dramatically.”

“Then you don’t want to be hostile to him?”

“Yes, I personally expect Baal’s Contractor to be the strongest class in Satisfy...”

“What if Agnus hits us first, even if we aren’t hostile to him?”

“Jishuka, as you predicted, Agnus isn’t currently in a berserk state. I think it is unlikely that he will hit us first. It would be a different story if we announce that we will work with other guilds to participate in the fight.”

“Right. I had the same thought. To add one more comment, Agnus’ personality might change one day.”

Agnus’ protection of Irene and Lord was well-known within the Overgeared Guild. Jishuka decided it was wiser to keep an appropriate distance from Agnus rather than be hostile to him. Lauel’s opinion was the same.

“Then I will refuse this.” Lauel dumped the Agnus subjugation invitation into the trash. 

Jishuka confirmed his expression and relaxed. She was always worried about Lauel who struggled alone.

This was called comradeship. The solidarity of the Overgeared Guild was strengthening over time.