Chapter 1060

The high ranker Resh was level 363. The release of the virtual reality game called Satisfy was a great blessing for him who had been obsessed with fantasy novels and movies since he was young.

A knight... He was able to experience the fantastic profession that he had been dreaming of for many years. After thorough preparation and planning, Resh started Satisfy to become a knight and finally achieved his dream. He became the exclusive knight of Dulandal, the 2nd imperial prince.

His level was low compared to NPCs, but he gained trust by studying under a senior and was able to perform the daily quest of ‘guard Dulandal’s side for four hours a day’. A knight of an imperial prince...

It was a noble status, and every day was fulfilling. Resh acted like the knights he envied. He was only loyal to his master, would sacrifice himself for his master, and felt proud of himself.

“Impertinent guy! How dare you treat me like I’m your brother in front of my subordinates?”


Prince Dulandal had an unusual expression as he returned. Resh heard he had visited the palace of the fourth imperial prince this morning, and something seemed to have occurred. A senior knight bowed politely and sighed after Dulandal closed the door loudly and entered the bedroom.

“It smells of blood.”


The Saharan Empire was currently in a wartime state. No, it was always in a wartime state. They were at war with minorities all over the country. However, that story had nothing to do with the knights under the imperial princes. It was very rare for the imperial princes to directly go to the battlefield. 

Resh was far from the battlefields of war. Yet there was a bloody smell...? The senior knight whispered to the puzzled Resh, “Strange things are happening all over the country. The dukes have quietly disappeared.”

“Are you speaking of the three dukes?”

Not long ago, Grenhal, Morse, and Basara had come to the capital to see the emperor. However, the emperor had been absent, and they decided to wait at their villas. Then they disappeared...?

Haha, didn’t they go hunting somewhere?” Resh laughed unknowingly. The dukes were the most powerful people in the empire. In the first place, it was impossible for someone to harm them. Resh’s idea that they were missing was inappropriate, but the senior knight had a different opinion.

“The fourth imperial prince is suspicious. I received some intelligence a few days ago that the fourth imperial prince ordered the Abyss to be opened.”

“Abyss...?” Resh’s expression stiffened. The Abyss was the worst dungeon in the history of the empire. It was a very bloody place that held only the top political leaders who rebelled against the imperial family or tried to overthrow the empire. There was a rumor that something inside there drove the inmates crazy.

“Being imprisoned in the Abyss is a punishment worse than death. There are no records of it opening in the past few decades. Yet the moment the dukes disappeared, the fourth imperial prince opened it. Isn’t it strange in many ways?”

‘This...’ Resh sensed it. This was the intuition of a high ranker with a lot of experience. It was as expected.

[Hidden Quest ★ Abyss Exploration ★ has occurred!]

“The nobles and royalty above the rank of marquis have the authority to confine prisoners in the Abyss. However, only the emperor has the authority to view the list of prisoners.”


“Prince Dulandal is curious about the prisoners in the Abyss. If the prisoners trapped in the Abyss are the dukes... I don’t know what kind of severe suffering they will experience before the emperor returns. It is Prince Dulandal’s conjecture that the fourth prince will use them to create an uproar.”

“Wait. Wait a minute.”

The scale of the case was too large. He didn’t think it was something that a knight like him could handle. In the first place, there were too many things he didn’t understand.

“Isn’t this too exaggerated? The fourth imperial prince doesn’t have the authority to arrest the dukes.”

“There is no authority, but there is power.”


“The second imperial prince officially denies it, but the ancient weapons called the magic machines are actually an enormous force. Additionally, the fourth prince’s innate ‘red energy’ is comparable to the level of the first imperial prince. Even the dukes can’t let down their guards against him.”

“N-No. Still, it is strange. Isn’t Duke Basara the sixth cousin of the fourth imperial prince? Yet he placed his sixth cousin in the Abyss?”

“What is strange about that? Prince Dulandal and the fourth imperial prince are half brothers, but haven’t they been pointing their swords at each other for a long time?”


Medieval times... Factions, power, empire... Now Resh realized that the world of knights that he had long dreamed about wasn’t a beautiful and noble world. The senior knight patted Resh’s stiff and tense shoulders. “I don’t know why, but there is news that the emperor’s return has been delayed by four days. There is enough time. Within the next six days, secure a list of prisoners in the Abyss. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“H-How can I do that myself?”

Resh had properly stepped in shit. Although he was ready to sacrifice his life at any time for his lord, wasn’t this going to him dying a dog’s death? He was in big trouble.

“Who told you to go by yourself?”

At this moment...


There was a loud noise as the details of the hidden question emerged in front of Resh.

[Abyss Exploration]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

Senior Knight Bell has high hopes for your connections as a wanderer knight.

Use your connections to explore the Abyss and secure a list of prisoners.

*Two players can join you on the quest! Quest members will earn the same rewards!

Quest Clear Conditions:

1. Activate at least 15% of the Abyss Dungeon map. 

2. Secure a list of prisoners.

Quest Clear Reward: Level +3. Affinity with Dulandal will open. One unique rated skill book. The title 'Peek at the End of the Underground’ will be obtained. 

Quest Failure: Level -5.]


The rewards were tremendous. The difficulty was high, and there was a considerable penalty if the quest failed. Could he refuse the quest? Of course not. That was because a knight’s obedience was more absolute than that of a soldier. After a moment of contemplation, Resh was forced to respond, “...I’ll try it.”

‘A knight doesn’t always walk along a comfortable road.’

Trials and adversities would naturally follow. Resh was fascinated by the knights who overcame trials and adversities to become heroes.

‘Let’s do it. I have no choice but to do it.’

The only question was where to find two helpers. In the real world, Resh boasted great interpersonal relationships and had many connections. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any high rankers among his connections. He was already lost from thinking about where to find a colleague who could carry out such challenging quests with him.

‘Shall I look there?’ Resh was reminded of a community called ‘Chivalry.’

It was a small community of people who envied knights. Although it was small in scale, the community’s history was deep, and many of its members had started Satisfy as soon as it was released. In particular, Resh had noticed a new member with the strange ID of ‘Pepsi is an Insurgent.’

‘Based on his posts and comments, he has a high level. Let’s ask him for cooperation.’

Resh immediately logged out and accessed the site.


[Rash Guard has left you a note.]

Huh? What is going on?”

Lee Seonung, the young man called Coke in Satisfy, was delighted to see the alert on his smartwatch. Chivalry was a community he had joined after becoming Lord’s knight. Rash Guard was the knight he got along with the best among the members he met there. Coke enjoyed his conversations with Rash Guard, who had been very helpful in sharing information.

[Title: To Pepsi is an Insurgent.

Good morning, Pepsi-nim.

This time, I received a very big assignment from my superior. It is about exploring a country’s dungeon and getting a list of prisoners. There is a huge conspiracy involved. It is a quest that can be done by a total of three players, including me. The difficulty is very high, but the rewards are great. If Pepsi-nim is over level 340 and you are ready to take risks, I would like to ask you to participate in the quest. Please reply.]

Hrmm... A quest that requires at least level 340...”

No wonder why this person knew a lot of information. His level was quite high. Coke thought for a moment before replying to Rash Guard.

[Title: Rash Guard-nim.

Hello, Rash Guard-nim!

Fortunately, my level is a bit over 340. However, I’m a bit nervous because you said that the difficulty is high. I can’t give you a definitive answer until I know more information! ㅠ.ㅠ]

The reply arrived immediately.

[Title: Quest Contents.

[Abyss Exploration]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

Senior Knight Bell has high hopes for your connections as a wanderer knight.

Use your connections to explore the Abyss and secure a list of prisoners.

*Two players can join you on the quest! Quest members will earn the same rewards!

Quest Clear Conditions:

1. Activate at least 15% of the Abyss Dungeon map. 

2. Secure a list of prisoners.

Quest Clear Reward: Level +3. Affinity with XXX will open. One unique rated skill book. The title 'Peek at the End of the Underground’ will be obtained. 

Quest Failure: Level -5.]

I don’t doubt Pepsi-nim but I have removed the names of some people to prevent information leakage. The rest of the information is true.

As you can see, the rewards are very great. It is a quest with a minimum difficulty level of SS.

I don’t want to force you to participate to the point of sacrificing yourself.

I’m just asking for help.]

“Wow...” Coke read the contents of the quest and unwittingly expressed his admiration. A unique rated skill book, a title, and three levels...? There would be unconditional benefits if he could participate in the quest. Since Rash Guard had been in the Chivalry community for several years and his community history was quite clean, he was reliable.

The excited Coke sent a message straight away. The reply arrived immediately. The conversation between the two people proceeded like a live chat.

[Pepsi is an Insurgent: Have you already found the other party member?

Rash Guard: No. I haven’t found anyone yet.

Pepsi is an Insurgent: Can I recommend someone?

Rash Guard: Um... Then is Pepsi-nim willing to participate? 

Pepsi is an Insurgent: Yes.

Rash Guard: Then let’s meet in Satisfy. After I meet with Pepsi-nim, I will confirm our power and decided whether to accept the recommended person or not.

Pepsi is an Insurgent: Yes, I understand. Still, you will naturally accept it.

Rash Guard: ?

Pepsi is an Insurgent: The person I’m recommending is Grid ㅎㅎ

Rash Guard: ㅎ]

‘He is a frivolous person.’

Resh frowned at Pepsi is an Insurgent’s attitude. It was unexpected to mention the ID of a supreme person here. It was too much to joke about this. It wasn’t funny or touching. Resh thought that Pepsi was a young student or an immature adult. He was anxious that he was being deceived by someone on the Internet.

Still, he shook his head and connected to Satisfy again. He told Pepsi to send a friend request, but he didn’t hold any more expectations. The feeling that he should find someone else had already risen steadily. Then he logged into Satisfy.

[The player ‘Coke’ has requested to be your friend.]

[The player ‘Grid’ has requested to be your friend.]

Unexpected notification windows popped up. Resh burst out laughing.

“He really knows a Grid.”

Satisfy was a game enjoyed by two billion players. Duplicate IDs were allowed. The possibility that this Grid was ‘Overgeared King Grid’ was close to zero.

[You have accepted the other person’s friend request.]

[Bringing up the updated list of friends.]

[Name: Coke

Level: 367

Guild: Overgeared Guild]


[Name: Grid

Level: 399

Guild: Overgeared Guild]


It was real...? Resh lost his soul.